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Size: 10 Ounce/300 milliliter, (Single Unit)Change
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31 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2010
I purchased a car that had been smoked in. The dealer did an Auto Vaccine treatment, which worked great to eliminate the smell from the passenger compartment, but when we fired up the AC system it was quite smoky. After doing a lot of research online, I settled on this 1Z einszett 'Klima-Cleaner' product.. it sounded scary, but I read plenty of reviews online of people who had no problems with it. I also read that it's *very*important* to read the instructions and follow them exactly - all the reports that I had found of people who had foam spray all over their car and such had either put it down the wrong vent, turned the can upside down while spraying, etc. In any case, I did a bit of research on my car (2009 Mercury Sable), and it looked like the center vent would be the right spot to get it down to the core, where it will drain out the drains from the core after it does its work. In any case, I carefully fed the long tube down the center vent, nervously sprayed the contents of the can into it, pulled the tube out, waited a half hour, and started the car and ran the AC on high for a few minutes.. after this single application, no more smoke scent!

Highly recommend this product; however, do your research first and make sure it won't harm your vehicle!
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24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2013
I used this on my 2003 BMW 325i that had the standard "Old musty BMW death smell" in the AC. It seemed to do a great job considering how bad my car was. I went from seriously wanting to vomit when i woudl put anything other then heat on, to being bareable. I'd say in one shot it got rid of 75% of the smell, which is REALLY good considering i had and EXTREME case of built up funk in the evaporator coil from the previous owner(s). I had to use Lysol in the vents itself since i wasn't comfortable with spraying the foam in anything other then where the evap coil was. But that's where most of your stink grows anyways. And the Lysol got rid of most of what was left. But don't read into that too much, liek i said my case was extreme. For most smelly ACs i'm sure one shot will do just fine.

I only gave it 4 stars because i felt like it could of been a bigger can. In addiditon they don't tell you that you need to stop and shake it continuously while emptying the can, otherwise the amount of foam coming out and the velocity diminishes quickly.

EDIT: 1/21/2014....

Ok here's an important follow up from my initial review. The smell came back about 70% after about two weeks. I tried the Einszett bomb, and all that did was make my interior smell unbearably like chemical for a week. So at my whit's end, I ordered another can of this, but THIS time, I read up online on how to remove everything under the hood enough to actually physically see and touch my AC evaporator (It's not as hard as you would think!!), and this time I could visually ensure that the foam got into every nook and cranny of my AC evaporator, and it did!! Afterwards, because I was doing other work under the hood at the same time that caused me to have to leave the car off, I didn't run the fan after 20 mins like the can says. It sat in there, undisturbed, for about an hour before I ended up starting my car and running the fan for the first time. That was 3 weeks ago. And from moment one after doing this it smells absolutely brand new!! Zero hint of any odor. Even after cycling the AC on and off on a hot humid day (We've actually had a few of those here in VA recently). I've TRIED to make it smell again, and I cannot replicate the issue!! So the moral is, if AT ALL possible, do not shoot blindly into yrou vents with this. Get to your evaporator as much as you can and visually watch and ensure that the foam gets on every inch of your evaporator and it will me time AND money well spent!!!!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on February 13, 2015
This works well but for me with a Lexus sc300 which has a common problem of smell coming from the evaporator core from mold, the instructions on the bottle of either applying it through the air vents or through the evaporator drain hose won't work on this car.

I tried all types of cleaners and methods, but if you happen to own a Lexus sc300 sc400, the way to clear the smell with this excellent product is the following...

On the passenger foot well, remove the bottom panel under the glove box (near your feet) by removing two pressure tabs.

Then pull panel off.

Now remove two wing nuts that are clearly visible that were under the panel. These hold the cabin air filters (assuming you installed one as Lexus did not supply cabin air filters in U.S. models).

Once you remove the wing nuts and the little door the wing nuts were holding, then there is access to the heater core. Just stick the tube that this bottle comes from in there and spray product pushing tube in and out and side to side as much as possible to spread product all over. The heater core is on the left side of the hole, and the blower fan on the right (assuming you are facing towards the front of the car).

Make sure you place a towel underneath where you are spraying as some product will come back out and you don't want that getting on the car's computer as it is literally underneath the passenger floor mat where you will be working.

Once bottle is empty, let product sit as instructed on bottle and follow the rest of directions regarding time to let product work.

Lastly, once you have let the car sit for a while and let product ventilate from cabin, run the heat on full blast (make sure you open the windows and not face the vents towards your face. There will be quite a bit of what looks like dark spongy material coming out. That is the mold that has broken loose and was stuck in your system. Run it for at least 15-20 min heat full blast and then I recommend you vacuum your car and get all that nasty stuff out of your car.

That is truly the only solution after many years of fighting the smell in this particular car. I came so close to selling it and didn't drive it for years as the smell from the mold left on my clothes and hair was unbearable.

Hope this helps someone as I wish someone told me this years ago.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on April 30, 2012
Klima Cleaner has the usual Einszett quality, so if you're familiar with them, you can be assured your results will be great.

Easy to use, fast and simple. All that is necessary is that you follow the directions, and you'll get rid of the nasty odors that you get from time to time from your A/C. I'm in Arizona, so we get a nasty mildew-like odor from some of the microbial fungi and stuff out here, that even the Würth A/C deodorizer can't completely eliminate.

After using, you'll have a pleasant lemon-scent in your A/C, but it's not objectionable. The scent will fade after a day or so, but you will NOT have the odor that you wanted to eliminate!

Do not expect this, or any other product to permanently eliminate A/C odors. What you can expect from this item is a fast, easy, and effective solution.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 4, 2013
Really wasn't sure if this would work. Didn't even understand how to use it until I received it. Sat on the shelf until the heater in my Tundra reminded me that I needed something that would remove that musty, moldy odor. This has a long tube that you insert into the vents in the center of the dash. Push the tubing in as far as you can (which is almost all of the tubing's length) and depress the button on the top. I did it both vents but never emptied the can. Then ran the blower. It wasn't until a few days later when the weather was typically that which would make me notice the musty smell but it wasn't there!! Very, very happy with this and even happier that I didn't have to take the truck to a repair shop for a 'flushing' of the venting system. Try it, you'll like it!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2013
I am sure this will work if it can get to the evaporator but I used it as directed spraying into the vents and nothing came out at all from the drain so what it cleaned stayed in there. I doubt it even got to the Evap, Yes, I know what I am doing as well. I even replaced the cabin filter at the same time and it was removed when I used the product.
mine is a 1 year old car and when i do a lot of start and stops its smells, my last car was the same one and i just used lysol, think I will keep using that and save my money. I think i need one that sprays up from the drain instead. that might work.

I think it depends on the make of car to use down the vents.



Next order worked on Nissan but had to get it right up the drain and take off the drain boot or the nozzle would not get insert properly, it worked then quite well but only lasted several months. seems on this car I need to get to the evap directly to clean crud off.

On the BMW, It turns out it was a leaking Evap cooler from new so the smell was the leaking Freon over , had to have BMW rip it all out under warranty and replace A/C so no fault of this product after all. If you BMW A/C goes warm on one side only then its lost Freon due to a leak!!! glad it was under warranty.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2013
True to its reputation, this product removed the mildew smell from my Hyundai's air ducts in a single, easy application.

The instructions may be a bit difficult to follow for people unfamiliar with the layout of their car's climate control. I knew that my problem was coming from the AC condenser. That's almost ridiculously difficult to access directly on a 3rd-generation Elantra, but I was able to get to it using the flexible straw on the can. The blower on a 2001-2006 Elantra (in case anyone reading had the same problem) is beneath the opening for the cabin air filter; the straw was thin enough to slip between the vanes of the blower to the vicinity of the condenser.

A cleaner smell did linger for about two weeks, but it was a mild citrus smell, not like air freshener or urinal cake.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 19, 2013
Over the course of the past year my Mazda Tribute had developed an odor that was especially noticeable on hot days after the car sat in the sun. This product was recommended by someone I work with who always has a spotless car. When the mailman delivered the Kilma Cleaner I immediately read through the directions and inserted the hose into the center, driver's side air vent emptying the contents. It took several minutes to empty the can... a lot longer than I expected... don't give up. After waiting about 20 minutes I turned on the car and let the air conditioner run for several minutes. The Kilma smell was a little strong at first but over the next week that has gone away... leaving a incredibly fresh smelling car! It has been quite a difference from what I had become used to.

Very easy to use and did the trick for me! I would not hesitate to use it again if the problem ever returns.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 27, 2014
After reading the review I thought it would be good at removing odor. Unfortunately, It didn't.
Earlier this summer I got this stinky mildew from the air vent, so I think it may be the time to clean the A/C. Since I am not really a professional mechanical expert, I purchased the East-to-Use one with this. Plus, I got a new air filter.

According to the instruction on the can, I removed the blower and air filter, applied it directly on the evaporator core, and waited for 20 mins. then I turn on the A/C to dry out the core. Everything seems fine that day, stinky smell is gone, and air is refreshing. However, it did not last long. I got those stinky smell second day.

So I used the ETU version. That one wet the may, left some residue on the seats, gave this unbearable smell, yet did not remove the mildew odor.

So I guess I will never buy any product like this.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 25, 2015
I went to their corporate website to find the method that didn't require removing the fan motor. I just sprayed the stuff through the center vents. It doesn't have the chemically smell of some products. I had a musty mildewy smell coming from my vents on my 2011 BMW X5. I thought I had a freon leak but dealer said everything was fine. I found out about this product on YouTube by a user. It has been at least 2-3 months and no smell (yet). Some people said that you have to reapply after 6 months. I didn't realize that it is a common problem for drivers who put the recirculate button constantly on. I have learned my lesson and never hit the recirculate button. I try to keep my recirculate off and turn off the AC when I am about 5 minutes from my destination and run the fresh air blower to dry off the evaporator coils.
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