9/11: Press For Truth
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I've taken a strong interest in serious DVDs recently, and have a list of serious DVD's that I recommend. This is one of two 9/11 DVDs that I am reviewing, the other, is Aftermath, Unanswered Questions from 9/11.

I have five pages of notes. A few key aspects of the film:

1) Over and over, Bush, Cheney, and Rice seen as liars and hypocrites simply by playing their past statements on television against reality.

2) Movie opens with the wall of notes and photos of the missing--for those that don't get out to see the real world; this is precisely the kind of wall that appears in areas devastated by genocide or a major natural disaster.

3) The movie speaks of the 2 hour delay in getting fighters up, and appears completely unfamiliar with "Crossing the Rubicon" which documents the anti-terrorism exercise being played out that day with Dick Cheney in charge. My bottom line: the entire cover up is about protecting Dick Cheney from being derelict in both ignoring terrorism and intelligence from day one, and possibly being malignantly culpable in using his operational control of the government (including the President's movements) to *allow* 9/11 to happen as a pretext for war.

4) The 4 widowed mothers, the Jersey Girls, are compelling in indicting the Attorney General and the FBI for grotesque ineffectiveness and inattention, to include constantly changing the FBI people assigned to the 9/11 investigation.

5) The widows are compelling in suggesting that the incompetence of the Bush-Cheney Administration is a great threat than terrorism The reality is that the Bush-Cheney Administration is *very* competent at pursuing its own malignant objectives against the public interest.

6) The movie does well at documenting how no skyscraper has ever fallen to fire, in showing how both towers came down perfectly as if by planned pre-placed demolitions, and how WTC 7 (the home of the Secret Service and the CIA) also game down perfectly despite not being hit. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories, often suggesting that given a choice go with incompetence over conspiracy, but I do believe that Dick Cheney in particular has lied to the public, to the 9/11 Commission, to Congress, and that he must be held accountable.

7) Republicans spent 100 million according to the movie (I remember only 50 million) on investigating Clinton-Lewinsky, and assigned only 3 million, later grudgingly raised to 14 million, to the 9/11 investigation. That says it all.

8) Paul Thompson is the real hero of this story, and his TIMELINE, which I have reviewed, is superb. See also my reviews of "Fog Facts" and "Lost History."

9) The movie excels at documenting all the warnings received by the US from specific governments at specific times, contrasting that with the televised lies by Condi Rice and Dick Cheney, as well as "deer in the headlights" views of George Junior. The movie overlooks the two walk-ins to the FBI, one in Newark and one in Orlando, prior to 9/11.

10) The July 2001 G-8 summit, and Bush's vacation home, had anti-aircraft defenses for the first time in history. At the same time John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial and on 9/11 a number of senior Pentagon people cancelled trips planned for that day. I have "LIARS" written in all caps three times at this point in my notes.

11) The most compelling point made by the movie is that if the government had shared this information with the public, then all three planes might have been protected by the passengers, as was the case with the third--passengers armed with knowledge did what the Pentagon and White House could not or would not do.

12) Sy Hersh's work is featured, and overall this movie suggests that the Taliban was created by the Pakistani intelligence service, and that Bush is a real hypocrite for honoring Pakistan while declaring war on all those who support and harbor terrorists. Hello? The money trail clearly connects Al Qaeda and Pakistan, in sharp contrast to the lies told about Al Qaeda and Iraq.

13) The movie ends very powerfully, first with a total condemnation of the corporate media that "went along" and would not even run BBC stories by Greg Pabst, stifling both dissent and investigative journalism.

14) Bottom line: they all lied, now we need to know WHY they lied. 9-11 is the biggest don't ask don't tell in history, with no answers, no accountability.

These four widows, and honorable people like Sy Hersh, Paul Thompson, and Greg Palast, deserve respect from all of us--they are doing precisely what Thomas Jefferson would have wanted them to do, saying as he did, "A Nation's best defense is an educated citizenry." In my view, terrorism is the least of our problems. The capture of the federal government by corporations is the real enemy.

Edit of 16 Oct 06: View this with "Loose Change" (second edition) which is unfortunately not sold via Amazon.
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on October 18, 2006
This movie is to 9/11 what the BBC's "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" series was to JFK--that is, after you see it, you will never again believe the "official" story about what happened. You will be left with question after question after question.

Forget fringe movies like "Loose Change," which undercut their own message by jumping to conclusions and engaging in wild, baseless speculation in many scenes.

This movie puts the 9/11 Timeline to devastating use, completely blowing out of the water the idea that we had no real warnings prior to 9/11. It also shows what a sham the 9/11 commission was--a modern day Warren Commission--and you'll be floored when you see who was put in charge of it (remember the original choice? That's right: Henry Kissinger).

The reason this movie works so well is that it doesn't ask and answer questions for you, as "Loose Change" did--just lays everything out right in front of you, and you will be floored.

Easily without a doubt the golden standard movie for all those who are interested in the REAL story of what happened on 9/11.

You will never be more distrustful of government, after watching this.

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on September 11, 2006
This film is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. It simply lays out mainstream news reports in a timeline. A timeline that becomes disturbing very quickly.

However, the main truth one walks away from when cold hard facts are laid out is that govt., media, and all of us should have been asking some hard questions. The 9/11 widows and families thru their grief found the strength to do just that. For that they have been attacked by Republican operatives like Anne Coulter, who called them "harlots . . . who enjoyed their husbands death."

The TRUTH is, that the way the US govt., and particularly the Republican Party have treated the 9/11 family members is a disgrace that will drag on our beloved country for many years.

The ONLY way to correct the wrong done to these brave widows and families of 9/11, is to launch a whole NEW 9/11 investigation that looks into EVERYTHING about 9/11, not just what fits with the "official" story of the Bush Administration. Of course we should not just do this for the 9/11 family members who courageously have fought for it, but also for ourselves. Two wars and now a possible 3rd with Iran are being pushed on Americans using the hammer of 9/11. This administration, and their friends in Congress have attacked opponents of wars using the hammer of 9/11, and they have hijacked our foriegn policy to a militarist "endless preemptive war" policy using the hammer of 9/11 to beat down opponents here and internationally. The way the 9/11 victims have been used by this administration will go down in history's anals of shame.

Where was the Air Force for an hour and a half on 9/11?

How, after getting specific warnings of planes being used as missiles and the WTCs being possible targets, before 9/11, could our President have thought the first tower being hit on 9/11 was "a bad pilot or something"?

How did the three WTC buildings defy physics and fall at near free fall speed, becoming the first 3 steel reinforced skyscrapers in history to collapse due to fire and/or external damage? WTC building 7 was not hit by a plane that day. Why did it collapse like a classic controlled demolition on that day.

Although this documentary doesn't explore the WTC issue in the depth I would have liked, it is a brilliant expose of the fact that this govt. fought the 9/11 widows every step of the way and that 70% of the victim's families questions remain unanswered.

Again, this film MUST be viewed by every American. Get it, watch it, pass it on to everyone you know. Only thru truth can our nation heal. The truth is being covered up. This cannot stand. This documentary is a wake up call. I thank the producers and the Jersey Girls for their heroic efforts to fight for truth.
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2006
Independently made films now seem to be one of the few ways in which Americans can get closer to the facts about what's going on. Although I am in utter disagreement with the other reviewers: 1) most of the so-called "conspiracy theories" are not bunk and should not be dismissed without a deep and respectful hearing. The perjorative, randomly applied, "catch-all" term "conspiracy theory" is quite loosely thrown around by people who simply do not know what they're talking about and wish to sound like they do. For instance: "Loose Change" IS a heavily researched film that every American should see. 2) "Farenheit 911" was NOT the 'partisan' effort that facsist pundits in the employ of corporate media interests wanted and succeeded in getting most Americans to believe it was so that they would not see it. In reality, "Farenheit 911" was an enormous work of ART and a courageous act of patriotism (one only wishes every film, especially this one, was as well wrought).

That off my chest - 911 / Press For Truth powerfully tells the story of the realizations which have arisen since the terrible tragedy of that day through the perspective of family members of a number of those who died in the targeted structures.

Their experience highlights:

1) The U.S. government was specifically evasive and NOT interested in getting to the truth of what happened and in fact

blocked and stalled the inquiries of the bereaved American citizens.

2) The much delayed 911 Commission was a "whitewash" - avoiding all tough questions - specifically holding NO accountability - and headed by politically partisan figures.

(Nicely shown by the film is the dissent of one of the few non-partisan commissioners, Max Cleland, the triple Vietnam War amputee, who was later mysteriously defeated for re-election in Georgia through what is now widely suspected to be voting machine fraud.)

3) Paul Thompson's celebrated, but not widely enough known, 911 Timeline revealing a definite link between Al-Quaeda and Pakistan military and government intelligence - and a extensively detailed exposition of Osama Bin Laden's mysterious escape from Tora Bora.

4) The recognition that we much need some sort of public (not corporate), non-partisan oversight of the media. Like a national press accountability day?)

5) It's time we start making judicious treatment of those who have innocently suffered most (in deference to those with the most money and/or power) in our country - THE PRIORITY.

There is more here - much more - and YES - EVERY AMERICAN VOTER SHOULD SEE THIS FILM. But, please try to view it with an open mind. Isn't it time for America to get out of the patriarchial quietism of the 'Bill O'Reilly mode of denial' and finally begin to grow up into the stature of the true world leader this great nation could and should be?
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on October 12, 2006
This is really a fantastic flick in my opinion. They did a spectacular job on this. It's 1 hour and 24 minutes long and very well done. It is not so much speculative as retrospective. It covers the story of the 911 Families' quest to get an independent investigation of the events leading up to and on 9/11, what became known as the 9/11 Commission (some call it the 9/11 Omission), chaired by former NJ Governor Keane. It shows why the 9/11 Families were disappointed and that the Commission was neither thorough nor independent. It is not so much opinion as many, many news clips of Administration officials making hard to explain mendacious statements on major media outlets which in the context of what has occurred since, now seems absolutely shocking. It gives the inside story of what it took to pressure the government into forming the Commission in the first place and how reluctant the government was into investigating the tragedy. Clips of Dan Rather and other media people at the end attempt to answer the question of why main stream media has for the most part dropped the ball in reporting this important story to the American people. A must see for anyone who still believes in the American electoral process. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about 9/11 you will find a few surprises here.
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on September 9, 2006
It doesn't waste time with ridiculous conspiracy theories like so many others, and it isn't just a partisan attack like Fahrenheit 9/11.

This film is chock full of solid information that has been reported by major news organizations, but was previously presented out of context and often hidden behind less important articles.

If you have even a passing interest in the reasons behind the terrorist attacks, the US government's response, or the official investigation, then see this movie.
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on September 8, 2006
With all the 9/11 conspiracy movies out there talking about missiles and passengers being taken to hangers and all kinds of other fringe theories, it's great to finally see a movie that strikes to the heart of the 9/11 cover-up. The Jersey Girl's brought the Bush Administration to their knees when they forced them to form the 9/11 Commission. These women and the other 9/11 survivors didn't give up when their Government said no to an investigation into 9/11. And to this day they continue to pursue the answers to 100's of questions the commission failed to address. This film is a must see for everyone regardless of political stance or preconceived ideas of what happened on 9/11. If you are a fan of our Government and it's handling of 9/11, you will be overwhelmed and disgusted by what you see. If you harbor doubts or are critical of the way the Bush Administration dealt with 9/11, then you will be vilified and empowered. Don't wait for Christmas to give this film to as many of your friends and family as you can.
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on November 13, 2006
This is the best production I have seen of what happened leading up to and following 9/11/2001. It is a credible presentation, unlike Alex Jones' videos and Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. I'm not saying that these other videos are without benefit. They offer SOME truth, but the manner in which they are presented make them (and anyone who believes that stuff) appear as lunatics. It makes me wonder whose side they are on. 911: Press For Truth, on the other hand, presents things in a logical, questioning manner. It causes one to pause and think (and, of course, question the government's official version) rather than leading a person to phoney far-out conclusions. 911: Press For Truth is well worth the time to view it.
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on March 22, 2007
This DVD is a good starting point in the search for the truth about what really happened on 9/11.A lot of the detail that is now out in the open is not mentioned, but the cover up is made obvious by the unanswered questions posed in this film.A film that takes the point of view of the families affected by crime commited by the US adminerstration.Terrorstorm - A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism
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on March 16, 2007
... anybody who begins to question the official story of 9-11.

if you think that something is not adding up, you might wonder if you are the only one who feels that way. No, you are not! We are thousands, probably millions around the world, who have questions, some serious questions and we are growing in numbers every day.

The poor victims of 9-11 and their relatives deserve the truth and that is what drives these widows to take on the establishment, the corporate "media" and the U.S. Government.

The "Jersey Girls" and Paul Thompson show us that a small group of people can make a big difference. The movie is filled with interesting, shocking, eye-opening and absolutely RELEVANT information.

watch it & share it !
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