Customer Reviews: Duke Nukem Forever [Download]
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on September 30, 2012
First off, i'm a huge fan of "Duke Nukem 3D" and I play that game almost all the time and is one of my all-time favorites. I've been reading and hearing about all sorts of news about the development of "Duke Nukem Forever", and I can see where some of the problems do show up, but at the same time, I don't believe this game should've gotten all of the unjust bashing that it has received since launch day. However, the only thing I do agree with, is that this game is too linear and doesn't really allow you to explore the area for secrets like "Duke Nukem 3D" did , where not only you searched for secret areas, but also for hidden enemies and certain keycards to progress through the levels, and this is my main reason why I deducted 1-star from my rating.

Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome game and the combat sequences are really kickass, but maybe the guys at Gearbox Software could learn from the mistakes from this game, should they ever get to work on another entry in the "Duke Nukem" franchise.
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on July 6, 2014
l loved DN 3D as a child. It was games like this along with Doom and Quake that mortified our minds with gore, porn, death and god-like weapons. That's pretty tough to top that. But you'd think that with the graphics today, they could. But sadly no. It's like the opposite. Almost as if the developers in the 90's died-off and these next gen writers/designers never even bothered to play DN 3D. People need to know, graphics are NOT THE HART OR SOUL OF A GAME! They never were or will be. And the graphics are nothing on here to be proud of. The people in here look more like lifeless dolls that I swear that the company Barbie owns a copyright or trademark on it. I've seen better 3d models from people's own PCs. Nor do the models on here really interact with you that much.
This game is nothing more then a puzzler at best. Yes it does have killing in it, but to say what has more, I'd say it's 60% puzzles, 30% killing and 10% task doing. Which brings me to that. There are pockets in the game where they'll have to do them favors. In one scenario, Duke gets knocked-out and starts to dream that he's in a strip club. (Spoiler Alert) This is the only part that you see strippers or a club. ...Yeah, it sucks. So he's in here and you'd see about a total of 6 strippers in this club. And the first one you see, makes you run off to do errands for her. Hell I'd can dream up anything better than these story writers here.

So once you get to the alien ship, it gets pretty dark, almost to the point to where you can't see. The women that are abducted, have a little more dialog, not much else. As duke kills them, he tells them that "It's better this way." Sense when did Duke ever apologized for murder? All that does is ruin it. Its one of those STFU moments.
Some bosses are what you call a "puzzle boss". You have to do something in a certain way to kill him. Which is okay I guess, but every other one?

So that's the long and short end of it. Call me a reto hipster gamer, but I'll take DN3D any day over this. What they should do is a complete makeover of DN3D with updated graphics. Yes I know they have done so a few years back, along with Doom as well, but it looks something more off of mine craft then anything else. It was an improvement, but not much. Games like GTA 5 make Duke look like it was rated E for everyone.
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on February 4, 2012
I just wanted to share my impressions of Duke Nukem Forever. The game has a few issues that caused me to set it aside after an hour of game play. I really wanted to like this game, but for 5 dollars I think I paid too much.

First are the skill challenges. Good games use things like level design and puzzles to pace the game play, poorly made games use skill challenges. Skill challenges are a cheap way for gamer designers to slow down game play so that a player does not finish the game in under an hour. Being able to hit the jump button at precisely the right time or you will fall to your death and have to restart at the last checkpoint. That's not re-playability, that's annoying. Games like Mortal Combat are skill challenge games and I wish skill challenges would stay in them.

Secondly, and it ties into the first are the mini games. Mini games are the creepy uncle/half brother of skill challenges. In the first hour I played I was forced to ride in a car jumping off ramps. If I had wanted a racing game I would have bought a racing game. It is again a tactic used by lazy developers to extend to feel of a game by adding a variety of play modes. I have always found it to be both painfully awkward and annoying when I encounter it.

Level design killed it for me. In the best first person shooter you almost get a sense of being guided though the level by the placement of enemies, the textures, the sounds and any number of things. You can tell in a game where the level design was a high priority it seems to flow from one room or area to the next. You never stop to think about where to go next, the game play draws you though the level. In Duke Nukem Forever I found myself wandering around several times considering where to go. It feels like reading a book and having people interrupt you to ask you the square root of 81. How am I supposed to be immersed in the game play if I have to stop playing consider where I entered a room, is there anything I missed, did I look in this corner?

And turning the lights out in an already poorly designed level...that's a low blow.

Only being able to carry two weapons. I can play Medal of Honor if I only want to carry two guns, I bought Duke Nukem for ludicrous gibs. I have ten number keys and I'm going to need them all for the weapons, that is what Duke Nukem should be about. I can let that slide, two weapons is the style these kids want today. All I'm saying is twelve years ago Duke carried a shotgun, a chaingun, a box of pipebombs and a rocket launcher with rockets while chain smoking cigars and wisecracking.

Those are some of the things I did not like about the game.

Other reviewers have pointed out
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on November 14, 2011
This games completely destroys my impression with the ass-kicking Duke I used to know. In fact, this "fake" Duke gets owned so frequently that I had to play in dodge-and-run or stealth ways in order to progress. What the heck am I really playing, Counter-Strike?

Art-wise it's also unacceptable for today's FPS. All female characters look really ugly and walk as if they're poorly programmed robots, not to mention they all look alike! There are some good twists of game play but that's pretty much the only thing good about this game, after Duke's recollection of ass-kicking at the beginning.
This game isn't worth of your time even if it's free.
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on March 9, 2016
Waited like many others to see this one come along some time back. Still haven't had as much time to get past the big guy the sequel opens with that was where you left off with the original 3rd Duke 3D installment of the 3DRealms title. The first two being Duke Nukem and Nukem 8bit dos games emulated presentled with DOSBox. This however was necessary to complete the collection here!
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on February 4, 2013
Fun game which remains true to the "flavor" of DN3D. As is true with most sequels, I thought I was better at it than I actually am, so it was a bit of a struggle to get back in the groove. Also the keys are different, and that required some getting used to. But the graphics are great, the physics are good, the story line is as goofy as expected, and there's adequate mayhem and bad jokes. All in all, a fun romp. For those of us who like to PLAY games, not make a career out of them, this is a good one.
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on June 19, 2011
Absolutely love this game. I am not sure what people are talking about the graphics being bad or dated. The graphics are outstanding with all details set to max. The key is to turn off post processing in the graphics options and voila the game looks much better without the "out of focus" depth of field look. It also improves the framerate considerably as well. I do not have the "out of sync" issue another reviewer mentions so that problem is not the game itself causing that. All of my audio/video is perfectly in sync. Gameplay is hilarious and fun. Make sure to explore everything to enjoy this game to the fullest. Try to open all cabinets and doors and you will find hilarious surprises along the way. Stop to look at the paintings on the walls or the billboards on the streets. There is great humor to be found at every turn and it is the small details that make this game a lot of fun. The only turn off in this game, for me, is the F bombs that go off at times which really seems forced and out of place in this game. It's too bad because it really ruins an otherwise excellent comedic atmosphere. The game is quite challenging at medium difficulty and the pig cops seem harder to kill than the orginal Duke 3D. If you have a SLI setup DNF will work with that just setup a custom profile for the exe in the NVidia control panel. "Alternate Frame Rendering 2" setting worked great for me to get SLI working properly.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2012
This game wouldn't be worth it if it were free.

It took forever to get this installed. First Steam installed, not that I wanted it to. Then Steam had to update itself. Then I was forced to create a Steam account, not that I wanted or needed one. Then the game installed. Once the game was installed it then updated the game, without asking.

After finally getting it installed I attempted to run the game and start a single player game. When the Steam program came up I tried starting an offline session but the game would then just quit out to Windows. I could not find a way to play, alone on my computer, without allowing some 3rd party software free and completely unnecessary access to the internet. I don't know what information they harvested but I hope they choke on it. I should have just stopped there.

Finally deciding to take the risk I allowed Steam to make a connection, logged into THAT so I could not play online and started a single player game. What a total disappointment. Long boring cut-scenes, dull graphics and the humor that made the original so great was so OVER done, so blatantly bad it wasn't fun or amusing it was just pathetic. I played for a short time, about 30% of which was spent twiddling my thumbs watching cut-scenes and finally gave up, quit the game, uninstalled it (which went far faster than the installation) broke the disc in half and tossed the thing in the trash can.

I waited all those years for this?

This game is not worth buying. Avoid it like the plague.
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on December 17, 2015
Not impressed. They have sacrificed response time in favor of making crystal-clear graphics. Game play is jumpy and disorienting. False advertising alert: Buying the disk is pointless because it requires a Steam account to run. All in all, I'd rather play the old version.
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on August 3, 2011
I waited many years for this to come out. Played the orginal game for many hours.
Played this game for one hour and hated it. Would like my money back
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