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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have mixed feelings about this product. Ultimately, it does the job and works well, but it feels a bit like having a co worker hand some stuff to you without telling you exactly what or how to use it.

Out of the box, this thing did nothing. It comes with an inadequate quick start guide, and there's a user guide available on line that's not much better. It was supposed to show a status light for charging when plugged in, and turn on when the ON button was pressed, but I had no such luck. Their tech support representative commented about how it really should have been mentioned in the start up guide, but the very first time you use it, you need to hold the ON button down for "about five seconds." It actually took about eight or nine seconds, which was just long enough that I didn't figure that part out on my own.

Supposedly, you should be able to simply plug a device in, turn this on, and you are off to go. And in many cases, it will do just that. You do have to focus, and setting the screen size can be done only by altering the distance from the screen/wall or whatever you are projecting on. You can also flip or mirror the image, which could be important if you want to mount this upside down from the ceiling or have a use that requires mirroring. These changes, as well as changes in brightness, contrast and a few others can be done from a simple menu. Unfortunately, the layout of the menu is poor and the highlighted choice stands out so little that I had to reread the manual several times to make sure I was using it right. The irony is that this unit can produce a bright, clear picture with very good resolution, so it should not have been a problem getting the menu right.

But once you get it set up (and in most cases you probably won't need to change any of the menu items) you get a very crisp and bright (assuming at least a moderately dark room) picture with 480p resolution. That should be well suited to presentations and even video. The specs say that it will project an image anywhere from 10 inches to 80 inches. Surprisingly, it works quite well at the upper end of the range, even in a room with windows and ambient light coming in through the shades. I also tried it at 10 inches, which has a practical use because when you are setting it up, it gives you a quick way of checking things without needing to aim it at a wall.

The included remote control has arrow buttons, volume, play, FF, REW and other buttons necessary for setup or controlling an MHL device that supports it. It comes with an HDMI cable, and you will need adapters if you want to use it with an Apple product or other tablets or smart phones that give you Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) output through a micro-USB port. 3M opted to leave out the cables for these, but opted to give you all sorts of power connectors so this can be used internationally. That saves you the trouble of buying a power adapter kit. Which set of accessories would have made the most sense to include will depend upon the user. In my case, I already have the power plug connector equivalent and assume that those who travel internationally already have that too. I also have an MHL to HDMI cable, but never needed a connector for my iPad until I got this device. They don't claim to give you anything they don't, although they do picture the device hooked up to an iPad. So make sure you have what is needed to get this to work for you.

The bottom line is that you get a nice unit that's surprisingly small and light but gives you quite a good picture. Despite my initial impressions, it's a good unit once you start using it.

UPDATE: 3M also makes a consumer version of this projector, 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku (SPR1000). It had a lower selling price when I checked, and included a Roku Streaming Stick, which itself has a $100 value. The specs are almost identical, and I compared the two user manuals very carefully. The usage instructions and most text are identical in every detail, except for the instructions related to plugging in the Roku stick as an alternative to just an HDMI cable (which is of course supported.) The difference in specs are that the consumer model projects up to 120 inch screen instead of 80 inch. But it does so from the same distance range, and all dimensions and other specs are identical. Thus it appears that the lens mechanism may be the only difference. The other stated difference is battery life. The consumer model claims only a 2.5 hour maximum life, but that may be due to use with the Roku stick. The specs list both power consumption in watts and battery specs in voltage and mAh as identical. Resolutions are listed as identical for input and output.

So you may want to consider the consumer model, or at least read its reviews for comparison purposes. The Roku stick can also be used with other compatible devices with an MHL port such as certain HDTVs. (It looks like an HDMI port but must say MHL to work; check with Roku for compatibility.) But also consider that there may be a reason why the professional model has a different projection range. It would make sense not to develop a separate lens system and have separate production costs unless there were an inherent advantage to somebody. I can't see a marketing advantage to limiting the projection range and it's harder to keep quality up in a lens with a broader range, so it may be that this model has better quality optics. However, that's speculation on my part. I haven't compared the units side by side for optical quality, so don't consider this a review of the other model.

UPDATE: I was asked to check the latest manuals, and I now see that in the manual for the SPR1000, it says "Battery life that lasts and lasts. 2+ hours." That amounts to about 57%+ of the life for this model. Again, that's probably with the Roku stick installed, and might not reflect a real difference otherwise.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been interested in a small projector for both personal and business reasons. I am a Systems Engineer at a Systems Integration company and we often perform demos of our software for customers during the sales process. Having a small portable projector is ideal for those times when I accompany a salesperson to a customer's office to perform these demos.

At home, I wanted a projector to more comfortably view movies and shows streamed to my PC via HBO Go, Amazon Prime Streaming, etc. While I can view it on my laptop, having these videos play on a larger screen is much nicer.

The 3M MP300 Mobile Projector is definitely compact - I could even fit it in my purse if I wanted to. Most people would be able to fit this in their briefcase, unless that briefcase is already bulging at the seams.

It is also refreshingly easy to connect and set up. The projector comes with a standard HDMI cable, which I connected to the HDMI port on my laptop, then turned the projector on. Voila! The projector immediately mirrored my laptop's display and adjusted the resolution to one ideal for the projector. Disconnecting the projector from the PC automatically returns the computer's resolution to your normal setting.

I was also able to change the display to use an extended desktop view rather than mirroring my desktop so that I could show something different on the projector than I displayed on the laptop's monitor. This is a great configuration for demonstrations so that you can show slides or a product on the screen while checking or taking notes on the laptop.

3M makes a tabletop screen they recommend for this projector, but I opted for a screen with a tripod instead, FAVI 16:9/72-Inch Portable Tripod Projector Screen (TRI-HD-72). I wanted a screen I could place anywhere - even the patio - without need for a table. The MP300 works very well with this screen and takes advantage of the wide screen aspect. The further back you move the projector, the larger the picture on the screen is.

The projector also plays sound through its internal speaker. However, the sound may not be loud enough for some meeting rooms. To accommodate this, 3M has built this projector with an audio out port so you can attach some better external speakers if you wish.

The projector has a rechargeable battery, so you can use it without external power for a few hours - long enough to watch a movie or give most demos. Should you have a need for longer use, you can use the power adapter that is included in the package to keep it powered on. The same adapter is used to charge the battery.

I am very pleased with the 3M MP300 projector. Interested buyers should be aware that this projector only works with HDMI ports, so you should check your device to make sure you can connect to it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I frequently give presentations at work which includes a laptop and an old Panasonic LCD projector. I always felt it was concise and practical, but the new 3M Mobile projector is great for lots of reasons. Instead of using a small suitcase around, all I need is this 3M Mobile Projector and my laptop, iPhone or iPad. I prefer my laptop as I have all my PowerPoint presentations on it.

It is true plug-n-play. Hook your laptop (device) up with the HDMI cable and turn the power on. This means you connect it to your laptop's HDMI slot. Note that this set does NOT include the Digital AV HDMI Adapter to HDTV for Apple New iPad 2 3 iPhone 4S 4G iPod Touch, which you absolutely need to connect from your HDMI cable end to a 30-pin adapter or a lightning USB port. This is the only way to use your iPhone or iPad with the HDMI cord. This would have raised the price of this product by about twenty-five or thirty dollars and I think its a mistake to exclude it.

The speaker is adequate, in that, if you are in a small room you can hear. Most of my work I present vocally anyway. You do have the opportunity to plug in a remote speaker if you want. The actual '60 lumens' is also adequate, but you need to have a fairly dark room for great clarity (and it is very clear). There are several adapter plugs for world-wide use and a tiny wafer remote. You don't have to use the remote, but is a,n 'okay' convenience (its very small and not the easiest to read). I cannot address the battery life at this point and will update, but I always have the power plugged in during presentation. I think anyone will be surprised at how much power and ease of use one gets with this Mobile projector.
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on July 19, 2013
If you use some older computer, you will need an adapter. It can be easily found in RadioShack. I wish the company had put it in the package. Works well, is small and light. The picture is fine. If you are using it for a presentation you might need to focus it a couple of times. I had three presentations with it. The audio quality is good and I was satisfied with the picture.
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on August 19, 2013
This projector is amazing. I also ordered a separate HDMI cable for $11 and was able to connect this projector to my iPad. I laid in bed, turned the lights off and projected Facebook on my white walls.
The projector has a built in speaker but to enhance the sound I just turned on my Bose Bluetooth speaker and it felt like I was in a movie theater. I will be using this to teach my college course because the classroom they assigned me to does not have a projector. I am so excited. You must charge the projector first before turning it on. It runs for three hours once fully charged.
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been wanting to get a mobile projector and was thrilled to get the opportunity to try the 3M MP300 Mobile Projector. First impression out of the box was amazement at how small it is. It really does fit in the palm of your hand. I was further amazed at how clear and bright the projection is. I turned the projector on at 4pm in my living room which has a total of 5 windows that face North, East, and South. I projected my computer screen image on the west wall. It was nice and bright. It is cloudy and rainy outside so not as bright as usual, but I can see being able to use this at any time of day.
The images I projected were a movie and some personal pictures on a blank wall to check the brightness and ability to see the image well. I was very impressed at the very clear images. Dark images were distinct, though not as bright as the TV.
The projector comes with an HDMI cable cord, power cable, and multiple power adapters. It also has a remote control. I decided that instead of sitting it on a table I would attach it to my camera tripod which worked great! (there is a screw hole on the bottom of the projector that is just like on a camera)
The projector states it has a 3 1/2 hour battery life and that is pretty much how long mine lasted. The great thing about its battery life is that you can use this projector when camping by projecting a movie on the side of your tent - which I plan on trying this summer!
The only issue I had with the projector was that it would not turn on at first, but after trying several times to turn it on I discovered that I needed to turn the plug upside down in the wall socket to make it work.
A great projector that is easy to travel with - I highly recommend it!
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on November 8, 2013
I really wish I could have given this cute projector five stars but I just couldn't. As a matter of fact I just sent it back. I bought this to do product training/presentations to groups of about 5-10 people. I used it 1.5 times. The first time was ok because we could draw the blinds and made it fairly dark in the room. The "second" attempt didn't work. The room just couldn't get dark enough for everyone to see it. The "light" aka lumen strength of this projector is very poor.

Why I bought this was so I could throw it in my airplane carryon. That part worked great. The projector fit in the PALM of my hand. No kidding. I also bought this so it would instantly work with my laptop OR my I-Pad. It worked FLAWLESSLY with my laptop from the get go (WINDOWS not Mac). The included HDMI cord was perfect. I would recommend that you buy an extension cord so you can be in the middle of a room. The power cord to the projector is not very long.

Hint: when you take it out of the box it can be in "factory" mode. Meaning if you hit the power button nothing happens. I called 3M customer service and they told me to press on the power button for 15 seconds to trigger it out of "factory" mode. That did the trick.

If you are just wanting to use this at home or in your hotel room so you can watch something "bigger" and you can make the room completely dark then this projector would be super. But for my mission it just missed the mark. Bummer.
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on January 15, 2014
Bought my boyfriend one for christmas and it is amazing for football sundays!! We can't wait to host superbowl at our house on the 120" screen!! You MUST have speakers to connect....we have a soundbar with subwoofer and it sounds like we are at the game. Way better quality then I would have imagined for the price!!! A++++++
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VINE VOICEon April 23, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Lately my life has seemed so shallow and empty but at last I can sleep at night. My life has been fulfilled by a little gadget I didn't even know existed.

All kidding aside, this is a great little projector. It is advertised as a business tool (and it would be excellent for that) but consider this scenario: Someone shoves a smartphone in your face and says "Look, isn't he cute?" and all you can say is "Awww[...]" because the picture is so small you're not sure if the picture is a baby, puppy or someone's backside. Or, maybe, you have an awesome creation on your tablet and you have to pass it around the room for admiration instead of flashing it on the wall for a collective gasp of wonder. This little unit does the job.

Made by 3M, the MP300 mobile projector comes with:
2.An assortment of plug adapters so it can be used in foreign countries.
3.A tiny remote
4.An HDMI cable
5.A woefully inadequate "start-up" guide in several languages.

I found a PDF manual online which is mostly for the Roku stick model but has a little info for this model. The HDMI cable will probably fit the HDMI port of your laptop
(worked for mine) but you will need a HDMI-to-smartphone adapter or an adapter for your tablet. Another nice accessory is the little spider leg tripod or , if you really want to show off, you can get a more expensive model. You can also buy a MHL (mobile high definition link) cable.

The projector has only 60 lumens so don't expect anything fantastic but the picture is much better than I expected. The battery charges in about three hours and lasts for aprox. 2 to 3 hours. You will have to hold the ON button down for several seconds to turn the projector on. I couldn't find cool-down instructions so I just assume you turn it off.

Bottom line: This is a very compact and useful tool for business presentations and a really handy, fun toy for personal use.
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on May 12, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used projectors for many years, in both training and in making presentations. Nothing beets a built-in, hard wired projector with a massive bulb and with a dedicated screen. Nothing. But for many situations something smaller is called for, for making presentations in the field, or for art projects. The MP300 mobile projector has adequate power, great resolution and color accuracy, and in general is a good projector for someone looking for the ultimate in portability as long as the presentation room is dark.

-Low Price
-Small Size
-Easy Setup
-Accurate colors

-Still not usable in anything other than a dark room
-HDMI cable only, no USB
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