Customer Reviews: Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle
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on December 29, 2011
Underwater Audio's Waterproof iPod Shuffle (4th Generation 2GB MP3 Player) (Headphones Sold Separately) for swimming, surfing, sweating and running in the rain Swimming laps can be sooo boring. However, I actually swim laps NON-STOP for two hours straight everyday at my Gym. I can do this because I am taken away by the audio books and music I carry with me on my ipod, totally waterproofed by Underwater Audio. I love this little machine! It is so easy to use. I download new book CDs everyday. (I check them out from the library.) Then I leave my shuffle plugged in to charge in my computer 'til I head for the gym next. This way I avoid misplacing it 'cause it is so tiny. I wear it clipped to my swimsuit. EASY!! I have had other waterproof audio devices. I really liked and used one from Oregon Scientific, but they no longer make it. (And this ipod is so superior!) I have spent too much money on others that were just too much of a hassle to figure out and use. I actually threw a $200 device away in disgust 'cause I could never get the playback to work correctly... It was worthless! (It was a Speedo device.) This ipod allows you to play books back with all of the tracks in order OR to shuffle your music selections. I just have to say... This little player keeps me going back to the pool 'cause I need to find out what happens next in the mystery books I listen to. You won't regret this purchase!
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on February 16, 2012
I have had the Underwater Audio waterproofed iPod Shuffle for several weeks now, and have gone swimming with it daily. Finally, a waterproof mp3 player that really works. I have tried the Speedo Aquabeat. What a piece of junk. That stopped connecting to my computer after 2 swims. Their customer service consists of one person. I went through 3 of the Aquabeats and finally gave up. Then I tried the JLab Go. The headphones wouldn't stay seated in my ears, and every time I did a flip turn, the player flipped right off my head.

I read through the reviews about both this waterproofed iPod Shuffle and the one offered by Waterfi. I went with Underwater Audio for two reasons. One, I am an Amazon Prime member, and always try to make Prime purchases. If there was an issue with the device, I don't want to have to do a return to the company; I have few problems dealing with Amazon.

Two, the reviews for the Underwater Audio company customer service were outstanding, all across the board. After my fiascos with Speedo, that became important to me.

The player is an real iPod, and the goodness that an actual Apple iPod contains. I clip it onto my goggle straps, and it stays put. One of the problems with my previous players is that I never knew which button to push to go back or forward. Never seemed consistent. One this player the buttons for forward/backward and volume work like they're supposed to. The sound quality is exceptional. The sound is actually better when underwater.

I purchased the inexpensive Pyle waterproof headphones. I also had my old Aquabeat headphones. They appear to be similar in design, though the Speedo headphones have better sound quality for some reason. But the Pyle's are adequate.

I had some email correspondence with the company and response time was wicked fast. I don't expect to have a problem with the device, but feel confident that if a problem arises, that I will be well taken care of by Underwater Audio customer service.

Yes, the player is more expensive than most others, including the Waterfi. In this case, you get what you pay for. I am pleased beyond words. I need the music in my ears while lap swimming, and now I am one happy water monster!
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on August 2, 2011
I have been using the waterproof ipod by underwater audio for several weeks now. It looks feels and play like a normal iPod shuffle but it can go underwater. I use it for dry land listening as well.

I originally bought the waterproof ipod on their website and then picked up another one for my son via Amazon. Its changed my swim workouts completely. What used to be a drudgery is now really fun. I love being able to listen to my favorite playlist while doing my laps (heretofore only possible on my runs). I find I go faster, get more laps in, and enjoy it more.

The company experience was good - ordering was a snap, free shipping, paid no tax (I think that's because the company is based in Oregon - not sure) and it arrived very quickly. Sounds like they have a good return policy too. Also, they shipped it with a set of waterproof headphones - very convenient. I was able to use them immediately right out of the box. I read the reviews of some other similar products and it looked like they had lots of returns - some three and four times - I wanted to avoid that... these guys apparently have a bullet proof process - no problems. I love this thing.

For the money, this little unit is worth it - happy swimming.
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on March 2, 2012
Admittedly, when I started looking into buying a waterproofed MP3 player, I was very leery about the majority of companies I stumbled upon through Google. After finding Underwater Audio, I spent several days going through the internet trying to find a negative review.... and when nothing came up I decided to gamble and purchase the product through their website. And while I'm not sure how Apple would feel about this, the mp3 player is amazing (I have a blue one). It's completely changed how I swim... As someone who grew up in competitive swimming, I can only imagine the perks if I could have blocked out my coach yelling at me all the time! I've been swimming with it for just under two months now (about three to four 45 minute practices a week), and I love it. You have to get used to the earbuds, and if you are a girl that means adjusting them under your cap a lot, but even that minor issue isn't that bad. It's just a matter of finding a way that works best for you (I like to wrap the earphone wires in my suit straps so they don't drag).
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on September 18, 2013
I originally loved this product and swam twice a day without problems. Now after 2 months of use the iPod is charged but completely unresponsive to the buttons and being restarted. To fix the problem I tried to restore the iPod to factory settings however my computer no longer recognises the iPod. I would NOT recommend.
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on March 4, 2013
I swim laps five days a week, so I was thrilled when I found the Underwater Audio Ipod. For four months, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to my workouts, and I recommended it to my friends at the pool. Then, suddenly one day, it stopped working. I contacted Underground Audio through Amazon and received a response right away. I mailed them my broken Ipod, sent them the USPS tracking number, and I had a new one in less than a week. I almost never write reviews, but I am so pleased with the product and the service that I felt compelled to!
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on October 5, 2015
Amazon doesn’t allow me to create a nuanced review with different levels of stars for different aspects of this product, but I will do the best I can within the limits.

First of all, this is a standard 2 GB third-generation iPod shuffle which has been modified by Underwater Audio to be “waterproof”. It is truly waterproof, but the battery dies after a certain amount of time, and I don't know how much that has to do with the waterproofing or limits of the iPod Shuffle.

When working I would give this six stars if I could. It clips onto my swim goggles or snorkel goggles, weighs almost nothing, and produces very good quality loud music underwater for me. It’s super easy to operate just like an iPod shuffle. I’ve gotten very spoiled by using this while swimming. I use it at the local pool when I’m swimming laps for exercise, and I also use it in the ocean while snorkeling. There’s nothing more fun than snorkeling and looking at fish while listening to good tunes!

Even though it is technically rated to go to some depths, I’ve never taken it below 3 feet or so underneath the ocean surface as I am a snorkeler primarily. Given what you’ll read in the later part of this review I suspect it would die quickly if one tried to use it for scuba. But when I am scuba diving I don't want any distractions since they could be dangerous.

So when working it gets six stars!

Here’s the catch. I bought my first one in May 2012 for $160 combined with some nice underwater earbuds. By October 2013, roughly one year and four months later it was dead, it wouldn’t charge. I haven’t charged it very many times, typically charging it once every three or four weeks.

The company got a five-star for service at this point. Even though I think it may have been beyond the warranty time (they’ve changed the warranty from one to two years), they cheerfully replaced it for me.

Now fast-forward to October 2014. Once again my iPod shuffle has died. It still will seemingly take a charge, but it doesn’t hold the charge for more than a few minutes, and then is dead. Once again, I charge it infrequently.

So I am a little bit torn as I write this review. The company was great about replacing my first unit which died a little more than a year after I purchased it. Now the replacement unit has died roughly a year and 11 months later.

I’ve contacted them, and hopefully they can repair or replace my dead unit. It’s a bit of an expensive splurge if it only lasts a year and a half. It would be nice if there was some replacement program where the company offered a replacement for 50% off. The newer warrantee seems to be two years, so that is an improvement, but it’s likely that if you make it two years you won’t make it much further than that.

I think next time if I do get a new unit I would add a long extended warranty to it. If Square trade would cover it, then it might be worth purchasing an extended warranty. I would certainly be careful and use one of my credit cards that doubles the standard factory warranty. I don’t know if Square trade warranties would really cover such an item, and when I read their fine print I saw somewhere that batteries are only covered for one year, which would make such a warranty useless.

So in summary, the Underwater Audio waterproof iPod shuffle is a wonderful device when it works. I’ve had two so far, and they have averaged between a year and a half and almost 2 years of life time before they died. Again, if these cost the $40 or $50 that a regular iPod shuffle runs, I wouldn’t care, and I would just consider it a disposable item that I replace every few years. But my first one cost $160, and the current ones cost $125 for the iPod alone, and $175 with earbuds. (I recommend you purchase the iPod alone and buy separate earbuds. I've used the Pyle Marine Sport ones which are inexpensive and seem to work fine, as long as you use the right size earflange. ) They are less than $12Pyle PWPE10B Marine Sport Waterproof In-Ear Earbud Stereo Headphones for iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player (Black) on Amazon.

So when working I would give the Underwater Audio iPod shuffle five stars, and I would have given the company five stars as well after they replaced my first one. They seem very friendly on the phone so will see what happens with the second one that just died.
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on September 24, 2015
WATERPROOF HEADPHONES SOLD SEPARATELY. First off, this statement should actually be in the title. I made the mistake of not reading all the product details, considering that it was just the same waterproof iPod that other sellers are selling just at a lower cost. This however was not the case! The shuffle came with a cheap version of the regular non-waterproof shuffle earbuds! These earbuds are horrible, for the fact they lack the contoured shape and adhesive rubber to maintain a steady snug feeling, thus they fall out quite easily through normal activity. I've owned the regular shuffle, and these earbuds are not the same! So, if you want any use from this seller's shuffle anticipate buying a separate set of earbuds. And if you want to use them in the water, I guess the best bet would take advantage of this special bundle price (or else if buy them separately like me) a total cost of $165.00 vise $150.00 with the bundle. OR an individual could just buy the whole iPod shuffle including the waterproof earbuds at a cheaper price from a less deceptive seller. That's would I do if I could turn back time!
review image review image
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on April 7, 2014
I had used the product approximately 4 days per week in an indoor pool. I had bought (2) of them within a month of each other in 2012 and now neither of them work. They have always been cared for and not placed in extreme temperatures. The only positive thing I can say is that the customer service people did offer some tips for troubleshooting but offered no real resolution to my wasted $300 plus investment.

I should note that the units in question were replaced by this company once before. This tells me that the waterproofing process is somewhat flawed.

I can't recommend the product to others.
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on December 18, 2015
Makes swimming,interesting and fun again.I am fascinated by the technology. I was going to get the X1 system but I liked the fact that this shuffle is water sealed and there is not separate case one has to put a regular shuffle in to seal the water out. This makes things less bulky for me. After a few adjustments with trying the best ear bud fit, I wear this effortlessly now and really enjoy it. The company is real supportive and kind. If you enjoy swimming and like to listen to music when you exercise, then this is a perfect thing to buy.
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