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on December 3, 2008
Just want folks to be aware that these measure approximately 6.5" in length, or about an inch longer than a typical-sized incandescent bulb (like 60 or 100 W variety). I was interested in getting one of these to replace the 50/100/150 W incandescent bulb in my living room lamp (the tall, free-standing kind), but found it to be too long as it comes out of the top by about an inch. For now I am waiting for a company to come out with a CFL 50/100/150 equivalent that matches up in size better.
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If you're looking to move to more environmentally-friendly lighting, these are for you. These 3-way spiral fluorescent bulbs are wonderful. I haven't had mine long enough to address the extended lifespan. But they serve beautifully as a replacement for standard 3-way 50-100-150W incandescent bulbs.

The "color" of the light is very warm -- not at all like the greenish-bluish tone one usually associates with fluorescent light. It does take a few seconds for the full intensity of the light to develop at the 29W (150W-equivalent) level, so keep that in mind. It comes on fairly dim, then develops the bright light you expect in about 15 seconds or so.

I'm currently in grad school (an older "non-traditional" student), and I do a LOT of reading. I'd been going through standard 3-way bulbs about one every 3 months or so, so I was looking for a more economical solution. The claim for "7 year life" is based on 4 hours per day of use. I know I use mine a lot more than that (more like 18 hrs or so), so I don't expect 7 years. But if they last more than about 24 months, they'll pay for themselves.

Also, my local discount hardware store charges $22.99 apiece for the exact same bulb, so Amazon's price is a good deal.

UPDATE: It's now March 19, 2010, and I'm still using the SAME 3-way CFLs I wrote about above. One of them is in my living room, where it's in use on the highest setting from around 9:00am until around midnight nearly every day; another one is in the bedroom where it's on from around 5:00pm until around midnight. That's right -- these are the same bulbs I purchased in January 2008, and they're still going strong. They've MORE than paid for themselves. Maybe I lucked out or something (I've read some of the other reviews from folks who've had problems) -- but I'm definitely planning to continue using these, and will be replacing ALL light bulbs in my home with CFLs as the incandescent ones burn out.
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on December 7, 2010
Ok, the short version is this lamp works great. The main concern is if it will *fit* in your lamp, so check the dimensions carefully.

The "color" of this lamp is great and most would never guess it's a fluorescent lamp under the shade. But it's using about 1/5 the energy. It's also brighter than most when first turned on (CFL bulbs take a minute or so to reach full brightness).

There are many reviews claiming this lamp flickers, or only worked as a 1-way lamp, or died an early death, etc. While GE might have some quality issues, a more likely cause is 3-way lamp sockets tend to get "fried" from the extreme heat of 3-way incandescent bulbs (which can go up to 150 watts). 3-way bulb sockets also have less area for the added contact needed for 3-way bulbs which makes them more prone to problems. And the high heat, over time, corrodes the contacts in the socket. All this means 3-way lamps are way more likely to have contact problems. This is the fault of the LAMP not the BULB.

CFL lamps, being electronic devices, don't like to be turned on and off hundreds of times a day which is what's happening if you have a bad socket in your lamp that's causing flickering. So yeah, if you have an old lamp, with "fried" contacts, and you screw *any* CFL lamp in, and it flickers, it will probably have a short life span.

So, while I don't know for sure, I suspect many, if not nearly all, of the people complaining about problems with this (and any other 3-way CFL) bulb, have a bad socket in their lamp. CFL lamps, in their early days, had some major reliability problems. But they've been out for a long time now, have long warranties, and the manufactures have generally figured out how to make them reliable to avoid lots of warranty returns.

So before you screw an expensive bulb into your 3-way lamp, you might want to unplug it and use a pencil eraser to clean the 2 contacts at the bottom of the lamp socket just to be safe (unless it's a brand new lamp). The contacts should be bright and shiny. If they're discolored, dark, etc. you may have a problem.
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on November 29, 2013
GE Energy Smart 3-Way, 7 year Life 50/100/150 Replacement Uses Only 16/25/32W 600/1600/2150 Lumens Energy Star

I purchased three individual packs of these bulbs. They do not come in multiple packs. I also purchased the GE 100w replacement Energy Smart, longer life, soft white, multi pack, small size--not three way.

I wanted bulbs for my three-way bedside lamps. These are very expensive bulbs at $16.00 plus tax.

I wanted light bulbs that could be controlled according to my usage. I wanted to have a soft light for slumber and TV viewing, and a brighter setting for reading.

These were the most excellent bulbs in the store as it stated they last for 7.5 years. The package also states that this is based on the 3 hr. per day use.

I bought 3 of these bulbs at around $16.00 plus tax = $51.60

Thus far, I have blown 2 of these bulbs in the last 2 months.

First the low (50) blows then you have to move on to the next strength. Then that also blows and eventually you have nothing left.

There is a warranty but you must include your register receipt and the original UPC container. How many people retain the boxes for bulbs...what a joke.


Easy to install


Short life (1-2 months)
Oversized for most lamps
Contains mercury
Mailing fee if defective
Retain original UPC box for warranty

I do not recommend.
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on April 19, 2015
Very strange - The amazon web page and GE web site show this as a 50, 100, 150 watt replacement bulb. Even the photo of the box on the GE web site says 50 100 150. But the box I got says 40,75. 125W. See photo's attached. One is actual picture of product I received. Other is photo from GE website.

Note that both photo's says uses only 15, 25,32 watts, but the replacement brightness is different.
review image review image
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on December 28, 2011
I bought one of these at wally world for $7 and put it in one of two identical lamps in the living room. The brightness and color of this bulb is indistinguishable from the regular incandescent bulb in the other lamp. There is a short (<1 second) delay when turning it on. When increasing the brightness from "50W" to "100W" it seems to go to "150W" for a split second, then drops to "100W". I am very satisfied so far, if it lasts as long as it claims it will be a real winner, especially since the price of the old style 3 way bulbs is about $6!
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on June 1, 2014
I've been using every type of energy efficient bulb as soon as it becomes clear that the cost/benefit ratio is favorable. These should save you money, and meet the other criteria of correct color and lack of warmup problems. I bought 5 of these to use in our vacation condo and in our main house 9 months ago. At their usage rates, they should be around for about 20 years at home and about 50 years in the condo. One of them failed in about 4 months, where the 100W equivalent circuitry wouldn't work, so I had a 50 W bulb that would only work in a three way socket. It went to the CFL recycle at the local hardware superstore with the orange sign. On a second one the 50 W circuitry failed after 8 months, so I can still use it as a 100 W bulb, albeit a very large and cumbersome one. Unfortunately they are in that dead zone of product costs where it is hardly worth returning, but they are costly enough to annoy me.

An update--the 100 W circuitry failed about two months after the 50 W circuitry, again with only a few hours of light use. It also went to the recycle bin at the hardware store with the big orange sign.

This is just indicative of GE allowing their outsource suppliers use unacceptably cheap electronics in order to reduce cost at the expense of acceptable quality. I would like to think they are a leader in lighting world, but with attitudes like these they will, and deserve to be, wiped out of the market. I have no sympathy for them and wish their competitors well.
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on January 13, 2013
My preference is CF over incandescent wherever possible. So when our 3-way bulb gave up the ghost I ordered this GE product in spite of mixed ratings.

After seeing that the bulb only had one setting regardless of what setting the switch was at I inspected the contacts in both the lamp and on the bulb and they looked fine. I went to my local hardware store and picked up an incandescent 3 way and it worked just fine. Telling me that the issue was with the bulb rather than with the lamp.

Sent it back.
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on June 20, 2011
I just bought one of these at discount store (for 1/2 this price), and put it in one of my bedroom lamps. It works fine, although to me there is not much difference in the 100 watt and the 150 watt light. The light itself is a pleasant color, a little different than the the soft white of the incandescent, but not that disconcerting alien-landing color like the "Reveal." However, I tried to put in a lamp in my living room, and that harp is too short...for this light bulb. There is plenty of room for the regular bulb. I will either have to buy longer harps for those lamps (which might make them look strange or out of proportion), or wait until they come out with some really "compact" fluorescent 3-way bulbs.
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on September 3, 2009
I am so thrilled that they came out with energy efficient 3-way light bulbs! These are terrific and I couldn't be happier. There is one word of caution. These bulbs are very large so be sure to measure the height between the socket and the finial. I have nine 3-way lamps for which I purchased the bulbs. The new bulbs fit perfectly into 5 of them. The simple solution for the other lamps was to visit a lamp supply store and purchase new harps for the other 4. (The new harps cost only $1.65 each.) The new bulbs are working very well, and I think you will enjoy them.
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