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on September 16, 2005
This is a very good best of compilation because the sound quality is excellent, the track selections are great and the way that they are arranged makes for very cohesive and flowing listening as if this was a normal album and not the collection of hits that it is. Collective Soul may not have received the due recognition it deserves as a great band of musicians and songwriters in this current climate of rap and pop drivel but something tells me they will be back when the next wave comes around. Very good representation of what CS was all about and you can't go wrong if you are looking to discover them with this disc. Highly recommended.
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on December 20, 2001
When I first heard Shine I thought that Collective Soul would become a one hit only band and that I would hear from them in one of those "Where are they now" shows. Time has proven that this band can deliver some consistent rock records year after year. I had a chance to see the live at the Caracas Pop Festival (Jan. 2001) and I was impressed as they are more powerfull as a live band that as a recording one. They deliver stronger a rawer performances this way.
As for this CD, this a simple and nice start to their music. Its has a collection of their better known hits plus two new tracks. Collective Soul has built a carreer on singles and this CD cover all the bases in this regard. As for the booklet, its has lyrics, track information and tells you from what record each track was taken from. If you do not have any of their records and are a casual fan you will probably need no more. If you have their work already you have to decide if two new tracks are worth the expense.
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on October 8, 2001
Just a great CD. If you don't know who Collective Soul is, I HIGHLY suggest you go out and buy this CD anyways. There are many recognizable songs that you may have heard on the radio at one point in the last 7 years. The CD starts out with the incredible, highly-charged rock anthem "Heavy" that really gets you pumped for the rest of the CD. Other popular songs include "Gel," December," and "The World I Know" from CS's second album (and in my opinion, their best album yet), Collective Soul. Popular songs from other albums include "Why Pt 2," "Precious Declaration," "Shine," and "Run" among others. The only real disappointing thing about 7even Year Itch is that their two new songs ("Energy" and "Next Homecoming") featured are not too great. But this is an overall great album and I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it. I only wish they would have put a few more songs on it---it just seems a little unfinished. "Skin" or "Untitled" or "To Where the River Flows" or "Vent" would have been great contributions I would think. Or just some more songs from their first and fifth albums that are barely featured on 7even Year Itch. I was surprised to see that "Perfect Day" was not on this CD. It is the first song I have seen CS record while featuring another artist---Elton John for that matter! But, it is still great with out it. BTW---Collective Soul in concert is a MUST-SEE! I saw them in May 2001 and they became my favorite band and I now have all of their CD's. They are an incredible band who deserve to be seen and deserve more than what they are getting. They are quietly famous which is both good and bad, but I still find them popular and just good all around.
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on January 9, 2005
A bunch of people are upset with this release because it doesn't contain their idea of perfect tracklisting and, as just a casual fan, I can't argue that there could have been a better collection of songs. But just keep in mind that this is not a "Best of" collective, where live and album tracks would be totally appropriate. It's a "Greatest Hits" CD, where they showcase songs that have done well financially or on one chart or another. It's just a way for the record company to milk the band for ever cent their worth. If they put out a CD with songs that most people know, there is a greater likelihood that casual fans, like me, would buy it. It doesn't really matter what the diehard fans want. Either they already have all of the albums and wouldn't need to buy a collection CD, or they are such fans they would buy it no matter what's on it. As a way to keep me from having to buy entire CDs to get the handful of songs that I like, I think it's a great CD.
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This CD compiles Collective Soul's 11 biggest hits, and offers 2 new songs (Energy; Next Homecoming--both good tracks actually). For the casual CS fan, this offers a nice package. The set is centered around Collective Soul's peak years: 3 songs from 1995's break-through "Collective Soul" album (The World I Know; Gel; December) and 4 songs from 1997 (Precious Declaration/Listen/Forgiveness from "Disciplined Breakdown" and She Said from the "Scream 2" soundtrack). The set is mercifully short on last year's "Blender" album (only Why Pt 2).
For those of use who already have all the albums, this collection is superfluous and somewhat confounding (some radio hits/key album tracks are missing, including Smashing Young Man, Breathe, Simple). I've said it before and I'll say it again: at this point, the band would have been better served with releasing a live CD, as its energy at concerts is amazing. (Ed Roland, are you listening?)
Nevertheless, singer/songwriter Ed Roland has built an impressive catalogue of infectuous rock hits, and if you don't have the albums, this compliation is a great starting place. (The good news is that the set isn't entitled "Greatest Hits Volume 1" as that is the surest sign a band is about to break up!)
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on October 16, 2004
This was the first Collective Soul album I purchased, having heard some of their music in a ski video before. I found myself in love with every track on the album, but I wanted more. So I rediscovered their debut album, which contains all great songs as well. This album is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in Collective Soul, but it is not the definitive collection fans have been looking for, so I would recommend purchasing CC's other albums in addition to this one.
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on September 28, 2001
Most people don't think of Collective Soul when they think of great rock bands during the last 7 years. But unlike most bands who toss you a new album every three years, Collective Soul cranks out the music early and often. This collection does the band justice and yet doesn't at the same time. Some of the selections are odd, such as She Said, which is actually a hidden track on an earlier album. Plus, the songs don't seem to contain the same volume. Shine, taken from their first album, is recorded much lower than the other songs on the disc. You would think they would go back and correct that, but they didn't.
Aside from that, the two new songs on the album are flat-out good. Overall, Colective Soul fans should pick up this album even if it's just for the new songs.
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on March 2, 2015
Back in the day I spent most of my time listening to smooth jazz instead of rock and just recently heard these guys for the first time on an oldie radio station. This band is very talented and the music is just as fresh today as the day it was recorded. Glad I bought this CD since I'm now starved looking for good bands and good music to listen to. Many of the old rockers are gone now. Thank goodness Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan and few others are still around making great music. Unfortunately, for anyone over the age of 30 with an IQ above 10 or 11, today's music is nothing more than a joke with the likes of Beiber and Kanye. I won't waste my money on their garbage.
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on October 1, 2001
If you've never owned a Collective Soul album or seen them in concert, you may think "Collective Who?" when hearing their name. Pick this up and you'll be amazed at how many of the songs are instantly recognizable from radio. Quietly, without fanfare, CS has built up an enormous fanbase, sold 8 million records, and amassed more #1 hits in the 90s than any other rock band. 7even Year Itch may have just been a way for them to satisfy their contract with Atlantic, but it's also a must-own for fans and curious newbies alike.
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on December 6, 2005
This is a great listening CD! I really loved the collection of hits! Being a newcomer to CS, starting with Youth and then immediately following with this CD, it gave me such great insight into the band's music and what they were all about. Because I really got hooked on this CD, I then had to go back in time and do some soul searching with all of their previous albums, which I am so grateful that I did. I'm now such a great fan of theirs and just love their music. Buy this CD, you truly can't go wrong.
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