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VINE VOICEon October 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After putting this through some real world use and experimentation, my opinion is that this projector is going to be a fun toy for kids' sleepovers, maybe for some parties, etc But mainly it's just that: a neat toy. Please DO NOT expect to use this thing as your main HD A/V projector for ordinary use. It really isn't fair (or possible) to compare this projector to those kinds of units, and here's why:

1. The advertised resolution is only 854x480 (WVGA), but during boot-up and initial config the unit told me it was switching to 720p mode. Theoretically, that'll get you DVD quality or basic HD, depending on which you believe. HOWEVER, I've used it to watch several different kinds of media (animation, TV and film) and no matter what I throw at it, in practice the picture is very, very , very soft. There is a manual focus wheel, but it doesn't achieve anything like the kind of sharpness you can achieve with a regular full sized projector, much less a plasma, LCD or CRT display. Honestly, I'd say maximum visual sharpness is roughly on par with a good VHS tape player (i.e., maybe a 480i picture). My eyes have become so trained to expect tack-sharp LCD and plasma displays that it's really hard for me to enjoy watching this for very long. It brings back memories of watching broadcast TV on my parents' old Zenith tube TV.

2. At only 60 lumens, the picture is pretty dim. For comparison, most inexpensive consumer projectors emit 600-2000+ lumens. To put it into even starker contrast, I own three Coast LED flashlights that put out 251, 339 and 615 lumens. Yes, my smallest flashlight puts out 4x the light of this projector. So imagine shining a rather dim flashlight on your wall: that'll give you a good idea how (not) bright this projector is. In a dimly-lit room in the evening after sundown, the picture certainly is watchable, but you really want the room to be in darkness for best effect. Of course you can make it better with a specially reflective screen or white theater paint, but that may defeat the purpose of a portable projector.

3. The combination of low brightness and a soft picture means you really shouldn't get your hopes up that this will drive a big 120" screen like the advertising copy claims. Over around 45-50", the picture starts to get kind of washed-out, and of course the bigger it gets the more you notice its unsharpness.

4. On the good side, it is easy to use and ridiculously small - I have coffee cups larger than this projector. That makes it very portable, very flexible, and easy to store when not in use. It was easy to set up (less than 5 minutes), attach to my WPA2 WiFi network, make a Roku account and start using Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. My kids were operating it five minutes after that.

5. Also on the good side, It does have a single MHL video input, which (although the ad copy is silent about this) is a standard HDMI port. That's a positive benefit, because it means the projector is NOT a one-trick pony. You can use it with your cable box, TiVo, DVD player, blu ray player, game console, computer, camcorder, camera, tablet, etc. That's awesome.

So what is this thing good for? In two words: uncritical viewing. Kids' use, sleepovers, outdoor projection at night onto a garage, holiday effects projected onto your house, etc. If that's what you're looking for, then this projector delivers a lot of fun, value and convenience. Still, I wonder if that's enough to justify the retail price for most people, most of the time. Caveat emptor, you might like this a lot if you have reasonable expectations, otherwise, stick to your regular TV for group watching, or use your tablet or phone for portable viewing.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE, Sep. 19, 2013: Nearly a year after this review, the iPad streaming still works, but has become a bit glitchy. I'm chalking it up to iOS 7 (I'm now getting warnings that the Apple HDMI adapter is not compatible). See the comments thread for some information about how I still manage to get iPad streaming to work with this projector. It's not as simple as it once was, but it still works.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenters for clarifying...this ACCEPTS 720p input. This does not PROJECT in 720p. Take the time to read the comments attached to this review.

Before I got this, I read a lot of forums where people speculated about the quality to expect. They said things like "don't expect better than 480p resolution" and "at best, this will only work in a very dark room". Well I am happy to say that "they" were wrong. This is not an awesome projector, but it is awesome FOR THE PRICE.

There are 4 reasons for me to recommend this:

1) It's bright enough to use during the day. Right now, it's 4:30pm, on an overcast day, and daylight is entering my two south-facing living room windows. With the projector 9 feet from a wall directly opposite the windows (giving me an image that is roughly 6 feet across), the image is acceptable. Pull the curtains, and the image is better. Wait until night time? Better still. The point is, although this is not a high-powered projector (it couldn't possibly be, for the price), it's quite acceptable. Are the kids having a sleepover? This would be a great way to entertain them.

2) The Roku Streaming Stick setup was as smooth as could be. In fact, I did all the setup without even opening the manual. Since I already have a Roku box, setting this up was even easier. Once I logged in with my Roku account, the setup included putting all the same channels on the stick that were already on the box. I also have the iPhone app that lets me control my Roku box. I tried the app with the Roku stick, and it worked flawlessly. Really, this could not have been an easier process. (Side note: Even though it put the Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu channels on there for me, I still need to go through the one-time "linking" of each account with the stick.)

3) The output is 720p. At first, I doubted this...the projector started up in 480p mode. But as soon as I connected the streaming stick, it automatically switched to the higher-resolution 720p mode. [UPDATE...this accepts inputs up to 720p...but output is NOT 720p. Be sure to read the comment thread after this review.]

4) It works with my iPad! This was a pleasant surprise. Knowing nothing about the Roku streaming stick, I had expected that the stick had a USB interface. I was wrong. It has an HDMI interface. So, I wondered, since I have an HDMI connector for my iPad: Could I connect the iPad to the projector? The answer: YES! I was able to mirror my iPad on the 3M projector. In fact, I tried the Netflix iPad app, and it worked perfectly (including pushing the audio through to the projector).

My ONLY complaint is that the sound from the projector is too quiet. For something that is supposed to be able to project a large image, one might expect that the sound would be comparable. It is not. In fact, the projector has a cooling fan that runs all the time, and I can actually hear the fan over the audio. Fortunately, there is a 3.5mm jack that can be used for external speakers or for headphones.

Don't expect to be blown away, and you won't be disappointed. This is a handy little projector, with better than expected versatility and image quality. Definitely good for the price!
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on April 6, 2013
We are a tech family, we have ipads, laptops and smart phones. We have 1 tv, and do not pay for cable. I wanted a way to watch movies downstairs but my husband and I didn't want to buy a tv and then some sort of furniture to support it. We did not want our tv to become the center of our living room. I thought about finding a fancy projector and mounting it to the ceiling and doing that, but man is that ever expensive and not really good during the day anyway.

An ad or promo for this popped up on amazon's home page and I quickly clicked it. I was very interested, as we have a roku and love it. Its how we watch amazon rented movies, and netflix for the kids. When I need a break, Netflix is our friend and so the roku is our best friend.

You MUST buy a little tiny stretchy tripod for it, one came up as a recommended accessory and it was $3 and very flexible so we bought it, it's been perfect. I set it on a box on my bed and it takes up half the wall and we all snuggle in bed and watch movies, I've even projected it in the bathroom and in closets. Yes its hard to see in bright light, yes its hard to see if you don't have curtains and its a sunny day. This doesn't bother me at all and for the price I can totally deal with it. Its easy to fix by getting up and walking into a room with less windows.

Other reviews talk about the following items which do not bother us: I felt that I had no problems with the sharpness, its sharp enough, no problems with the brightness, its bright enough in particular at night, and no cons with the sound, it does the job.

If you leave it unplugged, it seems to loose its charge even if its off. That was disappointing. It was brand new when it did this after its first charge, so maybe we got a glitchy one. This has not prompted me to try to return it or exchange it because we LOVE it. I just leave it plugged in all the time now so its ready for when I want to unplug and go wire-free.
They need to fix this, if its more then just me experiencing it.

The sound is not super loud, I plan to eventually get a nicer speaker for the living room to hook up to a stereo and make sure I have a way to hook this up to it too, so we can have loud sound for sleepovers. If no one talks, you can heat it just fine, but if its loud or the dish washing machine is running, it can be harder to hear. Its fine if there is no other noise though and the girls have not complained.
I doubt they can make this better without making the unit larger.

The remote seems "line of site" and sometimes seems not to work but its just that you need to point it the right way.
They need to make that better.

We adore it, we adore it, we adore it. So glad we got this instead of a 2nd tv. Super easy to set up, super easy to use. I don't care about the cons, I now can't imagine living without it.
review image
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on December 14, 2013
I love my projector, finally! I was SO disappointed with the bad audio situation I almost sent it back. But there just wasn't anything else for under two big bills like it so I was determined to find a way to make it work; and I have! Here's what to do/buy:

1. You need a headphone amplifier and this is not only the least expensive I found, it works wonderfully well.

Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amp ($twenty):


2. The in and out jacks are 1/4 inch so, if you use 1/8 inch like I do, you will need quality adapters to fit one 1/8 inch cord to each of the speakers you intend to use and one for in between the projector and the amp. I got these and, together with the cables I got, they work great with no buzzing.

Everydaysource Gold-Plated 1 / 4 Audio to 1 / 8 Audio M / F Adapter, 6 Packs($six and thirty, with shipping):


3. You will also need quality male-to-male audio cables, one for each speaker and one for from the projector to the amp. For my needs, I got four of these.

BlueRigger 3.5mm(1/8") Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable (12 Feet) - Supports iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and other Smartphones($ depends on the length and amount you get):


Ta Da! Audio you can hear! Yes!!

Now, in regard to the fuzziness of the picture that others object to, the instructions say anything higher than 720p must be converted down for the picture to display sharply. I just make sure whatever I put on my iPad is 720p, or less, where crispness matters to me. The grandkids don't care, they just love to watch movies on the wall or when we're camping.

With this fix (which cost me a total of $fifty-eight and 30 cents for the amp, six adapters and four cables) and the screen I made from drapery backing fabric and grommets, we love movie nights!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 9, 2013
So, just how good is the picture quality?

♦Screen♦ Without a screen, the quality is very good, even on a dark wall. I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy with the picture quality. It was good enough for just me. Then I decided to buy a screen at the suggestion of other reviewers. In for a penny......

I purchased the DaLite 70 inch screen on Amazon, on sale for $68. Very high quality item. Installed easily with two eye hooks and a drill. Total installation time about 15 minutes max. Did the screen make a difference? WOW. Major WOW. I cannot believe the difference. Outstanding. Picture quality is on an entirely different level. What was slightly fuzzy in spots and somewhat dark is now much sharper, clearer, crisper and brighter. Best picture is with the lights off. Well worth the money and effort. I placed a link to the screen I bought below.

♦The sound♦ The sound is like a transistor radio. I went to BestBuy and bought external speakers for less than $50 and the sound difference is amazing. Well worth the investment. I placed a link to the speakers I bought below.

♦Stability/Adjustability♦ Initially I bought a small, flexible tripod for this unit. Cost was about $14. This was a bad move. Flexible tripods do not work well. So, I bought a real tripod. A real tripod was only $5 more. The difference is night and day. Your projector will need to be adjusted occasionally because not all TV shows/movies will project the same. For instance, seasons 1&2 of Farscape were the same size but season 3&4 were much bigger, so I had to move the projector closer to my screen. Tiny adjustments will alter the appearance. So, you need a really good tripod. I placed a link to the tripod I purchased below.

► In case it helps, for a seven foot screen the distance for most TV shows/movies is about 103 inches. Some movies/TV shows are bigger/smaller but most adjustments will need to be further away. The most distance I have had the Roku from my projector has been 111 inches. Remember, these sizes are for a 7 foot screen ONLY. You can purchases paint just for a projector wall and if the wall is big enough, you really wont have to move the projector.

► The Roku projector is good, especially for the price, but unless you add external speakers, a tripod and a screen, you are not going to get the best out of this unit. The difference is worth the extra purchases. If you could see "Legend Of The Seeker' playing on my bedroom wall now, for $368, you might agree this is a small investment for the size and quality. I seriously doubt I will ever purchase another big, expensive TV. Projectors are the way to go.

►$$$◄ My total investment, excluding first tripod, is about $368. $230/Roku, $68/screen, $50/speakers, $20/tripod. I also purchased Eclipse blackout curtains for my window but that is not totally necessary.

Sunpak 620-020 Tripod
Logitech Compact Speaker System Z320 for Notebooks
Da-Lite Screen 70INX70IN Model B Manual Screen Wall/ceiling -Matte White

Update 1/30

I love my big screen Roku even more after having it for a while. Of all the things I have bought from Amazon, this is my

► The video: The video is a short view of Stargate Atlantis while they are on a Hive ship. Hive ships are dark, so the darkness is suppose to be like this. Also, the first part of the video, they are watching the alien, Todd, on a broken monitor. The next part, where the screen looks skewed, is because I am shooting the video from the side of my bedroom from the bed.

Trust me, the projection is much better than what you see on this video. Much better.
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on May 13, 2013
Like others before me have stated, this projector is great for what it is. It is not a high-powered, 1080P projector. It is, however, pleasantly usable in the right conditions - especially when paired with the Roku app for iPhone, which eliminates the need for the very small included remote.
The right conditions for me are:
1. A dark room. I know this sounds obvious, but this is a 60 Lumen projector, not even as powerful as many entry-level projectors. But, in a reasonably dark room (think night time, or day-time with heavy curtains pulled and the lights off), the picture is bright and passable for most viewings. we have watched movies, baseball games, and tv shows)
2. An understanding of the projector's limitations and expectations that are reasonable. Like I said, it's not 1080p. not even close. It is technically 720p, but that is produced with a relatively weak light. The darker the room, the better. The more modest the projection size, the better. While it claims to able to project a 120" picture, i would not recommend this. We have had the best results with a screen size of 50-70 inches, which works out great for our back deck. There is a dial to help zero-in on the right focus.

Ideally, this projector is fun for stuff like sleep-overs, parties, and the ability to watch shows in a different way with your friends/family. For example, my son loves to watch Survivorman projected onto his ceiling. It is not ideal for serious or critical movie viewing. In this regard, i feel like the Gold Box price was right. I would not have paid the MSRP of $299 for this projector.

The size of the projector is very small, which allows for amazing portability, but also limits the performance. The speaker is small and underwhelming. There is, however, a line-out, which allows bigger speakers to be attached. I have an older pair of Altec-Lansing computer speakers that did the trick. The battery life is barely enough to make it through a 2 hour movie. i recommend plugging it in to watch anything longer than 2 hours, like a baseball game.

My favorite feature of the projector is the Roku input, which is an HDMI jack. The Roku stick streams flawlessly so far over our wifi, and it is easy to set up, especially with the roku app for your smartphone, which allows you to actually type passwords and usernames, rather than having to hunt and click with the little remote. But, you are not limited to Roku content. Because it is an HDMI jack you can plug anything from an ipad/iphone to a cable receiver into the projector. This makes viewing potential virtually limitless. Several times now, my wife and i have plugged my phone into the HDMI port and used the MLB the At Bat app to watch a game on the back deck. In that instance, the stock speaker was more than adequate to convey crowd noise and commentary.

Overall, i am satisfied with the projector because of it's size, fun-factor, and general performance. If you are looking for a super sharp 1080p experience, keep looking. If you want a reasonable picture and the ability to be a little creative with where you can view a movie, then consider it.
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on July 9, 2013
This thing is great, especially with the built-in Roku. We love it since it's so easy to watch movies by the pool. However, there's been a HUGE problem that I've tried to solve in many different ways. I didn't expect the sound from the unit to be loud. However, I would expect a "normal" or close-to-normal sound output line level, so that when you plug this into external speakers you can, you know, hear the move at all.
Here's what I tried:

- Plugging into a small boombox - no one could hear the movie
- Spent $70 on a go-groove type speaker and plugged that into the aux out - no one could hear when people were talking in the movie. However if I plugged that thing into my android or anything else, my wife would ask me to turn it down.
- Spent $220 on an EXTREMELY LOUD boom box (Sangean Fatbox - this thing is great check it out)
This boom box is so loud that if I crank it playing from FM or from aux-in from my droid or iPod... I'm pretty sure the cops will be coming to the house eventually.
So I also bought a headphone amplifier - a FiiO 6 - which seemed to QUADRUPLE the sound volume from e.g. my iPod.
So what happened when I plugged in the aux-in from the 3m Streaming projector, plugged that into the FiiO amplifier, and cranked the Fatbox to 40? It was louder, but people still had trouble hearing when people were talking. I was having a party and my solution was to plug my macbook into this device instead of using the roku stick, watch the movie from there - the sound output level was great and it was soooo loud. So... that worked but kind of defeats the purpose of the roku stick.

My recommendation would be to keep the above in mind ... you may still want this thing but plan on investing in an even better line-out amplifier (I think the FiiO 6 cost like $25 ... maybe their $50 model would dot the trick?).
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on May 11, 2013
Use of [...] alerted us to an Amazon Deal of the Day price of less than $170.00. Allowing that the Roku stick is valued at $100.00, our investment in our projector was less than $70.00, plus tax. Use of this web site will alert you to Amazon buys that are the most attractive to you.
An economical roll-up screen was produced with white poster board. Attaching picture hanging wire enabled us to hang our screen where a painting was usually displayed.
An ecomical pair of computer speakers (Cyber Acoustics suggested) provided the audio enhancement needed.
Remember to remove the protective cover on the end of the Roku stick before effecting the snug attachment to the projector. Origination and use of our new Roku account was quick and easy.
Because we primarily use our projector where access to AC is not a challenge, battery life is of no concern to us.
Video quality is better than you would be led to believe by some reviews. We most often produce about a 52" (measured diagonally) projection and have been pleased with the image. No the image is not 1080p or blu-ray, but is VHS comparable.
Audio quality, like the original tablets, demands the use of headphones or speakers. This is the primary feature 3M needs to improve. We deducted one star for this Achilles' heel.
The small and grossly inexpensive tripod should be a part of every order. Care should be exercised when using as it tips easily.
Because the tiny remote can be easily lost, special attention should be given to its safekeeping.
Our projector provides entertainment everywhere from our patio to our motorhome.
While improvements to this projector are inevitable, until that time it will provide us with many hours of enjoyment.
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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2013
I'm a Vine reviewer, but I did NOT get any of our Roku's as part of Vine. We purchased each and every one of them, and don't regret buying any of them, and we currently have 6 of them. One is with a child who has graduated from college and moved away, the other is with a child still in college. We have 3 regular Roku's, and the Roku projector - ours is mounted on a tripod.

There are really only 2 things to consider before you buy the projector. One is where will you place it/mount it, or will it be more mobile? And do you already have a screen? If not get a white screen, not a tinted screen, and don't plan to play movies on a wall. You just won't get the quality you would with a good white screen.

I would highly recommend this, as well as any of the Roku products!
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on January 1, 2014
I was a little skeptical before buying this product. I did a lot of research and decided to purchase. My kids LOVE this. I have connected it to the Xbox in our game room for an awesome picture. I have it set about 10 feet away from the wall and the picture quality is wonderful. I will use it outside to show a movie at my daughter party using her iPad. I had to buy and adapter but it was worth it. I haven't used to roku stick yet as I already had most of the apps on my iPad. Only drawback, you can only use the HDMI playback o. apple or kindle devices- no other android devices- tried to use with my husband's Samsung- no success.
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