Customer Reviews: 30 Days to Social Media Success: The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIN, and Facebook
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on August 26, 2010
Gail Martin has written a pretty nifty book of ideas. She starts with your marketing goals, and won my heart when she pointed out how important it is to IDENTIFY your marketing goals. So, before she even gets into Social Media Marketing, she points out the important of MARKETING in and of itself.

That's a welcome relief from many books that give you so much technology and so little thought-provoking, ideas. That said, her best chapter is the chapter on Twitter, which has both ideas about how and what to Tweet plus some great web links to really some very cool tools for Twitter. She also discusses Facebook vs. LinkedIn, and I got a kick out of her jokes about what sort of "friends" really are on Facebook. She nails the distinction between the two sorts of friendship - Facebook friendships vs. LinkedIn friendships.

Unfortunately, besides the chapter on Twitter, the book is weak on actual web resources and places to go to learn about social media. That's a pity because I think she knows more about the details than she lets on in this book. A fun, provocative, inexpensive read... So it will stay more on my beach reading list than my reference shelf, but still stay it will.

I teach Social Media marketing and SEO and you can find me (I love to hear comments about books, as I try to read and review as many as I can) through my profile or just Google Jason McDonald and SEO. Enjoy the book.
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on June 28, 2011
With so many social media titles clogging bookstore shelves these days, it's hard to know which will be worth your while, and which you can skip.

As someone who's read many of them, as well as been steeped in social media marketing seminars and webinars (both as a teacher and student), I can say that Gail Z. Martin's book will reward your time and effort put in to read it and implement it.

For experienced marketers/business owners, the book may seem to take awhile getting up to speed. Old and basic marketing concepts such as performing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, defining your unique value, and telling your authentic story take up nearly the entire first half of the book -- and I found myself skimming impatiently through it to get to the "good stuff." For those with less of a business orientation, however, I could see how reading about these fundamentals could be useful.

Deeper into the book, Martin delivers when she outlines how to apply traditional marketing principles to some of the newer online tools out there. Just a few of the gems of advice from the book:

* Invite 30 people per day to join you on social networks
* Jump on breaking news stories -- early -- to blog your way to upper search engine rankings
* Create themed series for your YouTube channels

For tactics and tricks specific to individual social networks, you might want to grab a book that zeroes in on each one. But "30 Days to Social Media Success" provides a great overview of the disciplined mindset (as well as actionable steps) necessary to succeed using the social web.
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on December 12, 2014
Title: 30 Days to Social Media Success
Author: Gail Z. Martin
Publisher: Career Press
ISBN: 978-1-60163-130-5

“Though social media is one of the most exciting new communication tools to emerge in the last twenty years and can provide effective and cost-effective marketing, it’s also one of the most misunderstood mediums,” Gail Z. Martin writes in her book, 30 Days to Social Media Success: "The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, and Facebook."

At one hundred and ninety-two pages, this paperback targets those interested in advancing their business exposure on social media sites on the internet. After two pages of praises for the book, author’s note, preface, and introduction, thirty chapters cover the topic of social media, ending with additional suggestions, a blank month calendar, an alphabetical index, and the author’s biography.

Geared toward organization, Martin has arranged thirty chapters, one to be read each day for approximately thirty minutes, to teach how to use social media to increase sales, promote visibility, and develop a social following for businesses.

The first seven chapters focus on making sure the marketing reflects the right business goals. Chapters eight through twenty-one offer popular social media sites and how to use them correctly and effectively. The last eight chapters discuss goals and media strategies for the best marketing results.

Each chapter is four to eight pages long, examining a specific topic for the day. Occasional charts, bullet-point instructions or information, and grayed inserts are included. Each end with a page of three shaded sections of highlights titled “Results Reminder,” “The Rule of 30,” and “Exercises.”

Although the first third of the book reexamines a company’s marketing and business plan, the most helpful section is the middle, covering tips when using Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Squidoo, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, and chatrooms and forums to name a few. Suggestions are given regarding sales promotions, local businesses, nonprofits, and branding, as well as handling websites, events, author/speaker sites, and other connections.

By using steps to reconnect to marketing, expect success, seek partners, understand the audience, look for win-win scenarios, take visible action, and stay visible on the internet, a business can thrive in the global online marketplace.

More for the established business run by an older generation who may be unsure of social media and its benefits, this book makes it more understandable to join the craze that most thought once was only for the young to communicate.

Thanks to Tess Woods PR for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.
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on March 18, 2012
Do not be fooled by the title. This book actively educates the reader about social media and how to help improve their business through exercises that uniquely tie in the Rule of 30 for a creative twist, but the book seemed to give better advice for overall marketing than how to actually use the social media sites.

This book is targeted towards small business owners, whether they are working out of their home, or have a small local business.

The author begins by taking the reader back to the beginning of their marketing platform to better understand their goals as a sales person, whether or not their goals match the messages they are sending through their advertisements, and whether or not they are marketing to the right target market. The book uses exercises to help the reader determine their right goals, marketing messages, and target audiences. After that the author dives right into describing the social media sites, but fails to actually explain how to properly use the social media.

Overall, this is a book that I think any small business owner could benefit from reading, but don't read expecting to learn how to use social media to the best of your ability.
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on October 29, 2012
It took me two reads and a thousand fruitless searches to become a believer but Gail is right on point. I am now working my way through the book step by step. I must say though unless you have all the particular social media at your finger tips and ready to go it could take more than 30 days, but her systematic approach is the only way to go. I definitely vote to recommend.
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on September 6, 2012
Many people find themselves getting lost on social media. A few quick minutes turns into hours spent on social media which may help you stay in touch and connected with the local good gossip, however, it may not be your time well spent. Gail Martin's 30 Days to Social Media Success offers practical tips, tools and guidelines to manage social media and understand how to make the best out of the various social media platforms such as blogging, twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For authors and entrepreneurs, these platforms are an essential component to building a platform, connecting and creating deep relationships. Gail's book helps the reader learn how to apply social media in the relationship and influence game, not the selling arena. This is a critical distinction to keeping friends and followers, generating buzz and being a champion for others.

Charmaine Hammond
Best selling award winning Author:
On Toby's Terms, Bounce Forward,
Toby the Pet Therapy Dog, GPS Your
Best Life
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on March 18, 2012
This is a useful book, just not in the proposed format. It has plenty of interesting content, but the idea of reading this over the course of 30 days doesn't feel like it works in practice. That aside, this is a respectable book on marketing with a social media twist.

Thankfully, this does not just describe how social media works, but actually describes how it fits with proper marketing.

The first 7 chapters go over some vital points for marketing preparation, the next 8 have some detailed analysis on social media sites(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and the rest of the chapters cover various topics that are good to know.

"30 Days" does a great job of describing how careful and thorough analysis is the key to successfully marketing in any way, not just through social media. Combine that with a dynamic review and perspective of social media sites, and this book still has a surprising amount of relevance without feeling dated.

The type of reader this book is intended for is somewhat vague, and the second half of the book drags on at times, but this is a solid book for anyone looking to refresh their memory since taking Intro to Marketing.

-Good refresher on marketing basics.

-Interesting perspectives on approaching social media.


-Reading a book this short should not take thirty days.

-The second half of the book is a bit boring and redundant.
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on March 18, 2012
I personally like the book a lot. The chapters are nice and short, and easy to understand, even if you didn't have a business/marketing major. I would suggest this book to entreprenuers, and the person in charge of managing the social media websites for the company they work for.

I don't have my own business but I know someone who is about to start one up and I am going to pass this book along to her, as soon as I get finished writing a book report on it for my social media class.

The book guides you step by step on how you can improve your social media websites to better suit your business. Martin gets you to think by giving you examples needed to understand what she is discussing, then at the end of each chapter she has an exercise to help you think more about your business and start engaging the practices in your own life.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because the small chapters, easy to understand, sets you up for success using "baby steps", and has exercises to get you to engage in helping your business. However, I don't give it a 5 because the marketing practices are generic, but good for someone who doesn't have a business degree.
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on March 18, 2012
Gail Martin uses her real life social media success and incorporates her advice in 30 Days to Social Media Success to help other business professionals.By taking 30 minutes and following each chapter day to day, your business will reach measurable goals quickly. Martin uses her real life experiences and success throughout her book to justify her facts. Her main focus to success is to build a excellent business plan. Incorporating social media with your business plan in key. Each of her chapters end with exercises and tips to implement in your 30 minutes. Later chapters really get into depth with Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media websites. 30 Days to Social Media Success is an excellent resource to really ramp up your social media. One downfall of the book would be that the exercises would seem to take much longer than 30 minutes if you really put thought into them. The 30 minutes a day for 30 days idea doesn't seem realistic. Overall, I highly recommend this easy read book if you are a business professional looking to spark up your marketing with social media.
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on September 12, 2012
"Social media is one of the greatest customer attraction methods I have seen in years. However, it is important that you have a strategy, or you will be wasting your time and money.

So if you're feeling lost in the sea of mobile apps and downloadable "cloud" programs, you've now got a map and a capable guide with Gail Martin's 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success.

I love the short chapters and the way Gail makes it really easy to pick the best apps and programs so that I can get more done when I'm out of the office and on the go. A lifesaver for busy people!"

Tracy Repchuk
Internet Marketing, Social Media Business Strategist and Speaker
Bestselling Author of 
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