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on April 5, 2009
It is very affordable. Since each stick is about only 20 cents, I tested my ovulation every day for a week and even twice a day once I started to see a light test line (still negative) since the LH level goes up for only a short time before ovulation. When the test line is dark reddish-pink (supposedly almost same color as the control line, or even darker), that is positive and the ovulation is happening soon (24-48hrs). Mine was never darker than the control line, but I could still see when it was getting darker or lighter.

Then, I used pregnancy test a few days before the expected menstruation date, and I saw a very very fine pink test line (supposedly positive). I was happy but not sure, so I tested again with the same result. I tested my husband's urine to compare the result and of courese his was pure white (negative). Since then I tested every day until a few days after my missed menstruation date and the result was getting darker and darker. It was fun to see. Since I still had many strips left, I tested so many times until my first appointment with my OB to make sure the baby was still there.

Also I heard LH goes up again during pregnancy, so I tested and sure enough it was positive, actually the line was even darker than during my ovulation.

Only this affordable product would allow you to test "for fun" so many times like me. Accuracy? My OB doctor confirmed my pregnancy yesterday. Shipping bit slower than I wanted (4 weeks), but I guess it takes long time coming from Hong Kong. I've read some reviews about difficulty of reading results, but it's pretty straight forward if you know this one thing: LH test (ovulation test/green stick) is positive only when the line is the darkest (it means LH level is the highest in your body), whereas HCG test (pregnancy test/blue stick) is positive even with a fine pink line (it means there is a baby in your body to secrete HCG hormone). Thank you for reading my long review and best of luck to those who are waiting for their babies!
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on April 8, 2015
My friend recommended these test strips after she got pregnant from using the ovulation ones. For these vs. the drug store prices, I thought, "Sure, why not? Can't hurt." When I would use the other expensive ones, I was always testing at the wrong time (which I didn't know until I bought these strips), and it was making me think I never ovulate in the first place! I mean, for the drugstore prices, I had to make sure to time it carefully; however, the price on these strips allowed me to test multiple days and times!
Since I was unsure about when to start (cycle lengths range from 28-34), I started at CD 9 to get a baseline. Well, I apparently have been guessing incorrectly for years-- I ovulate around CD 17. Well, 2 cycles of TTC and I got my BFP at 12DPO and 4 days before my missed period (using these strips to test). And the line was pronounced even testing right before I went to bed (talk about not being able to sleep that night!). The picture I sent it shows the first blue test is my 12 DPO test. I confirmed the next morning with Clear Blue digital with FMU!

One caution with this purchase, it will make you a POAS addict. No joke. When I got a positive test, I would test 3 more times that day just to see the positive-- it is a weird rush/calming/I'm not sure how to explain it, but it made me happy. I have taken about 10 of the strip pregnancy tests since the first positive too, lol.

The internet says that the best time to test is after 2 PM, usually with at least a 2 hour hold (after the after lunch bathroom crowd leaves, luckily). Since I was doing the testing primarily at work, I used the package as a cup--- I would rip open the package at the top, take out the strip and silica bag, and then squeeze the sides so the package to open it into a cup. It takes a little coordination to make it into the cup, but it got easier as the days went on. I also held the test in the urine for 4-5 seconds and then laid it flat. I would put the silica bag back into the package, wrap it all in toilet tissue, and then put in the sanitary napkin disposal container. Easy, clean, discrete. I would then get a paper towel and wrap it around the handle to carry it back to my desk.

The picture I attached shows my OCD, ahem, my diligent record keeping of my tests. I recorded, CD, date, time taken, and any special notes. This helped me identify when I got a defective strip when my surge should have been starting (so it was clear to me it was aberrant especially when I had the month before saved to see the progression of the surge).

Always remember, read tests in the time it tells you to read them-- I never got an evap line, but I read it is possible. My BFP started to appear 1 minute in and then got darker toward the 4 minute mark.

Good luck to all!
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on August 12, 2013
I have had several issues with being on birth control. I have tried several brands, dosages, etc. and it was all the same. After finding a doctor that was an advocate for NFP (Natural Family Planning) and reading the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", these were a great addition to the mix. I used these when I was BFing (not having a period for some of that time) and would confirm my fertile time with these strips (as well as using NFP) to prevent pregnancy.

We have mainly used these for getting pregnant. We had challenges getting pregnant with both of our kids and these strips were great for knowing a more precise time of when ovulation would occur. I originally used the Answer brand strips from Walmart. They are about $20 for 20 strips and only are good for a month after being opened. Once I knew about when I would ovulate, I'd confirm with a test strip. Sometimes I could get 2 cycles from one jar, but I would still have some strips that I'd have to throw away. A friend told me about these strips on Amazon and they have worked out SO much better and SO much cheaper. For only $8 more I got 80 more tests and 25 HCG tests! That's huge! I love that these one from Amazon come individually wrapped. It's also nice to have some HCG strips as well. I use to buy those at the dollar store, but these are even cheaper! The HCG tests are also more sensitive than the regular store brands. I have friends who use these and have gotten a positive pregnancy result as early as 10DPO.

Ok, so the down-side. These do not come with instructions, so this could be difficult for a first-time user because you need to know how to use them and more importantly, how to read the results. I kept the instructions from the previous Answer brand from Walmart (they look almost identical) and that's worked out well. I'll leave the instructions in case you need them:
1. Collect urine sample (I do this mid-morning (a couple hours after my first void), afternoon and evening to find out an even more precise time of my LH surge)
2. Remove test strip, hold upright in urine (do not go past the "max" line) and hold in urine for 3 seconds.
3. Remove from urine and place flat on an nonabsorbent surface.
4. Read the results within 3-4 minutes.

Interpreting results:
-As you get close to ovulation you may see 2 pink lines. Unless the test line is AS DARK or DARKER than the control line, then you have a NEGATIVE result. Sometimes the control line will be light and the test line even lighter which would be a negative test. I usually will have light pink test lines for a few days leading up to ovulation and then the test line becomes much darker than the control line when it's detected my surge. Once you get a positive test, ovulation will usually occur within 12-24 hours (which is why I test 3 times a day to find a closer time to my LH surge. If you only test once a day, you may barely miss your surge when you test and then by the time you test the following day, you may have already ovulated. And these tests are so inexpensive that it's much more affordable to test multiple times a day.). Just remember... test line LIGHTER than control line=negative and test line AS DARK or DARKER than control line=positive.

I'm not a doctor, so this is just from my experience. But if you are having a hard time conceiving, using these strips can help immensely. Once you get a positive test, our doctor recommended sex (am I allowed to put that on Amazon? LOL) as soon as you get a positive LH result and then every-other day until you can't do it anymore. Using these strips also helped me discover than my luteal phase wasn't long enough to promote pregnancy, so I got on a progesterone supplement and got pregnant that next month. I don't think we would have discovered that without these strips.

Here's a recap:

-SO inexpensive
-Can be used in conjunction with NFP for a reliable, hormone-free form of birth control.
-Individually wrapped which means less waste and more affordable
-Can be used to help aid in conceiving

-No instructions on how to use the strips (a graphic is included on the back on how to interpret results, but still confusing)

-These don't look as "fancy" as the CBE or even digitial ones, but they are a fraction of the cost and will tell you the same info if you know how to read the strips.

Good luck!
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on March 16, 2014
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years off and on, as I battled Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In the last 7-8 months, after committing to eating better and working out with a trainer twice per week, I successfully lost 60+ lbs. and my periods returned to normal. My husband and I decided to starting trying again naturally, and purchased these strips to help us in our journey. They shipped quickly and arrived with instructions included for both the ovulation and pregnancy strips.

I spent quite a bit of time on the internet reading about these strips, and agreed with most of what I read. The ovulation strips are very responsive, and you can begin to see them get darker as your LH begins to rise. Thankfully, you can afford to test twice (or more) daily since these are so cheap, and can better pinpoint ovulation due to frequent testing. The Ovulation test strips provided a clear positive result to indicate the LH surge. Keep in mind - the second line needs to be as dark or darker than the control line for a positive result. It will begin darkening a bit before ovulation occurs as LH increases, but watch for the line that is as dark as the control line (or darker).

I found the pregnancy strips to be a bit less responsive. Based on my research, the Wondfo pregnancy test strips are supposed to be one of the most sensitive test strips available, and should detect the rising HcG before many other early pregnancy tests. On 13 days after ovulation, I got the tiniest faint hint of a line - so faint that the husband and I weren't sure if it was a line at all. The instructions say to read the test at 5 minutes, but the result did not show clearly until closer to 10 minutes. We would definitely describe this as a "squinter," as we had to stand under good lighting and really concentrate to see the line. Even now, at 16 days past ovulation, I have had a clear positive test with a store brand Early Pregnancy Test, a digital ClearBlue test, and a positive blood test from my doctor's office, but my Wondfo tests are still very faint.

In conclusion, these test strips work, but be careful with how much you rely on the pregnancy test strips for early detection of pregnancy. If I had not purchased additional tests (and gone for a blood test), I would probably still not believe that I am indeed pregnant since the lines are so faint. I probably would have given up hope - instead, I'm happy to report we are expecting.
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on December 18, 2014
Two rounds of IVF and $15k in money left us without a pregnancy. I wish we would have tried this first. On the second month after tracking my ovulation cycle (which wasn't at all where we were told it was) we we able to get pregnant. I would recommended them! Both the ovulation and pregnancy strips work!
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on May 27, 2015
These tests are awesome. The short story is that we got married in April and it's May and we're pregnant. I am in my late 30s and I know we would not be here without these tests.

First: for the price they can't be beat. the only thing you are getting with the more expensive American tests is a plastic housing for a test strip and a plastic cap for the dipstick and maybe a digital readout that says "ovulating" or "pregnant." No thanks. I'd rather pay 30$ and get these 100 LH strips so I can test to my heart's content. For the LH strips I definitely agree with others - do not read the strips after 5 minutes. The test line will darken. I would dip them for 3 sec in nearly room temperature urine collected between 2-6 pm. I didn't really try to drink less water before the test period. I would set a timer and read it at 5 min. There is always some LH in your system so you are looking for an INCREASE to the point where the bands are EQUAL. I had no streaking, and all my control lines worked. We attempted to conceive every day or every other day around the time of ovulation. Also, I purchased these 3/15 and they don't expire till 9/16.

The pregnancy tests were blue handled and they are not fake people. I began testing pretty much right after ovulation. I utilized first morning urine in order to concentrate the HCG levels. I waited till the urine cooled but not all the way to room temp. There were no false positives for the first week. The control line was dark and there was not even the shadow of anything else. About 14 days or so afterward I detected an EXTREMELY faint shadow on the test area. So faint that I thought I was imagining things and just being hopeful. I worried that it was one of the false positives or eval lines everyone talks about. But no indeed, we were pregnant. The line kept darkening a little day after day. Finally, on the date marked 5/13 pregnancy was confirmed with a faint positive on a First Response test stick that cost much much more, and also by a serum blood test showing HCG of 83. I think the fact that it was pretty dark by HCG 83 illustrates that the first faint line was probably detected with blood levels of only HCG 15-20 based on the doubling time of 48-72 hrs.

I continued testing and the strips have darkened but slowly. I ordered some more so I could alleviate anxiety over whether the pregnancy was progressing but they are pink handles and the test band was somewhat lighter. I think they might detect different levels but I only found one source on the internet saying Wondfo blue detect HCG 15 mIU/mL and pink detect 25 mIU/mL but I'm not sure if this is true.

In summary - they are really worth the price. I recommend them. I will use them again if we have to try again. Good luck to everyone.
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on July 13, 2009
I ordered these in January 2009. I ovulate irregularly and were trying to conceive. I'm 22 weeks pregnant! They worked for us the first cycle. Please be aware that there will always be a second line, it is only positive if it is darker than the control. I used them in conjunction with checking cervical mucus and temping.
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on July 23, 2015
Both LH and HCG worked great. I conceived within 2nd cycle of use. I used the LH tests 2x a day, first AM and early eve, startng about day 8 of cycle. Detected ovulation in eve test. Used HCG test at 7 dpo, 9 dpo and 11 dpo, when I got the first positive result. While the HCG instructs to wait 5 min to read results, I found that to be too soon. At 8-10 minutes a more definitive result is shown. While it's not the fastest test, it is definately a sensitive one. My positive result (thought quite faint) was 5 days before missed period and 2 days after implantation. Worth the price, ten fold!! MUCH less expnsive than buying the kits at the drug store. You could spend a small fortune buying 5 days worth of OPK and pregnancy test multi-packs, even without buying name brand products.
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on July 3, 2014
Buy a lot of these!!!! You will want to test twice a day

Easy to use, I don't get why women have difficulties with these. Buy some small plastic cups and pee in them, then dip these suckers in for 5 seconds then lay flat to read. I often read my result like 3 hours later- I feel like it's more clear then.
They have helped me pinpoint my ovulation date. I usually have 1.5 days of positive OPK's.
You don't have to get your urine to room temperature.
Test in the late afternoon with a full bladder- my pee needs to be dark for these to work. I stop drinking and peeing at 12pm then test at 4pm.
Don't discuss these with your husband. It will put a lot of pressure on him. Just BD and don't stress him out.
Do not take FMU (first morning urine) reading!!!! LH surges in daylight hours
You should do these every 12 hours when you think you might O (starting day 12-17 or so)because the egg only survives 6-12 hours!
Remember- these do not tell you if you ACTUALLY ovulate. You need to check your cervical mucus and also BBT chart to see the surge in progesterone.

Bad news is I'm still not pregnant 9only two months trying) But that's not wondfo's fault :)
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on February 15, 2014
DO NOT GO TO DRUG STORE and buy O Test's... BUY THESE!!!!!!

OBGYN tell's you to track your O's but not one tell's you to look at headed straight to the drug store and drop $50! --- a few times.

What a racket!!!

I'm new to this whole "TRYING to get Prego".. up to this point in my life it's been about avoiding the prego.

Anyhow...$50 for a test with 20-30 strips (Month Supply) is complete BS. Those $50 test last until you start to release the hormone for could be 6 days in...6 test strips...then they STOP Working the moment you get a slight positive. You may have 20+ test strips left...but that little battery operated tester..once it reads a semi positive Ovulation then it STOPS WORKING...therefore not a months supply.... take the batter all of the blogs on how to doesn't work. Not only is it a huge let down on the $ you spent but you also have NO IDEA what your O is doing...anything for a buck I guess.

Don't waste your money on those POS $50 Drug Store test's...get these...THEY WORK and you don't have to feel like your an infertile idiot being taking to the bank. Take control...use as many as you want..test day and get a lot and with prego tests included..... so test with those as well around your period if you want without having to feel like you need to sell your baby to pay for the test's!
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