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on July 7, 2011
After seeing 2 of my co-workers have great success with this diet, I finally decided to do it myself since I never lost the baby weight from having my 2nd child. So I played it safe and bought this book with a few other weight loss books so I could mix and match the information to suit me just in case 1 of the diets was too hard for me to stick to.

Right now I'm midway through the 2nd cycle, but at the end of the 1st 17 day cycle, I lost a total of 13 pounds. I did some tinkering around with some of the other diet information I learned however, so I didn't do this strictly by the book.

The 17 day diet is a branch off of low carb diets. The first of 4 different 17 day cycles is the hardest and requires you to eat a lot of chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetables. So if you're a picky eater and like to eat a lot of different things, this may not be the diet for you.

Because of the lack of carbs, I had a headache, a bit of brain fog, and was more tired than normal for the first 2 days on the diet. But after tinkering a bit, my body adjusted and I was fine after that. You'll also add back the carbs in the other 3 cycles so don't worry if you're a big carb addict with a sweet tooth or in need of starchy foods.

Learn to like green tea. I wasn't into it before this diet, but I've gotten used to it. No big deal. You have to get away from sodas and diet sodas. Sodas are loaded with useless, empty calories and diet sodas have aspartame in them.

Also on carbs, you'll end up eating most of your carbs in the morning, which is great advice.

For exercise, the 17 minutes of walking each day is sound advice for people who never exercise, but for me it wasn't enough. I did it (actually I did 30+ minute walks) after dinner, but I also followed the home exercises from The 5-Second Flat Belly Secret - Lose 2-3 Inches from Your Belly in Less Than 1 Month I could speed up my weight loss.

Supplements and buying expensive special foods... none of that type of stuff in this book as opposed to most other diet books. So that's a big plus and saves money.

If you're someone who needs a simple plan to follow and you have some discipline, then this book will work well for you. I give it 4 stars and not 5 because it's still a diet and there are restrictions and because I think the Kindle version could be cheaper. It's not a perfect diet and it's definitely not a fit for everyone. But for most people, it should be fine.
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on November 4, 2011
All diet books cater to these notions: you'll lose weight fast, it'll be easy, and only THIS diet book has the proper secrets to success. The 17 Day Diet fits those criteria.

The difference between a quality diet book and a scam is that some leave the reader properly informed about the foods that make us thrive and have a normal body weight (South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, 17 Day Diet), and some are based on fantasy premises, such as that your blood type makes a difference, your ethnic background makes a significant difference, or your astrological sign makes a difference. The 17 Day Diet is a quality diet book.

The keys to sustained weight loss (30 lbs. or more, maintained for longer than TWO YEARS, not six months, or one year) are established by good research. You don't need to buy a book to accomplish the requirements: proper diet, and physical activity. I'm a family physician that lost more than 30 lbs. 16 years ago, and have kept it off. I did it by following the research based information noted long ago in a Scientific American article. And I'll give you the info for free in two parts:

Food: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and fish. Stay away from the white stuff (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar). Even more simply put by Michael Pollan in his books: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly vegetables.

Exercise: Here's the rough part: people that have lost 30 lbs. and kept it off for more than two years AVERAGE an hour of physical activity per day. Lots of ways to get this done, often creativity is required. I have patients that are long-haul truckers and traveling salesmen that, against formidable odds, are thin and healthy. They have found ways to get this one hour of activity in (often by splitting it into smaller intervals several times/day). I had to begin riding my bicycle to work every day (45 minutes each way). I do it year round (even have studded snow tires for my commuter bike). You can find a way. Don't use weather as an excuse to skip your activity. There is no such thing as bad weather, there are only improperly dressed people, say the Scandinavians. I'm Irish, but I believe them.

There you have it. Where does this leave 17 Day Diet? IGNORE the wonderful testimonies posted by Amazon readers regarding their weight loss. Come've heard all this stuff before, with each diet book that has come out, with each diet that you've tried. Write these folks claiming marvelous success back in two years, and you'll find that the only ones that have succceeded are the ones that have adopted what I suggest above.

Bottom line: The 17 Day Diet is one of the "good" diet books, because Dr. Mike provides excellent nutritional advice, and insists that you stay active. His particular hook, his innovation, is that you keep the body's metabolism "off balance" by shifting back and forth between metabolic food groups. None of which contain baloney, though the advice is. Try the book, stick to it, you WILL lose weight. Stick to it for two years, and you'll keep the weight off. Why? Not because of any diet secret here, not because of keeping the metabolism "off balance", but because if you follow Dr. Mike's advice, you'll be eating fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish, dramatically reducing the "white stuff" in your diet, and exercising regularly.

The 17 Day Diet is also distinguished by the upbeat and friendly tone of the author. Any doctor that goes out on a walk with his patients twice a week (as Dr. Mike does) is quite literally walking his talk. Kudos to the author!

One last note: the author does refer, somewhat obliquely, to a relatively new hot topic in weight loss medicine. The type of bacteria that colonize your gut MAY affect your ability to lose weight. The author recommends probiotics to shift your intestinal flora. Current research is more suggestive that when you eat a healthy diet, your gut flora evolves to deal with healthy foods, whereas junk foods encourage intestinal flora that promote obesity. In other words, if you want healthy gut bacteria, eat right, as opposed to taking probiotics. This research is intriguing, but preliminary, and not established.
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on June 8, 2012
I started the 17 Day Diet on June 1, 2011 and my life has not been the same. I have always been a "big girl" - in high school I was a size 16/18 and I hated myself. Over the years I have gained and lost several people; until the 17 Day Diet (highest was 297 lbs).

I had lost a few pounds before starting; however, since starting the 17 Day Diet, I lost 30 lbs in the 1st 3-4 months. All during this time, I never left phase II (that's what I call it) until I lost 40 lbs. I went down to a size 16 in May; size 14 by August; size 12 by December (lost 2 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas) - no matter what celebration I attended, I always went right back on phase II the next day; and by May of 2012, I was a very happy size 10. Oh my goodnes...I have never been a size 10 - I think I was born bigger than that! I am not trying to lose anymore weight; but, it just seems to happen without really trying. I was only going to be a size 14 - I was very surprised that I have continued lose weight by just eating from this plan.

I now call this my eating plan. When asked what I did, I tell people I changed my eating plan - I really hate to call it a diet; but, I am very happy to share if questioned further.

My secret is dark chocolate (hated it until I purged my system of sugar in the first 17 days) and Skinny Cow fudge bars - Dr. Mike directed me to these in his book. Oh yes...I was a night snacker - so I eat my 2nd yogurt with ground flax (gives texture & good for you) before bed - toasted coconut is my favorite (Dannon 80 cal). You will be surprised at how much food you can and should eat to keep your body burning at a healthy rate. Another key - eat everything your supposed to, especially his 2 rules (2 eggs, 2 yogurts, 2 fruit, 2 tbs. olive or flax oil, and green tea). Sorry to go on so much...just love this so much, I wish I had started 20 years ago. BTW - I am 65 years old and you know how hard it is to lose weight after 40...not on this eating plan!The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results
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on January 6, 2011
The 17 Day Diet will help you lose weight. What I like is that Dr. Michael Moreno provides a diet with enough options to make it doable. because, let's face it--most diets work--if you can follow them without wanting to kill yourself from boredom.

The doctor claims that by mixing up the types of foods you eat, your body is tricked into metabolizing more efficiency. I don't know if this is true or just some diet B.S...but I do know the recipes and menus provided are wholesome and tasty. Get rid of the junk--refined carbs, sugar, etc--eat only healthy and nutritious food. Basically, most dietitians and anyone else with a clue will tell you this...nothing earthshattering about this information. But it is true and it works.

I picked this book because I wanted to lose 20 pounds and needed some motivation and some fresh recipes to try. How easy or difficult this book is to follow may depend on how foreign or familiar the guidelines are. If you are used to processed foods, heavy on refined carbs, this diet will be a big adjustment. However, if you already eat natural, unprocessed food, this should be pretty easy to follow.

The idea is to lose lots of weight quickly in order to stay motivated. I liked that. However, if you want a glass of wine or beer, the doctor says, you can do so--just understand it will take a little longer to lose weight.

Moreno also advocates a 17 minute workout plan to help lose weight. (The number 17 is a bit annoying to me....a VERY popular trend in books these days is to slap a number into the title...)

It takes motivation to stick to a diet--motivation and an interesting food plan. Moreno does a decent job of providing both in his book. I also recommend getting your home and office in shape to help motivate and just feel good about yourself. Can't explain it, but as a designer for my clients (and for myself), I have helped many people stick to their weight loss plans by helping them fix up their homes. I have discovered that when your home is neat and organized and feels and looks good, it is much, much easier to stick to a diet plan. Try any book by Peter Walsh for clutter and HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet for your home and yourself. (Imagine...a new body and home for 2011!!!)

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on December 3, 2010
This is a great book. I disagree with the other reviewers. If you can change a eating habit for fifty bucks, that is a good trade. Going to a diet center or doctor would cost much more.
The diet is based on healthy protein and no processed carbs. No junk. Anyone can do this for 17 days, and my then it is a habit. I plan on eating this way all the time now.

The book is easy to follow and well organized. I love the workout CD too. It is only 15 minutes.

If you struggle with weight issues-this is the book you will not regret getting.
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on January 11, 2011
Well the book promises three things.

1. I won't get sick of this diet. (I'm certainly not) - though I admit at times I want chocolate or ice-cream or something, but the author promises by stage 4, I can have some of my treats again on occasion.
2. I won't be left hungry. (this is very true)
3. I will lose 1-2 pounds a day immediately: very true, and I will elaborate.

I'm a 5'8'' male, age 31. The last couple of years I crept up over the 200 lb mark, and I really feel I should be around 160. I weighed in at the doctors office two weeks ago at 212lb! The book had arrived, we (my wife and I) were just going to enjoy Christmas and New Years Eve without being on the diet.
I have weighed myself every day (except the first day) of the diet, at the same time, before breakfast for consistent results.
Day 2, I weighed in at 204-point-something. I feel it is right for me to assume I was AT LEAST 206 on day one - though I wish I had weighed in for accuracy.
I am writing this at work, and my results are at home, but every day showed a weight loss, most days were at least one pound. There were two days of just under a pound.
Today is Day 8, and I weighed in at 196.4.
The book instructs to do 17 minutes of walking per day (or the workout video). We have missed about 3 days of doing this - and still got good results. I'm sure they would be better if I did it every day. But the fact is, 50% of those people at the gym right now going every day, won't even be there in February! I also haven't tried green tea as was strongly suggested in the book.

Look, the book works - anyone who says it's a scam hasn't even bought the book, let alone tried to follow the instructions in it. Probably looking for an excuse to keep drinking 44oz sodas, and eat fast food every day. Tell yourself it's a scam so you don't feel so bad about not dieting. Maybe they are trying to sell their own diet plan and jealous this one is getting so much attention- either way, if you are serious about losing weight, and keeping it down with a long term strategy, starting right now, this book is for you. If you are looking for dramatic results immediately, maybe do the HCG diet for a month and then move on to this one straight away.
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on July 16, 2011
I have been on more diets than I can count and was still morbidly obese. I couldn't even lose on a so called "healthy" plan like the Mediterranean diet, which included whole grains. This one works. I have lost 30lbs. in 2 1/2 months. More importantly, despite having Fibromyalgia, I feel better than I have in years. I lost 3 inches each from bust, waist and hips (probably more, but I didn't measure myself when I started). The first 4 days I had "detox" symptoms such as headache, extreme fatigue and even more muscle pain than usual. After I had cleansed all the toxins from my system from processed foods; I had no cravings, no hunger, and more energy. I have been through the first 3 cycles and am now on the 2nd round.

Don't believe those reviews from dieticians who say this is a "fad" diet. It is a "fad" only in the sense that it is getting a lot of attention and has gone viral. I can tell by reading those reviews that the dieticians haven't even read the book. There are no special foods to buy. You are not permanently eliminating any food group. The first cycle of 17 days is a cleansing cycle, but this is not a low carb diet. It's more of an unprocessed, low sugar, low glycemic index, low fat, food plan. You gradually add starches back in.

An interesting thing happened when I added whole wheat back in during the 3rd 17 day cycle. I discovered that I had an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. No wonder I couldn't lose weight eating "healthy" whole grains! I also found that my taste buds have changed. I choose to eat healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. I never ate fruit or yogurt before. Now I look forward to making a smoothie every day, with the recommended Greek yogurt and fruit. The first time I added back in a yam during the 2nd cycle I couldn't believe how wonderfully sweet it tasted without any added salt or fat on top - just a plain yam.

I can't say enough about this diet plan. When I lose all the weight I need to, I can see myself on cycle 4, the maintenance plan for the rest of my life. Let me repeat - it's not a fad diet but a healthy way to eat and lose weight in the process. It works.
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on June 24, 2011
I'm just going to reiterate what many reviewers have said in these reviews. It works. Period. If you can't give up carbs or don't like fish of any type then this isn't for you. I actually bought the book at Walmart even though I have a prime membership on Amazon because I was so impatient to start after hearing about it from my hairdresser. I'm 42, 5'10" and was 176 pounds when I started 12 days ago. My eating habits weren't horrible, but weren't the best either- I avoided fried foods and fast food, consumed high fiber foods, whole grains and generally tried to limit my carb intake. I was also working about about 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Still my weight kept slowly creeping up, and my clothes getting tighter. Well, 12 days into the first cycle on this diet I'm 8 pounds lighter and my clothes a little looser. I've followed the diet pretty closely with a few exceptions - one being my nightly glass of red wine (which they don't prohibit but suggest you avoid) and my 6 chocolate chips -sorry but I can't give up chocolate altogether and that's enough just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I really didn't think I would lose as much as some other folks on this diet since I didn't think my habits were that bad to start, but I've been happily proven wrong. And better yet, I have much more energy and I'm sleeping so much better than before.

The first 17 days aren't that hard, but you have to plan and prepare menus in advance. I've never been a big veggie eater and dislike salads in general, but this diet forces you to start thinking of ways to add them into your diet and now I'm accustomed and enjoying a variety of veggies. Don't let the limited menu scare you off- plan on starting on a Monday, and the weekend before start planning meals, doing recipe searches online and getting your ingredients. Grilled chicken and fish, egg white omelets are your staples. There are a ton of easy, wonderful recipes out there. You can do this!! 12 days in and I'm still not bored with the foods. And most importantly, I'm learning new habits with my eating which will stay with me, and I won't think twice about grabbing a handful of carrot sticks over a handful of nuts in the future.

My current favorite recipe- cilantro lime grilled chicken. Chop an entire bunch of cilantro, 6 garlic cloves in a food processor, then add ¼ cup lime juice, tablespoon honey, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Marinate 4 chicken breasts overnight, and grill when ready. This is great hot, but even better sliced cold over spinach with a splash of white balsamic vinegar, I make extra so I have several lunches or dinners for the week. My favorite breakfast is an omelet- I use one egg and then another 2 eggs worth of egg whites (I have the carton egg whites). Sauté LOTS of spinach, chopped tomato and onion in a pan, and add your eggs. I finish with a little fat free feta. Fold over, and cut in half. You can half in the morning and the 2nd half for lunch. Lastly, try that Kefir smoothie in the book! I'd never heard of Kefir before and was surprised to find it in my tiny grocery. They're really wonderful and i have one daily. Hope this inspires you a little, and shows you don't have to suffer!
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on December 18, 2013
My sister (an RN) and her husband (a doctor) both used this to lose 30 lbs over 8 weeks. I then tried it and lost 40 in about 3 months. My brother lost over 100 lbs using this diet for 4 months. And my kid sister lost 25, staying on it for 6 weeks. It really was easy to give up my carb-heavy diet the first 17 days. I thought I would be hungrier or crave those carbs, but I piled on the salad for dinner every night- green onions, an apple, grilled chicken on mixed field greens. I also make my own salad dressing, and was able to substitute that for plain oil and vinegar (no sugar or corn syrup in my dressings!)

Author allows for "cheating". You just won't lose as much as fast. But do try to stick to the first 17 days. You can do ANYTHING for 17 days, right? All of us that tried it did lose between 15-17 lbs the first 17 days, fyi.
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on June 26, 2011
As most women, I have tried MANY diets over the years. I have never been able to achieve the results I wanted. I was a severe carb addict with a MAJOR sweet tooth. Withdrawals were so bad that I'd have to forgo some plans that actually started making me physically sick. I was VERY skeptical about this plan. I began reading Dr. Moreno's ideas on how to approach rapid weightless and why he believed it would work. It made sense. Just to be clear, it is the CYCLES that are 17 days, not the whole diet. THis plan is extremely easy to follow and VERY forgiving if you "slip up". Of course, the first cycle is the most challenging, but do-able. I didn't lose weight as fast as predicted in the book, but I did lose weight. I am on the 3rd cycle and still have yet to experience the severe cravings I had with all the other plans. I have had some slight ones, but for the most part they are GONE!!!! That, in its self, is amazing. The reason I gave the book 4 instead of 5 stars is that it never addresses nuts as a good source of protein. But other than that, a great plan.
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