35mm film does anyone use 35 mm film and do the pictures turn out well, or is 120 the only way to go.
asked by Matthew on April 3, 2008
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Haven't tried a Holga but for 35mm film suggestions.... Try Fuji Reala. It has eye-catching high color saturation and a fine grain for a negative fil. Otherwise, there are some excellent slide films like Velvia. If you're feeling arty, try some black and white films. I've been meaning to try out some Kodak Ektar but haven't gotten back to film for a while. Anyways, if you want the best prints possible, also be sure to have them developed at a decent lab (some of my Chain Store developed film was fine but some freshly developed negatives were completely covered with scratches and lint and dust - ruined). And get the CDs -- DIY scanning is too time consuming IMHO. Most importantly, have FUN with it.
Technology Guy answered on July 24, 2009
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So if Holga buyers are lemmings... then what kind of camera would YOU recommend? I'm looking into buying a camera that will do something more interesting than my digital - but want something cheap and fun (so holga seems to be the answer?) but I wouldn't want to -- ghasp!!-- be a lemming!! What shall I do??
M. Van Sipe answered on July 15, 2009
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The "only way to go"???
The Holga is a trendy piece of dreck, of grossly worse mechanical and optical quality than even the cheapest old Brownie or Argus you'll find at a flea market or garage sale. Save your money, look around, and get something MUCH cheaper that will let you turn out more interesting pictures and show you're not a lemming like the Holga buyers. Spend the savings on film and processing.
OldAmazonian answered on August 24, 2008
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