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on February 1, 2013
This is the 808 key fob camera, and I received version #3 one of the best (Google for more info). Picture quality is very good considering the incredibly tiny lens - don't expect DVD quality but it's good and not choppy. It is "zoomed in" more than you would think so do a test run or two to become familiar with aiming. I use it to record various activities that my smart and devious Maltese gets into so I'm not particularly concerned with hiding the cam but I can assure you it's discreet if you needed it to be. It does have a small indicator light on the top but luckily it goes out when recording, this should be a given but most of these "spy cams" have a bright LED blinking light when recording (seems counter-intuitive). Speaking of which, here's a quick version of how to operate:

Hold down power button for about 2 seconds, the yellow indicator light comes on and stays on.
To begin recording press the (separate) recording button for about 2 seconds, the yellow light will blink three times then go out, now your recording. VERY simple.

Takes a good 2.5 hours to fully charge, but that's because it has a nice big battery. Mine lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes of constant recording before depleting. That's LONG for this sort of thing. When I opened the files on my SD card I had 4 automatically saved files...Three were 30 minute clips and one 15. Total file size was about 2.5 GB so buy a 4GB SD card to go with this, 2GB and you will cut short, 8GB is way too much.

Incredible deal for ~$15 shipped...I would pay 2-3x that and still be happy.
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on September 17, 2013
This is my third 808 camera. They don't last, but they're cheap enough to replace regularly. The one I received from this seller is a #23. Look for Chuck Lohr's excellent website for information on all models of 808 cameras.

This camera does not produce a date and time stamp on the file, though it has the date and time in the lower right corner of the image. It records video in non-compliant AVI. Not all players will open the video files, but I have been able to use a video conversion program to save the files in compliant AVI format, which adds the current date and time stamp. The frame rate is nominally 30 fps (29.85 in one file), MJPG, 720x480, with audio at 256 kbps and a jitter error of 1 ms. The #23 has a fairly high rate of dropped frames. It can also be used as a webcam. Plug it into the computer and give a quick tap to the power button.

Photos are 72x72 dpi, 1280x1024 pixels with a bit depth of 24.

This will do for now. When it dies, I'll pull the battery, recycle the electronics, and order another from the cheapest seller.

ADDENDUM: Playing videos through the device (i.e., plugging it into the computer) sometimes causes lots of frame drops and stuttering. I have better luck removing the chip and plugging that into the computer to view and/or copy videos.
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on January 14, 2014
This is basically a toy. Need do take serious video? Spend some serious money on a serious camera. But if you want a tiny camera that is cheap enough to lose or destroy, and you're willing to accept the challenge of figuring it out as part of the fun, I recommend it. This is the second one I've owned..I accidentally broke the first one. I like to attach these to model rockets; others attach them to R/C vehicles, helmets, glasses, etc for cheap and exciting action videos.

Common complaints and solutions:
1. Doesn't charge: The problem may be the cheap USB cord. I found two other cords that were chargers for old cell phones...they work much better.
2. Won't turn on: It will need to charge for 1.5- 2 hours first. If it's not charging, the problem could be the cord, see #1.
3. Can't figure out how to take videos or pictures: Google "808 keychain camera" and you'll find much clearer instructions and YouTube videos that will help. the buttons take a bit of getting used to.
4. Can't upload videos: It only puts out video in an .AVI format. It can be converted to other formats but that's up to your own software and resourcefulness.

For more information go to [...] This fellow went to a lot of trouble to compile a lot of information about these cameras.
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on April 18, 2014
Had a difficult time telling if it was recording, and I still have no clue when it is recording.

You will need a micro SD card for this. I am not sure how much memory it supports.

It works, the sound is decent, and the video is acceptable. If you want this for a micro helicopter, it will work, but the video will be blurry due to the motion. You might have to adjust it so it will stabilize the video.

I attached it to the bottom of my SYMA mini helicopter and it fit perfectly. You will need to remove the components from the plastic holder. This will expose the circuit board and battery inside. Use electric tape or glue to attach it to the bottom of the helicopter.

I will definitely be working with this camera to see if I can get it to function properly with my helicopter.

If you don't mind the hassle of trying to figure this camera out then I say go for it since it is only $6.

The only thing I do not like is it does not have a proper system to tell you if it is recording or not.
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on October 9, 2014
Not a very good product overall. I saw mixed reviews and decided to give it a shot. When it came I was excited, because the camera worked great. But the directions were all in a foreign language. It was all characters from an Asian language (not sure which one). I had to look up how to use it online. This wasn't hard, because there are lots of youtube how-to videos. However, the camera functioned well for a couple weeks (although I only used it maybe 5-7 times), before it simply wouldn't turn on. I looked up many troubleshooting options but to no avail. Apparently the thing breaks for a majority of people, given time. If you want something that lasts, it might be prudent to pick a slightly more expensive product (only because it's probably better quality).
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on May 2, 2014
It's been less than 2-weeks since I purchased, received, and trashed this product. I was able to use it 4-5 times over a 3-day period before it just stopped working. I initially thought the battery was low, but it just stopped working.

I had read the comments of the other reviewers and made sure to keep it in my pocket to be as gentle as possible, but it still crapped out.

The picture / video quality was about as good as you could expect for $10, but at the rate they break you'll need to order 2-3 of them every month.
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on March 10, 2014
Videos and Pictures are dark, if it wasn't so dark I'd give it 5 stars, its cheap. I didn't expect much with this price but I expected a little more from reading the 5 star reviews. Neat little gadget, it would of been smart to put the writing and colors of actual key remotes to make it more realistic. I would of paid more for better quality. Hint to company make better quality of video, pictures, make it support higher gbs, make it more realistic, sell it for a higher price I'm sure it'd be a hit, I'll rate it 5 star and buy it.
review image review image
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on September 29, 2015
Shipping was fast, and the packaging was fine. But the camera... this thing is not very good. As long as your expectations aren't high I guess it's fine. Appropriate for a child that want's to play with a camera and take video. I placed this on my drone, on a stabilizer even, and it was shakey and the video quality is terrible. The 2MP (not HD) camera that came on my drone is better than this. The camera lense doesnt seem to be level either because when I take pictures/video it's aim is off. On its second use it froze up after taking video and I had to put a pin in it to reset it. For $8 it's mildly entertaining and I may find a use for it, but you'd be better off getting a Mobius or a real 808 #16 keychain camera with a wide angle lens.
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on January 31, 2014
Couple of things to know:
1. You have to buy a memory card - from what I've read, it should be Class 4 or higher.
2. I don't think the drivers work on Windows 7 x64.

This product turned on initially and when I plugged the device into my computer, I thought it was charging. A few days later when my memory card came in, I tried to turn the camera on and nothing. I thought the battery was dead so I plugged it into my computer but the light would not come on. Then I noticed in the Windows 7 tray that there was a message indicating that the drivers did not install. I did a lot of searching on the web but the drivers have to be unzipped and the directories/files have Chinese characters and after find 1 site with pretty detailed instructions on installing drivers, I still could not get it to work.

I may try the more expensive versions, but I don't expect any change in results.
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on July 24, 2014
I was able to take Five pictures and one very short video when testing it. I looked at the video and pictures after plugging it into my computer, and was understanding of the poor quality of the pics and video since it is a cheap camera. I wanted to try it out some more so I took more pictures and video (so I thought). When I plugged it into the computer again it came up with a windows message saying it couldn't recognize the usb device. The camera had been charged for a day, so the battery should be fine. When I tried to charge it again no luck, and no light this time indicating it was charging. When I Googled the issue some people found that it is one of the pins the micro SD touches inside the camera has broken, and they couldn't fix it even with soldering. I spent $7 for about two minutes of fun before it broke. Kind of expensive. Guess I got what I paid for, a cheap piece of junk
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