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on August 31, 2013
I love this charger but here are some tips for those who aren't techies...
#1: This does not come with a wall charger - BUT - if you have an iPad or similar device with a USB port, that will work just fine. Save the 10 bucks and don't buy one separately.
#2: You must push the power button to charge. I know, I know, it seems like a no brainer but I don't have to push a power button on my wall plug so it doesn't come naturally to me to think to push a power button to charge something.
#3: To re-charge the Anker, you plug the connector into the small port on the side labeled 'In'. I felt like an idiot for thinking I should plug into the USB slots in the front to re-charge the Anker but hey, the 'In' and 'Out' are the same slot on my iPad so why would I look for an 'In' and an 'Out' on the Anker?
#4: The Anker comes pre-charged... mostly. I ordered this rush for a trip and didn't have time to charge it before I left. It powered my iPad to 74% straight out of the box. Pretty awesome for last minute folks like myself.

Once again, I'm sure this is low-level 'no-duh' info but I know there are a few non-techie folks who might appreciate knowing this stuff.
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This review is on Anker 15000 mAh black battery pack. This battery pack is a real powerhouse of energy and in my test results it performed extremely well in supplying a charging current to an iPad 3 and an iPad 2. It is also designed to allow you to charge two items at the same time. I also tested the battery pack charging and iPad 3 and an iPhone 4 simultaneously. It comes with connectors and other accessories that you need to make it more useful. I was also able to charge the battery and charge two devices at the same time using the battery while it was charging. (This is not recommended to do) You may need to use your original charging cables for some devices so take them with you if you need them.

It is a great power resource to keep your USB recharged devices operating on those long work or school days or while you are traveling. This battery pack is a powerful source of power and many people like me are power users of their smart phones and tablets and need a battery like this. If you are constantly using your phone or tablet then you know that they will run out of power sometime during the day or evening. If you are not near an AC wall outlet with your charger or in your car with a charger what can you do? It is especially important to have some way to recharge if you are traveling in a plane, in the middle of a school classroom or on a bus or train. In addition many of the newer tablets are real power hungry devices and it takes a lot to recharge them.

Here is a powerful battery pack with two USB ports. It can charge your tablet devices or charge your smart phone and if you want it can do both of them simultaneously. I charged two iPhones at the same time in my testing. One USB output is rated at 5 VDC and 2 Amps and the other is rated at 5 VDC and 1 Amp. The unit also has an LED flashlight in it for emergencies. It uses Lithium-Ion battery technology and carries a 15000 mAh capacity. It has five powerful high quality batteries rated at 3000 mAh each. This is a large sized battery pack and it weighs in weighs in at 10 3/4 ounces. This battery pack will fit easily into a brief case, back pack or a computer bag or a large purse. I have included a video of the batteries features and I hope it is helpful to you.

When I test a battery I do an extensive set of tests that fully charges the battery and then I use it to charge devices and make sure that it is fully depleted when my tests are done. I time each test and document the results as the test progresses. I then calculate the mAh of capacity that the battery supplied and I then calculate its charging efficiency. This process takes from 3 hours to, in very large batteries, about a day for testing. I don't take any short cuts or guess and every battery has these tests performed on it and documented. This is to assure that the battery is tested and it performs well. If a battery has performed poorly I then run the tests again to verify the results.

What's in the box?

* The Anker 15000 mAh black battery pack
* The battery pack comes with an instruction manual
* The battery does not come with an AC wall charger. Use the Micro USB charging tip for charging the battery. You can use a computer USB 2.0 port to charge the battery pack but it is 15000 mAh and it will take between 27 to 30 hours. The manual states to use a 1.5 Amp USB wall charger and it will take 9 to 10 hours but I recommend using a 2.1 amp AC wall charger if you have one.
* There is one charging cable for the battery pack or your smart devices. It is 27.5 inches long.
* 4 various smart phone and device connectors like a Micro USB plug, a Mini USB plug, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 pin plug and an Apple 30 pin connector.
* A nice carrying bag

This is a very good product and below I have listed its features and benefits as well as my test data for your review. Please take the time to quickly watch the video and if you have any questions send me a comment and I will try to help you.

The Anker 15000 mAh battery pack features:

* Powerful 15000 mAh capacity specification
* The unit is compact in size and weighs in at 10 ¾ ounces this is the smallest size 15000 mAh battery pack available.
* It is attractively designed in black plastic. The front has a push button for starting the charging of your device or to read out the battery's charged capacity using LED lights.
* It has LED lights that show the battery charge. When 1 LED is flashing the charge is 0 to 25%, 1 LED steady on means 25 to 50%, 2 LEDs on means 50 to 75%, 3 LEDs on means 75 to 99% and 4 LEDs on means 100%.
* There is a built in LED flashlight you can turn on the flashlight by quickly pressing the on button twice and you can turn it off the same way.
* I was able to charge an iPhone 4 and a second iPhone 4 simultaneously while charging the Anker battery pack. I am asked all of the time if this is possible and it is; but I would not recommend using the battery this way. You are charging it with 1.5 amps for example and outputting 2 amps which can make the battery get hot. If you have access to AC power then charge your smart devices with their own AC wall charging adapters and conserve the battery for times when you are without AC power. This will extend its usable life.
* There are two USB power output ports. One USB is rated at 5VDC at 1 Amp and the other USB port is rated at 5 VDC and 2.0 Amps. I could charge my iPhone 4 in one port and my iPad 3 in the other port.
* You can charge two items simultaneously.
* Press the ON button when you plug in a device and that begins the charging process of your device. It is recommended that you unplug your device when it is fully charged.
* The battery uses Lithium Ion battery technology and uses 5 high capacity cells rated at 3000 mAh each.
* The battery pack can be recharged 500+ times
* Warranty is 18 months

Test charging an iPad 3 to measure the output capacity:

Test results summary:
Start iPad 3 at 5% and the Anker 15000 mAh battery at 4 LEDs
* 30 min 13% and the Anker battery at 4 LEDs
* 60 min 20% and the Anker battery at 4 LEDs
* 90 min 27% and the Anker battery at 3 LEDs
* 120 min 35% and the Anker battery at 3 LEDs
I went to bed
The next morning the iPad 3 was 100% and the Anker battery still had 1 LED lit.
* 95% x 11560 mAh = 10982 mAh capacity used
* I used the cable and connectors supplied with the unit for my testing.

Test charging an iPad 2 to measure the output capacity:

Start iPad 2 at 63% and the Anker 15000 mAh battery at 1 LEDs
* 30 min 75% and the Anker battery was dead

* 12% x 6944 mAh = 833.28 mAh

Test results summary:
* Charging the iPad 3 = 95% x 11560 mAh = 10982 mAh charged.
* Charging the iPad 2 = 12% x 6944 mAh = 833.28 mAh charged.

* Total mAh capacity consumed was 11815.28 mAh/15000 mAh = 78.77% of the battery's rated capacity. This is an outstanding result! Not only was it a very powerful battery it charged my devices very quickly.

Here are some of the mAh charging requirements for common devices:

* iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity
* iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity
* iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity
* Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity
* Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity
* iPhone 5 is 3.8 VDC at 5.45 Wh = 1434 mAh battery
* iPad 4 battery is 11,486 mAh 3.7 VDC at 42.5 Wh
* iPad Mini battery is 4490 mAh at 3.72 VDC 16.7 Wh

As you can see the Anker 15000 will fully charge a totally dead iPad 2, 3 or 4 because it contains 15000 mAh of capacity. You still have to consider the losses in the charging circuits of both the battery pack and the device you are charging. Energy is lost during the voltage conversion, used by the electronics of the battery pack and your device and by the generation of heat.

Anker 15000 mAh battery pack device charging real world experience:
* iPhone 4 or 5 approximately 8.32 full charges out of a fully charged Anker 15000 mAh Portable Power Bank
* iPad 2 approximately 170% of a full charge
* iPad 3 or 4 approximately 102% of a full charge
* iPad Mini approximately 263% of a full charge
* Kindle Fire approximately 269% of a full charge

* A normal estimated usable storage is 70% of capacity or .70 * 15000 mAh = 10500 mAh charging capacity available for your electronic devices.

* In my testing I was able to use approximately 11815.28 mAh of capacity or roughly 78.77% of the 15000 mAh capacity. This is an outstanding performance for this battery an especially after testing it on a power hungry iPad 3 and iPad 2.

This is a great product and deserves a 5 Star rating!

I received a sample product for evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.
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on September 25, 2013
This unit provides a tremendous amount of power for phones, tablets and cameras when they start to run low. I have used it to charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Moto cell phone simultaneously. Both charged from near-empty to full with power to spare. This unit also makes a great field charger for GoPro cameras. My issue is with the poor type and location of the switch. The touch switch is on the large flat top of the unit and is very easily turned on by mistake. This would not be an issue, if not for the built-in flashlight that turns on and uses the on-board battery. When traveling power is a premium, the flashlight is wasting the precious commodity. Move the switch to the side and use a switch that does not activate so easily. Redesign the switch... This unit would be 5+ stars!!!
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on July 16, 2013
First I will state that Anker sent me this product to review for my honest personal opinion on the product.

I received the Anker Astro E5 in the mail just in time for a scheduled meetup with Ingress friends. For those of you not familiar with this, it is an Android phone based game that combines augmented reality and geocaching. The game is VERY HEAVY on battery usage on the Samsung GS2. During these meetups, I usually end up switching a battery out or leaching off of someone elses battery pack. So when Anker offered this to me for testing, I was all over it.

The pack came precharged about half way. As soon as I got it, I put it on to charge and it was fully charged within the 4 hour timeframe prior to the meetup. The device is charged using a micro USB port on the side. It did not come with a wall charger, which I found somewhat weird. What if I didn't have a USB option to charge it with? It did come with a USB cable that had multiple options for connectors at the end. I only used the micro USB for my GS2 during my review time.

The device is very well built. It has a very nice little LED flashlight which came in handy during the late night meetup while walking down the streets of town. The device shows it's charge through 4 lights on the device. When they are fully lit, it has that much charge (think 25% per light). When I started, all 4 lights were lit. I will say that my use of the external pack is probably different from many. I believe it is meant to recharge your device when it gets low. I personally use it as battery for my phone. So Ingress was running on my phone the entire time that the meetup was going on. We walked around town for about 4 hours or more. Once the meetup was done and I got back to my car, I pulled the E5 out of my back pocket and noticed 2 things right off the bat. First thing I noticed, it was cool to the touch (or as cool as it could be expected after sitting in my back pocket on a warm night). Second thing I noticed, I still had 4 charged lights on the pack! HOLY COW!! After 4 hours of continuous use (on the 1A side) there was very little drainage of the E5! Very nice! It's great to have a product that I don't have to worry about if a backup power source is needed! No more need for my second battery pack!! WOOT WOOT!

After this meetup, the E5 was stored in my car for almost a week. I checked it today prior to doing this review and it was still at 3 lights full!

So now for the usual pros and cons of the review:

Long lasting charge even after 4 hours of continuous use
Charges both Android and Apple devices simultaneously. It has a dedicated USB port for each of the technologies. You can use both for Android devices, but the Apple port will charge faster and could possibly damage your device.
LED Flashlight. Not a necessity, but it was really nice to have it as an option.
Multiple connectors on the USB cable. Allows for only one USB cable to be carried and quick switching between differently connected devices.
It charges the Lightning Adapter Apple products. I don't have any of these personally. But I do know that it is the first Anker product that is built with that tech in mind.

No wall charger. You are expected to have a USB charging option. I guess this makes sense since the device is for recharging USB devices anyway. But I just felt like a wall charger could have been useful, especially if my PC USB ports are currently charging my USB devices...
Awkward to carry. I'd like to see a belt clip or something for these devices. Currently, it has to either go in my pocket or I have to carry it around. It may be different for you depending on your use.

Overall, this product went above and beyond my expectations. Now, if I could just find a way to carry it around without having to hold it in my pocket, increasing the temperature around it...

Need a new Lightning Cable to charge your Apple devices with? Here is a great cable available from Anker as well (I tested/reviewed it as well).
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on September 27, 2013
This charger is just great. It has an enormous capacity. It is enough to charge my phone 7-8 times! It is very practical and convenient when I need to travel for long hours. Now I can use my phone all the time at full brightness without fear of draining the battery before the day is over. The product comes with one micro-usb cable to charge the battery, and it has two charging usb ports, one with 2.A v and another one with 1A v for charging your tablet(2A) or your smartphone (1A). The product is a little wider than an Iphone, and a little lager. It has a stylish design and it is lighter than I thought. One can simply connect their devices put the charger in your pocket and use your device while walking! Ive had other charging devices that have a direct connection to the Iphone and its really uncomfortable to charge it if you want to use it at the same time. With this product the problem disappears completely. You can not only charge an Iphone, but you can charge any smartphone or many tablets.It fits my pocket and can slide in and out pretty easily. It comes with a good flashlight in case one is in a dark situation, which is great as I have used it a couple of times. To activate the flashlight click the button twice. Clicking the button twice prevents the flashlight from turning on accidentally when in your pocket. It comes with a case to store it. This product is great and I would recommend it to anyone who has business trips and needs those extra hours of battery to talk or browse the web. Great product

I got my Anker 15,000mAh portable battery charger a couple of days ago and it still displays that it has 50% charge. I have used it for 4 days charging my smartphone(Iphone) at least one each day. I know it has 50 % because it barely lost 25% yesterday and I have not used it again yet. Tablets apparently get only one and a half full charge which is great because the average tablets takes about 5-6 hours or more to charge. For example, lets say you forgot to charge your tablet, but you need it to work while you are traveling. You have your Anker portable charger with 75 percent battery remaining. With 75% you can probably charge your tablet to 100% or maybe 95%!

Ps I would recommend to get open the product right after you get it because when i got mine it was hot outside and I got it 2 hours after it arrived. I really do not think the heat is good for the battery.
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on August 29, 2013
Since there are enough reviews here on the technical aspect of the Anker Astro E5, I won't go into that. But here's a little story.

I consider myself technically savvy, but I would admit that I don't have a clue on the engineering aspect of it (calculating mAh and stuff). I'm a guy and I love gadgets. I used to own off-brand power banks years back and they weren't too impressive. So I stopped looking at those and got myself spare batteries instead (Blackberry, so I could). Since I own an iPad mini and will soon own it's phone brethren, I had to reconsider getting a power bank. There are many options available. From eBay to Amazon I had plenty to choose from. So the next question was which should I put my money on.

There were the dirt cheap ones from eBay, with a really high capacity (mAh) to the portability minded ones. I wanted something in between. So I stumbled onto Anker. One clear filter for me were the Amazon reviews. Nothing below 4 stars. Anker fits the bill here. Lots of back and forth as I considered Anker with its competitors. During which, They released the Astro E5. Now, I'm a sucker for newly released products and always find myself as an early adopter. I then decided to take the plunge and place my money on the Anker Astro E5.

Now, enough blog worthy material. I'll cut to the chase.

Here's what I LIKE about the Astro E5:
- Great Capacity for it's price range.
- Worth its salt and claim
- Ease of use and operation
- Auto cut-off feature once the device had fully charged - Though I'm not sure if this is a feature or not, but it did stopped charging (by the absence of the battery LED indicators) my iPad mini when it (iPad mini) became fully charged
- Nice little carrying pouch included (Refer to the pictures I uploaded)
- 1.5A input, I can charge this up faster
- Not too heavy and compact enough

What I DON'T LIKE about it:
- Fingerprints Magnet - Okay, in this day and age, having piano black enclosures, especially for mobile gadgets is a no-no in my book. Not only does it attract fingerprints, the OCD in me would want to clean them all the time, the charging cables that I throw it in with might scratch the enclosure. Just a personal preference I guess. The Astro2s look sharp in that brushed metal...
- The white LED light (Yes, I know it was designed to be an emergency feature, in case of blackouts and all, but I do hate to be blinded in the middle of the night when I'm fumbling about the button and have a moment of thumb spasm)
- Battery LED Indicator - This can be better implemented. While charging my iPad mini, the indicator could actually go from 2 LEDs to 3. Yeah, I know, I created a mini wormhole.

All in all, the Anker Astro E5 does its job well. Plug your device in, charge it, then forget about it till you need your next hit of battery power. Useful for short road trips and vacations.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on October 11, 2013
Very poorly designed power button. Cannot travel with it because it turns itself on and drains the charge. The button is raised so every time it touches something it turns on. If you don't notice it's on, it could be dead and useless when you need it. It would have been a good product. Seems well made. I have 3 other external batteries made by motorola, samsung and another company which i can't remember right now and the power button is flushed plus you have to hold it for a few seconds to turn it on so it can be in your bag bumping into things without turning itself on by accident. I have had these other batteries sitting in my bags for months still fully charged and have never had any problem with them turning on by themselves. One charge on these other batteries can last for months unless I'm using it. This Anker battery i have to costantly charge even though I'm not using it. Worthless.

Update 11/15/13
Anker recommended I buy a hard case. It seems to work so far. I found one here on Amazon but it's not specifically made for the battery so it has about an inch more or less room around the battery when inside the case. The case has a zipper that goes all the way around. It also has one big mesh pocket with elastic on top on one side and two smaller mesh pockets with top elastic on the other side. The big pocket can hold the battery and I leave the top small pocket empty and the bottom small pocket stores my usb cable. There's a little ziploc type pocket that can easily be cut if not wanted. The case is called "Mvari Stick Ecig Mod, black nylon by Kroo". Just checked Amazon and it's on sale today for around $11. I posted a review on it as well. I only bought the black nylon case but it's showing other accessories and colors when you do the search. I included a link that seems similar to what I bought but I can't find my review on it. At least it gives you an idea of what it looks like. Hope this helps.

Electronic Cigarette Case / Semi-Hard / BLACK NYLON for Mvari-Stick Ecig Mod - Variable Voltage + Carabiner Hook for your keys & NextDia (tm) Velcro Cable Strap
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on May 15, 2014
I bought this charger to bring with me because I was going camping. On one full charge, I was able to fully charge 8 phones. It's a bit heavy so I wouldn't buy this if you're hoping to carry it around with you all the time (as I know many girls like to carry a portable charger in their purses).
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on September 22, 2013
After having owned one for a month, I'll have to say it doesn't charge my phone (HTC One) as many times as I had hoped. According to Anker, it will charge "most phones up to 8 times", which is obviously intentionally ambiguous. It charges my HTC One about 3 times..... and it takes FOREVER (about 5 hours) to recharge itself, even using the 2.1 amp adapter I bought. I would recommend the Anker Astro Pro 2 20,000 mAH for better performance.
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on September 4, 2013
I'm addicted to my iPhone, and my Ipad, and my wifi hot spot, especially in combination. unfortunately, their batteries just aren't up to the demands I place on them most days. The USB Battery Pack from Anker gives me the ability to charge my iphone and wifi hot spot several times throughout the day, and even top off my ipad on particularly heavy usage days. My coworkers know I carry this, and you can usually see charging cords running to my bag to charge my coworkers devices as well! In a small package, there's a huge amount of stored power. I think anyone who doesn't like hunting for power outlets, or wont have easy access on the go needs one of these in their bag. Quality product, works as directed. Very handy!
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