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on December 10, 2004
The WB's ultimate secret ratings weapon has always been the little, unassuming family drama that chronicles the lives and all the things that come with it, in the big family circle of the Camden clan. Dad Eric(Stephen Collins), is a minister, and mom Annie(Catherine Hicks) is a super mom/housewife, and they have 5 kids, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and little Ruthie. Season 1 showcased that well meaning family shows are still appreciated and needed, and so season 2 keeps up the sweet momentum that season 1 started. I am used to writing for shows with seasonal arcs, but 7th Heaven has never really had seasonal story arcs, although they may have a story that could carry over for some episodes. The premiere, "Don't Take My Love Away", is a nice opener, and carries over a few things from last season's ender, like Lucy with Jimmy Moon, and the aftermath of Mary's surgery. Season 2 doesn't stop short of season 1's message episodes. Season 2 will deal with issues like IRS problems in "Red Tape", The importance of hearing those special words in "I Love You", or the opposite, hearing those fearful words in "I Hate You", a powerful episode that also deals with Simon learning of a neighbor's time in a concentration camp. The unfair and hurtful tags that some people get pigeonholed in are examined in "Like A Harlot", where Matt takes a girl with a less than stellar reputation to the prom. The show, like in it's debut season, continues to show that they, and the writers, have a strong hold on young kids, to pre-teens, to teenagers, and things that can come with it. The young actors who portray the kids seem like real kids, although not all of them are up to par with their acting. Some get better over the course of the seasons. The solid foundations that the show is built on and continued to be carry on thru to the present seasons, are Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks, as Eric and Annie. They are old veteran pros who give the show it's validation in the acting department. Some other powerful and strong moments this season has to offer is "Rush To Judgement", which deals with sexual harrasment from a teacher. Who gets harrassed?. Just watch. The best episode of the season is "Who Knew", the show's first big "drug" episode, and still the best. The moments with Eric and Matt fighting are strong, and is just one highlight from a great episode. The danger of gangs and being in one hits close to home in "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", and a storyline about a friend's death really hits close to home for Bevery Mitchell(Lucy), in the outstanding "Nothing Endures But Change", which was based on a real life experience for her. She is great in this episode. The two part finale, "Boyfriends" and "...And Girlfriends" are two fun and frenetic episodes with some surprising and life changing events. It's best finale to date. One thing that is odd is the second ep, "See You In September", and the first day of school. It would fit more as a premiere, and the title doesn't make sense since it is September. It would of made more sense as the title for a season finale. Oh well. Once the show got into it's 7th season and onward, the writing fell flat and became 'off', but in these priceless early seasons(up to season 6), the show and it's episodes and plot lines, message filled or not, are heavenly indeed. The show is not preachy, it just tells things how they are and the rest of it is up to you. Why do I like such a show as 7th Heaven?. It's nice, it's sweet, it's homey. It's great comfort food to know that the Camden family are there every Monday night, and are now on DVD for fans to return home time and time again.
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on March 9, 2006
After watching this show stand firm and successful on the air for nearly 10 solid years, it is absolutely refreshing to go back to these early seasons. Those who have been keeping up with the show know where all the characters stand and what the Camden kids have grown to become, and as much as I have enjoyed the series' 10-year run in general, my favorite thing is returning to happier times with the early years, where Matt was a teenage searching for his role in life, Mary was a driven young lady with basketball serving a very valid identity for her, Lucy was an emotional 13-year-old trying desperately to be confident, Simon was a sweet and inquisitive preteen with the whole world at his feet, Ruthie was just an adorable little girl, and Eric and Annie were young, vibrant, affectionate parents. Since then, the show's message of faith and love has held up well, but everyone's roles have changed and the family has spread out. In addition, numerous outside characters have been woven into the plot, taking precedence over some of the core Camdens that added so much charm to 7th Heaven in its early days.

A lot of noteworthy episodes represent the freshness of 7th Heaven's second season, which aired way back in 1997. Matt's sudden involvement with drugs prompts Annie to reveal a dirty secret from her past (and let's not forget that Stephen Collins' performance in this episode is arguably one of his very, very best in the entire series). Mary's romance with teen dad Wilson heats up and prompts a shocking development in the season finale. Sweet and insecure Lucy continues her struggle to be popular and have a relationship (Jimmy Moon, anyone??) and learns a tough lesson in immortality through the tragic death of a classmate. Simon discovers a thing or two about the chilling reality of the Holocaust (and today, that episode remains one of my personal favorites), and in-between starting first grade and getting trouble for wearing a backwards hat on the first day, Ruthie gets an early dose on the impact that cruel words have on people (any mother who has ever had their precious baby say "I hate you!" to them, and any child who remembers saying this to their own parents, will most likely find this episode very touching). Then, of course, there's Eric and Annie, who maintain a healthy and loving relationship amid the craziness of raising five kids. Eric continues to counsel and support many community members (the one with the teenage girl in the gang is particularly effective), and in the season finale the lovebird Camden couple get the deligtful news that their family will be growing with a brand new addition (or should I say two new additions?)

All in all, if you are an avid 7th Heaven fan who, to this day, still tunes in every Monday night to watch the show's newest episodes (die-hard fans will be pleased to know that an 11th season has just been confirmed for 2006-2007!) I strongly recommend you buy the first two seasons on DVD and enjoy reliving the youthful innocence that the show began with ten years ago. I sometimes have a hard time believing that I was in fifth grade when this show began, and I have been tuning in since pretty much the very beginning. I think a lot of people will be shocked to look back on how many years they've been enjoying 7th Heaven and witnessing a true keeper of a series that, with a historical 11th season on the way, beats out previous long-running classics like "The Waltons" and Michael Landon's "Little House on the Prairie." How's that for success? (Keep in mind also that all three of these phenomenally popular shows all share one major premise: the story of a large, tight-knit, Christian family that goes to Church every Sunday and is always striving to help others. Maybe these themes aren't as ignored by the public as some may think.)

As all die-hard fans know, 7th Heaven made history by filming 10 solid seasons and has now defied all odds by introducing a Season 11 to the Fall 2006 lineup. Everyone has their own opinion about this, and I personally feel that their stubbornness in letting it bow out with grace has harmed the initial charm and freshness of it all, and even when the show does end they will almost definitely bring a spinoff or two into the fold. 7th Heaven is a lighthearted mirror of innocence and will always be a series about a loving family with a faith-filled core, but sometimes the sign of a true class act is one that will bid farewell before the public gets a chance to grow tired of them (look at shows like CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond" for a good example of that dignity).

The release of Seasons 3 and beyond have not been announced since Season 2 came out over a year ago. Originally, it looked as though sales were going great and they were planning to get all the seasons out on DVD in a timely manner, but since then it appears that sales must not be high enough. Hopefully, once the series wraps up in May with a good even 10 seasons, people may be more inclined to start their DVD collections. Seasons 3-5 were really groundbreaking, as the family began changing and Mary started undergoing her problems after an immature team prank barely afforded her the opportunity to graduate high school and destroyed her chance to go to college on a scholarship. That, in my opinion, was the most well-written and dramatic part of the show--truly its peak. I am very hopeful that we will soon get the entire series on DVD, but until then, just keep buying the first 2 sets and pray that they go ahead with future releases!
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on September 7, 2005
7TH HEAVEN, the crown jewel of the WB Network for a whopping ten seasons, is a wonderful and literate family TV drama. We live these flawed and realistic characters; the writing, mostly by Sue Tenney and creator Brenda Hampton, is truthful and thoughful and free of profanity. The entire cast is magnificent. Only a too lenient TVG rating on every episode of a show this mature and adult seems ludicrous. I'd give it a TVPG or even TV14 for realistic, mature themes.

So why are we only up to season two on the DVD boxed sets? Let's get some action going with production of more 7TH HEAVEN seasons on DVD! There are seven full seasons to bring out!
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on May 23, 2016
This is a great show. While the kids in this show may be a bit over the top when it comes to being perfect, they still have problems and have to solve them. I love how the whole family comes together to support each other. I love that the children are being taught respect and responsibility, things that I was raised with and that I have and continue to teach my children. These are things that our society is missing today. I love that it is clean and without vulgar language. I love that they can touch on subjects such as inappropriate behavior between children/teens and adults without having to be graphic. I think we all get the picture without having to have it colored in. And I love Aaron Spelling as a producer. If I see his name I know that it will be a great show with good morals and something to learn from it.
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on May 26, 2016
Despite all the controversy regarding Stephen Collins, the program itself, is an excellent family program. Advisedly, it is best to talk with young family members regarding the situation and separate fact from fiction before viewing. With that said, I can't think of many better family-value shows to view.
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on January 25, 2005
Okay, so that no one gets confused the only reason why this hasn't been given five stars is because it hasn't been released yet and so I haven't seen it and can't say it's going to be perfect for sure. But having seen lots of "7th Heaven" I think it will be.

The Camdens are a close-knit family with five kids (later seven), a stay-at-hom mom, a pastor dad, and an adorable white dog named Happy. The children range in ages from eighteen to six, and have very vibrant personalities. Their names are Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie in descending order of ages.

This show was produced by Aaron Spelling and created by Brenda Hampton. It has survived nine seasons of marriages, births and deaths. There are episodes when I laugh like crazy and others when I want to cry.

I will admit, "7th Heaven" is moral crazy, but it's something this immoral country needs nowadays. It discusses everything from drugs to teen pregnancies. Sometimes the episodes don't even have a moral like the long-awaited January 24th show when Lucy Camden-Kinkirk finally had her baby girl. The only moral we learned was don't go into labor when the elevator isn't working and don't buy your wife a house without her knowing anything about it.
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on March 22, 2006
this has been a good series and I'm looking forward to more in the future on DVD
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When 7th Heaven first premiered on the WB in August 1996, I did not really know about it - that I can remember. It wasn't until the late spring or early summer of 1998 (the end of the 2nd Season) that I first found out about 7th Heaven and started watching this WONDERFUL series.

From the first episode I saw, I loved this show, and taped & collected every single episode (at least during the first 4 or 5 seasons). But sometimes, if my VCR went on the fritz, or there was a power outage or problems with my cable service, I might have missed a part or all of some episodes, and even though I tried to make sure to tape it, when it aired in reruns, I am so glad to have the original uncut version on DVD!

I LOVE this 7th Heaven DVD set! It is just FABULOUS!! I am a HUGE 7th Heaven fan, and it is SO nice to be able to just pop in a DVD and have any episode during this seasons right at my fingertips and not have to rewind and fast-forward through a multitude of tapes to find the episode I want.

I only have a few minor quibbles about this DVD set.

My first quibble with this item, is the packaging. I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HATE cardboard DVD boxes, or for that matter, ANY style of DVD cases that involves cardboard!

Rather than a cardboard DVD box holding slim-line plastic DVD cases (the style used for THIS set and the 7th Heaven: Season 1 set), I much PREFER the single plastic DVD case with an inner tray-rack to hold the discs (like the DVD case style used for 7th Heaven - The Complete Third Season and the Law & Order: The Ninth Year sets among others!) instead!

I am kind of anal about my DVD sets (actually, DVDs & CDs in general!), and I HATE the cardboard box style of DVD case which often gets worn, scuffed, and/or peeling at the edges and corners of the box. In my experience so far, plastic DVD cases do NOT have those problems -- at most, the clear plastic sheet on the outside of the DVD case (into which the paper cover is inserted) *might* get a little wrinkled or soiled/dusty. But the few wrinkles or soiling on the plastic cases is at least something I can live with, UNLIKE the significant scuffing & peeling into white spots/patches on the corners & edges of cardboard cases, which is really aggravating! That is why I'd much rather have a single plastic DVD case with an inner-tray/rack which doesn't get much (if ANY!) edgewear, shelfwear, corner-wear, and/or scuffing & peeling, and is pretty much care-free!

Also this DVD set has no sub-titles or official captioning. What I mean by "official closed captioning" is that my TV includes closed captioning as one of its features. As such, even though DVD sets like 7th Heaven don't offer closed captioning through the DVDs, if I have the closed-captions feature enabled on my TV or computer, then the captions still show up. However, some DVD sets (like Punky Brewster) must have the TV captions feature disabled because even though I have closed captioning enabled on my TV it does not show up. Fortunately, the 7th Heaven DVD creators have NOT done this, so if your TV or computer has a closed-captions feature, you should still be able to get them. So for me, this is a very minor concern since I can still get captions from my TV and computer.

Another quibble that I have is that these DVD's don't have a scene index for each episode. This forces the viewer to have to fast forward through the entire episode if they want to watch a scene near the end.

Also there are NO Special Features on this set. When people buy DVDs, especially for TV shows, they are getting the DVDs so that they can get special features that they would NOT be able to otherwise get, just from taping the shows off of TV broadcasts. So DVD manufacturers should include at least a few extras like bloopers, or cast member interviews, or deleted scenes, or SOMETHING to make it worth buying a DVD set. Even cheaper priced DVD sets (like Full House: The Complete Series Collection and Who's the Boss?) have some special features which generally are part of the allure of buying a DVD set. I mean seriously, something, anything would be nice. Deleted scenes, bloopers, outtakes, interviews with the cast and crew. Something. Anything. Just some extras to make it worth the price.

In any case, I still highly recommend this DVD set to every 7th Heaven fan. But those who don't know about, or have never seen 7th Heaven should first watch some of this show's episodes on TV (which now airs in syndication on the "Up" cable channel --which used to be called GMC or the "Gospel Music Channel") just to make sure it is a show they'd like to have in their collection.

I LOVE 7th Heaven!! My favorite episodes in this season are, "See You in September" (I ♥ the scene towards the end of the episode, where Sgt. Michaels goes to Eric & Annie, and tells them that their kid's schools have been trying to get in touch with them, and they ask "Which kid? Which school?" and Sgt. Michaels says "All 3 schools and all 5 kids!" and Eric & Annie just look at each other and their expression is CLASSIC and HILARIOUS!!), "Says Who?", where Matt convinces Simon that he is shrinking, and Lucy (and Mary) try to confirm a rumor that a friend is bulimic, "I Hate You!", where Mary, Lucy and Ruthie all learn about the power of hurtful words while Simon helps a Holocaust survivor share her tragic story with his class -- including one classmate whose father is a Holocaust-denier, "Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way", where Eric's father comes to help out the family while Eric is preparing for a televised church service, "Red Tape" where Eric helps a single mother struggling due to an unjust situation with the IRS, "It Takes A Village", where Simon & Nigel get invited to their first 'make-out party', Mary goes on a date with a younger guy & Lucy & Keesha get caught by their mothers making out with guys at a movie theater and finally the two-part Season Finale, "Boyfriends........." and ".....And Girlfriends", where Happy, the Camden family dog, stars in a TV commercial, and Annie & Eric worry when their family doctor reports that Mary is pregnant -- only to find out there will be an addition to the Camden family, just not in the way they thought!

In spite of the lack of scene indexes or special features on this DVD set, I still LOVE it!! I can't wait until all the seasons of this FANTASTIC show is on DVD!!

The 7th Heaven: Season 2 DVD set is HEAVEN-SENT!!!
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on October 16, 2005
This is one of my favorite shows on the WB network so I have just added this to my library of DVD's. Looking forward to owning the third season.
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on March 15, 2006
This TV series is so much fun to watch in a concentrated way! It is great fun to watch the characters develop as well as notice the repeating themes that one might not pick up on a weekley basis. As a good wholesome show, I'm sure Season three will be a big seller.

Tell the distributers to get cracking!
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