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on December 13, 2011
I have been doing Jessica's other videos for almost a year now and the new Better Body Blast is an excellent addition.
If you do the 20 minute segments individually or all as one you will be getting a killer work out.
The arms segment has some new (non-boring) moves, especially for the triceps, there is also some cardio mixed in to get your heart rate up.
The legs segment, well... is very leg heavy! :) The lunge combination and progressions are excellent. The cardio bumps you to the next level as well.
Finally the abs... she hits every side and then some. I definitely feel my abs have been worked the next day!

Each segment is perfect if you don't have a lot of time because you are getting concentrated moves for a specific body area, but heart pumping cardio and some total body toning. My only suggestion would be to do a little more stretching before and afterwards. I tend to be tight, so doing so helps me.

As always, Jessica is wonderful... extremely supportive, positive, guides you thru the moves and give you tips and modifiers thru out.

She sweats with you and I think that just helps me pull thru it when it's burning!!!

Thanks Jessica for another great video!!!!
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on May 16, 2013
I love Jessica and her new walking DVD (especially the power walk which has intervals) is great and some of her free ones on youtube. I had high hopes for this DVD but there were too many squats and lunges. If you have knee issues, this one might not work for you. If not, it's a fast hour with different variations on old exercises.
I'm 54 and have achy knees from years of running, but can get through Jillian's 30 Day Shred (1&2 level) with modifications for knees but I couldn't here without really sacrificing a good part of the workout. I finished feeling I did half. The stomach exercises were different but in trying to balance with a couple of them, I again felt I was losing concentration on the muscle and did other advanced exercises while she did those.

Again, I love Jessica, but this one for my limitations with knees, wasn't a keeper.
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on September 22, 2013
I am a high school teacher and the mother of teens, so by the time all of the meetings and practices are done, weekday afternoons and evenings are out as far as workout options. On weekends I have the option for longer workouts, but Mon-Fri mornings I am VERY pressed for time. I am always looking for workout DVDs that offer 20-minute workouts, and I feel SO LUCKY to have found this one.

Jessica Smith is a great trainer who hits just the right balance of chit-chat (very little), business (great cueing and counting), and encouragement (lots). Unlike some other videos I've done, there are no background exercisers, but Jessica demonstrates different levels of each exercise so if you need to modify you always have a choice. Each move is presented as a progression of two or three levels, starting with a basic move and adding layers of difficulty.

There are really three separate workouts, complete with warmup and cool down. If you had time to do all three together it would be a fantastic full-body workout, but even when I just do just 20 minutes on the arms or the legs or the abs I feel like I've done good work that morning. I have DVDs by Jillian Michaels, Jackie Warner, and Jessica Smith, and many of these moves, in each of the workout, are new and challenging but not impossible. I am so glad I ordered this one.

My absolute favorite thing about this DVD is that when you pop it in, you don't have to suffer through a bunch of previews. Some DVDs from Jillian or Jackie have 5 minutes of previews and diet lectures and they won't let you fast forward or skip to the menu. This one goes straight to the menu where you can choose your workout. I appreciate this consideration of my time, since we all know that morning prep time is precious.

For a challenging workout with a pleasant trainer that offers flexible time options, this DVD is hard to beat.
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on February 29, 2012
Jessica is a classy young lady who understands the journey of getting fit. She's right there working with you. She encourages you to set the bar higher for yourself. She's accurate in her counts & lets you work at your pace. The best part is she is precise & doesn't waste your time talking the entire workout. She's sweating too! Her workouts are effective! There's usually a twist to keep it challenging. You will feel your efforts in the next days. There's a variety of balance moves in each section. Each 20 min. session is a workout for the whole body. Yet the session is emphasized on certain areas. So even if your time is short, your workout will be efficient. Each workout DVD she puts out continues to progress helping others to do the same! She truly cares helping others to be successful & it shows in her workouts! She keeps tab on the 10 pounds down Facebook account always listening & sharing ideas to help. This DVD is worth every cent!
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on November 20, 2011
I have been a Jessica Smith fan for a few years, I have five of her DVDs that I work out to regularly. If you are a fan of hers or just a first timer looking to check out a fantastic video instructor, I highly recommend this newest workout video! I like how the Body Blast is broken up into three 20-minutes sections. If fools you into thinking you're doing a shorter workout than you are, because before you know it, 60 minutes have gone by and you feel great! I admit, the first exercise for the arms was like a comedy routine if anyone could see me...I could NOT get the arm and opposite leg to talk to each other...but of course, Jessica knew we would maybe be struggling and said don't worry about it, you'll get it. And she was right, after a couple of workouts I did get it and it is a great move! She's really good at knowing the flow and her subjects, even though it's only through the TV. Impressive. That's why she is good with beginners or seasoned exercise vets, she's easy to follow and you can work at your own pace within the moves that she shows you. GET THIS WORKOUT and you'll see results fast and, most importantly, you'll feel GREAT!
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on May 16, 2012
I have almost ever DVD that Jessica Smith has ever put out and this is one of my absolute favorites. The DVD is broken up into 3 parts. Upper body, Abs and lower body. The upper body workout has great cardio intervals that keep you sweating while you tone up all the major muscle groups of your arms. I really love this upper body workout because you seriously FEEL it for days after. Within a few workouts you start to see your arms really firm up. The Ab section is awesome. Jessica is known for making really creative and unique ab routines and this one does not disappoint. The lower body section is a major butt and thigh burner. Give this DVD a try. I promise that once you do it, it will get a spot as part of your regular DVD rotation. Few DVD's out there today can give you this complete of a workout.
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on January 28, 2013
I have a variety of aero/toning workouts and this is one of the best. The instructor is well spoken, knowledgeable, and not annoying in the least. She's easy to follow and there are no distractions, like others working out with her. She explains everything. This is for the intermediate exerciser.
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on November 30, 2012
I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser and have been a Jessica Smith fan for a couple of years now. I was so excited about this DVD that I just had to try all 20-minute segments yesterday, as soon as it was delivered. And, my goodness, am I feeling it today! I started with the leg workout, and I usually use 10-12 pounds for my legs, but 8 pounds more than sufficed for this one. High reps and lots of creative moves, and I really enjoyed the cardio bursts. I then moved on to the ab workout, which is heavily Pilates-based, because I wanted to be thoroughly warm but still relatively fresh for core work. This is probably one of the toughest ab workouts I've done, which says a lot as I've done many ab workouts in the past nine years, including Ab Ripper X from the P90X series. My abs were SCREAMING five minutes in. I was a little disappointed in myself because I had to take multiple breaks throughout the segment, but I'm sure I'll get accustomed to the exercises the more I do this DVD. I saved the upper body workout for last because I assumed it wouldn't exhaust me quite as much. Man, was I wrong! I typically use 5-8 pounds for most arm exercises, and I stuck to using the recommended 5 pounds for this one, but because of the volume of reps, my arms were so spent halfway through the first exercise that I probably would've been happy using 3 pounds for most of the moves. CRAZY! As with the abs workout, I unfortunately had to take a few breaks, but again, I will also get more accustomed to these (new and creative) moves the more I do them--and you best believe I will! Oh, and I LOVED the boxing cardio breaks.

One tip: Even with limited cardio, this is a BIG calorie burner. Although you can get away with working out on an empty stomach for some routines, definitely have a healthy protein-based snack an hour or two before this one! I had exhausted my reserves after the first two segments, and my body was BEGGING for protein by the time I was done.
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on July 24, 2014
I really love this dvd. I tried it for the first time last night and I was drenched in sweat by the end. Her moves are really creative (in a good way) and she's just downright lovely.

With the arms segment I thought at first that it was a joke that she'd use 5 pound dumbbells, of course I was wrong, I felt it in the first move! There's not one move that made me feel threatened by injury or that I could do without due to lack of intensity, I felt all of it.

The legs segment is where I think I could possibly work my way up with the weights. Yes there are a few squats and plenty of lunges but she's quite innovative in her execution, so it's not just "another lunge and yet another squat." She kept me pumped throughout the entire session.

The abs... I struggled :(. I'm 31, have two kids and haven't been consistent with building abdominal strength until recently but I honestly feel like this segment will be the segment to get me strong as this is definitely my weakest area. I love her moves although I couldn't complete each rep yet but I'm happy that I have something to work towards.

I know this is a complaint of others but I like that she's very brief with her warm ups and cool downs, I can do that on my own as the wu/cd are always pretty standard, so when I buy a workout dvd I'd rather they just hurry up and get to it and get my money's worth. If the item advertises a 60 minute workout, I want to believe that I'll be doing cardio/strength training for close to 60 minutes. A few of my other dvds have a 10 minute warm up and cool down.. shoot me.. So I really appreciate her pace there.

I'm now 100% invested in this trainer and after one workout with her I'm ready to call her my favorite and I've trained with many. I would rate this dvd intermediate however, in comparison to say, Cathe Friedrich. But the moves are exciting (can you call a workout dvd that?), zero dread factor and she's generally just a wonderful motivator. I love it.
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on March 1, 2013
I really enjoyed the different combinations of exercises. I have an extensive fitness DVD collection and usually expect to see the same exercises rehashed, but this DVD had a fresh twist to it. I also liked that you could actually see her sweat...she's doing the hard work with you! Good addition to the rotation!
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