18-200 vs 55-200 zoom comparison I own a Nikon D60 and a 55-200mm lens. I went to my local camera store to try out a 18-200 lens, and took some shots with both my 55-200 and 18-200 at various magnifications.
I found that at 200 mm length, the 18-200 lens had same zoom as when I set the 55-200 lens to 135mm. And it was the same problem at any given focal length, i.e. the 18-200 lens was much wider than the 55-200 for same focal length values.
The salesperson then tried with different 18-200 and 55-200 lenses, and he too observed the same problem.
Has anyone else seen this problem too? Is the 18-200 lens actually just a 18-135 lens?
asked by A. Thakar on March 3, 2011
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I bought the 18 x200 lens at the advice of a photography instructor. I was excited that I was able to get great indoor shots without having to go into another room to get the shot with the 55 x 200 lens, but I think the 55 x 200 lens takes much better pictures.
The 18 x 200 lens has not been worth the big bucks I paid for it. I get an error reading on the camera display because the focusing ring gets stuck and wont turn so I miss pictures. Maybe I got a dud, but I have been unhappy with it since I got it. I gave my 55 -200 lens to a relative who dropped it and broke it. I just put a new 55-200 in my cart. I am going back to a less expensive and much better lens for me.
ma3ya7 answered on March 4, 2011
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