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on April 23, 2011
Our stairway was notorious for being a slip and slide ride with some people having taken bad spills. I went to our local home supply store only to find a bunch of ugly black sticky tape type options which is what lead me to this product. After a few months of use I can confidently say that it has prevented further slips and we didn't have to tarnish our nice wood with dark strips. They're difficult to even notice at first glance. These aren't as effective as the true sandpaper type treads but they're easier on bare feet as well.

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on September 4, 2013
I just applied this product and so cannot speak to its durability, but here's a few application tips:

1. The instructions call for you to "Strip Floor Finish, Degrease, Wash and Rinse" all surfaces except bare metal and plastic. I believe this means to remove wax and similar finish products, not to strip paint or varnish. Other sections of the instructions make it clear that painted surfaces are OK and wood must be painted.

2. Use a straight edge and razor knife or rotary cutter, not scissors, to cut pieces from the roll. Don't worry about the holes left by the staple: you can't see them once the product is in place.

3. If you round the corners, use a razor knife and a bottle lid or some other circular object with a couple of marks on it to ensure consistency.

4. Pull the backing off starting from one end of your tape section then cut it to leave a few inches the other end. so you can handle the other end without touching the adhesive. Pull off the little bit of remaining backing as you finish sticking the tape. The instructions suggest you hold the tape by both ends and stick it from the middle out, which makes considerable sense, but seemed daunting for some reason. Laying from one end worked for me.

5. It's difficult to lay the tape down perfectly straight; it's pretty flexible. Even the last few inches can be bendy. You might want to practice on on the garage floor or something.

6. The instructions call for you to use a rubber roller to press the tape down once applied. I used a wine bottle, which worked OK, and the shoulder of the bottle was handy for applying extra pressure to trouble spots. But note my next comment. It may be that a soft rubber roller would be even better than a bottle.

7. The instructions also say that after using a roller, you should beat on the tape with a rubber mallet. This does work, but not as quickly as I thought it would, maybe because my mallet is pretty hard rubber. I had to beat the bejeezus out of it, and even then, there were some tiny bubbles left. Use a soft rubber mallet, if there is such a thing.

8. Visibility of the applied tape depends on the light. It's almost invisible at night under incandescent light, but clearly visible in daylight, especially when the sun is low, but then all the dust bunnies and coffee spills are visible, too, so it doesn't matter so much.
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on December 16, 2008
The great aspect about this tape is that it is very clear and the wood step shows thru. So far, after 2 weeks, the tape has stayed in place and my feet do not feel like they are slipping when I walk down the steps in socks.
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on June 26, 2015
This worked well for our stairs to prevent slipping. I was able to curve it during installation to line up with the curve of the stairs and was very happy with the final results. Another review recommended using a guide to trim the ends into a half circle for aesthetics. This was a great suggestion and I'm glad I did the extra work, makes the tread look more like a professional installation job. One issue is some white marks in areas where I was still learning how to install - it's not horrible but doesn't look as good. I think I placed a piece and then tried to move it causing the adhesive or plastic to take on a white color.
review image
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on August 10, 2009
Followed the enclosed directions to install anti-slip strips on our shower stall floor. The strips have been in use for two weeks now and no problems at all. No peeling whatsoever. The strips can be easily cut with a pair of scissors, and as the instructions recommend, the cut corners should be rounded so there are no sharp edges. The shower stall is now much safer and the tranluscent strips (a very light tint of blue) do not detract from the cleanliness and beauty of the shower stall. Standing on the strips does not create any uncomfort. Note: the material of the shower stall is a smooth synthetic surface similar to Corian. My experience generally with 3M products are that they offer quality products.
After several months of use, some of the pieces of tape have lost their adhesion due to water weeping under the tape. Despite repeated reapplication, the tape does not hold. Now looking for something that works and does not come lose.
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on October 23, 2012
We were looking for something to keep our kids (and the rest of the family) from slipping on our pretty solid oak stairs, without making them ugly (the stairs). We bought this product based on reviews saying it was nearly invisible. They were right.

The better you can roll the bubbles out, the less visible the strips are. The instructions (look on [...] under Support and Documentation > Data Sheet) tell you to roll the strips with a rubber roller. We didn't have one, so I used a wooden rolling pin. It did the job ok, but if I can find a rubber one I will go back over them, because the bubbles really make an uneven visual difference, in some lighting.

We cleaned the steps first with warm water, and dried them. Nothing fancy.

As others have said, the tape as shipped by Amazon had a staple in it (as well as shrink wrap around it). This meant the first 12 ft or so of tape has little holes in it. We will use the punctured tape in our showers where it doesn't matter as much, but I doubt it would be visible even on the stairs. With a total of 60ft of tape, there was plenty of unpunctured tape for our 13 stairs x 2ft+ each.

Other than that, the strips are doing fine. In some light they really are invisible, and the stairs still look great. Our sock-footed toddlers exclaimed this morning that they couldn't slip on the stairs. :-)
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on May 2, 2011
My husband wanted to get this tape for our stairs after a couple slips on the newly installed hardwood. I was concerned with how it would look, so I bought a couple samples of some more expensive options. In the end, we bought this tape and it was the best fit. It blends in perfectly so you can barely tell it's there, yet it provides awesome traction so I'm not afraid of walking down the steps in my socks anymore.

I highly recommend this product!!!
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on May 3, 2015
Exactly what we needed after 3 people fell down stairs in 4 months. Install is much easier than I expected from reading the other reviews. Some hints/tips/corrections:
* Instructions suck. They say things like "treated wood must be painted prior to application". That's the lawyers talking. Use common sense. All I did was wipe off steps with damp cloth, tape stuck perfectly. Once installed I used a rolling pin to push it down, but didn't need to. No air bubbles visible.
* I have light colored hardwood stairs, and the product is barely visible. YMMV if you have really dark stairs that get tons of light or stairs are visible from a distance.
* one reviewer complained about the staple holes. When installed you can't see the holes.
* Roll is 60'. I have "normal" stairs (13 steps to top, 33" wide) and put down a 26" wide strip on each step. When done I had over half the roll leftover.
* The alternative is to install runners or carpet treads. Both cost more money and require vacuuming.
* After 3 weeks I pulled up a piece of the tape. Came up easily, no damage to stairs.
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on October 5, 2012
I am very pleased with this product. I removed the carpet from my stairs last year and refinished the wood. Since then several family members have slipped on the stairs, one of them breaking a bone in his foot. I didn't want to cover up the beautiful stairs, nor did I want to mix grit into the finish and reapply the finish. This was a great and inexpensive solution. The product is actually clear when it goes on. Read the directions. There are different ways to prep the surface to which you are applying the tape. I suspect the comments where they notice peeling or lifting is because the surface was not prepped properly. I also think that the staple holes are irrelevant. I used the pieces with the holes and now that I have two rows per step applied, I can't tell which step has the staple holes. I feel much safer on my stairs and I feel my family is safer. I can really feel a difference both barefoot and with shoes. My stairs still look beautiful, there is only a very slight dullness where the tape is applied. The rest of the finish is shiney. (Probably why it was so slick!) I am going to put some of the leftover tape in the bottom of my shower. Thanks for making a great product, 3M!
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on October 10, 2010
Bought clear tape for the stone steps in the house.
I guess this tape is the best kept secret, otherwise Home Depot wouldn't be able to sell individual pieces for each step for like 20 bucks a piece, which is outrageous.
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