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Price:$8.73 - $99.97
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on October 9, 2011
The game is fantastic and visuals are great. Not sure why, but I can turn the graphics settings higher for this game 2012 than 2011 on the same computer. Character models are better. There are some differences so play it a while to get used to it before rating it. It is unfair to want this to be 2011 but better; it is not. In some ways it is different and much better like the my legend and my player modes. I like the drills and play next key game. Training camp is great. So overall, single player is fantastic. Tried online once and it did not work so I believe in the complaints about online issues. Would be 5-star if online is fixed. Much cheaper than console versions and so, it is a much better value. Buy it if you are on the fence. Otherwise, don't.
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on December 28, 2011
As usual, PC gamers get the shaft from developers who don't support their products. The console version is already up to its 4th patch -- hell, even the Mac OS version got a patch. The PC version? Tough.

Just a quick sampling of what's wrong with the PC version:

1. You can't download the latest official rosters. It's broken. You have to dick around with replacing files and possibly using some sort of Hex editor just to get the rookies on the right teams.

2. And when the rookies do show up, they have weird Black Arm syndrome. Cosmetic, yeah, but it's annoying and a further example of how poorly we PC gamers get shafted.

3. Playing against the computer? Welcome to an exciting game of watching the opposition point guard dribble at the top of the key for 15 seconds before panic-passing with 5 seconds left on the shot clock for a jacked-up 3.

4. You've probably heard of the infamous fast break defense. You'll get to watch guys like Luke Babbit (61 speed, 61 quickness) beating your created player with 93 speed and 91 quickness. Video proof: [...]

5. No adjusting sliders on My Player mode! Who knows if that's deliberate or not... it just sucks.

Don't buy the PC version of this game. It's broken, and it doesn't look like 2K plans on giving its paying customers a patch.
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on March 6, 2012
2k finally got around to patching the game today, march 6th 2012. They fixed a number of issues with player and team AI, thats all well and good but they managed to ignore the most glaring issue. CTD, the game randomly crashes to desktop on even the most capable pcs, in particular during the my player mode I cant even get past the draft. I great game with a fatal flaw that 2k seems content to overlook. Buyer Beware
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on May 2, 2012
NBA 2K12 is a flawless game, on the court. There are several modes, including the popular My Player, that have more depth than the NBA itself. Doesn't matter which mode you choose; you're gonna play out the current NBA season on that one mode alone. And you would've had a blast each and every time you load up a game---then 2K Sports steps in to louse it all up.

First off, don't reply to this talking about "they have great Mods for PC games if you know the correct site." Well, I knew 3-4 correct sites. What those sites told me was that it took 6 months before a patch was released to repair the dozens of developmental flaws. Yes, the version I played that was so buggy it ruined a revolutionary game was actually the PATCHED version. A typical game goes like this: you score 3 consecutive baskets, get a couple rebounds, maybe a block...then the game freezes up. It's not just me, these "great mod forums" mention these in great detail. So, upon reloading, you don't wait for those baskets, the rebound and block; you get one or two then save mid-game to make sure you retain these, then reload. Make sure you have your 3rd party gaming boosters handy, because every reload slows court action considerably. But if you get a steal and score a dunk on a breakaway, it's save and reload time again. Rinse and repeat until you spend 90 minutes for a 30 minute affair. It's not my system. Again, the forums on the recommended sites have the same, if not more problems that I have had.

Now for the bad part. Oh yeah, there's a cherry on top! 2KSports Online works great...except for the whole online part. I'm not talking about playing friends and strangers online, I'm talking about the 2KShare, where in the past you were able to download rosters, game sliders, rookie drafts, everything you need to hit the ground running. Not ONCE have I successfully gotten past the server. Not only does it say it will not be working, it tells you to check YOUR connection. Go to any forum to find a workaround with the forum search feature will greet you with a dozen threads dedicated to how 2KShare is never online and how they also haven't gotten in.

Perhaps worst of all, the only reason I dropped the 40 bucks was because 2KSports eradicated EVERYTHING for NBA 2K11. Even if you were lucky enough to find downloads 2KSports saw to it they wouldn't work. After all, a new game was out even though I was more than content with 2K11. I couldn't have ever imagined it would've gotten worse by tenfold with the new game.

NBA 2K12 is great. No, it's better than great. But with the developer's seemingly purposeful mishandling of its product it makes the game's excellence moot. Actually it makes it more aggravating; the game is so great that you will spend the time trying to finish it. And you'll try, and try, then try harder until you realize one fact: a bad game with great customer service is 80x better than a great game with seemingly intentionally wretched customer service. Shame on you, 2K Sports. Pass on this.
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on October 15, 2011
I feel I must start this review by saying that I have not been an avid sports gamer for quite some time. The last time I was crazy about any sports franchise was the NFL 2k series that sadly saw its demise in 2005. Sports games for the most part just don't have "extended" play features that capture me as I am mostly a single player gamer. That being said I am not even a fan of the NBA of today. The poor player attitudes, the horrible officiating and $$$ built dynasties really turn me off. All that being said 2k has done an incredible job of capturing a sport that I loved so much at one time in its absolute purest form.

To say that 2k12 is just another sports game is a huge understatement. Having nice visuals and presentation is one thing, making you feel like you are an integral part of a team is a whole other ballgame. The mode I am speaking of is the vastly improved My Player mode that now cuts the D-League bologne and sends your player straight to the NBA. I have in the short time since buying the game spent countless hours in this mode building a Center that shoots like Kareem and has now in my second season given the Knicks their first championship in quite some time. Now I am not a Knicks fan but thats the funny thing about the mode. You are drafted based off of performance in an up and coming game. Your performance is rated and then teams come calling. Three options come up and you interview with them in a very Mass Effect like style. You have 4 options in response that will continue throughout the games many press conferences, thus giving your player a personality. It's truly the most remarkable thing a sports game has done in years. You actually feel like you are a part of the NBA. Leveling your player comes from performance and running drills. The drills aspect at first seemed like a time waster and some drills are just impossible depending on how you set up your players stats. After I spent time with the drills though I realized it was teaching me and I was improving my game. I could go on forever about My Player but that just shows you how amazing this game really is.

Dynasty mode is much unchanged from previous versions save for the fact that they have added online support for up to 30 users to participate in online franchises. the next big key winner in this game is its greatest mode. Taking good times you had with Michael in 2k11, this time you have 15 of the NBA's all-time greatest and their greatest moments. Gone is the stat tracking, score 55 with MJ blah blah blah. What they do is simple, give you the time specific presentation and a great espn classic style commentary that talks about the players and teams of old. It's just plain fun. If you want Danny Ainge to be the show stealer in the 85 classic celtics game, go ahead. I wouldn't but just saying you can :).

In summation NBA2k12 is everything great about the NBA in a time when things aren't so good. Excellent controls, amazing modes, and incredible gameplay. Oh and did I mention Kurtis Blow does the theme song? It is truly the sports game equivalent of his airness, MJ would definatly approve!
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on March 19, 2012
A lot of folks are saying this game is broken and never receives any official patches. These people clearly dont know how to use the internet at all. When I started playing this game (and yes I pirated it at first) I saw many of the issues these people pointed out. However after simply googling said issues I came upon [...] which is a fan-site with many UNOFFICIAL roster, physics, glitches and bug patches as well as offical patches.

2K Sports has been slow to fix this game and update rosters but sometimes you gotta count on the community. And the one for NBA 2K is awesome. There are hundreds of cyber faces created by fans that drastically improve the players appearance.

The wonderful thing about PC games, and the reason I prefer them, is the mod and patch communities that build up. So instead of listening to these idiots do some research find what you need and enjoy this great game!
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on February 17, 2012
NBA 2K12 for the PC has the worst game play of any recent 2k series basketball games. 2K placed too much emphasis on making the animations look accurate and didn't focus enough on making the game play accurate. This is evident when trying to move the player. There is a lag between input and the player moving. Not because of any hardware issues, but because the game has to smoothly transition the animation from what you were doing previously to what you want to do now. I get it, you want to make things look realistic. But personally, I'd choose accurate movement over a little bit of animation roughness. This issue makes it very annoying on defensive because it makes you overcorrect all of the time. Let's say a cpu player is driving to the right and you follow with your player and go right. If the cpu cuts left, and you move your stick left, because of the delay, your player doesn't move initially, so you develop a habbit of overcompensating by moving left more than needed to catch up to the cpu, but the cpu will "see" the overcorrection in the input before the animation shows up on the screen for you to see so it will cut the cpu player back right and blow right by you.

On offense you cannot run around without the ball without the defense bumping you and stopping you on the spot. Makes it impossible to run plays in My Player mode. Last time I checked the rules, it's a foul on defense if a defensive player impedes the progress of the offenseive player. Apparently, 2K wrote the code so that the animation of players bumping into one another and stopping each other will execute if two players run too close to one another... every single time. Do these programmers even watch basketball? It's the same issue when trying to drive the ball. The cpu will simply move along with you and then all of a sudden if you get closer to the cpu defensive player, the bump animation will occur, stopping your drive immediately. I believe that's called blocking in the real world.

There's also a bug with the turbo button if you're dribbling the ball. The ball handler is apparently capped at a slower speed no matter what their speed attribute is. I was playing as Chris Paul on a breakaway with the turbo button mashed down and some no name center on the Timberwolves 5 feet behind me chased me down!

Blocking and stealing is hugely outbalanced in this game between the player and the cpu. The cpu reaction time for either is near instantaneous. It makes it impossible to make tight passes no matter how good your passing rating is, because the cpu will just snatch it out of mid air. And I get the sense that the cpu can read where the animation for your player is going to do and block you easily. It doesn't help that your guard during a lay up will jump towards the outreached hand of the cpu defender and literally shoot the ball at the cpu's hands.

Dribbling is another issue. This is the first game where I have seen a maxed dribbling rating player will dribble the ball ONTO the defensive player's feet and lose the ball. WTF!!! Not dribbling onto someone's foot should be pretty basic knowledge and yet, it happens 3-5 times during a 30 minute game.

Another issue is the rebounding. I tried playing with a 7'4" center with maxed rebounding and I often got outrebounded by guards on my team. The problem is the cpu knows where the rebound will go as soon as the ball leaves the shooter's hand. The cpu players will run to the perfect one rebound spot and even if you get inside position and jump for the ball, the ball will magically go through your hands and arms like you're a ghost, and land in the cpu guard's hands. You can tell the cpu knows if a shot will result in a rebound because if the shot will go in, the cpu will not box you out at all. But if the shot will be missed, the cpu will box you out as far out as the 3pt line. But if you watch the other cpu players, the cpu will not box out other cpu players. They only box you out. And too well actually. It is near impossible for my 7+ foot 300+ pound max strength center to muscle out a 6 foot guard in a box out once they have the inside spot.

Don't get me started on AI. Simply terrible. When I call for a pick and roll, the cpu player won't roll after setting a pick. They just stand there, or sometimes my center with no 3pt ability will run out to the 3pt line after the pick. Why?!?!? And if you call a play for a cpu player to run a curl through some off ball picks, half the time, the cpu will just run a straight line from point A to point B and not curl or use the picks. And on fast breaks, all and I mean ALL your cpu teammates will run to the same spot under the basket which means the single cpu on defensive can easily guard against a 3-1 by running to the same spot, which they do. It basically turns every breakaway into a 1-1. Unless the cpu is running a breakaway against you, at which point somehow the cpu relearns how to run an offense properly and spreads the floor out. On defense the AI on your team will randomly switch assignments, often at inopportune times leaving offensive players wide open. Check out youtube for some ridiculously stupid AI defense.

BTW, it is now the first half of 2/2012 and the pc still hasn't gotten the gameplay patch/fixes that the consoles got int 10/2011. The roster patch that was released at the beginning of the NBA season did update the rosters, but it turned all of the rookie's hands and arms into a black really glossy marble texture.

Don't fall for the high reviews on Amazon. Go read the game reviews at game sites. I'd pay $5 for this game max.
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on October 8, 2011
The PC version does not have friend support or pc lobbies so you can't play with your friends online unless you are lucky enough to go get randomly joined together through online quickmatch(which never works because 2k servers are horrible). Also, when you do play online, the graphics reset to low and the game is so choppy its unplayable (I'm on a intel core i7, 12 gigs of ram, and ati 5870). Single player is amazing though...
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on April 2, 2012
Let me get this out of the way so you won't dismiss this review as ignorant gushing. NBA 2K11 was the best sports game of all time. Period. End of story. With the classic teams ranging from the Seattle Sonics to the rugged Detroit Pistons, it was a real treat for both new and old NBA fans a like. Then they threw in the improved graphics engine and the few core gameplay tweaks that helped refine the experience. I honestly thought NBA 2K12 had no chance to match what NBA 2K11 accomplished, but I was wrong. Once again, 2K Sports puts out another solid addition that is better than its predecessor.

One of the things that fans of the series are going to notice right away is that the gameplay is now at a fluid, organic pace. In previous versions, player movements were often seamless, but were sometimes buckled by awkward animations. It could ruin the experience and make you realize that you were playing a game. Now, the player movements are seamless and the animations have never been better. All the animations in NBA 2K12have all been tuned to look identical to the person on court.

A big focus for this year's game is the re-design of the post game. All you have to do is press `Y' to get into post. Hop step is now a part of the shot stick, which gives the player more options to easily dominate the court. It felt weird at first, but as time went on, I enjoyed this year's controller set-up more than last year's setting. Much like the post game, the overall defense has been improved. No longer will AI run out of position, giving up an easy bucket. Now players will deflect and steal passes if you're not paying attention who you're passing it to.

Michael Jordan returns to be the cover athlete for NBA 2K12, but the story is really about who's playing with him this year. Sure, the Jordan Challenge feature was fun and the highlight for many Chicago Bulls fans, but NBA's Greatest mode is the best sports mode ever. One of the few problems I had with Jordan Challenge was the stat-tracking milestones you had to achieve. It really took away from reliving and experiencing the Chicago Bulls as a unit or the teams they played against. In NBA Greatest mode, they have done away with the side objectives, creating an unforgettable experience.

There is a 15 total legends you can play with, ranging from favorites like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Shaq and Michael Jordan, to old superstars like Jerry West and Bill Russell. After you win a match, you are awarded with the ability to let NBA's Greatest players face off against today's superstars.

The Highlight and main attraction for me in NBA 2K12 is the presentation. It's simply staggering how they captured and recreated the best sports broadcasts in a game. In the commentators' booth, for the first time we have three play-by-play commentators, with Steve Kerr joining an already stellar cast alongside Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. Steve Kerr gives real incite about your favorite player with a dose of humor and brief Basketball trivia. 2K Sports has gone to great lengths to present basketball games as they were presented during their era. I found it odd to play Bill Russel's Celtics in the mid `60's and have it presented in black and white, but it grew on me and I found myself having a better appreciation for the NBA (please no lockout) and how it has changed over time.

My Player, one of the most popular modes in NBA 2K11, has received the most changes this year. If you thought My Player was impressive before, then you're going to be blown away by how much has changed. The gameplay has been vastly improved, more accurately reflecting real-world gameplay. I was drafted as a point guard for the Phoenix Suns. This time I was not automatically given an important role like last year. I had to work my way into the starting role, but because it's more streamlined, the mode is incredibly rewarding.

New to the mode is player contracts. You can know, bargain and control where you want to take your talents during the off-season. Besides rookie contacts, you automatically have the power to change a team into playoff contenders or be the missing piece to the triangle offense. This plays into post-game interviews, something that has been greatly expanded. Before, what you said to the press didn't make a difference on the court. Now, players won't pass the ball to you if you call them out in the press. It brings a little of an RPG aspect to the game. One of the few problems that still remains with My Player Mode is the cheesy AI. Far too often, the AI would storm back while my teammates acted like Lebron James in the 4th quarter. Overall, My Player is a sweet gateway for fans who can spend endless hours playing in this rich, deep mode.

Association Mode returns, but it's mostly the same, which is a good thing. Association Mode puts you in control of your favorite team. Thanks to a bump in presentation values, Association Mode truly jumps off the screen. Trade AI is smarter than ever and "it won't be fooled again" (YEAAA). Commentating makes playoff games seem important, as you eventually win an NBA championship. The newest addition to Association Mode is the new online feature. Time will tell if online mode will be a success, but I'm glad that 2K Sports have finally fleshed out online leagues. If the servers hold up, this could keep players interested for a long time and turn it into a basketball version of Madden's Online Franchisemode.

NBA 2K12 is a great game. By far the best basketball game I have ever played. What I fear could hurt 2k Sports is the impending NBA lockout. With a lack of roster updates arriving, many will soon be turned off, muting how great NBA 2K12 is. That would be sad to see, because many would be missing out on one of the most complete games on the market. I would recommend this to anyone, sports fans and non-sports fans alike. The sheer amount of high quality content on here is exceptional. NBA 2K12 is a must have for basketball fans this holiday season.

Score: 9.5 out of 10
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on March 12, 2012
This is my second year playing NBA2K on the PC. Overall, it's a great game. While I have always been a sports fan, I actually found that playing NBA2K made me much more of a fan of the NBA. I have already been to 4 T-Wolves games this season, and without having played the game for a couple of years, I would not be as interested in the actual NBA.

I have played pretty extensively in NBA Today mode, as well as My Player, and the NBA's Greatest mode. I really enjoyed the NBA's greatest, and learned a lot about players who played before I was alive/aware. I turned 10 in 1983, so I have strong memories of Bird, Magic, Stockton, Malone, Dr. J, Pippen, Drexler, and of course Jordan. However, I now appreciate, among others, Bill Russell, Jerry West, Walt Bellamy and Wilt Chamberlain.

I play on Pro difficulty, and the CPU play is inconsistent. There's far too much CPU rubber-banding. I mostly play 12 minute quarters in simulation mode (using real FG and FT Pct., rather than shot-stick timing). Despite this, I have lots of first halves where I shoot maybe 50-55% and then drop to 30% in the 3rd Quarter, often blowing the lead.

The roster updates on the PC seem infrequent, but perhaps that has improved. I've been playing with custom rosters, and making adjustments before each NBA Today game to ensure the rosters and minutes are realistic.

My player...either it takes a very long time to become a very good player, or I'm just not very good at it. I made an all-around shooting guard. Chris Smoove (seach YouTube) has a point guard who is pretty darn good, so I might try a point guard at some point -- maybe that would be better.

All in all, an amazing game. I just hope for continued improvement each year.
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