2-way radios with heavy duty batteries I just bought a Motorola MS350R radio and it exceeds all of my expectations except for one, i.e., the battery life on one charge lasts little more than 8 hours--sleep mode. This is a fantastic new radio, but I must have one that goes for 12-16 hrs. on one charge. Motorola, as well as Midland say this is the best they can do which is hard for me to believe. I have an old Radio Shack set that lasts for at least 3 days on 2 AA batteries even when not totally in sleep mode. Can anyone point me toward a heavy duty setup that doesn't cost a fortune. I don't care if it has a range over 5-10 miles, but a sick family member requires battery endurance without constantly swapping batteries and charging. Thank you.
asked by bluehawk on August 3, 2011