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on February 10, 2013
I liked the fact that they showed the realistic side of an affair...both the good and the bad. I also liked how they showed their interactions progress from one night stand to an actual relationship. Lots flof steamy sex scenes, however, it doesnt take away from the film. Chris Messina is hot :)
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on March 18, 2013
"28 Hotel Rooms", a Matt Ross film starring Marin Ireland and Chris Messina, starts with a "chocolate explosion" slice of sex in a hotel room.
The sex is heated, nameless, youthful, all sweat and raw nakedness.
And then there's another hotel room, then another, and another, and more after that.
Each room has a different number, as they meet in different places, one being a novelist, the other a rising businesswoman.
I've played with the notion that the room numbers MEAN something, but I'm probably wrong.
Three movies came to mind as I watched this seductive entrancing movie.
"Same Time, Next Year", "When Harry Met Sally", and "9 Songs".
"Sally" because it follows the same pattern of watching an evolving relationship through the passing years.
"Same Time" for basically the same reason, as it comes closest to that 1978 film starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn.
"9 Songs" because of the erotic sexual nature of what is basically a series of trysts, except "28" evolves into more than just a summer sexual fling.
Basically, "28" is a more sophisticated and steamy "Same Time", adding a 21st century graphic sexuality which is becoming more commonplace in film (and TV) in the past decade.
One thing kept me from giving it 5 stars.
I prefer movies...especially GREAT have endings that TELL me what's going to happen next, even if there's no sequel to SHOW me those changes.
"28 Hotel Rooms" last scene DOES try to give us something to hang on it does the two characters in the movie.
Then it ends.
And I just don't KNOW if these two lives will meet the 29th hotel room.
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on November 3, 2012
I thought the chemistry between Messina and Ireland was remarkable. Quite thought provoking... this is a film that'll stick with you.
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on June 24, 2013
O.K., I admit it, Chris Messina is one of my favorite actors. In this film, he also executive produces (whatever that means). In any event, what a story--I kept thinking this is so "French," a couple, one married, one not and they carry-on a relationship (he finally marries) which has something, they both don't know what, that endures for years--French, right? It is a bit of a role reversal in that the male (Messina), towards the end, wants more and the female is content (even with a child--his child?) to keep things as they are--yet, it isn't just the great sex they have, it is more layered than that--and this is where it may depart from the French formula. In France, we expect that the extramarital relationship is mostly cultural, a rite of passage, etc. In this film, the relationship becomes more--a lot more. Watching these two actors is fascinating. For the most part, their hotel meetings are almost always eagerly awaited, fun, flirty, improvised. And while there are some meltdowns--they cannot end it. There doesn't seem to be words or a category for what it is they have and while they indeed reflect and struggle with the ethics of it, trying to decide if it should continue, they never quite resolve or do they? There's some good acting here, e.g., Messina is raw, powerful, frustrated, angry when he discovers her husband is with her at one of their hotel meetings. She, on the other hand, is cool, calculated, measured. Good performances. Good story. Worth the time.
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on February 14, 2015
I really don't understand why this movie is getting such good reviews. I kept waiting for the good part, or for the part where it all comes together, or the part where they finally do what seemed inevitable. But nothing happened. It was just an hour and a half of the same scene, the same situation, the same secrets. Nothing progressed. Nothing regressed. I thought it was going to be a sexy or romantic, but it was just 2 dishonest people doing dishonest things over and over again until they stopped filming. The only reason I didn't give it 1 star is because it was intriguing enough to watch the whole thing. That and that alone earned it a 2nd star.
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on January 23, 2013
The initial casual chance meeting of two marrieds is not believable. However, the developing difficult, passionate relationship pulls you in. This film was difficult to watch, but compelling to the end.
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on November 12, 2015
A movie where nothing seems to happen while you're watching it, but leaves you thinking about it long after. Great acting--much of it improvised. I had a long-distance, bicoastal relationship with a boyfriend, and he and I used to meet halfway in hotels in another city. We never spent much time with each other in our "real lives", and the relationship eventually fell apart, because it never felt quite "real". This film could have been that relationship, to a TEE. It asks the question: what happens when a relationship is free of family, friends, work, daily stresses, and exists only in a controlled environment where you can explore a love that can only live within its own confines? After a while, does it stop being freeing and exciting and become stifling and imprisoning? The scene where Messina can't even open the windows brilliantly demonstrates how claustrophobic their relationship became, and how without outside influences, it was unable to grow. And (POSSIBLE SPOILER) a lot of people interpret the ending as too pat--that they're finally going to be together. But I saw it differently: I thought it them just talking about being together for real, at last, as they have before, but I didn't get the feeling it would actually happen. The sad little look Messina gives her at the end--you just feel like they know it's not going to happen. So I thought that was a sad, but appropriate, ending. And not for nothing, but Chris Messina is GORGEOUS in this film. Those lips, those eyes, that body---wow, so hot. He's an underrated actor and an unconventional sex symbol. The movie is worth watching for him alone.
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on December 6, 2012
28 Hotel Rooms is a sleek drama about a writer and businesswoman having an affair through out their travels in the United states in a myriad of hotel rooms. The film is put together much like an affair; not many details of the characters are revealed (would you tell your mistress everything about your life? I sure wouldn't...) and the overall mystery adds to the steamy scenes through out the different hotel rooms. The two characters get thrown into an on-the-road relationship that grabs your compassion despite being an affair. Not many dramas like this one out.
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on May 21, 2014
This is beautiful movie! it was so touching to see how vulnerable the characters are both performed by amazing actors! a movie that proofs that if there's talent involved, expensive special effects or breathtaking landscapes are not necessary, this movie was filmed in 1/2 weeks!!! without budget and still is awesome!
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on May 4, 2013
First, there is nothing"lurid" about the affair -- it is a well told and well-observed, realistic and exceptionally moving portrait of two people falling in love when they should not -- their feelings, their often petty actions and reactions, their jealousy. These two are REAL people who, like most of us, are stuck in traps of our own making and make our own misery.
I was completely engrossed in the acting and the script and it is one of the best love stories I have ever seen, for love is also stupid, and does not come easy, and it is messy, like life. What a fabulous movie. Both Messina and Ireland are great and especially great together.
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