100 hour candle Could this candle suffice under a fondue pot to warm up some water for tea?
asked by Paddie on August 19, 2012
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Yes, as long as this candle will fit easily underneath your fondue pot with enough room for the wick to get oxygen to continue burning without touching your fondue pot. The flame could crack your fondue pot if it actually touches it. If you can put heated water in the fondue pot beforehand, it will work even better just to keep the water warm for making tea. If you have access to electricity, try searching for an electric tea pot that stays on all day to keep water warm for making tea. Tea candles will give you another option. Regular ones in aluminum holders burn for about three or four hours. You can find some tea candles online that are longer-burning for up to seven hours. I have actually used regular-burning tea candles to stay warm in a temporary power outage. I purchased 2 cases of these candles (12 per case) to keep in stock just in case the power goes out during the colder winter months, but I also keep about a thousand regular-burning tea candles in stock as well. Search for faux logs tea candle holders to find a variety of tea candle holders that could be placed around your home. One of those $15. emergency stovetop burners like Emergency Essentials sells to use with their canned fuel will also work to keep a small pot (1 quart) of water heated to use for making coffee, tea, or soup to eat with crackers to keep you alive in an emergency situation where no electricity is available. I found some faux fireplace logs that hold twelve tea candles each that are perfect for keeping my home warm in a temporary power outage when placed strategically to do this. As with all candles that are lit, always keep careful watch on them when burning any type candles for your safety. People would probably be surprised as to how much heat multiple candles generate in an emergency situation when the electricity goes out. I keep my electric heat pump thermostat set at 70 degrees year round to keep my home comfortable, heated or cooled.
babyboomer answered on October 20, 2013
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