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on July 18, 2013
This is the whole reason I bought this camera for myself! While I haven't gotten the time stamp issue corrected, this video will be turned over to the insurance company of the person in the vehicle in front of me. This happened just yesterday evening! I actually forgot for a few minutes that I had the dashcam running! I think for less than $20 bucks I have more than gotten my money's worth. I have edited out the sound, because of the F-bomb that flew out of my mouth at the time of the accident! But sound is very legible, I could hear my radio playing in the background, and myself at the time of the accident. I hope this convinces someone to buy this if you are on the fence. Had this lady not gotten on front of me right before that intersection, this may have well been me, which is why I purchased it!! Both drivers were ok, btw.

Update 6/24/15: I have had this camera for nearly two years. I had a few glitches with it, such as not powering on properly, or going blank. I just pop the battery out for about 20 seconds, then replace it, and continue just fine. I never had any further problems, it worked fine. I recorded a couple of more accidents, that fortunately did not involve ME! The video was copied and turned over to the respective parties. I placed this in my wife's car over this weekend, and she went to work with it. Yesterday, she left it attached to the windshield in 97° outside temps ... the entire camera melted under the extreme heat conditions and now needs to be replaced. After owning this for nearly 2 years, and capturing 3 car accidents, I will not hesitate to buy this again. Well worth the money, as inexpensive as it is.
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on March 21, 2012
This product us well worth the 30 or 40 bucks you pay for it. If you want HD picture, GPS, & G-forge readings there are plenty of OTHER options but they will be hundreds. I see this camera as something that will provide non-bias evidence if ever needed to defend myself.

It IS low resolution, but not close to a deal breaker. It reminds me of the quality of digital video cameras 5 or so years back as far as picture quality is concerned.

The on-board LCD really should only be used for aiming the camera to the car's center. Other than that the LCD is very low quality. Once you remove the video from the card, it looks mush better than on the LCD. I am able to make out clearly the license plates in front of me for one car length, out of that it is too pixelated, but still shows a good view of what is going on. There is also a digital zoom if you need to get a little closer, albeit lower resolution, to your subject while driving.

You CAN turn off sound which I thought helped and saved space on the SD card. The IR should also be turned off due to at night it reflects off the window back to the camera. It can be turned on again if you need to take the camera out to record outside damage without a light source.

Night vision (IR Off) is lacking. You would still be able to use it in court to show how the other cars moved, but you couldn't use it to ID people or plates.

Battery lasts a couple hours but I just keep mine plugged in because the charging cable they sent is LONG. It wrapped from the review mirror (Where my camera is), around the frame of the windshield, down the door, under the carpet, under the chair, and into the center console (2004 Toyota Camry).

Mount is EXCELLENT, the most solid part of the package; never moves aim or loses suction.

Case of camera is medium-grade plastic and seems to hold together well, not too bad by any means.

Overall: I will be getting another for the second car. Happy with purchase.

The camera is still running just as it did when I first set it up. The only thing that broke was the most solid part of the item... the mount. The suction ring came off of the mount so I could not attach it to the window. It has a standard camera mount screw so finding a replacement was not hard. My overall opinion of the product has not changed: It is a GREAT camera for the amount you have to pay! Video is not great, but it will hold up in court if you needed it (Which is why most of you are getting it anyways). It was HARD to set up but once that is done, it works forever. I will be buying more and am happy I got the first one.
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on February 5, 2015
for the buck you cant beat it.i have recorded many bad things while having it ,worth it. Recorded a kid breaking my head lights . got to i.d her and get a new headlight
review image
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on December 24, 2012
UPDATE: from when I posted my original review . . .

I have now used it for about 3+ Weeks. I reduced my rating from a 3-star to a 1-star. After about 1 week of use, the screen started going all-white. It turned out it was still recording, but the screen was all white and I couldn't see what it was recording. The only way I knew it was recording was the faint blue LED was flashing. But then, after a few more days, it was starting to make awful clicking sounds and the blue LED was no longer flashing (so I knew it wasn't recording).

At that point, I had no idea what is was doing (if anything) and considered it broken beyond use.

My recommendation is now - do NOT buy this. It broke on me within 1 to 2 weeks.


The only reason I even give this a 3-star is because it was $20, and for $20, it pretty much delivers about $20 worth of value. I bought an $80 dash cam similar to this one about 6 months ago and it was a piece of junk and broke within a week or so after I got it. So rather than get ripped off $80 again, I decided to risk $20.

After using this for about 2 days, I'll summarize the pros and cons:

Pros -

(1) It was $20 (that's hard to beat).
(2) It worked.
(3) The windshield mount was solid and worked well.

Cons -

(1) The video quality is always VGA (640x480) regardless of what setting you select.
(2) Because it is VGA - you cannot read signs or license plate numbers.
(3) The microphone audio quality was highly distorted and unusable.
(4) The owner documentation was unhelpful - not worth the paper it was printed on.
(5) It took me some time to figure out the menu navigation and getting it configured, but eventually I got through it.
(6) There is a pastic protector on the screen that is a real pain to get off. I eventually had to use a "push pin" (the kind you use on a cork board) to get the plastic coating to lift off the screen.

For $20, I think I got what I paid for.

I would rather spend $50 to $75 and get a HD dashcam that had good audio and looked to be of good quality, but for $20, it will work for now.
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on July 5, 2012
I purchased last month I only used it for two day's I tried the reset (all three holes) but it will not start.
The video was pretty good but It juut quit on my way to work Monay.
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on March 23, 2012
I just received this camera yesterday. I also bought a 16 gb memory card for it. Installed the battery and after a minute figured out how to configure it using the menu. For the price it is fairly well constructed. The mount is excellent. It has a 270 degree lense which captures a wide field of view. I placed it on my windshield easily enough. Using the power cord to power the device makes it turn on and record when I start the car. There is very little vibration coming through the mount to distort the video. I use the 640x480 size because it will be the most stable and smallest file size. Basically it does exactly what I expected it to do and the price cannot be beat. I previously had purchased a mount so I could use my Flip video recorder but that was a hassle. This camera is installed and runs automatically so I don't have to fool with it anymore. It is cheap insurance to document what happens in front of your car. I will be buying another one for my wifes car. I recommend this camera for the quality, price and ease of use.
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on November 30, 2012
I ordered this dashboard camera on 9/11/2012. How convenient that I get into my first accident on 11/16/2012. Someone hit me at an intersection jumping the light. He claims his light was green and my light was still green. Turns out since the shipper shipped me a dead battery in the dashboard camera the camera never saved the file when the plug popped out of the cigarette lighter after I got hit.

So now I am back to the old days spending money on a lawyer because the insurance companies cannot come to an agreement. Do not spend the $20 to $30 they are selling this camera for, especially from the seller Able Provider. Now I have to fight liability for $2,200 worth of damage on my car even though I was the one who got hit. Buy the more expensive dashboard cameras for $80+. It's worth it.
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on March 18, 2012
Great little dash cam. I have mine set up to record in 4 minute loops and quality of picture is amazing considering how low cost this cam was. Only drawback is manual is not detailed enough and come with Japanese language set as default making it hard to figure out how to set to english. But if interested in buying this just write this down so you remember it once you have cam. When powered on touch menu then scroll down 2 times and hit set. Then you will see menu in English.
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on March 15, 2012
I purchased this cam at Amazon and standard shipping was free. (That's always a plus)! I received this item & it was packaged excellent & was able to plug it into my car and use it right away. You will need to either run it in your vehicle or plug it into the computer with the cable that comes with it to charge the battery. Some have suggested that the menu is not an easy one but I didn't have any problems with it at all. Mine also came set to English. I am very impressed with the daytime picture. Exactly what I would expect and it is easy to set up and attach to the windshield of my car. I'm not real crazy about the way you have to unscrew it when you stop somewhere and need to take it off to take it with you. Just a bit ackward but a more expensive cam may have a release button. I'm not really complaining, I can live with it. The night video, after it gets really dark is nothing to brag about. If you are in a city setting, or in a well lit area it makes a little difference but on a country road you can barely see beyond the hood of your car. However, let me put it this way, I don't do a lot of nighttime driving and even so if something happened you would probably be seeing enough to record what happened. If you do a lot of night driving you might want to look around & ck to see if more money means better night recording. The first day I used it I recorded 2 different cars pull into traffic and barely miss other cars right in front of me. It has a picture mode also, not great pictures but would suffice if needed to take pictures of something. It doesn't come with a SD/MMC card, & it does state that, but you can pick them up pretty reasonable if you don't have any. I use 2 so that I can have a spare if I want to save something on the first one until I get to my computer to take it off. If you film something you want to save you can take it from the card to your computer. It is not a heavy piece of equip. & it's easy to carry with you when you leave the vehicle. You don't get much as far as an instruction booklet but I found it was enough. While driving it is not a distraction. I would certainly recommend this little cam to anyone who drives. I'm glad I chose this one & would buy it again.
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on December 9, 2012
I'm on day 8 of this camera and really couldn't be happier with it for the price. It's not 1080 or even 720, the best resolution is the VGA setting which is only just "good" quality when used during daylight hours. The night vision is poor but if there was an incident I believe the camera would capture enough evidence to hold up in court or with an insurance company.

Here's my impressions:

1. The camera housing is cheaply made
2. The mount is cheap but the locking suction cup works very well. As some of the other reviewers mentioned get the camera mount set up once, don't figit with the mount repeatedly or the poor quality plastic will strip out and fail. Get it right once and just leave it.
3. I was worried about large gaps between clips. I am using a sandisk 16G Ultra class 10 card. I formated it in the camera and am doing 5 minute clips. There is a little less then 1 second gap betwean clips.
4. IR LED's work but dont do any good while driving. I just disabled them in the menu.
5. Even during daylight hours you wont be able to read license plates or street signs (you can make out stop signs.) So if you're looking for a cam that can get that detailed you might want to consider another option.
6. The power cord was long enough to run under the dash, up the window pillar and under the headliner so I could discretely mount the camer in front of my rear view mirror. I think it's about 10 feet long.
7. Video playback can be done on the camera or you can pop out the sd card and copy the videos to your PC. No need to use a third party app to convert the files like some other dash cams.
8. Audio is kind of a bit off. It captures everything well but it makes voices have a higher pitch then normal.

Overall I'm pleased with this camera and it does what I need it to for the price. I went ahead ordered another one yesterday for my wifes car after testing this one out for a few days.

My only worry now is how long it will last. I've read some people have had theirs fail after a couple weeks or months.
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