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Even professionally made junk is still junk and while "7 Below" has two exceptional actors in the form of Ving Rhames and Val Kilmer (although Kilmer hasn't done anything worthwhile since "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"-although both are on cruise control in their roles)in it, "7 Below" fails to surprise or scare.

A group of travelers (Kilmer among them) are stranded in a creepy house with a creepy host(Rhames)when a tornado watch forces them off the road. Then the killing starts. Well, I suppose you could say the killing starts. We don't SEE one of the earliest killings and its ALL played off screen (perhaps they ran into issues with how the scene was shot). In films like this it's all about how creative the murder sequences are since that's kind of the purpose of movie.

"7 Below" just meanders from scene-to-scene without much action and what little character development there is in the film is mostly cliched.


Kilmer's character of Bill dies early on perhaps he had the biggest paycheck or a more important gig waiting. Rhames remains the one delight in the film particularly with a clever intentional reference to "Top Gun" involving a scene with Kilmer. Although Rhames KNOWS he's in an awful movie he manages to have fun with his role as Jack.

The transfer looks pretty decent and audio although not outstanding had a decent mix as well.

Special features are limited to a trailer.

I'd avoid this one as there are dozens of better horror flicks out there. Kilmer is slumming and although Vhames has fun with his role, it's not enough to save this flick. Even for a buck this seemed too expensive. "7 Below" reminds us that most flicks that end up going straight to video do so for a very good reason--they just aren't very good.

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on April 7, 2012
The movie starts out like a slasher film with a series of murders in 1910. 100 years later, a van filled with tourists headed to a resort gets stranded in that same house due to an accident. A large storm is brewing. The music during the credits would indicate the film is a thriller-mystery and not the slasher film it started out to be. Val Kilmer plays a corporate lawyer from Chicago. He cheats on his wife (Bonnie Somerville) with everyone possible. His wife knows about the constant affairs and would like to have some sex from time to time too. There is a pair of brothers (Luke Goss and Matt Barr), one of which is into past life regressions. Ving Rhames is their host. There is also a doctor in the group (Christian Baha). Rebecca Da Costa is a convenience store clerk.

There is immediate tension between Kilmer and Rhames as it becomes a battle to see who can act the most ostentatious, contrary, and bizarre. As the 100 year storm rages on, the events of the past unfold in the present.

The problem with this film is that it tries so hard to be clever, it isn't. Ving Rhames with his fedora, time piece, and cigar love making creates a lousy character as we see him as "Tony Todd light." Kilmer, likewise had a bad role, one where acting was optional. Overall the characters were fairly drab which made for a dull feature.

F-bomb, opening sex and nudity (Tia Sage)
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on May 13, 2012
...but did not live up to it. The actors did the best they could with a very weak script. The plot is nothing new, the setting is a cliche, and there are no major surprises or thrills. And Val Kilmer just looks horrible.
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on June 3, 2012
Only got this film because Val Kilmer is in it, and he was killed off early...the film is boring,(he even looked bored!) no thriller here. Didn't really care about what happened to the rest of the characters. Dialogue leaves much to be desired. Much of the acting was almost like just going through the actions, stilted and very unconvincing. Other than that it was great
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on October 22, 2012
God and baby Jesus help me, this was an abysmal movie. Around the 11 minute- mark, I knew I was in big trouble if I continued to watch. But there was a glimmer of hope that it might be one of those "So Bad It's Good" type of movies. But no. It wasn't. It was just bad. And it got worse. I know this because I kept watching, which is a decision I now have to live with. Don't make the same mistake I did. This is so bad, so very bad, that I truly believe I will regret the time I spent watching it until the day I die.

7 Below is a pathetic failure on all fronts. The script, the acting, the production, the directing, the sound, the lighting, and on and on. I don't even know what a gaffer does, but I would bet my life that the gaffer screwed up royally too.

There's not one thing right with this. Val Kilmer, who is a good actor, can't even steal a scene from the cadavers he's sharing the screen with. But how could he with a script like this? He has nothing to say. None of them do. Their dialogue is written as merely a thing that moves the plot along. Not for one moment are you able to suspend your disbelief and believe that these are real people reacting to real things in real time.

If the acting was good, you might tolerate the unorignal and hackneyed script. If the script was good, you might forgive the lazy, wooden performances. If the director was any good, he might have been able to make this mess somewhat interesting. But no. No one comes and saves the day here. It's doomed. It's like a row of dominoes where each one is placed three yards apart. It never has a chance.

This thing is treading water right out of the gate. The viewer can either walk away, or watch it slowly and painfully drown to death.

I wish I had just walked away.
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on April 17, 2016
I read the reviews for this movie on here and decided not to buy it. Then I saw the trailer of this movie on a movie I was about to watch. Thought it would be a good movie to take a chances on. So I bought it....

I watched it for the first time two nights ago and I think it was ok. I do not regret buying it. But it is not my favorite movie.
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on May 14, 2012
I just want to give this one star, not wasting anymore time on it. The other reviewers did a good job of telling the usual stuff we've seen a thousand times. I'll add this, if you're looking for a horror movie to see something new, this ain't your movie! I think they gathered up the most worn out horror stuff they could and threw it all together and out came this. I'm only interested in one thing, what the heck happened to Val Kilmer? I don't get it, this is the guy who was beyond incredible in tombstone and others. He looks like a bloated pig! And wtf is with the hair? How is he going to get movie roles when his charector has to have hair down to his as*? That alone limits him, who wears a pony tail now, at least a man? That looked like crap on a guy 40 years ago, it sure does now! Val, get it together. And don't know why rhames wasted his time on this junk. Maybe it paid well? They promised only a day of shooting? Had to be something!
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on August 8, 2012
I'm sorry I wasted my time watching this movie. I thought it was supposed to be a horror movie, but there was not a single part that was the least bit scary. I also didn't understand how two people could spend one night in a haunted house and the next day be deeply in love. The plot wasn't even good either. All around, a terrible, terrible movie.
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on August 31, 2012
One of those films with no real surprises and a very incomplete feel to it. It seems the makers wanted to create a brand-new, really frightening haunted house film, had some interesting twists and concepts to work with, but didn't quite know where to go with them, so they just did the same old thing that's been done a gazillion times before. The bells, chimes, and rain pattering on the roof might have served to create tension and atmosphere 50 years ago, but not today. Vivid cinematography, believable dialogue, and pretty good acting (most notably Rebecca Da Costa as Courtney), but we don't know the too-plentiful characters well enough to attain much empathy with them. "7 Below"'s stronger points are wasted on this boorish attempt at Southern Gothicism.

Buy something else.
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on April 11, 2012
"A tragedy struck this house 100 years ago." After a group of strangers arrive at a house to stay the night they begin to experience strange happenings. After learning that a terrible event occurred 100 years ago in that house they wonder if that is the reason. I am old enough to remember when Val Kilmer was a real actor. Movies like "The Doors", "Batman Forever", "Top Gun" and my favorite "Tombstone" seem like a long distant memory. This movie is not the one that will break him out of his drought. While it did start off OK it quickly turned in to a forgettable movie. I'm not sure if Ving Rhames just didn't care or if he was trying to be over the top in this knowing that it was lame. Either way it was a little annoying. I know there are still some Kilmer fans out there that will like this but for me watching him lately just makes me feel sorry for him. Overall, another (what has become) a typical Val Kilmer movie. I give it a C.
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