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on May 16, 2012
I ordered the LG 60PM6700 on Friday March 11th, with Free Supersaver Shipping, and it was already delivered this evening Wednesday March 16. That was fast! Two guys brought it in, set it up, and made sure everything was as it should be before I signed for it. I've only had it for about 6 hours, so I'll give my initial impression, then update it in a few days after having more experience with the set.

I had previously purchased a Panasonic TC-P60S30 from WalMart for a really good price, but in the end, I was not happy with its extremely dark picture and overall substandard picture quality, so I returned it.

Right off the bat this LG blows away the picture quality of the Panasonic model I had returned. Granted, this one cost me about $300 more, but I can tell you it's already worth it. So far I've tweaked the settings to where I like the color, brightness, contrast, and black levels. I used the Picture Wizard II, but then did a few more minor tweaks to suit my taste, which tends to lean towards a brighter picture. I did have an inexpensive Element Electronics 42" LCD sitting here while I was shopping for a replacement. I can say, the LG doesn't have quite the bright picture and vivid colors the smaller LCD has, but it does completely blow away the 60" Panasonic plasma I had returned. From what I've experienced, heard, and read, Plasma's just don't quite have the bright brilliant pop that LCD TV's do, but this LG looks pretty darn awesome. My tastes run towards a brighter picture, so I'm pretty picky when it comes to getting the settings I want from a TV. So far, I find this LG very pleasing. As far as the bright vivid picture I'm looking for, this set gets me where I want to be.

So far, I've viewed some HD Dish Network content (Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network), and it looked great. I then put on Rango through Netflix over the built in WIFI. The jury is still out on that since I'm not sure if my WIFI isn't the best, or the TV's WIFI isn't the greatest, but WIFI over my Panasonic BluRay player seems to look fine. I then connected a LAN cable to the TV and went back to viewing Rango through Netflix, and it looks great; almost DVD quality. I'll report back about the WIFI once I figure out if it's my WIFI network or if the TV's WIFI connection isn't the greatest.

Next I watched part of a DVD I burned to back up one of my movies (a DVD copy of a DVD movie) through my Panasonic DMP BDT210 BluRay player. The picture was crisp and clear, but I noticed a lot of motion judder. Even messing with the de-judder setting didn't help. It may just be my copy of the movie, but a couple of times I had previously watched it on the LCD I had and didn't notice the judder at all, so I'll have to watch a few more of my copied movies and report back.

I now have a store bought DVD of Alice in Wonderland playing, and it looks absolutely amazing, and with no motion judder at all. I still have to dig out a few of my BluRay disks to check that out, but I can't imagine even a Blue Ray looking much better than the standard DVD already looks. My family room is huge, so I'm sitting about 15 feet away from the TV, and I can count the individual hairs on Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter wig.

I took advantage of the free two pair of 3D glasses being offered through Amazon when purchasing the LG set, but they have not arrived yet. I should have them in a day or two, so I'll have to wait to report about the 3D experience.

I have noticed one design flaw in the TV stand. Due to the glossy black half inch beveled angle of the front of the stand, it tends to reflect brighter scenes, which is a bit distracting. It's a minor flaw, but if I decide to keep this set, I'll likely paint that thin strip of the stand with some flat black spray paint or use some flat black tape to cover it and eliminate the reflection. Of course if you mount this set on the wall, then this won't be an issue at all. (Update 6/10/2012 - As it turns out, this reflection from the stand is really not an issue. I rarely even notice it at all.)

So far I'm very pleased with the set. As I said, I'll report back in a few days.

5/20/2012 Update
It's now been 4 full days of owning the LG 60PM6700 and thus far it has surpassed my expectations. The picture quality, color, brightness, and black levels, etc... ALL AMAZING! I've been through three other large screen TV's. Let's just say I'm pretty picky when it comes to being satisfied with a television. My first was a 50" Samsung I had for exactly 4 years, and it died. I purchased a LG 55LW6500 LED 3D TV, which I sent back due to horribly intolerable motion blur and judder. I then purchased a 60" Panasonic TC-P60S30, which had an incredibly dark picture and overall substandard picture quality. That one went back after trying to live with it for nearly 3 months. I also own two 40" LCD TV's which are in our bedrooms. Both of the LCDs have great picture quality. Until now, the best of all of them was definitely the Samsung plasma I had, but this new LG blows them all away.

The picture detail of the LG 60PM6700 is crystal clear. The colors are awesome, the brightness is great, and the black levels are very good. I have some coppied DVDs that I burned to back up some of my favorite movies. Often the picture quality from the copied DVDs is far less than that of the originals. This TV converts the signal to a higher definition and makes even my worst copies of DVDs look pretty amazing; much better than on any TV I've ever viewed them. The 3D is pretty cool, especially the 2D to 3D conversion. It's pretty cool watching sports (I really only religiously follow drag racing) and flipping through family photos converted to 3D. This TV has so many bells and whistles. I love the apps. The web browser is a bit cumbersome, but with some practice I can see it getting easier. The smart phone app pretty much replaces the Magic Remote, so no real need to purchase that if you have an iPhone or Android.

I have yet to see a perfect television. In my opinion, as of yet, they just don't exist. It seems every set has its flaws. What one excels at in one area, has its shortcomings in other areas. I don't believe in rating a TV 5 stars if it has flaws, no matter how pleased I am. It doesn't leave anywhere to go with the rating when you do find that "perfect TV," so it just dilutes the whole rating system. This is why I give this TV 4 stars and not 5.

So here are the flaws:
*There is some noticeable ghosting on moving objects; some content worse than others.
*I've noticed some slight motion judder on occasions, and some motion blur; again only on occasions.
*That super thin frame doesn't remain as thin when watching the TV. LG has added an additional black boarder around the actual picture, when then increases the total frame width to about an inch when the TV is turned on. I wish they had not done that because one of the beautiful features about the TV's design is that very thin half inch frame, but even with the addition of about another half in when the set is on, it's still a very thin frame, and very attractive design. Odd that they did that though because it's misleading to claim a super thin frame, if it's only super thin when the set is turned off.
*The Active 3D isn't the greatest to watch is even a moderately lit room like mine. In the light of the room your peripheral vision will pick up the flickering of the glasses, when can be a bit distracting, or for some, even annoying. (In a dim setting, you can't see it, so it's not an issue at all, and the 3D looks great. The 3D has some nice adjustment features which does allow the viewer to tweak the 3D effect to their comfort level, and the glasses are very lightweight.)

So, as of day 4, I'm amazed at the picture quality, and all this set has to offer. If my opinion changes, I'll surely update my review.

Update 6/10/2012
I've now owned this television for exactly a month, and I have to say, this is the best television I've ever owned. In my opinion, those rating this TV 2 stars have not compared it in their home to other 60" televisions; but I have. I also believe they aren't realizing that all TVs have their flaws in some area or another. I've compared a lot of sets and I can say with confidence, there simply is no perfect television on the market, and the larger TV, the more magnified the flaws. I have compared the LG 60PM6700 to other 60" televisions I've owned, and to other's I have not owned, and can safely say this TV blows the others away; especially for the money. I originally purchased the television for $1,499 and since then Amazon has lowered the price to $1,299 I called customer service and they promptly refunded me the difference. Trust me when I say, for the money, even at $1,499 you can't go wrong with this television. The picture quality, along with all its bells and whistles, blows away much more expensive TVs that make all sorts of grand claims.
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on June 6, 2012
I have to agree with one of the other reviewers. I had the tv for about a week before the software asked to update. I wish I had known before I allowed it to update, because the picture was pretty good up until that point (I hadn't done a lot of picture adjustments yet), but once the software updated, I got the same effects as the other reviewer. Ghosting motion whenever anything moves somewhat quickly. Soap opera effect on some channels - it seems to be more pronounced on certain channels. The blurry motion, or "ghosting", happens all the time, no matter the quality of the input source, however the higher quality channels definitely look much better than the lower quality channels. It looks like a funhouse mirror effect around a face or body whenever the motion is quick or they walk in front of a fence or other object that has a criss-cross pattern. I too contacted LG via email and a phone call. They said they were aware of the problem caused by the firmware update & their engineers are working on fixing it. However, they made it sound like it would be done in a couple of days. It's been just over a month, and no updates yet. I'm a bit frustrated because, as it is, the tv is worse than my cheap 40" Dynex LCD flat-screen with a 60hz refresh rate, and I bought the plasma thinking that with the 600hz refresh rate, I would never have to see any blurred motion again.

I have since made several, and I mean several, adjustments to the settings to try and minimize the problem. So far, the best I've found is with the Noise Reduction set to "high", and the TruMotion set on "user" and the effect all the way up to 10. This doesn't always seem to be the best set-up, but overall, it did help. I still play with the settings when I get irritated with the ghosting, but it pretty much just frustrates me more.

I didn't return the tv, because I am holding out hope that LG will get the problem fixed soon, and because I put another $100 into 2 more pairs of 3D glasses (got 2 pairs free) that I didn't want to have to return. If LG does get the software problem fixed, I would definitely give the tv 5 stars. The problem is, how long will that take?

On a side note, the 2D to 3D conversion is a pretty cool function to have. It makes any show you want into a 3D picture. As I don't have a 3D Blu Ray player yet, I can't compare to what a real 3D movie would look like, but for now, it's a pretty cool option on the tv.

One other negative - no Amazon Instant Video in the internet apps. The LG representative replied via email that he would put in a "request to the factory" to let them know that I had asked that this app be added, but who knows how far that will actually go. I have a Roku box I can use for access to Amazon content, but it would be really nice not to have to plug it into this tv just to watch my Amazon movies, since I already have the Roku hooked to a different tv.

UPDATE 7-28-2012

A couple of days ago I finally found a new firmware update available. I downloaded the newest firmware, and voila, the ghosting is is the soap opera effect. I have now given the tv 5 stars, as it really does have a beautiful picture. I thought about giving it 4 stars for not having Amazon Instant Video as part of the internet apps, and because it took so long for LG to update the firmware, but I bought the tv knowing that the Amazon content wasn't there. Just remember to go back into your picture settings and turn off (or down) the Noise Reduction and turn off the TruMotion controls. This will now make your picture look much better during scenes with fast motion.

P.S. Only a few days before this update came through, I found that I could set the tv on the "game" setting, and this took away most of the problems described above. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to try this way earlier - I had done just about everything else.

UPDATE 2-9-2013

The tv still has a beautiful picture, and I like it a lot, but a few months ago, the picture started to get "jerky" when watching anything through the tv's Netflix app. I wrote an email to LG, but got their standard "sorry about your problem" non-answer and asked that I call customer service for more help. Since I also have Netflix through my blu-ray player, I just stopped using the tv's app for a while. In December, I decided to check it out again, and the tv's Netflix app was still doing the same thing - picture would get very jerky after only a few minutes, and then it would come and go. I called their customer service, and they had me go into the tv menu and reset the apps using the "Initialization of Premium" menu choice. This didn't help. They told me if this didn't work to call back, and I'd probably need to have a technician look at it. I only have a couple months of warranty left, but I'm not sure I want someone to tear my tv apart for this, so I haven't yet called back. Although it does bug me that it doesn't work properly, I feel like it has to be a software problem, not the wi-fi module, because it seems to work fine with the other apps I've tried. For this reason, I've dropped the tv down to 4 stars now. I still may call for service, but I haven't decided yet.
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on April 6, 2012
I was just a regular Joe looking for a good deal for a new 3D TV on line. The brand did not matter to me as much. My biggest struggle was trying to decide between Plasma vs LCD/LED and active 3D vs passive 3D. I am not in the gaming. I just wanna get a great TV so I can enjoy it after long hours of work. I finally picked this Plasma TV with a newer version of the active shutter goggles. So far, it has been a week and I love it. I think I have made the right decision. This Plasma TV still gives me the great quality of TV in 3D or 2D. The goggles are very light weight. The smart TV features are cool and nice. This TV truly delivers as described on Amazon. The only complaint I have about this TV is that its WiFi is weak. I am not sure if it is the problem from the TV or from my wireless connection. The WiFi still delivers what it is supposed to 95% of the time. I think it is still not too bad for a "smart TV". I would recommend this product to anyone.
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on April 24, 2013
I bought the LG 50PM6700 around the middle of April 2013.

After about 2 hours of use, the TV let out an unbearable very high-pitched squeel and shut down. I unplugged it and plugged it back in after about 5 minutes and everything was normal for about 10 minutes then, again, the same problem occurred. I repeated unplugging and replugging and viewing and the same problem occurred after about 5 minutes. I repeated the previous procedure and, when the problem recurred, instead of unplugging, I lightly smacked the back of the TV where I heard the squeel most intensely and, voila!, the squeel stopped and the picture came back on. After a few hours of watching, the problem occurred again which I remedied with the same "whack in the back". I also blew some compressed air into the small holes in the back where I heard the squeel coming from. Since then, the TV has worked perfectly. I don't know what caused the initial problem but it seems to have disappeard.

Other than the initial problem, I am very pleased with the TV. It has a very good picture and the Smart TV features are very useful. The only criticism I have is that I had to buy 3D glasses separately which cost me $100 for two pair that should have come with the TV.

Edit 1:
I've found that other active 3D shutter type glasses, the Samsung SSG-5100GB which sell for $19 each on, work with the LG PM6700 series 3D HDTV. Too bad for me that I found out about them after I bought the LG AG-S350 glasses at $50 each.

Edit 2:

The PM6700 can be used with a Logitech K400r wireless keyboard which has an integrated/built-in trackpad. It costs a lot less than the retail price of the LG "magic wand" which I have (I was given one for free so the keyboard actuall cost me more) and is much more useful. Just plug the RF transceiver that comes with the keyboard into the PM6700 and turn the keyboard on and it works.

Edit 3:

It's been about a month since I bought the 50PM6700 and, subsequent to its initial problem that I fixed by giving it a whack on the back, it has worked perfectly and I am so pleased with it that I bought a 60PM6700 too even though it is a discontinued model because it has some features that the newer model doesn't. I also got the relatively inexpensive Samsung SSG-4100GB 3D glasses which work perfectly. The 50PM6700 is in the bedroom and the 60PM6700 is in the living room.
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on September 14, 2012
This is my first impression and thoughts about the TV for the first night. Its a pretty decent TV.

I came from a 2005 Samsung 50 inch DLP. Starting off, I wish I would have just fixed my DLP instead. This 60 inch LG plasma seemed to have some ghosting, the soap opera effect, and would jitter for a split second. Not off to a goo start. This was from watching about 20 minutes of Water for Elephants on HBO through The Dish.

But figured, my PS3 would give me a better idea to how the TV works. First off, I played a kick game of NBA Jam On Fire, and it looked great. Good picture, good color (still with default settings), and no blur or jittering. After that, I threw in a Blu-Ray movie. And here's where I started to notice the Soap Opera effect. It was driving me nuts. The actors looked like they were terrible actors. Its amazing how picture quality can make such a thing happen. Even though, I never experienced such a thing with my DLP.

So since I wasn't really paying much attention to the movie, I started playing with the settings to see if I could fix it. And I now know that the soap opera effect is caused by the TV being so sharp. It looks too good. Because by bumping down the sharpness from 90% down to 10%, the movie started looking like a movie, and the actors were good again. So weird how that happens.

The other thing that I noticed, is that there was a slight delay of picture from sound. The video was a little behind the sound. I know this is because of the TV because I never had the problem before, and the TV is the only thing thats changed. I have a Yamaha receiver with a Polk 7.1 setup. I'm pretty sure I can get into the settings to change the delay of sound in the receiver. I hope so.

Like others have said, it doesn't come with the Magic Remote. It does come with a regular remote. Which I've tried out the Magic Remote in a Brick and Mortar store, and I hated it. It was like the Wii, and I don't care to use a controller like that. Give me buttons. But what I did find out, and like much better is, you can download the magic remote app for your iPad, and use it like a mouse. Much easier than pointing the remote at the screen and waving it around.

Also this TV does not come with any 3D glasses. If you're like me, you've been looking at a lot of TV's, and all the specs and accessories get mixed up. I could have sworn that this TV came with 6 pairs. It does not. But as of ordering, and writing this review, Amazon has an offer to give you 2 free pairs of Active glasses. Make sure you add those to your cart when you order the TV, or you won't get them.

But thats my first impression of the TV so far. Will update later as I know more.

*UPDATE 9-17-12

I've spend the weekend in front of this TV. And I'm enjoying it more. I really don't know where the ghosting and soap opera effect went. I actually tried to get it back to do some tests, but I actually haven't noticed it lately.

One of the things that I didn't really notice until I thought about it, was that you can view this TV at pretty much any angle. The screen stays just as bright. when you're off to the side, and you can only see a sliver of the screen, it almost looks too fake. Like how in movies, the screens are always bright since they add them later in post.

Really glad I didn't purchase the extra magic remote. And even if it did come with it, I'd probably ebay it. The iPad app works exactly like how I'd want to use a remote like that.

The one thing that bothers me is the ARC feature. It works. But when I start up my TV, surround receiver, and The Dish, the TV will override the input that the receiver needs to be on. I have my Harmony One to turn on all devices, and set the input to HDMI 4, which is what the Dish is on. But After the TV warms up, it will put the input on AV4, which is the channel input on the receiver that the ARC is set up on. I'm sure there's a way to tell it to not auto-tune, but I haven't found it yet.

3D is ok on it. The glasses that work with it are CHEAP. Super flimsy, and they don't work well with people like me who wear glasses. The first movie I watched on it, I decided to not wear my glasses. And the quality of the image was bothering me. So I put my glasses back on, with the 3D glasses over top, and the picture was much better. But I had to hold my head back, just to keep them on my face. Glad I was alone. Also, there is a shutter noise that comes from the glasses. Its only noticeable during quite times, but it kind of annoying. In my opinion, the Nvidia Nvision glasses are much higher quality, and fit much better. If only those would work with this TV. For the price of the glasses, free is good, but I wouldn't buy them for $50. Maybe $20.
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on May 30, 2012
This tv seemed to be everyting i wanted in a bigscreen, good picture, access to the internet, I was enjoying it. The 3d was no big deal and this tv DOES NOT come with the smart remote, but thats not why i bought it.
Then it asked if i wanted to update the firmware, it did this automaticaly over the built in wifi connection, now the picture is much worse, HD seems ok for the most part, except now im seeing ghosting, but standard definition through HBO, Showtime, what have you, is terible now, i can only describe it as the same kind of resolution you get from one of those cheesy daytime soap operas, also see heavy ghosting on any fast moving images, as if you were watching it thru water is how i would describe it. Seeing heavy digital tiling that was not there before the update. I attempted every settings change i could try, unsucesfully, I did the online chat with lg and of course they denied this was even possible.
Not sure what to do at this point, guess its going back. If anybody has any advice i'd be glad to hear it.

Apparently there is a problem with the latest fware update on lg tv's.
Its being referd to as the "soap opera effect"

Described here, line 64:
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on June 4, 2012
I purchased this HDTV around 4 months ago, worked fine for a while. And one day it had no Picture nor Sound, I called LG, LG stated that the TV needed to be serviced and gave me the number to take it to a local shop for repair. 1 month later it dies again!!!!!!! Same issue as last time.



I have sent the HDTV off for repair again, they now state that the total panel is a lemon, and therefore it needs to be replaced, panel as in the screen is shortening out other components.
While so far I have not had to pay for any warranty repairs, I'm concerned about when the warranty is over.



So while going 2-3 weeks without my HDTV, the repair center says that the HDTV is totally shot, each time they add a new component the part only gets burned out during the testing process.
Now LG has offered to replace the entire HDTV, shipping me a new one by FEDEX.


So far I have received my new LG 50inch HDTV from LG, working good so far.
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on December 10, 2012
This was my first 3D TV, I really really like it. I got the AG-S350 glasses, and with a 3D blu-ray, it's just great. I picked up some 3D ocean movie, and the dolphins were swimming in my living room. There's an eel sceen that makes you throw your hands up because you think you're going to kiss the eel. A word of caution, I forgot that my receiver needs to play nice with the 3D signal and it doesn't! So at first I wasn't getting a real 3D picture, just the up-convert 2D to 3D. You'll know if that happens because 2D->3D is neat, but not like dolphins swimming in your living room. Regarding fine picture quality, especially for fast action, all my comments are based on an out-of-the-box setup. I have NOT updated the firmware, and I'll update this post with any differences when I do. I've noticed two problems. There is some judder in "Game" picture mode ... which if I understand it correctly, is that a fast moving image will tend to jump back and forth ever so slightly, to make it a bit blurry. This didn't happen in the other modes (Standard, Vivid, Cinema, etc.). Unfortunately, something else happened. When there was a sharp constrast in color, like in the movie Brave, around 5 minutes, 50 seconds, Brave's red hair sharply contrasts with the gray background. And as the screen pans around her head, there is a noticeable blur that occurs around the edge of her hair (where the gray meets the red) ... in Standard, Vivid, and Cinema picture modes (I didn't test all of the others). However, in Game mode, this doesn't happen. It was a bit distracting watching Spider man. So I need to find some time to figure this out - hopefully a firmware upgrade will fix this, because that's the only thing keeping it from 5 stars. I'm still really enjoying it.
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on July 13, 2012
Update: A new software upgrade came out a little more than a month ago (Aug 2012), and it solved the "soap opera" effect problem. So now I would say the TV is excellent, definitely hard to beat for the price. Unless you have a big problem with reflections in your TV screen, you can't go wrong with the fantastic picture from this one.

I've had this TV (60pm6700) for about 1 week now. At first, it seemed great -- the picture is really great, the screen is huge, the bezel is small, and it's overall an attractive TV. However, as soon as I turned it on, it said that it needed a Software Update. I put that off for a little while, but eventually (to my dismay now), I did update the software. Since then, I can't really watch it. It still works, but LG's "TruMotion" is permanently on, as there is an apparent bug in the latest version of the software (version 30.00.29). Even if you set TruMotion to off in the Picture Options menu, it is still, very noticeably, ON. What this means is that every show, including movies shot on Film, appear to be bad home video (or like a Soap Opera). For me, the effect is so strong and off-putting, that I am completely taken out of the movie and cannot enjoy it. This is true whether watching programs from Satellite TV or from a Blu-Ray disc. Ugh. If you google a bit, you will find that many others have encountered the same issue. Theoretically, LG might provide another update that will fix the problem, but I wouldn't hold my breath. On their own Q&A forums, the question has been asked several times, and the LG representative doesn't even acknowledge that it's a problem. Until they fix that problem, I can't recommend this TV. Which is too bad, because it's otherwise a fine tv with a good picture. I do feel let down by LG. I work at a company that makes computer hardware, firmware, and software, and I know we would never let such an issue stand without telling our customers exactly what we were going to do about it. At the very least, they should be able to provide the previous version of software so that owners could revert to that. I will update this review if/when they release a new version of the software that fixes the problem.

Update:I found that if you choose "Game" mode under Picture adjustments, it will allow TruMotion to truly be off. Game mode does change the color temperature to a very cool color, so the colors for movies aren't quite right, but at least it makes the TV watchable again!
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on July 18, 2012
As many have already described, this is a beautiful TV. The only beef that I have is that the Soap Opera Effect makes movies completely unwatchable!! Many have attributed this to the tru-motion feature being stuck on in all video modes except game mode. If you have observed this problem, can you please create your own review of this TV or comment on this post!

Update 2012-07-27
A few days ago LG released a firmware update (04.00.12) that has resolved the 'stuck-on' tru-motion issue. The soap opera effect can now be turned on and off as desired using this video option. Since my only issue has been resolved, I've increased my rating to 5 stars. Thanks to LG for listening to your customers complaints and correcting this issue!
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