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on December 11, 2014
First of all I'll preface this with the fact that I don't often write reviews. It's not my style, I leave that to other people.

Now with that out of the way let me say that like most people who run a "smart" device life, I found myself needing more juice on a daily basis. I had researched plenty of battery packs in an attempt to get the most out of my hard earned cash.

When I came across this particular battery pack I picked it up after researching and reading all the previous reviews. My experience with it initially wasn't very satisfying. I charged it as per instructions yet when I went to use it, I found that it barely charged my iPhone 6+ to 40% before completely dying.

I was going to just send it back to Amazon for a refund but instead I decided to contact the manufacturer by replying to their email regarding my purchase. I emailed them at 8pm and when I woke the next day I saw that they had emailed me around 4:30am.

Long story short they helped me trouble shoot the issue I was having. They asked how I had charged it and said that the charger should be at least a 1.5A charger. I was using my iPhone charger (white cube). I tried again with a 2A charger and it's worked amazingly since then.

I'm extremely satisfied with the battery pack and highly recommend it.

Also the fact that their customer service was so quick and accommodating was very refreshing.

Don't hesitate to pick it up. I already have 3 friends who are going to pick one up.
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on January 29, 2015
Enjoying this new higher capacity pack from my old Anker® Astro 5600mAh.

Pack does get warm/hot when charging an iPhone6 and iPad mini simultaneously. According to the Jelly Comb Universal USB Power Multi-meter it restored 15221mAH capacity. Impressive!

One thing to note about recharging this thing- it will start off restoring capacity quickly (5v @2A) but as it gets past 8000mAH the charge rate slows down significantly. At 11000 it would only accept at .30A (this was after about 7 hours) which means the first 1/2 or so accepted capacity quickly, but the latter half took much longer.

Tested with the Globe Electric 7791301 6 Outlet 2 USB Surge Protected Wall Space Plug and factory Apple iPad charger to verify that the battery had slowed its draw down.

Overall happy with this battery pack. The sweet spot as far as time/efficiency goes is to use it to 10% and recharge to 70-80%. To recharge the last 20-30%, it takes much longer and only makes sense if you have the time to charge for that long or absolutely need the full capacity.
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on December 22, 2014
So... i fully charge my nexus 5 3 times and 1 time an iphone 5s (let's say 8k mah in rough numbers) with the first charge of this baby and it still had juice before i decided to charge it. Have to say it looks nice, the carry bag is nice too and is not so big/heavy considering the 16k mah that claims to have. The LED is just that, 1 LED, you don't need more than that. The power button and the charge ports are all well located, where you expected to be, real easy not rocket science here.

Is very useful if you punish your devices all day long, you wont regret it. Besides, anything more than this size is not so handy (imo). I'm still testing the charging times and how much juice i get, i'll review this later.

However the only issue that i see is that the supplied usb/microusb cable seems to take notoriously more time than using my nexus5 cable. I'll try different cables to make a fully review

There are tons of external batteries out there but for now, i am really satisfied with this one.
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on January 7, 2015
Oh Anker.
Let me count the ways. Although you fuel my addiction in which I think I need an intervention, you keep my gadgets going all day long. I first came into contact with Anker back when I had a Galaxy S3 phone and bought an "el cheapo"extended battery. Had I known my original purchase was the start of a beautiful yet enabling relationship I would have bought stock! Last year I purchased their Anker 13000mAh battery pack and it's still kicking. Still charging my Android phones, my iPhones, and my tablets. Recently I bought my fiance her first Anker product so she's able to carry her charger in her purse and never be in a situation where she's without battery (and it's pink, so thats a plus).

Anyway, I'm a sucker for new gadgets and just picked up two brand new battery packs for myself. I bought the Anker (2nd gen) Astro E5 and (2nd gen) Astro E1. These things are GREAT and the E5 packs 3,000mAh more than my first. The sizes are excellent and easy to throw in a bag, or even a coat. They charge your devices and they're high quality. I really don't know what else to tell you. The E5 is about as long as my iPhone 6 Plus, 3/4s as wide and twice as tall (with two Apple leather cases)

Now Anker, a private message. Please, oh PLEASE loose the glossy, messy finish. These things attract finger prints and dirt smudges like crazy. Crazy enough that after i've used it a few times it looks like my toddler has been playing with it while eating dinner. They also scratch very easily. While not affecting overall usage, I just like my things to look as nice as they work.

Anker, You keep updating and upgrading and i'll keep being a customer.

(Pictures in image: Original 13,000mAh, Astro E5 (2nd gen), Astro E1 (2nd gen)
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I have had the product for less than a month and it is working fine keeping my Ipod Touch and Iphone 6 running.

My strategy is to keep my Anchor battery pack hooked up to my Ipod and Iphone so that the internal batteries will not be discharged very often. The reason for this is that it is my understanding that the internal batteries for the IPod and Iphone 6 have a predetermined number of recharges in their useful lives. I think the Anchor external battery will help prolong the lives of the internal batteries by not requiring me to discharge them very often. Well, at least, that is my strategy. This product is relatively low in cost and has a great 18 month warranty.

The 5200 mAh unit is on the left and the 16000 mAh unit is in the middle, with my Iphone on the right.
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on July 22, 2015
Beware! I really should have heeded the negative reviews concerning the propensity for this model to lose the ability to charge. It worked flawlessly for 3-4 weeks, then I noticed that it would only charge intermittently, and finally, kaput. A few months later, I now own a glossy (fairly light) paperweight. I believe that the issue is with the connection between the miniUSB charging port and the battery itself (if i jiggle it I can sometimes get one blue charging light to briefly turn on). I'm generally (or at least previously) a fan of Anker, have had several of their batteries perform well, so I was disappointed both with the shoddy workmanship of this model and the lack of response from Anker concerning a return/replacement.
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on April 19, 2015
I purchased this Anker a couple of months ago because I found a really great deal and because I frequently travel and go to day-long events that drain my phone's battery rapidly. I have owned an Astro battery pack before and it served me great, but I wanted another to share with my significant other. For the first three or four uses this battery worked great! My only complaint was that it seemed to take ages to recharge the battery pack itself, but once it was charged I got ample use out of it.

Unfortunately after about four or five charge/discharge cycles, the battery pack stopped working almost entirely. It will no longer charge! I leave it plugged in for hours and the LEDs shut off as if it were fully charged. When I press the button, all four LEDs light up as if it were fully charged as well; however, when I plug a device in to the battery pack, it only charges the device on the order of minutes before dying completely. At that point, pressing the button on the side of the battery pack did not cause any lights to turn on, and the battery remained totally unresponsive. I repeated the process, and all was the same - I charged the battery until it displayed all four lights, plugged it in to charge my iPhone, and watched the battery pack die after mere minutes.

I am highly disappointed, particularly given the quality of Anker's products. I certainly hope that I only received a lemon and that this is not the normal, but it's very frustrating to have placed faith (and money) on a product and to have that product fail after only a handful of uses!
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on December 21, 2014
While the battery does hold the stated capacity the power IQ is useless and often charges devices at a slower rate than they can accept. For example, my galaxy S5 will pull 1.75 amps consistently (measured with an inline usb meter) from the wall charger it came with. However the anker battery which is supposedly capable of 2 amps per port or 3 amps total will only give it about 1.10 to 1.45 amps MAX (it seems to vary, not sure why). It will also only give my other portable battery 1.5 amps when it takes 2 amps from a wall charger. Both ports were tested and only one device at a time was tested. If you are charging an iphone this will give it a full 1 amp but I am using devices that can draw well over 1 amp and in a battery that states it can provide up to 2 amps per port or 3 amps total I am disappointed. It does work, but not as advertised.
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on December 13, 2014
...I've owned this for over 2 month and it has served me extremely well. I love Anker Products and this one did not let me down. I can charger my Galaxy Note 3 phone almost 4 time, My Note Pro 12.2 almost 2 times. I just bought my wife the Galaxy S5. I have not tested on that yet, nor have I tested on my son's iPad Mini or iPhone 5. I will do that, and I will post my results.

I carry this where ever I go. I use my devices a lot so I need to have extra power OTG (on the go). I own numerous products from Anker and they all work extremely well. I've had other battery backup products and they have all fallen short of what they promise. Not Anker...Anker has come through every time.

- Reliable,
- Built in Flash Light,
- Nice Solid Build,
- 2, 2.1 Amp outputs (other have a 2.1 & 1.1. 1.1 is useless),
- Fast Recharging,
- Long lasting power,
- Carrying Pouch,
- Design.
- It is Heavy, but for me that means it's well built, and I don’t mind the weight,
- Slippery black finish.

All in all this is one a perfect fit for me. I'm extremely happy and I will not hesitate to purchase Anker products in the future.
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on December 9, 2014
I have to start by saying that I have had limited use of this since I received it. I am posting anyway so that it might help someone out there.

I bought this for when I travel or do something silly like leave my flashlight app on for, oh, 5 hours! I know. I know. I'm the only one. I get that.

This was a good deal and came highly rated. I did my research and found this to be good enough to charge my iPad Air 2 and also my iPhone 6. I wanted it to fit in my messenger bag and of course the flashlight is a bonus, don't really plan on using that very often though.

It comes with a nice net bag with a drawstring that works well to prevent scratches. I also like the 4 light led to indicate charge level. Yes, a charge percent indicator would have been better in some ways, but really, do I need to know it has 93% charge left? I am going to charge it before I leave on a long trip anyway and if it seems pretty full that's all I need to know for my purposes. If it is empty or halfway charged, I'm going to charge it! Anyway, enough about that.

It is not very heavy and I don't notice it in my messenger bag (it is not a man purse!).

My main thing that I have to say about this is that I have charged it once since I got it on November 15th. I charged it and put it in my bag. I have not charged it at all since then. I pulled it out just now to look it over and write this review. I have to say, I pushed the little charge level button and it lit right up to full. Now, I realize nothing stays at 100% for a long time, but I am very impressed that it hasn't lost more charge than that. I expected about half a charge to three-quarter a charge. But instead, it is mostly full. (Does that mean after I use it for a while that it would be mostly dead? I'm not Miracle Max!) This impressed me. It seems to hold the charge well. That matters to me a lot! Especially since I don't plan on needing it until I need it! I mean seriously, how many times are we really in a place that doesn't have an electrical outlet? I can think of a few. Airports. Conferences. Airplanes. Camping. Siberian wasteland.

Although to be fair, you could have power in a Siberian wasteland. Might even be more likely than finding an empty outlet at the airport. IDK.

Anyway, this is a great item and I would buy it again! It fits my needs and fulfills my expectations.

Any questions, please ask!
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