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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Backpack for every possible use
I am not military or LE, I simply want a backpack that doesn't advertise itself as "I'm expensive, think about robbing my owner" when travelling in foreign countries. I currently own 2 different Northface bags (typical school "book bag" types) and an Osprey Stratos 24. The Osprey is better than the Northface bags but I feel conspicuous using it - my mistake...
Published on February 8, 2012 by Pehn Kname

75 of 81 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Quality Control?
I wanted very badly to like this backpack. I could not have been more excited to see the UPS guy pull up today. When I pulled it out of the box, it became obvious that the quality control on these things is sub-par. While the bag itself seemed to be very functional, and all of their advertisements seemed to be accurate, several of the straps and zippers on the one I...
Published on March 21, 2012 by Joshua J. Sutton

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94 of 94 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Backpack for every possible use, February 8, 2012
I am not military or LE, I simply want a backpack that doesn't advertise itself as "I'm expensive, think about robbing my owner" when travelling in foreign countries. I currently own 2 different Northface bags (typical school "book bag" types) and an Osprey Stratos 24. The Osprey is better than the Northface bags but I feel conspicuous using it - my mistake really...should only be used for hiking. Size wise, this bag looks the same as the Northface

I got the 5.11 Covrt18 bag (navy) a week before I traveled to 3 islands in the Caribbean. The bag is good looking without standing out in any way. It has the standard laptop case which is fine. This bag really stands out in 3 ways from my perspective:

1) Spaciousness of main compartment
2) Weight distribution/comfort
3) Size and organization (ie functionality) of additional compartments

I stored passports, 4 days of clothing, a Canon DLSR, 2 books (1 was 1100 pages), 3 phone chargers, camera charger, snacks, earplugs, headphones, writing paper & pens. I carried this onto the plane and was able to fit it under the seat(aisle seat) with minimal shoving.

The main compartment is surprisingly big. I was able to put clothing on all 4 sides of my camera without feeling like i was crushing it. It has 2 grommeted holes on the bottom, which at first I didn't like - thinking water would get in - but I quickly realized I'd never put my bag down in a puddle. The holes let the lint and cruft fall out vs my other bags which require periodic upside down shakeouts. The holes are smaller than a dime so you can still toss your change wherever is easiest.

I don't understand why this bag is so comfortable compared to the others I own. Yes, the shoulder straps are cushioned but thats never bothered me. Rather, the weight seems to be better distributed? I don't feel like I need to walk hunched forward slightly and frankly forgot I had it on when standing at the airport for 6 hrs.

The northface bags have 700 zippers, straps, openings but I hated them. The Covrt18 makes perfect sense - the 2ndary compartments don't 'black hole' your stuff when you need to get things out. The arrangement makes it easy to recognize which compartment you're opening. My 2 favorites are the very top compartment, lined with soft material. Perfect for sunglasses, cellphone, keys, earbuds, gum & other things that you may need to pull out frequently. The other is the 2 overlapping square compartments on the outside - perfect for throwing passports in one and paper/notes in the other.

I've only had it for 2 weeks now so I can't comment on durability but have no reason to question it. Yes it is slightly more expensive than other bags but when I add up the 3 I've purchased prior to Covrt18, it's close to $200 spent trying to find the right bag. Buy the right one first.

UPDATE: July 2012
I've used this about 6 times so far and it's still in like-new condition. I haven't found any problems or 'cons' since the original review. I took it to Italy for a week and to Las Vegas for a 3 day weekend. For Vegas this was the only thing I brought - fit 2 shorts, 1 jeans, pair of dress shoes, 6 shirts, bathing suit, toiletries and a kindle - room for more. If you don't already roll everything for packing I'd suggest trying it out with this. The bundle method is better for avoiding wrinkles with suits and dress shirts IMO...
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3.0 out of 5 stars Quality Control?, March 21, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 5.11 Covrt18 Backpack (Sports)
I wanted very badly to like this backpack. I could not have been more excited to see the UPS guy pull up today. When I pulled it out of the box, it became obvious that the quality control on these things is sub-par. While the bag itself seemed to be very functional, and all of their advertisements seemed to be accurate, several of the straps and zippers on the one I ordered were either already broken (zippers on the inside pockets, which I was able to fix after fiddling with it for about a half hour), or they broke upon their first use (the right hand elastic strap on the water bottle holder popped the first time I tried to cinch it up). I am returning this bag, and am now debating whether I should try another one or not. I was purchasing this for a trip I am going on in a week, and I just hope that I can get another unit that fast if I decide to get another one of these. I am not sure what the quality control process is for these, but it seems that it needs to be adjusted. Had I have paid half the price for this backpack, it wouldn't be a big deal, but at this price to have things breaking on the backpack right out of the box is unacceptable. Very disappointing from a backpack of this caliber...

Ok, I did indeed wind up purchasing another one, and this time with better results. I have since been to Korea, China, backpacking, fishing, and have used it at the office every day, and it has actually been a great little backpack. It is indeed laid out well, and it just adapts so well to so many different scenarios. It is also well balanced and extremely comfortable. I bumped it up a star (really wanted to give it 3 1/2, but half in not an option). The reason I didn't go up to five with it is because I am still a little concerned that I heard nothing at all from the company. In fact, I even sent them a contact through their website and nothing. The other thing I am very concerned about is that I left a similar review on the the companies website which never got posted. It is always a little shady to me when a website lets you "review" products, but the negative ones never post. This is akin to false advertisement if you ask me.

In summary, the backpack itself (second time around) is actually really good and I am glad overall that I gave it another shot. The company does not seem to be concerned with pleasing their customers (at least average Joes...maybe it would be different if I were in the service or in law enforcement...), nor will they allow honest feedback on their website's posted comments and "ratings." Again, for a backpack of this price that is in competition with other companies who offer lifetime warranties on their products, this seems like an unwise practice.

There you go! Now you decide...
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Backpack, August 31, 2011
This well thought-out backpack has lots of room and many pockets for organization. The padded laptop sleeve is as good as any other backpack's; a 17" MacBook Pro will *just* fit, though the top corners are very close to the top of the bag. The side-entry pocket is great for stowing an iPad - our you can use the big front pocket for the same purpose. The two small pockets on the front are perfect for small items you want to get to quickly like USB sticks, ear-buds or change. The "admin" pocket on the front-top has plenty of room for pens, business cards, small note pads and other "office supplies". The main compartment where the laptop can be stowed expands quite a bit, you could drop a 3" binder in there along with the laptop. There is no dedicated "paperwork" pocket like you find in most laptop backpacks, but you can use the main compartment or, if it's just a folder or two, a great place is the compartment that can also hold the hydration pack. The mesh zippered pockets in the main compartment are great for stowing whatever you want to carry that needs to be contained/organized.

This bag is more than just a laptop bag, it is intended to be used in the field and is just as tough as a typical day-hiking bag by one of the major outdoor bag manufacturers. On a recent trip, I dumped out all my business stuff and put in a hydration bladder, first aid kit, snacks, maps, etc and went on an all day hike. The shoulder straps and sternum strap are well designed and distribute the weight of the backpack to keep your shoulders and back from getting sore on long treks. The surfaces that contact your back, shoulders and chest are made of a semi-breathable padding to help keep you cooler and the padding on the back has a channel for ventilation. The empty weight is very light, the fabric is water repellant and most of the zippers have rain covers that keep (much)water from leaking through the zippers and into the bag. After a trip from the US to Europe then Asia and back the backpack still looks brand new and will certainly last for years. This is a great bag and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new laptop backpack.

One last comment about carrying the 17" MacBook. My laptop is in a Speck Products lexan case that will protect it from bumps, but does add about 3/16" to the dimensions. With the case, the laptop still fits fine. Because there is virtually no room left at the top of the bag, I was concerned about the top corners of the laptop rubbing on the fabric and causing wear. I put a 2"x3" patch of moleskin on each upper inside surface where this contact could occur, just in case. The moleskin has been there for over a month and shows no sign of wear and isn't trying to peel off, and there is no sign of wear on the outside of the bag.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A bag that fits my life, September 20, 2013
C. Siano (Massachusetts) - See all my reviews
I got the Mantis Green/Dark Oak as a gift and while I was a little apprehensive, it has turned out to be a really good bag.

I seem to always be doing something that requires hauling stuff around. Be it work, kid's sports, etc., I've always had some kind of bag to hold stuff.

Some of the features I really like:

Padded laptop sleeve.
Administration compartment
HUGE water bladder compartment
Removable stiffening panel
Hidden Molle/velcro attachments
"Sunglass" compartment
Interior pockets
Very nice yoke handle
Comfy straps.
Small enough to fit in the top case on my motorcycle.

Couple of things that could be improved:

Bottle holders need to be about 1" deeper. The diameter holds a 1 quart Nalgene bottle, but the cinch does not reach the neck, so an empty bottle can be pushed/creep up in the pocket. I have yet to have one fall out, but it could be so much better if it was just a tad larger. Also, it might be nice to not be as tight so that one of the Ti cups that the Nalgene bottles nest in could be inserted. The current pocket is tight on just the bottle.

Two rows of Molle could be placed above the bottle pouches. Would make it much easier to mount a radio holder than having to use the compression strap.

What might be even more useful would be to create a slightly larger bottle holder on one side and have a long zippered pocket on the other. With the hydration bladder, I don't really need two bottle holders, but I could use another compartment for long items like light sticks, folding saw, etc. I currently use a bottle holder for this, but it looks strange.

I, as others have mentioned, would prefer a thicker fabric on the bottom. The drain holes are kind of pointless. Straps to allow the attachment of a jacket or sleeping pad would be nice too.

But don't get me wrong, these are all fairly minor issues overall. As with anything, there can always be something better. Now, let me tell you what really works on this pack.

First, it does NOT look military. A can not stress how important this is. It is a bag that I feel perfectly fine dragging to the office, up a mountain or on a plane (well, that last one needs a very careful culling of items to be legal). Granted, I have a lot of repacking to do as I swap activities, but I love the fact that I can use the same pack so that the fit and access remains the same.

The main pocket is used for the everyday. I keep a Seattle Sports Camp Bucket with a Wilderness Medical Bivvy folded inside at the bottom of the pack. Both to provide some reinforcement for the bottom, and to add some structure to the bottom of the pack. On top of this I have a zip lock with a change of clothes and on top of that is my rain poncho, a repackage of some MRE type food items, and a first aid kit. Even with all this, plenty of room exists in the pocket. Easily can add a folded/rolled barn style insulated jacket and my lunchbox. The laptop sleeve holds my 14" VAIO easily, but I usually keep papers and my tablet in the pocket. I've been very pleased that papers don't get ruined in the pocket, so I can easily take work home when needed.

There are 2 zippered mesh pockets opposite the laptop sleeve. One is roughly in the middle of the pack and the other is near the top. Good for stashing the smaller items that usually end up at the bottom if just tossed in. Best of all, if you don't have anything in there, they stay out of the way.

The hydration compartment is huge. Holds my 3 liter Platypus easily with plenty of room to spare. In fact, I might be able to stick two of these side by side although it would be rather tight (not to mention heavy). I can't fill the bladder completely full as the thickness becomes an issue, but I have the same problem with other packs. Still looking for the ideal bladder that is thin and wide. Stuck between the back sheet and a laptop, anything too thick just rides strange. Thankfully, I can live easily with under 2 liters and that spreads out nicely. The compartment opens nearly all the way to the bottom of the pack. If you don't need the hydration, you could stick a small notebook computer, tablet, or a sizable book in this area.

Speaking of the back sheet, this is the first pack I've seen where you can fairly easily replace it. A velcro sealed opening allows easy access. A kevlar lining or other ballistic insert could be added. There is a good deal of padding between the sheet and your back, so needing something that breaths is not a concern. I've replaced the sheet with a similar material, but in a high vis lime/yellow color so that it can be used for attracting attention if the need arises. One of the 'features' of this pack is that nothing reflects. If you want to hide, it can help, not hinder you.

The padding against your back is a textured material that seems to breath very nicely. There is no padding right along your spine which opens up an air gap and reduces some weight. Near the bottom of the pack is a tougher material that would resist wear when riding on a belt or belt mounted gear.

The shoulder straps have the same material as the back padding on the inside and are nicely padded to keep their shape all the way to the lower adjustment straps. The adjustment straps buckle to the shoulder straps, so you can mount pouches to the straps if desired. They also have sleeves to control the free end of the adjustment strap - a nice feature. The sternum strap also has a free-end control sleeve. The sternum strap also has a nice elastic feature that allows for some motion. This is a really nice feature as I can snug up the strap but still never feel as if I'm being bound as I move.

At the top of the shoulder straps is the yoke/carry handle. This is a very nice feature. Since I 'carry' the pack from the car to my home and from the car to my office more than anything, it's usually easiest to just grab by the handle and go. This handle is in the right spot and very comfortable. Much better than the standard strap loop.

Between where the shoulder straps attach is the exit for the hydration drink tube. It is an elastic panel under a slit You pass the tube over the panel and out the slit in whatever direction you want the tube to go. It works just fine.

The pack does ride low. I don't find this an issue, but if you have a short torso, this might be a problem.

There is a buckle on each side of the pack at the base of the adjustment straps so that you can add a waist belt to the pack. While I have not seen a need, the ability for some people to distribute weight to the hips is a nice addition.

On the top of the pack is a small compartment with a nice fleece type lining. Ideal for even the largest pair of glasses, your cell phone, or other small item you want to be pampered. If you have a massive laptop in the bag, this pocket might interfere with it, so be careful when you try this out. Most of the time, this little pouch just uses the empty space at the top of the bag. The compartment is zippered from either end, so you can get into it from either side. I can't see you doing this while wearing it, but I suppose some people could. I was unable to place a GPS device in this pouch and get a reliable track as I hiked. Oh well, it was worth trying.

On either side of the main compartment is a mesh waterbottle pocket with a drawstring top. As stated earlier, they will fit a quart Nalgene very snugly. The bottom of the pockets are not flat, but use a pinched and sewn method of closing it off. Had it been a flat bottom, the drawstring might be able to secure the bottle in the pocket.

On the back. near the top is the small admin compartment. Double zipper allows you to place the zipper where you want. No storm flap over the zipper,so to keep water out, its best to keep the zippers to one side or the other and not centered. Inside, the pocket extends down roughly as far as the opening is high. This allows for larger items, but makes smaller items vanish. Or, as in my case, allows you to hide some things down at the bottom. I stuck a diamond knife sharpener down on the bottom. A divider splits the space front and back into two, and there are two smaller pockets on the front of the divider. These smaller pockets fit a 5"x3" notebook very nicely. There are also slots to stick pens. The rear pocket easily holds a 4"x6" medical guide and my repeater directory. A small panel is velcroed into this area 'hinged' at the top for mounting your badge or ID and can be set so that it lies over the cover of the compartment. Anything mounted to this would have to be sewn or pinned to the panel. Some velcro here might be a nice addition. I'd also have preferred if the panel were reflective or high vis in color.

Below the admin compartment is the "roll down" compartment. The zippers open it up nearly 90% and there are elastic pieces to secure the rolled cover so that the attachment grid is visible. The upper part is covered in velcro and the lower in a Molle attachment. I'm not really sure what they expect to have put in here as there isn't a lot of room. Unless the item is really thin, the cover can't be closed. I attached a Maxpedition Khaki/Foliage Hook-&-Loop Zipper Pocket to the velcro to hold the bulk of my EDC tools. (Pocket Survival kit, flashlight, rescue whistle, insect head net, sunblock, and Windmill lighter) The rest of the compartment barely has room for the GPS, spare battery holder, package of TP, Sea to Summit Ti utensils, fixed blade knife, and folding trowel. I know it sounds like a lot, but in reality, it's a pretty small space.

The roll down cover has several features that are worth mentioning. There is two side access pockets. The one on the right side of the pack is the larger. It opens to the inner most compartment. The left side opens on top of that one. I have two large bandannas in the larger and a cheap emergency poncho in the smaller. I would not insert anything stiff as that makes opening the compartment tough. There is a strap on either side sewn so that you have several loops to tie to. With those and the lower loops that are to hold the roll-down open, you can easily string some bungee cord to create a nice bike helmet holder.

One compression strap on either side up near the admin compartment allow you to cinch down the main compartment. However, the tighter you make these, the smaller the opening you have to access the main compartment. I find that I need to unzip and unclip one compression strap to really open up the main compartment to access the laptop. I'm glad its only one as I needed the other strap to mount a radio holder for my HAM radio.

This just leaves the CCW compartment. It resides between the main and admin/Molle compartments. It is accessed from either side by a zipper that sits at the bottom of the pack when closed. Each zipper opens the compartment quite wide and provides generous access. There is a large patch of loop side velcro on the side of the main compartment. You use this to attach a hook velcro based holster. I generally don't like off-body carry, so I don't use this much. However, when hiking, I dislike traditional holsters and have put my 1911 in here fairly easily using a Maxpedition holster. Mounted vertically, it's quite secure, but not the easiest to draw quickly. There really isn't any place to add a mag pouch as the bag sits. A larger velcro patch would make that possible. I would not recommend just 'tossing' the mag in as the zippers open from the bottom and having a mag drop out isn't a great idea. I do like the fact that the zippers work totally different than the others. They are also different in that they have no plastic cap on the pull cords. I have also replaced the cord on these with a color that blends with the pack. Less obvious that they are there.

Anyway, it's a nice everyday pack. It's does not scream "mall ninja", but still carries many of the desired features. I also like the fact that the pack is not reflective unless I want it to be. Great for setting up a quiet camp in an area that might not be so permitted. (^_^)
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1.0 out of 5 stars QUALITY ISSUES, October 23, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I finally convinced my wife to let me order her a EDC bag. I did a lot of research and decided on the 5.11 COVRT 18. I read the review from J. Sutton (posted on this site) and was a little concerned however I decided to order 2 of the bags anyway. That was a mistake! Upon arrival, the one I ordered for my wife was damaged / broken. The top carrying handle was torn in two. I examined it further and it appears the handle was yanked on until it gave way and broke through the middle. The stitching around the handle was frayed and, well, it was completely sheared in two (in the middle). I've never seen a pack handle do this! This should have been caught by quality control as it was an OBVIOUS defect in workmanship and is the first thing I noticed as I pulled it out of the packaging (unless a disgruntled employee shipped it in this manner??!!). I examined the pack I ordered for me and found other frayed / loose stitching which made me nervous. I called 5.11 but was directed to a voice mail. I left two messages explaining the quality / damage issues but never received a phone call back. BOTTOM LINE: This pack is definitely sub-par when it comes to quality. I would not trust it in the field. I've heard other police officers say 5.11 has been producing gear with issues recently, but I didn't believe it until I saw it. Buyer beware! My search continues for a well built EDC pack. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I have lost confidence in 5.11's quality and customer service.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 99% Great and better than expected, September 22, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 5.11 Covrt18 Backpack (Sports)
I had some concerns about the weight after reading the reviews online. 500D fabric might be too lightweight was my thought. I wanted very durable yet, carry weight is a factor, too. My concealed carry is a .45 full size and with a few 14 round mags and my gear, what weight I do carry has to be mostly gear, not the bag for my sarisfaction. The zippers are great and while some reviews said the pulls were light so they replaced them, I see no problem with them. The fabric is tough enough, lots of easy access. I like the pouch for glasses, zipper is high and easy to use, pouch is large enough for any pair, plus.
More little features like loops for tie off locaions than I expected, an excellent feature. Stiching is excellent and all of the seams are well finished. The color is all I hoped for, better then the picture lead me to think. Everything about this bag says quality and now with a month or so of dailey use I can say there are no more concerns about how sturdy it is.

The only thing I can say for improvement is the velcro area for the concealed carry compartment could be larger. Not enough for both a holster and a mag pouch. I had to sew in some more myself but there is enough room so that's a positive.

The handle on top is exceptionaly well placed and the shoulder straps are the best of any of my bags. I use this bag every day for my work. I am in and out of rental cars, airplanes and offices and the bag gets pulled, dropped, clipped by elevator doors and tossed to the floor more times a day than I can count, none the worse for it, not even a blemish. Yes, only a month but this is not my first backpack or my second and I know what to expect. The pouch for pens, business cards, and accessories works well is easy to use and get to, holds plenty for my use. I would not hesitate to buy again or refer a friend. It is by far the best backpack I own.

I should mention, like many, I frequently carry my pack over one shoulder rather than pull it on comletely. This is where the 5.11 pack outshines my other bags. It stays on my shoulder and is comfortable beyond what I have experienced with any other pack. This might be my favorite feature of this backpack. DOn't underestimate the value of this feature if you frequently carry long distances like walking several blocks in the city or completely across an airport. Not performing constant shifting of the bag on one shoulder is something you might not even notice at first, but once you realize it, well, that's why it's my favorate feature.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best tactical but un-tactical looking pack I've ever owned., August 19, 2012
I am a firearms and CHL (Concealed Handgun License) instructor. I am constantly looking for a backpack or other way of carrying my work gear that does not look Tacticool and, therefore, broadcasts to the world "THIS GUY IS CARRYING A GUN!!" This bag is perfect for carrying all work day essentials. I have a HUGE 17" Dell laptop that fits in the main compartment perfectly. I also have a full sized Glock .45 with 2 mags, and a S&W snubby with speedloader in the velcro concealed compartment. My last backpack seemed to be so heavy, but it's stuff I use every day so I have to carry it around. I have no idea what the deal is with this backpack, but I swear the exact same load out I carried in my lst pack FEELS lighter in this backpack. I guess it's the location/spacing of the straps...not sure. But I love it. I also should mention that I'm 6'7" and have broad shoulders, and this pack fits fine (for those that find it hard to fit a good backpack).

I love the sporty, pleasant looking colors offered and love even more that it does not scream TACTICAL!

Buy it. You will not be disappointed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Nice quality, near perfect., June 12, 2013
Josh (Saint Paul, MN, USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 5.11 Covrt18 Backpack (Sports)

This is a nice, innocuous backpack. I bought it because I love the quality of 5.11 bags, but hate the paramilitary look. I thought for certain this was exactly what I needed. It was expensive, but worth it if I could have the functionality of the 5.11 bags without the eye-catching look.

So far I am not disappointed.

Some recommendations:

* You can fit 3x 5" Condor pouches side-by-side in the outermost pocket (which contains a huge bit of MOLLE webbing). I highly recommend buying these.
* You can also fit 2x 7" pouches, as well as a flashlight or knife sheath. This is my current configuration.
* The side-access pocket is perfect for a quick-access notebook

*********** First Impressions: *************

+The layout of pockets, pouches, and compartments is very good.
+The usual pen-and-pencil organizer pouch is placed above, near the top, for easy access.
+The side-entry pocket can carry a laptop easily
+The outermost pocket easily tears away revealing a bunch of MOLLE webbing. This layout helps a lot with the "bottom-heavy" feel of most backpacks.
+The side pockets are large enough for a huge coffee mug,
-but just barely fit a 40 oz tall canteen be warned.

Nothing special over my other 5.11 bags: I expect this kind of quality.

Back to the outermost zipper: it opens to a mesh of MOLLE, and nothing else. I'll have to use a handful of MOLLE pouches to store anything in it.

I understand the versatility of this choice, but adding the cost of a few decent pouches to the already substantial cost of this bag is too much. I think a few pockets in the outer compartment would have been a better choice. But, if anyone is seriously considering carrying a firearm and ammunition, this is a good place for it. Some clip-down flashlights and tools fit in there nicely as well.

+Inside the main compartment are two zippered webbed compartments. and a padded laptop pocket.
-The bottom fabric is clearly too thin. I don't expect this to hold up nearly as well as the reinforced bottoms of my other 5.11 and Bugout bags.

My last backpack lasted me nearly 12 years and only needed minor stitching. While I doubt this one is up to that task, it is a solid pack with a well-thought-out layout. I'll update after a few long hauls.

************ 1 Month Update: ******************

I'm updating after a month of bike and bus commuting.

+ The zippered webbing in the main compartment is a great touch! This is a *perfect* weekend travel bag, with a small enough profile to be used for every day commuting.
+ The fit is very comfortable. It sits nicely and doesn't shift much when you run (unlike many of my other bags, including my 12-year favorite mentioned above).
+ The laptop protection is better than I thought it was. It is protected from bottom impacts by some padding. I'm no longer terrified to leave my laptop in the bag.
- There's no frame, so pulling too hard on the shoulder straps may bend a laptop in the laptop compartment. But that's hardly a complaint.

The bag has NOT let me down. A great purchase, the quality of 5.11 without the para-military look.

************ 2 Month Update: ******************

- One of the draw strings on the side web pockets has broken. It's ok since they evidently sewed the draw-string in place (nice), so no functionality was lost.

************ 6 Month Update: ******************

+ I added some clamps to the top sunglasses pocket, to attach external gear. The seams held up well and it can now support a lot of weight on top. I really appreciate the good design of this bag.

The bag has held up to daily use so far. I see it lasting quite a long time. I've upgraded to 5 stars.

I highly recommend getting molle pouches for the outermost pocket. I adds a ton of convenience!
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2.0 out of 5 stars good bag but several flaws..needs to be updated and improved, May 21, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: 5.11 Covrt18 Backpack (Sports)
The 5.11 Covrt 18 is a nice bag. What makes it nice is there is not much of a choice if you want a tactical type bag that does not scream out tactical.
I really wanted to love this bag, but i cannot...I like it but i do not know if i will keep it.
The handle hits me in the back of the neck. I like to have the pack ride higher and the handle will not allow it. I would like them to remove it and put it and inch or more further back or on top of the bag.

The water bottle holders are too tight for the 32oz, nalgene bottles that it was designed for. They do fit but very tight, especially if the bag is loaded. When loaded it makes it difficult for the bottle to squirm into the pouch. I also do not like the mesh pouch. I would like it to be the same fabric as the pack and a little wider so i can slide the bottle in easier and also with the stainless cups that are made for the 32 oz nalgene to nest in. If the pouches were made of self material I would then have the option of not using the bottles ( i do have the hydration system )and then I could stuff other items into it and use the draw string closure.

There should also be a compression strap at the lower end of the bag similar to the one set that is already there.

I would like to see the large compartment open up all the way ( a full clam shell opening ) I do not like items falling into the bottom and it would also make it easier to pack. ( inside compression straps would then be a nice addition.)

The large weapon pocket is no good and can be very embarrasing in my opinion.
The zipper opens the wrong way. It should open from the top down, not the bottom up. My reasons....I held the pack by the shoulder strap...i had to tug the zipper it got stuck...if i would have pulled down it would have been more natural, with more force. The big reason opening a pocket from the bottom is not that if something falls to the bottom.( like the weapon or a magazine ) and you open the pocket from the bottom...especially in a tense situation..and ...ooops what falls out ???. I would want my bag to open from the top. This way i could even put something on the bottom of the pocket if i wanted to and not worry about it.
Also the velcro patch should have been larger so as to not dictate where the weapon should be placed.

The 2 zipper pouches on the front pouch could be improved. No need for the fancy curved stitching that makes the pocket much smaller than it needs to be. Just sew the stiches in a straight line so the pockets will then be larger and more rectangular and therefore more useful. At the same time the rows of ribbon that allow bungee cord to be threaded though should have the top one on each side open so there would then be 4 eyes to thread the cord through instead of 3.

I would also like to see above the water bottle holders ( on the side of the pack) a couple of rows of molle in self fabric to keep the civilian look in mind. this way I can add small pouches above the bottles or if i do not use it for the bottles i can add a sheath with knife, or other attachements.

I do not like the holes (grommets ) on the bottom of the bag. I do not like to worry about what i set the bag down onto. I do not want water,sand or whatever to enter the bag. and I do not need critters crawling in.

the bottom of the bag had no additional padding or heavy material. The plastic box i had in the bag presses against the material and then when put down the thin material on the bottom will cause it to wear. I would like to see the bottom have a water proof material added. In addition it would be nice to add tie down straps on the bottom to add the ability to tie on a sleeping bag or pad or jacket.

The shoulder straps that have the velcro strip to accept the pouches that 5.11 is coming out with could be a mistake. I do not really know if it will be a mistake, i just do not think they should try to make a proprietary pouch. If they do it might hurt them. Remember SONY Beta vs. VHS. Even though Beta was a better system...the market was mostly VHS. Soooo 5.11 be careful here...the market has its not hurt the customer base you want to build.

It might have been nice to have the laptop sleeve removable and the strap to secure it should have had a quick release buckle for adjustments.

note: if you have a large laptop you will lose part of the small pouch above it. I could not put my glasses in the pouch when i had the large laptop...but that is ok for me. Like many bags...when you fill one it can use up space in the area it is next to.

Some of the items i mentioned are flaws in my opinion and some would add more versatily to the bag...I want to see a nice bag become a great bag.

I just received this pack and tried it for a week. I am sure i will have more to say. I believe 5.11 will sell lots of this pack, primarily because they were first to make what we have been waiting so long for. I am sure that their competition has also waken up and we should see more of these non tactical looking tactical bags. I am on the fence as to deciding if i want to keep this bag.
It is tough for me to decide on how many stars...some faults for me are making me lean towards returning the bag. The biggest thing 5.11 has going for it, is that there is not another bag like it( that i know of )
and people will buy it.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good quality backpack!!!, April 26, 2013
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This review is from: 5.11 Covrt18 Backpack (Sports)
I like this backpack a lot. The quality is very good. Its roomy, has plenty of pockets and is comfortable too. I do 5 mile runs with it on and fully loaded. It is as comfortable as my Kelty. If I could change anything it would be to add more MOLLE webbing in the main compartment. I've attached mag pouches to the MOLLE webbing in the outer pocket to hold my Glock magazines. I usually keep a knife, flashlight, seatbelt cutter, Leatherman, extra ammo and hearing protection. My problem is that all this stuff is just kind of thrown in the pockets and scattered all over. If there were more webbing, everything could be organized and in a certain place. To fix this I bought a Condor pack insert. Everything attaches nicely to that and I can remove it with everything attached and put it in other packs. I could have bought pack with webbing on the outside but It would defeat the purpose of a covert pack if everyone can see mag pouches attached to the outside. I also wish the compartment to keep your firearm in, had something to to secure it. Its a big pocket but without something to secure it, you'd be feeling around to locate it when you need it. These are all small things and I've rigged the pack up to remedy this. I would recommend this pack.
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