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on September 17, 2002
I don't know why people who are Bon Jovi fans put down this album in comparison to the other three that came out in the '80s. To me, the quality of these songs is as top-notch as on any of their albums.
"In And Out Of Love" is a fantastic, catchy hard rocker to lead off the album. This is the only song that got any noteriety on this album. It stands up in quality to other, better-known Bon Jovi rockers. But then comes a couple of amazingly tuneful, emotional, yet rocking anthems. "Price Of Love" and "Only Lonely" amaze me every time I hear them with their pretty yet rocking sound. I love these songs as much as anything these guys have ever done.
Next comes "King Of The Mountain", a fun hard rocker but not overly noteworthy. Following is the great power ballad "Silent Night", which to me stands up in quality to later Bon Jovi ballads. "Tokyo Road" is impossibly tuneful and yet rocking, while "Hardest Part Is The Night" is another heartfelt, amazing anthem/power ballad.
The last three tracks are also great, from the catchy anthem/rocker "Always Run To You" to the straight ahead rocker "To The Fire" to yet another amazingly melodic anthem "Secret Dreams" (try to get that song out of your head if you play this album in order and don't play another album immediately after).
The bottom line is this: the debut self-titled effort got these guys on the map and had the breakout hit "Runaway", while the album after this one "Slippery When Wet" sold millions (rightfully so) and made these guys huge. Nonetheless, to me this album is as good as either of those efforts and any Bon Jovi album for that matter. If you like huge hooks and harmonies in your rock and roll, then you absolutely should like this album. For me, a must-have in my Bon Jovi and hard rock music collection.
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on March 2, 2006
Bon Jovi is a band that may not be the best one (the best one's were Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd), but their record-sales say otherwise. There is perhaps a grain of truth in the notion that half of their audience were teenagers and women and their sucess was soemwhat overrated, as well as that they went big on Jon Bon Jovi's coiffeur and outlook, though.

Nonetheless, I think they truly deserved their overwhealming breakthrough from the 80's offering people catchy, competent and well-ctrafted pop-rock-metal tunes played on and on by the MTV. All in all, that's how metal sounded in the mid-80's (just take Whitesnake or Def Leppard). Personally, I have always been an advocate of this band, turning a blind eye on what other narrow-minded people kept saying about it. Yes, Bon Jovi has made couple of cheesy songs ("Always") and some both cheesy and too commercial as well ("It's my life"). "It's my life" was a cheap trial to break to the pop-charts, but, if there are any open-minded music passionates there, you will notice that other bands had it as well (Van Halen had "Jump", KISS had "I was made for loving you").

One has to take the band as a whole, and simply can't deny the skillful and well-crafted musicanship of albums like "New Jersey" or "Keep the faith". So, if you are too narrow-minded to rate this, you simply have no right to proclaim yourself a music-passionate or music-knower.

"7800 Fahrenheit" is, undoubtedly, Bon Jovi at their peak. Altough their commercial breakthrough came a year later with "Slippery when wet", to my opinon it should have come right with the release of this album. It is one of my favourites. Songs are tuneful, catchy, well-crafted and passionate; choruses are great; Richie's guitar-solos are certainly at his career-best; Tico's percussion to my opinion (listen to those tracks!) will NEVER reach a similar standard as here on this LP; the entire album seems to be really well preapred. It is undoubtedly Bon Jovi's least commercial one as well.

Paradoxically, I got this one as my BJ's second, while many people buy it as the very least (or don't buy at all). So, perhaps hence my peculiar sentiment for this one. But, what a pity if someone does not own it. If you listen to tracks like "In & out of love", "King of mountain" or tracks 7-9, you'll get the magic of it. You MUST listen couple of times to get it, first.

I have fallen in love with this one, really. Absolutely no filler on this album. It contains the first (great) power-ballad of the band, "Silent night"; an epic Japaneese story "Tokyo road" with great, original Japaneese introduction with a young Jap girl singing; their second (and only one from this album) Top-40 hit "In & out of love"; and finally, tracks 7-9 - each of them is one of my all-time favourites. Perhaps newcomers won't get it; I'm into Bon Jovi (and music as general) for years, and I think I'm blessed and priviliged enough not to underrate the true GENIOUS of "Hardest part is the night", "To the fire" and "Always tun to you". These songs are simply amazing. The guitar and percussion are incredible, and they are so incredibly catchy you can't get them out of your head quickly. Listen once, twice, and if you are open-minded enough, you'll get the magic of Bon Jovi at their peak.
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on January 17, 2001
This is the first one I got from these guys and man was this CD a blast. Alot of fun songs and some very wild guitar playing from Richie. This album has alot of songs that kick it in and alot of ballads that laid the foundation of what was in store for the future. This is a well played and well written CD that has probably been forgotten once "Slippery" & "New Jersey" came out. If like Bon Jovi and haven't gotten this one yet, please do so today.
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If you like that early mid 1980's Bon Jovi sound from Bon Jovi's self titled debut album this may be a good choice for you, I found this album to be too similar to Bon Jovi's debut album. and in my opinion Bon Jovi didn't impress me as much in this second album right here. I thought it was kinda boring and too predictable as a 1980's glam metal CD. however, if your a hard core fan of the band Bon Jovi, than I am pretty sure you may like this album. but I have numerous Bon Jovi albums and this one is one of my least favorite given I think it is a weak music effort on the band's portion in my opinion. I prefer Bon Jovi albums like the one that came out before this one and the one after. called "Slippery When Wet" way way better than this one but this one is still OK considering that none of the songs on this album get a lot of airplay on the radio these days. In fact never heard a single song off this CD before I heard it. makings this album a possible new Bon Jovi experience for a lot of people. But if your looking only for Bon Jovi hits this may not be a CD buy for you.. I recommend this CD to returning Bon Jovi Listeners and people that are hard core fans of the group Bon Jovi, I however like this album but not a lot and I definitely don't love this purchase.

This CD has 10 songs on it and is about 47 minutes long
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on September 9, 2002
This album has to be the most underrated work of Bon Jovi. The band hardly plays one song (In And Out Of Love) nowadays from this great piece of work and I'm extremely puzzled because I honestly feel this is their best album by far.
Like someone else already pointed out, the intensity of the music on this album is just overwhelming. More than any other album I know (and trust me, I know a lot!) this is consistent and really needs to be listened from the beginning to the end. It is such an experience for me that I don't even understand why it is that way. The ambient the band creates with the songs is really fantastic. For me, it is smokey, dark and a bit melancholic.
One of the best things on this album are the drums. They sound just perfect, thick and loud. I don't where Tico recorded his drum parts but it really sounds great.
Richie also puts in some impressive guitar work, especially on riffs. This album is really heavy on guitars, I think.
Jon is at his best using his wide vocal range at just the right moments.
David is good on the keyboards, as usual, and really gives some songs that extra touch.
The bass playing, however, is nothing extraordinary, but is mixed pretty well.
All in all, an excellent album and I would even say Bon Jovi's all time best.
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on January 28, 2006
Before I go into the review of this album, let me give you a bit of my background with this band. The first time I saw Bon Jovi live was when the were the warm up for the Scorpions "Love at First Sting" tour. Bon Jovi looked to be one hit wonders with "Runaway", but they rocked out on stage, so they were worth another look.

When 7800 Fahrenheit was released, I picked it up right away. I thought it was so much better than their debut album. I had the opportunity to see Bon Jovi play many of these songs live during the Ratt "Invasion" tour with Bon Jovi as the warm up band, so maybe I have a bias as to their quality, but I do not believe any fan of Bon Jovi should miss out on this link between the band's debut and Slippery When Wet.

This album shows the influence of touring with hair bands and has an 80's sound to it. That is what makes this album special. It is one of those "How did they get here from there" sort of albums that shows much more of the creativity and enthusiasm of the band than many of their later works.

"In And Out Of Love" started off the album with a bang.

"Only Lonely" should have been a number one hit. This song was, and still is, one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs. It has the "wall of sound" chorus that would later define bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

"King Of The Mountain" rocks, and was just too good played live! It isn't a fast song, but it makes up for it in attitude.

"Silent Night" is a very nice ballad. Anyone who likes Bon Jovi's later ballads should not miss this track.

"Tokyo Road" is an up-tempo rocker. It was a hit for the band that received airplay on rock radio, but it has been overlooked by fans as time has moved on.

"The Hardest Part Is The Night" sounds, well, like an 80's tune to be sure, but it is fun, and being fun has its own place in music.

These are the best songs on the album. Some of the other songs are good too, but these songs make this album worth purchasing for any rock collection. These are the five star songs on this four star album.

Go ahead and listen to the music clips. If you like what you hear, pick this album up. I don't believe you will be disappointed.
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on April 23, 2011
This is the closest thing to an actual metal album that Bon Jovi has and most likely will ever release. The songs here are the darkest and heaviest they've ever done, and the lyrics are far more melancholic and poetic than the cliche's everywhere approach they would adopt on later albums. After this album Bon Jovi would follow the same path Motley Crue took with their third release and take their sound in a much more commercial direction. now one could argue that the album that proceeded 7800, their 1984 debut was also a bit poppy sounding, however that record still had the raw energy and take em by storm attitude of a true hard rock album, whereas Slippery When Wet (the aformentioned third album) was a clearly obvious attempt to adopt a more mainstream sound. Fahrenheit for the most part has two different types of songs. 1) the outright straight ahead rockers (In and Out of Love, King of The Mountain, Tokyo Road, Always Run To You) and 2) The more emotional and melodic rockers (The Price of Love, Only Lonely, The Hardest Part is The Night, Secret Dreams) Strange thing about this album is that the more melodic songs actually seem to be heavier than the straight out rock songs. There are also two songs that don't quite fit into either category, those would be Silent Night and To The Fire. The former is the album's only real ballad and a conciderably good one at that, To The Fire if I had to put it into one of the two categories would most likely go into the first one, however it is far more synth driven than the others and gives off a sort of movie soundtrack feel. Overall this is the album that most hardcore Jovi fans seem to hate or dislike and really seems to be the Bon Jovi album for the non Bon Jovi fan or the casual listener who thinks some of their other stuff is kind of enjoyable but would like the band better if the music had more punch and intensity to it
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on August 13, 2004
I don't see why many BJ fans and even BJ themselves hate this album. This album is hardly any different from "Slippery when wet" or their self-titled debut. This is definately one of favourite BJ albums at this moment. This album is just the same to their other 80s albums. The album starts off with cool rocking anthems, then goes a bit into ballads, then comes back to rocking again.

1. In and out of love: One of the strongest songs on the album. Extremely catchy track and very hard rocking. 5/5
2. Price of love: This starts off slow, but then it turns into another rocking track. This one does tend to get boring after a few listens. 3.5/5
3. Only lonely: A hard, yet very emotional track. One of my favourites on the album. A strong song with good riffs and vocals. 5/5
4. King of the mountain: This is quite a fast, catchy song, but at times it sounds a bit like rap. But it's still fun. 4/5
5. Silent night: Probably the slowest song on the album, but it's very peaceful. Powerful and beautiful. 4.5/5
6. Tokyo road: It has a really irratating intro, but once the song breaks out it's really an enjoyable listen. Sounds very much like something from "Slippery when wet". Another rocking track. 4/5
7. The hardset part is the night: This is my favourite song on the album. Another hard, but slow anthem. Sang very well and a brilliant guitar sound at the start. 5+/5
8. Always run to you: No comment. 4/5
9. (I don't wanna fall) To the fire: The main riff of this song sounds like something from an army movie. An enjoyable listen, but it's one of the weaker tracks. 3.5/5
10: Secret dreams: A very melodic track. A bit slow again, but it's a top song to end the album with. 4.5/5

So, this is a review coming from a casual BJ fan. No sonds on this album are below average, not even average. So, if you liked "Slippery when wet", "New Jersey" or their debut then you'll like this one too. One of their heaviest albums.
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on July 9, 2006
This 2nd record of Bon Jovi's never really became as popular as most of his later records. (Especially 'Slippery When Wet,' 'Keep the Faith,' or even 'Crush.') Nevertheless, this is quite arguably his best record. It's an interesting flaw in the market that often someone's arguably best record is not usually the one that sells the most. The best way for me to begin is to say this record screams: "WELCOME TO THE 80s!" After his respectable 1st record, Bon Jovi was to unleash his real abilities. 'In and Out of Love' is a powerful opener that defines the direction of this record. 'Price of Love' maintains the intense tone AND quality of the record; 'Only Lonely' combines sorrow and intensity quite well; 'King of the Mountain' is more upbeat and actually quite thrashy; 'Silent Night' releases the tension for awhile and offers us a moment of well done sorrow; 'Tokyo Road' starts with an oriental tone but then jumps to the other extreme and quite well at that. 'Hardest Part Is the Night' is arguably the greatest song on the record. It is a sad toned song that maintains a strong intensity. The contrasts seem to flatter each other well. 'Run to You' is a more simple song, but it keeps the tone of the record; 'Fall to the Fire' is another high point. It's a haunting song that has intense lyrics, and the choruses only make it more haunting; 'Secret Dreams' keeps the tone of the record and ends it on a happier note. This may not be his most popular record, but listening to it will probably make you wonder why. I have heard all his records from 'Bon Jovi' to 'Have a Nice Day.' And '7800' never lost its place as my favorite one.
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on October 6, 2014
Just got it today-10/6/14!! I love it!! A++++!! Awesome!! Fantastic!! I will be doing all of my shopping here!! Amazon is like a Xmas Wonderland!! Great!! Amazon has everything you could ever imagine or want!! Best music store imagined!! Incredible!! :o)
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