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on May 13, 2013
The MP 220 is includes an impressive set of features. It is amazingly compact and lightweight, especially considering its outstanding brightness. The combination of being capable of running on batteries, plus having its own Android operating system and internal memory, enables you to use it without any cable connected to it - which is really a great advantage.

The drawbacks of this projector have to do with its bundled software. While having an operating system and a file system is a real plus, the limited features of the software are somewhat frustrating. Mainly, the "documents to go" bundle, which can play PowerPoint presentations (in addition to opening other MS Office files) cannot play animations or videos embedded in the presentations - which takes a lot of the fun of presenting dynamic contents.

Supported video formats are also limited. I had to convert my videos to 720p MP4 files to run internally.

Certainly, when you connect the projector to a laptop (using a separately sold vga-HDMI cable), none of these shortcomings are present, but then you no longer enjoy the possibility to just carry this miniature projector...

One open question I still have (I have sent a question to 3M support) is the size of the internal memory. It is advertised to be 2 GB, while what I see is 765 MB. In any case, if you want to present rich content locally, it is recommended to purchase a larger micro-SD card (up to 32GB is supposed to be supported).

Also, if you intend to run local presentations, I would recommend purchasing the remote control. Without it, you need to touch the projector whenever you want to go to the next slide.

A tripod is a must. I bought the Sunpack spider leg tripod which delivers what I need.

In summary:
The positive:
- amazingly compact
- very good brightness
- runs on a rechargeable battery (supposed to support 2 hours of projection)
- can run presentations and videos stored locally, without connecting to a video source
The negative:
- limited capabilities when running local presentations
- limited video formats when running locally
Additional considerations:
- definitely purchase a tripod (or use one you have...)
- a remote control is useful when running locally
- additional cable is needed to run from other video sources (such as PC)
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on August 22, 2013
This product is nearly useless. In order to use it you have to either buy additional hardware (cables, etc) or download the file you'd like to project to the native memory on the device. I've tried to watch movies and project a presentation on this device and neither worked. The video player can only recognize specific file formats (seriously?) and the presentation had some very basic animation in the slides, which this device can't handle. VERY BASIC STUFF. I was even willing to download an upgraded version of docs to go to improve the animation issues and a better media player to watch my films, but alas, while it offers that option, the device is not IP enabled so you can't actually download it anyway. Poor form...

I'm a sophisticated technology user and I was embarrassed at how much I had to fumble around with this device to make anything happen. In an age of unbelievable advancements in digital technologies and consumer devices, I find it absolutely pathetic that this device is still so remedial. Come on.

Returning the device this week. If anyone knows of a projector that actually works in the technology age, I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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on October 15, 2013
Lots of reviews here knock this unit for many reasons and while they may be valid to a degree, with a little creativity they are surmountable.

First, I did not purchase my MP220 through Amazon but through a selloff from another site where I paid $130 for the unit (don't ask where, they don't have them I won't use Amazon's reviews to stump for another retailer.) I was attracted by the ability to use the unit as a standalone device and the fact that it used an Android based OS.

The pros when I received the unit were that I was able to load software which I use on my Galaxy S3 onto the unit so I could customize my usage. Out of the box I would recommend MX Player immediately because the video player on the unit is very limited in what formats it supports and, frankly, it sucks! I also managed to copy over a newer version of Documents to Go AND my Full Version like a charm and eliminates a lot of the issues people claim to be having with PowerPoint presentations.

The cons became obvious immediately, despite the fact that these units are a fairly recent release by 3M the accessories are basically unavailable. No remotes, no video cables...don't bother looking, they are sold out everywhere if they ever even existed! The remote that they were selling looked crappy anyway so I think they actually did us all a favor. With a MicroUSB to USB cable I connected a USB hub and added my wireless trackball and a presentation remote...far more functionality than the craptastic remote 3M has listed on the site from items I already had laying around.

Video cables were another issue. I've seen a lot of people saying the port looks like a MiniHDMI, it isn't. Very similar but wider. The good news is that cables for the MP160/MP180 which are plentiful work fine with the MP220. I grabbed a 3M MP 160/180 Pocket Projector Composite Cable and added a ViewHD Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt to NTSC | PAL TV Universal Video Converter (AV / RCA Composite Video / S-Video Outputs) (New 2013 Model: VHD-MDP2AVs) which connects to my MacBook Pro and which works perfectly in Presenter Mode in PowerPoint. Sure, the video quality isn't going to win any awards but it is MUCH better than I expected and more than usable.

The one issue I have had is that unit didn't recognize either of the 32gb Class 10 MicroSD cards I have when installed in the internal slot but, oddly, if I put a card reader on the USB bus with the same cards in they worked fine. The 8gb Class 4 I have works fine but I had some latency issues with some videos that were solved by the higher speed cards, it would be nice if they would work internally. The unit specs say it will accept 32gb cards so I don't know if it's just an issue with my unit or not.

My total cost for the MP220 and video cables was just under $200 and it works great for me. It may require a bit of creativity but full functionality can be achieved. For the price I got it for, I couldn't argue with it.

The AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories -Black works great for packing the projector and some accessories but grab two if you're doing the video cable combo above and you'll have more than enough space for everything you need to have with this unit.
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on August 20, 2013
Mostly I am very happy with this. Buying the remote is critical if doing a presentation. Also, the images in folders seem to get sorted by date only (unless someone knows away to change this) which means to get them in the order I want, I have to arrange the images before hand (by changing names to alphabetize them) and then running it through some batch conversion software (I use Graphic Converter) which takes the alphabetized images and converts them in that order, leaving them in the right order when sorted by date, There's got to be a simpler way!
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on September 25, 2013
I purchased this due to it's decent price. I did not realize the unit was discontinued when I got it, so shame on me for not researching first. I read on the side of the box that only a USB cable was included, and for a projector to not include even the most basic cable to connect it to something I find a poor move on 3M's part. So once I took a look at it, it was time to go online and get the accessories I wanted. I have never seen a products accessories disappear as fast as the product itself was discontinued. And to date, it's as if the remote for this unit never existed, or that they made 1 remote for every 1,000 units.

I figured with what I paid I budgeted around $100 for accessories. I easily found the proprietary cable to component on Amazon (B004HIM428 for under $20, but all other connectivity cables seem to have travelled to another world with the remote in tow. I also purchased a 32gb card (max allowed) to put on music videos and other stuff. I also decided to spend $30 on a spare battery, before those disappear (78-6972-0026-5). So I knew I only had the one cable to work with for connections - how could I make the composite cable do more. When all was said and done, here's what I've accomplished, and tested as working. I won't get into frame rates, clarity of video, or anything else, but it will suffice to say that the lamp is very bright for it's rating and size, and it's fairly easy to see on a white wall or screen even with room light on.

I purchased a ViewHD HDMI to Composite Converter (B00DSSCBZ8 for $34, and I tested it with my Galaxy Note II HDMI - works great. I stream Netflix and my Slingbox (and just the screen itself) from my phone. I have no other HDMI need, so all set on that front.

I purchased a Sewell Direct SW-23000 PC to TV Converter (B003BVVYSM for $30, and now I can show presentations from my laptop.

So I spent around $110 (battery wasn't necessary but decided it was important for longevity assuming the unit itself doesn't break) and I know have everything I need for it's intended use. I never priced the proprietary 3M cables, but although I might have spent a little more, I bet not that much. And yes, the converters are a little bigger than cables, but they work.

This was as much a fun purchase as it was for business (I have several full size projectors anyways), and I like having my music videos and a few other things on it, and I can connect my phone which has all of my photos on it so I don't need the internal slide show and it's shortcomings. There's usually a workaround, and the only reason I warranted going this route was I paid $150 for the NIB projector itself.
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on April 18, 2016
I had the previous model of this projector which worked great. It got knocked off a table while I was doing a presentation, and it broke. This one is even nicer, the quality of the projected picture is better. It's totally plug-n-play, no need for IT to get involved. Yes, you will need a cable for it to hook up to your computer, but it's not that difficult to find. If you can find it, get the little bendy-leg tripod that screws into the bottom, it makes set up easy, regardless of where you are. Just DON'T drop it!!!
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on December 9, 2013
Great projector for a small group in a small venue. As suggested by prior reviewers, it doesn't work well for a large, long distance venue. Worked well for me, and is very useful in the proper setting.
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on September 22, 2013
This is a good little projector that does everything it says it will do. The problem is that it requires a cable with a 3M proprietary end to connect it to a laptop, and unfortunately, that cable is no longer available. It took a bit of shopping and experimenting to find a work around for the projector, but it is possible. You have to buy a 3M MP 160/180 Pocket Projector Composite Cable (if it is still available, to get the proprietary end) and something like a Lake PC to TV Converter Box compatible with Windows and Mac (VGA To RCA / VGA To S-Video) to connect that cable to the laptop. It involves an additional expense and a little more setup than the original cable would but it does work. These two pieces cost about $40 (as compared to $25 or so for the cable if it had been available). Now that I have the cable and converter it works as advertised.
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on August 23, 2013
This item has such limited functionality that I would suggest looking elsewhere for your projection needs.

This is a confusing product. I am generally proud of 3M products but this item just doesn't seem to do what it is supposed to do.

There seems to be done software issue or something because the item seems incapable of predicting anything with any sort of motion. No matter how the images were converted projecting moron on a PowerPoint just didn't seem possible.

I may also be creating the issue here myself. After rereading the 3M website product description and calling customer support this item was never really advertised to do the things I wanted it to do. This site specifically mentions that you can 'play videos from an iPad .'

After talking to 3M customer service I felt that they understood my frustration but could offer little else than the option to buy more add-ons such as cables in order to bring out full functionality. Attaching this item to a laptop also seems to alleviate the issues but that seems to take away from the portable nature of this item.

I would love to give this a higher review but it just seems to lack the features that you really want.

Note: one bonus appears to be that this is still a high tech item with potential (via extra purchases). Last year this item cost roughly 500 dollars, the price has plummeted which is probably due to the mentioned issues but if you buy this cheap with accessories you might have a bargain on your hands
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on July 6, 2014
Do not buy this. what 3M says does not add up. 3M should send the correct cables to begin with. What they does not add up the story. I even paid $40 plus to get a cable. It does not fit with projector. the connector they say with Ipod/ Iphone etc is not true. It does not fit either. total waste of time and money. I am surprised that Amazon sells this poorly packaged product. Has anyone tried to use it and see if it works with the devices it claims it does. I do not have iPhone 4s to make it work. 3M / Amazon need to own up their lack of clarity and stop wasting people's time and money. I have reduced my shopping with Amazon. If they do not care what they sell and how they package it then I do not have time to waste my time to browse stuff on your website. It may make a difference in your profit. I know I am not feeding a bad monster who will sell anything for a buck and does not care what happens to customers. I have spent more money on small stuff to get the connection right. When we call the Amazon will send you to 3M and there is a long hold. Buying product for $150 dollars and pay $71 to $40 for a cable is nonsense. You have lost my respect with retailing of this product, Big names does not equal to quality.
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