Customer Reviews: 21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox
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on March 15, 2008
I did this cleanse because a friend of mine recommended it and it is one of the best things I've ever done for my body. I did it for 15 days, and yes, I lost 15lbs, but more importantly than the weight I lost my body felt the best it has possibly ever felt.

I've read some of the other reviews, people said it was disgusting or they were hungry all the time, and I should say that I did not follow the regimen to the letter. I bought Naked Juice instead of Martha's Vineyard's juices, I used supplements that I liked, I did a Yogic intestinal wash (Laghoo shankhaprakshalana) instead of enemas, I added a pinch of salt to soups I made that were too bitter, and I ate soups at restaurants when I went out with friends. I think in order to keep from failing you have to allow yourself some wiggle room. The end result was amazing ... my friends all said my skin was glowing, my mood improved, my energy level increased, I wanted to exercise, and I felt fantastic in my body. And when I did start eating again, everything tasted SOOO GOOD! I enjoyed food on a level I never knew was possible.

If I'd followed the cleanse exactly my results could only have been better, but the way I followed it I didn't get hungry, I didn't feel deprived, it wasn't disgusting, and I still got all the benefits. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their health, and the bonus is you'll get an improved relationship with your body and with food.
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on January 31, 2008
I'm on DAY 6 and I've lost 8.5 pounds!

Having said that, let me add that my success so far has been largely due to my own ingenuity and prior knowledge of the many poorly presented concepts this plan adheres to.

Reading this book, I was amazed at the general negative undertone throughout, especially when combined with the insistently surprising references by both authors to their personal religion and faith. While both authors describe in detail their negative health influences over the years (the book reads like one bad health crisis after another), when it came to the positive elements of their recoveries from these health issues, not much was said. I noticed many opportunities where the authors could have pumped up their dialogue with lively positive feedback to empower their reader, yet did not. It would seem to me, if you want to inspire people to drastically change their habits, playing up the positive would be crucial. By the time I got to the "story" about sisters who died after binging on beer and bar food because they did not come off their 21 day cleanse as prescribed, I was done with the bad vibe this book gives off and was left with the distinct feeling if I ever met the authors in person they'd have dark clouds hovering over their heads.

As well as the book being a downer to read, the majority of the program is presented in a very secretive way. Detailed info on supplements, processes and assured recipes are nearly non-existent (the products can be found on an accompanying website, though what you can expect to get in the detox kits sold here is also vague). Who writes a book to help people, then snatches away all the "help" at the last minute? There's that dark cloud again. Clearly the focus for the authors was on making a buck. Offering up true, accessible healing to their readers seems to be secondary, if at all.

Still, once you figure out where to find the program necessities, the diet does work and I couldn't love the results more. Here's the scoop:

The drink mixes and "cleansing herbs" kit are all from a company called Garden Greens. You can find their products by googling "Vegesplash", "Essential Greens" and "Inner Cleanse". You can also double check this info on the MV Detox Diet website by clicking "Buy Detox Products" and thoroughly reading all the info and links in the kit descriptions. Clicking many of the links highlighted in blue will bring up ingredient and nutrition info for the products offered.

All of the other products listed in the book for the program are easy to find at Whole Foods or Super Supplements. If you tell the store clerk what you are using the item for they can guide you to the right one.

I couldn't find the Garden Greens products locally and chose a different brand (with the help of the clerk at Super Supplements) based on the somewhat vague guidelines given by the author. So far, I feel great and the program works as outlined with these products too!

Many of the concepts here are based on principles found in the raw food movement. If this book leaves you thinking, "ok, but why?", check out the books by Natalia Rose. She empowers her readers with an incredible amount of inspiring knowledge, and her vibrant lust for life and good food is immediately contagious. Her book titled, "Raw Food Life Force Energy" is particularly upbeat, fun and packed with info.

FYI: I am a 165 pound female with 25 pounds to lose.
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on July 30, 2007
I obtained a copy of this book after reading ALL of the reviews and then also keeping tabs on a couple of blogs where people were actually 'doing' the detox. By the time my copy came in, I was excited to begin reading it because of how well those 'bloggers' were doing.

In short: this is not really a diet. The cover is eye-catching and sure to grab the attention of the diet-conscious crowd, but really what it is is a DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM -- either 2, 7 or 21 days long (your choice). It is very strict -- but in order for it to be a true detox program it would have to be. The author was urged & inspired to write this book after her DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM was discovered by people and then, by word of mouth, sought after -- because of the wonderful side-effect of weight-loss.

You are not required to do any sort of enema or colonic, though it *is* recommended. (I plan to do this part of the program myself, because I have read numerous other sources that recommend it, not the least of which is Edgar Cayce). The point to performing a colonic and/or an enema during the program is this: your body has several waste-disposal systems, your skin, your urine, your feces and mucous. When you are detoxing, your body needs to dispose of this waste somehow. Colonics and Enemas are recommended because they are the quickest and most thorough way of eliminating these toxins from your body. If you don't get rid of them soon enough, they will end up being reabsorbed into your system which means you just wasted a bunch of time and effort and will have to go back to the beginning again, or else find another way to eliminate them.

Now, of the many bloggers who I have come across & read their experiences, less than half seem to do the regular enemas & colonics, and they still seem to achieve stupendous results. One woman talked about her spider veins going away, another woman remarked that her skin allergy to her jewelry (that she'd had for many years) is no longer a problem for her -- she's wearing her wedding ring again, with no blistering or rash. Other people report changes in their metabolism and the fact that they no longer suffer from indigestion.

I won't lie - this program is not going to be easy - but in the fast food world we live in, where even canned vegetables have added sugar and colorings -- we NEED to cleanse our systems from time to time. Many people report that they don't like the drinks -- well you know what? People who drink sugary sodas and don't consume much in the way of fresh vegetables (or even frozen) are going to have polluted tastebuds. Part of this whole learning curve/experience is to purify ourselves so that we can begin to appreciate foods the way the come in nature, and not the way they taste after all the nutritional life has been preserved out of them.

I am giving this book five stars because it does a good job of explaining *why* you should detox. And also because after seeing everyone else's results, I already know that it will work for me. Track my progress at [...]

**edited to add: For those who think it's too expensive, try going to the Vitamin Shoppe -- I found EVERYTHING I needed there and came away having spent less than $70. Combined with the vegetables I already bought from the grocery store, that was all I needed to get started. Now who can't afford that? If they can afford $20 for pizza hut delivered to their door, they can afford $70 to start a new life & body. Just my .02 cents.
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on July 8, 2007
I ordered this after falling for the whole nurturing "Dr. Roni" thing on Sirius with Robin Quivers. After spending over $200.00 for my "kit" and reading the entire accompanying manual, it seems you require ingesting some "enzymes" several times a day -- reportedly a very important part of this. Unfortunately, the "kit" does not include them, and you're left on your own to find them, buy them, ask what they are, etc. The shakes are not satisfying and taste horrendous -- apple, berry, tomato -- it doesn't matter -- all bad. Most of all, you are on your OWN. Roni DeLuz &/or her people don't feel the need to respond to emails with legitimate questions/concerns customers may have once you've paid. Unless she lives in your house and you pay her the big bucks to follow you around, my feeling is this "diet" is smoke & mirrors. Too difficult to do on your own; save yourself the $ and either starve yourself for free or do a more realistic diet a working person can implement into their life.
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on May 10, 2007
I heard about this book through the magazine Women's World, and the sample detox diet that was sort of promoting it. It seemed like an easy, sensable diet. Lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of water, and a few supplements to make sure you got your daily requirements of vitamins/enzymes and such. I thought, I think I'll buy the book and get the whole story on the full 21 day detox.

I found that in reality, this is a completely unrealistic plan. Sure, what you eat may sound all right (a little extreme, maybe, but better than the grapefruit diet), but it's the other required activities that no normal person would ever do, that really turned me off. Things like weekly enemas and colonics. I live in Pennsylvania. In the country. I'm a private person. I can't do that unless my life depends on it. (And even then, I'd have problems.) There were other things too, that weren't required, but some seemed to call for special equipment, or were completely out of my price range to do.

The book starts off sounding down-to-earth. Saying things like, "Organic food is best, but if you can't afford it, that's okay! It is a lot more expensive than other foods. Buy it when you can." A few pages are dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of other diets, like how unhealthy Atkins is, or how some diets have too many choices and normal people would mess it up, or that some are too expensive, or that some are too much of a bother for people to stick with. Which is fine. A lot of it is true. But they didn't include how ludicrous their own diet (detox) was.

Basically, I got the message that if you can't afford better food, that's okay, but you have to give yourself a coffee enema on a regular basis and go to some sort of "Colon Therapist" for treatments once a week. How is that not too expensive or not bothersome for people to stick with?!

There's also a lot of mention of "spiritual healing", and to each his own, but I don't buy into that. And if I want to break away from healthy eating on the occasional cheat, I go to Wendys, or Pizza Hut, or Dairy Queen and treat myself to a favorite. I don't have a calorie rich broth that probably tastes awful. Cheating is about enjoyment, not health, and it won't kill you or even make you gain weight, if you only do it once in a great while. (And by OCCASIONAL CHEAT I mean maybe once every month. Obviously a healthy lifestyle doesn't include fast food, but I doubt there's a person out there that can honestly claim they NEVER EVER eat pizza or have an ice cream cone.)

I was never one for diets, especially fad diets. I should have followed my instincts and not bought this book. I believe in healthy eating and exercise. If you want to lose weight, eat less and better, and exercise more. It's slow, but steady. You don't need fancy (and uncomfortable) procedures, expensive cooking appliances, or expensive exercise equipment. A pair of comfy shoes and a pair of handweights, a little dedication/willpower, and you're set.
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on May 13, 2008
First, I'm not a dieter.
Second, I don't do diets!!

I didn't do this just for the weightloss. I wanted to do this to feel better. Today is my 21st day of the detox and tomorrow I start the break.

My wife and I decided on this program after much research. We read both the posoitive and the negative. Having read a large portion of the reviews here, I found it odd how evenly split they were. Those that panned this program all had a common theme, they all wanted this quick easy weightloss program and didn't really see what this program is really about; detoxifying your body and feeling better. Remember, weight loss is a side benefit of this program and should not be the main reason you do this.

Yes, the program was tough at time. My healing crisis lasted over two days, but I got through it. The one thing (of many)that I learned is this: Our association and fixation on food and eating is over 95% mental and that's the hardest thing to overcome. While following the nutritional guidance, physically, I was never hungry, but mentally, I missed eating and chewing but I really wasn's hungry. Once you get past that, the rest is easy. I'm happy to report that as of today, I have lost 26 lbs and my wife 25 lbs. I still have some more weight to lose, but I feel great and I'm ready to start eating with a different perspective and pay much more attention to what I put in my body.

This program may not be for everyone, but if you can maintain you dedication and remember why you're doing it in the first place, you can do it. As for the colonics, when you see what you have hiding in your colon, just sitting there rotting, then you'll have a whole new appreciation for how colon cancer develops. If you skip that and the enemas, your missing out on a major component of this program.
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on September 7, 2007
I have had a lifestyle of near-vegetarian diet (exceptions: fish and dairy; coffee, chocolate and cabernet) with regular cardio and strength-training for at least ten years, and I'm considered "healthy" and "in good shape". But I was doing my best to hide the fact that I had accumulated feelings of fatigue, lack of focus and joint ache that made me irritable and depressed. I am a scientist and work at a medical center; my MDs did blood and imaging tests but found nothing wrong and at most recommended I take Advil. Then, I had a car accident due to lack of focus and this shocked me into realizing I had to cure myself of whatever was wrong right away. After reading alot, I decided there were good grounds to suspect I needed a detox. Before reading, I had never heard of or done a detox before.

This book is the first I've found that pulls together improved nutrition, a detox diet and detox aids. I cross checked alot of the info and removed the gallbladder-liver flush but otherwise followed the detox for 17 days my first try. This meant stopping a significant coffee habit cold turkey, which I thought impossible, but beyond one four hour headache, wheatgrass made it easy. The green powder noticably improved my nutrition and within a few days I felt remarkably better. I don't have interest in cooking or juicing so instead I used Odwalla Poma'grande and SuperFood with Vegan soups from Trader Joe's. (I did find it necessary to put the daily foods and aids into spreadsheets that I could carry in my purse.)

As I came off the detox I was surprised to find I had food sensitivities I never connected before. My mind, enery and mood are all back to a self I'd thought age had left behind. I'm grateful to the comprehensive and supportive information provided in this book.
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on November 23, 2009
Okay--so I bought this book despite a mixed bag of reviews. My rating is more based on the program IN the book rather the the book itself. The verdict: it's an effective cleanse. I followed it for about 17 days and lost 16 lbs very easily.

I must say that the people who've reviewed this book and are complaining that the cleanse is hard make are rather comical. I'm inclined to think that a good number of those people are probably the lazy types who are used to instant gratification and magic. Of course it's hard! If it wasn't, would any of us need it in the first place??

That said, the book is a very easy read. I read it in less than a week, and a good majority of it was testimonials. Once you get through that part, the author discusses the effects of toxins in the body and how it works. Beyond that, there are details about the program. I did have a few gripes about the details of the program, as there were a few things that were unclear. For example, there was a big section listing several vegetables and their benefits (presumably to give you an idea of which veggies you might choose to "juice".) But just a few pages later, she gives a shopping list of specific veggies to buy. It's not clear if that was a suggestion or if it was law. So a few things were left up to interpretation. I had to guess a lot, but I got it right.

AS for the many other things she suggested doing, like colonics and enemas--I didn't do ANY of them. Too expensive. I did do the minimal 20 minutes of exercise (walking) and I would guess that this made all the difference in the world. (I actually still walk, and am maintaining my weight because of it.)

Bottom line:

- Must procure a juicer (or drink that VeggieSplash stuff)
- Contrary to other reviews i read, I was NOT starving or even hungry if I stayed on plan with waters and teas (although I did miss chewing)
- I did cheat with a small meal once, and I got REALLY sick just as she said I would (don't do it!)
- you don't need to buy the supplements from the website, but mine cost me around $100 in total. Know that in advance.

If anyone has any other questions about my experience, feel free to comment back.
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on June 28, 2007
This book needed an editor and a Martha Stewart. It is all over the place and it is padded with testimonials but does not contain a single juice recipe! It dictates juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but not a single juice recipe!? I didn't buy it to have to buy another book or $200 of DeLuz's products so I could follow the plan! Honestly, what a rip-off! Great on medical generalizations, but short on facts. I am so unimpressed!
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on July 25, 2011
I am about to finish up this detox program (I'm on Day 19 out of 21). The short of it is, I'm happy with the results (I've lost 15 pounds and still losing) and I feel good & clean and healthy. Not loads of energy as some would purport, but not exhausted and sickly either. I definitely look forward to getting back to eating regular food including the protein I've been lacking for these last 19 days, as well as getting back to the gym, as I'm sure some of the weight I've lost has been muscle mass. Nonetheless, I'm much thinner than I was 19 days ago and I'm very happy with that! It will be important to wean off the detox slowly, as is prescribed in the book, and then continue a healthy eating lifestyle, which I intend to do, in order to keep the weight off permanently.

That said, there are MANY things about the detox program that I think need huge improvement or are downright negative and unhelpful. The book itself, as many other reviewers have said, is not terribly well written. It is vague in many places where you'd like it to be more clear. I would agree with others who said that it seems the book was thrown together for the purpose of quickly cashing in on the effectiveness of the program. I can definitely say that the program would be a thousand times easier if you could afford to do it in the comfort of her resort where everything is done for you and you have no responsibilities or obligations of family, work, etc..but who can afford to do that? I am a stay at home mom, so in that respect, I'm sure it was somewhat easier for me to do than someone who works full time, but I still had plenty of demands on me which are challenging to reconcile with the inevitable negative effects of the detox, especially early on (feeling super tired, irritable and hunger/food cravings). In spite of the inadequacies of the book, I WAS able to ferret out the items that I needed and what to do. Her website is a complete waste of space, providing no further info other than a place for her to sell you the products you need. Skip it entirely and just get the products at your local supplement/health food store.

The WORST experience of the whole process was trying to get "support" from their Facebook "fan" page. When you initially ask a question via the contact form on their website, you are directed to ask any questions via the FB page, so I signed up there. Initially, my questions were answered promptly; later on, I had to wait several days for a response, if I got one at all. I made the mistake of posting some feelings of discouragement and frustration with the process, and was immediately treated with disdain by a couple of other detoxers who felt the need to "correct" me. I was offended by their comments and told them so. Then, I asked a question about the follow-up weaning off period where you're slowly "waking up your digestive system" by adding in foods slowly. My question was regarding adding in essential fatty acids which is what they direct you to add in on day 3 after finishing the detox. I had been taking a fish oil supplement before starting the detox and continued to do so throughout the program. When I mentioned this, I was told that "you are NOT to have had essential fatty acids during the detox. If you elect to tweak the program, we cannot promise a pound a day of weight loss." This "no fatty acids" was mentioned nowhere in the book, so how was I to know? This is just ONE example of MANY issues of conflicting information given by the FB team and the book, or lack of clarity in the book. Besides, a 10-calorie fish oil supplement per day, which is extremely good for your health, is going to derail the effects of your detox? I highly doubt it. The more I interacted with whomever answers the questions on the FB page, the more they lost credibility with me. When I responded with extreme frustration about the lack of clear direction in the book, I found the next day that ALL my posts had been deleted from the FB page. Apparently they don't like anyone posting anything but positive things regarding the detox. (I also got into a multiple comment "discussion" back and forth with another detoxer whose comments had been very offensive to me...the fact that I spoke my mind openly to her may also be a reason why I was banned and deleted from the page)

In addition, posts on the Facebook page are moronic and conflicting; i.e. the page posts a recipe for a soup, one can only assume that this is to be used during the detox; the recipe includes sweet potatoes. Then when someone comments how it's great that the soup contains sweet potatoes, the 21 Pounds team comments back saying that one shouldn't have potatoes during the detox? WTF? It was THEIR recipe!! It seems clear that the FB page is run by monkeys...monkeys who simply spout little tidbits
taken directly from the book, then adding in additional information that ISN't in the book just to add a bit of confusion.

All in all, though I'm happy with the results of the detox/diet, I'm more skeptical about the people behind it than I initially was. I will probably never do the 21-day detox again, but maybe the 7-day one to maintain and repeat the cleanse on a semi-annual basis, because I do believe that the process is good for your body, even though 21-days may be too extreme for most. And you can believe that I will never have anything to do with their website or Facebook page ever again. It was nothing but a negative, angering, useless experience.

If you can use your own knowledge and common sense to put together the program based on the information in the book, you will likely lose weight and feel pretty good...this just has to be in spite of the mounds of inadequacies in the design of the book and their support team.
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