Customer Reviews: TM 103 Hustlerz Ambition
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on December 20, 2011
I said I would wait until the official release date before I put up a review, so here it is.

WAITING - If you are a Young Jeezy fan, then you are aware he knows how to begin an album or mixtape. This one is the weakest intro, and it still didn't disappoint. It's no "Hypnotize" or "Trap or Die", but great intro for things to come. 9/10

WHAT I DO - Dark beat, Jeezy is nice on this song. Production is great on this song. 8/10

OJ - Great beat for all three artists. Fabolous and Jeezy's flows complement each other well, as shown by the numerous songs they've done together. Jadakiss was a pleasant addition to the mix, and made the song a repeat. 10/10

NOTHIN - Great song to listen to when people trying to make you feel guilty about things you've acquired. The chorus is a bit pedestrian, repeating Nothin but the message is nice and the feeling is there. 8/10

WAY TOO GONE - Sounds like a song Drake would do at the beginning, when the beat dropped, it really helped. It's pretty good, but not spectacular. Future fits on the music, but he sounds weird and doesn't sound right with Jeezy. 6/10

SUPAFREAK - If you are looking for a track to rock the audio system, this one is it. Great track and 2Chainz brings great energy to the song. 7/10

ALL WE DO - Take it or leave it track. Nothing to rave about. 4/10

LEAVE YOU ALONE - One of those songs I thought would be weak, but Neyo actually complements Jeezy and Jeezy actually sounds genuine. 8/10

EVERYTHANG - West Side sound, not a terrible song, nothing special about this song. 6/10

TRAPPED - The highlight of the album. Ethereal music, Jill Scott's spoken word is chilling to hear and Jeezy's history has a lot of feeling behind it. This song is a case in point in simplicity and powerful emotions are more important than fancy wordplay with no substance. I had to force myself past the song, it's that good. 10/10

F.A.M.E. - Mellow song, seeing the perspective of what really goes on in the mind of a successful person. Jeezy does a great job with this song, pulling back on his energy and talk about being insecure with the anger, which is rarely heard in this. TI comes strong on her as well. 10/10

I DO - This song, while a nice homage to Lenny Williams, doesn't really mesh well. The verses are good in themselves, and it feels as if they were meant to be standalone. A lot of people will really like this, however, Jay Z and Andre go out in left field as usual. 7/10

HIGHER LEARNING - Laid back music, Snoop reverts back to his old days, Devin made a nice mark on the track, but it feels like a short track. You can lie back, the track will be fading, and realize you didn't hear the song. Shame, because it is a good song, but I had to listen three times before I could review it. 8/10

THIS ONE'S FOR YOU - it's one of those songs the message is there, but not delivered in the way it would be remembered. 7/10

38 - This song is crazy. Jeezy does it on this song. Freddie Gibbs is a beast on the beat. Gibbs had a nice flow on this. 9/10

BALLIN - This song lost points because Wayne really was better than Jeezy on this song. Jeezy could have stepped it up past "I bought the Phantom just to take a nap", especially with a wicked Lex of a beat he had to work with. Wayne, on the other hand, showed his inconsistency and delivered a gold verse among the questionable songs he made around the same time. Points are always lost when a feature is the reason people listen to a song. 5/10

LOSE MY MIND - This song is just as fun as it was when it came out two years ago. Jeezy really put something down on this one. Plies, while not as bad as originally thought, still hurt the song by his screaming through the whole verse. 9/10

NEVER THE SAME - Really cool song, just reiterates what he was saying and people didn't get for years--that he wasn't promoting drug dealing. Music has a dark quality to it. Bonus is the rumor of Eminem being on here is false. The concept needed him to be alone, and it was executed well. 10/10

DVD - Personally, I've seen many documentaries or rappers, and this one is in the top 3 I've ever seen. Maybe they could have talked more about the beef with Gucci, but all in all, very informative. 10/10

Album pros - Lots of emotion. Production arguably the best on this one, more cohesive than the others. A few average songs, one subpar.

Album cons - Not enough adlibs other than the "103", doing the Eminem thing and singing on tracks, many features where several of them (namely, Jay Z, Future, Plies, and arguably Andre (yeah I know, my opinion)) could have been dropped and had stronger songs.

Highlight songs:

Never Be The Same

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on December 20, 2011
Don't listen to the reviews that give this album 1 and 2 stars.They obviously have no idea what they are talking about.I have listened to this abum 5 times straight through now and I have to say I can't find much wrong with it.Wasn't thrilled he included Ballin' and Lose My Mind seeing as they were recorded a good while ago but other than that this album is straight fire start to finish.If you are a fan of Jeezy,just do yourself a favour and go spend the 15 dollars on it.

My Top 5:

Never Be The Same
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on December 21, 2011
I'm going to make this one short and sweet. Jeezy like to drank, Jeezy like to smoke, Jeezy like to mix arm n hammer with his coke. LOL, for real though if you like Jeezy then you will love this album because he will never switch the style up. Even if everyone is making R&B Jeezy will still make street records and I love him for that. TM103 is one of his best albums and although it's not a classic I would definitely hold it up there with TM 101. Great album!!!
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on August 1, 2015
This, to me, is Jeezy's heavy hitter. This record is his juggernaut. It's got a deep, dense bass driven sound throughout the album. The lyrics are... well they're Jeezy! Fans of Atlanta's native son know what to expect. Honest observations of the society we live in, catchy hooks, his signature voice and flow are all presented here to the listener in the soundtrack of the streets. You can sit and listen to this album, and get a better understanding of the life Jeezy leads. "What I Do (Just Like That)," "Nothing," "SupaFreak," and "F.A.M.E." are my favorites. I turn the bass all the way up when I play this record.

This album has a track called "O.J." which was (and may still be) VERY controversial. Many ignorant people take this song for face value, and claim Jeezy to be a racist, which is not true at all. They hear racism because they want to. And yes, I'm "white" for anyone who thinks that's an issue, and NO I'm not offended by the song. It's metaphorical, and in my opinion, genius. Read between the lines people. Or educate yourself on Jeezy's vocabulary. The LEAST you could do is learn some street terminology. Seriously. My ONLY complaint about the song is that Jadakiss is on it. I just don't like his delivery. That's just a preference.

This record is bad-ass. Period. I love it, and I recommend it to anybody who is sick of pop-rap.
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on December 21, 2011
This album is stellar. I became a Young Jeezy fan after holding steadfast to the belief that I didn't like his music. Ironically one night, in my friends Deuce n a Quarter with 4 15inch subwoofers I realized what I was missing. His music simply put sounds acoustically superior then other artists. His production, beats, layering, and mastering sound unbelievable in high fidelity sound systems. This isn't your typical headphone ipod music. A

Now into the album......

Simply put its what you'd expect. A few smooth songs that are lady friendly followed but bass drowning motivation. Jeezy spits that dope and drug life better then anybody to me (with the exception of E-40). Without going into lengthy detail this is a must listen. No rap fan especially a Jeezy fan should feel above dedicating at least 90 minutes to give this album a run through. Listen and decide for yourself but personally I love it!
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on June 22, 2012
Well doesn't this fall into the realm of typical and generic. There is nothing special here or different, exactly what you'd expect. The production is solid with quite a few bangers but overall, it sounds similar and rather repetitive. The production has a Southern appeal with slower tempos, hard drums and quick hands. Young Jeezy is not impressive from a lyricism standpoint but with his grimy voice and delivery, accompanied with his flow and adlibs makes for a tolerable listen. The content is fairly typical for the mainstream: money, drugs, girls and life on the streets. Nothing special here but it is a good listen for a Southern head.
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on January 23, 2012
Possibly his best cd yet. Go buy the CD, instead of down loading.It's worth it, in my opinion. Make sure to buy the more expensive version, because it comes with more tracks that are not on the cheaper version.
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on January 7, 2012
This absolutely a good album, but for Jeezy fans surely will be considered an unconventional album. Unconventional is word even Jeezy knows for a guy who does a lot of sound effects (giyah, ha ha, ayeah) but hey that was really his first album. Now, Jeezy has spit partially conscious records ever since his second record in the likes of Dreamin' and the Inspiration (Follow Me) but kinda shrugs ya off with word choice -- not good at it.

But this album sort of does his justice and portrays him as a rising star rather than the previous three albums which except for his first did not sell more than this. On this album he was helped by some genius producers who you can tell really give a damn about music. He recruited Midnight Black known for his hard-hitting, powerful drums, synth production, as well as M16 who brought the most powerful track on the album, and the geniuses who brought us Body 2 Body (well which I thought was good). Plus a dope list of all-stars.

Still needs to broaden up his lyrics. Listening to OJ is about as easy as listening to New Zealand's fans win the World Cup (Don't listen to). He's repetitive, and really sounds chill in thought. (Swear the work came faster than the money came/Sometimes the money be faster than the cars is). Amazing, well this is album version of Kanye's song.
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on December 20, 2011
I basically grew up listening to jeezy... this was my favorite artist through most of high school, and I've been anticipating this thing since my senior year... I made a promise to myself I would give up listening to commercial rap, AFTER this album came out, and this thing took well over 2 years to release... so I was really waiting on this...

The album was hot, but not his best... Jizzle said that 102 was his wackest, but all of my favorite songs are on 102... I feel that DefJam killed what jeezy really had set for this album with all the delays... However this album is still on the real -ish... Plenty of loud blasters on this.

My favorite song on it was Trapped feat. Jill Scott. I say this song cuzz u can definitely compare this to life.. when u sign up for something, u can't just leave what u sign up for expecting it to not come back at you again. Of course Jeezy was talkin about his life and what he had got himself into, and there's no way out of that when uve done the same thing for years and years.

I'm upset that I heard no Bun-B on the album, but atleast this album still has that same feel you get from 101, 102, Recession...

But now, its time I gave up with all this trap musicin stuff now, cuzz now that this is out, who cares about the rest... At least, that's my thinkin... only way imma end up listening to music like this anymore is of course when Jeezy puts out another album.. Solid album Jeezy..
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on December 24, 2011
Alright let me start by saying, how dope is that cover? I mean it's nothing special, it's just him wit a mean mug on, but I don't know I just really like it. Alright so this is Jeezy's fourth project and we all know how much this has been pushed back. Almost to the point where it became annoying. And in turn it kind of killed my hype for the album. But it's here, so that's all that counts right?

From his last album to the release of this one we've seen Jeezy release a string of mostly mediocre mixtapes, with a dope one every now and then. We've also seen him release a bunch of promotional singles. Some which are on the Deluxe Edition, some which were left off entirely. As a whole the album really isn't all that bad. Is it his best work? No. Is it a proper follow up to "The Recession"? Honestly, no.

Production wise it's your typical southern album. In terms of subject matter it's like his first 2 albums. He has some songs about drinkin', drugs, sex, him just spittin' bars, and a deep song or two. But in today's world that's honestly nothing new. But it works. I mean for Jeezy it just works. He's one of those rappers that you can't expect too much from. You just expect some dope music. And that's what he does on this album, for the most part.

A couple things I found odd/terrible. Track 13 "Higher Learning (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Mitchellel)" obviously it's a track about smoking weed, but it's just bad. It throws off the whole flow of the album. So I'm glad it was at the end. Track 10 "Trapped (Feat. Jill Scott)" it had potential to be my favorite song on the album, but there's two sections where Jill Scott tries to... I guess we can say "rap" and it's terrible. At the very begining of the song before Jeezy comes in she has one of these "rap" section and she says "whack sauce". "Whack sauce"? Really? Every time I hear the song and she says that I cringe. And it's sad because she does amazing on the hook, but whatever.

Standout Songs: "Waiting" & "F.A.M.E. (Feat. T.I.)"

Overall Score: 7/10 - In short it's a nice Jeezy album. It's Jeezy doing his thing, and for the most part it's what we've come to expect from him. As I've said before I don't feel it's a proper follow up album to "The Recession" but I'll just wait patiently for him to make another album like that.
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