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on June 19, 1998
A Charmed Place was a wonderful love story, the characters were so real to me. I had not read any of Antoinette's books before and I do not know how I missed her because I am an avid reader. Anyway Dan and Mattie hooked me on their story and hooked me onto a wonderful author. I have since read all of her books and loved them. I also like the stories of people who are not in their twenties and of course I always like a happy ending for people who go through some very difficult times in their lives. I could relate to Maggie because I also went through some very difficult times with a teen age daughter and also a marriage that ended. It was so neat for Dan to have loved her for all of these years and to try and renew and once again refall in love and of course we all like the happy ever after endings. It may not be like that in real life but to me these characters become so real and Antoinette has a way of doing that. I just finished Beyond Midnight and it was so good I could not lay it down. Way to go Antoinette and of course Dan and Mattie will be with us forever.
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on May 8, 1998
I didn't think I could like Antoinette's newest novel, "A Charmed Place" more than I loved "Dream A Little Dream" but I was happily wrong. Antoinette just keeps getting better and better.
In "A Charmed Place," Maddie Regan is still struggling to come to terms with the inexplicable and unsolved murder of her beloved father, when Daniel Hawke, her first and only true love, returns to Sandy Point with an agenda of his own. Family members who are bitter against Daniel, a jealous and volatile ex-husband, and a rebellious fourteen year old daughter stand firmly in the way of reunited love. Toss in a sinking lighthouse, a hurricane, and a goosebumpy touch of Antoinette's trademark mysticalness, and there you have it - a "curl up in your favorite chair and defy anyone to bother you," cover to cover delight.
Antoinette Stockenberg consistently delivers multi-faceted, three dimensional characters with honest, often heartbreaking problems, emotions and reactions. She also delivers a picture of New England that will make you want to pack your bags and hit the road for a visit. You will smell the salt air and honeysuckle, you will envision the lighthouse and Maddie's garden, you will feel as though you would recognize Maddie and Daniel if you passed them on the street. Great characters, snappy dialogue, gifted description, and a clever, satisfying plot all add up to a big A+ for Antoinette Stockenberg and "A Charmed Place."
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on March 15, 2012
This book is very slow moving. If a book is long because it has a lot of story to tell, that's good. But this book seemed to be long for the purpose of using as many words as possible. I like a book that moves along at a better clip.

The story itself, I loved. It's a love story about two people finding each other after years apart. They are now both middle aged and have, what appears to be, too many road blocks on her part. Maddy's own mother thinks the love of her life, Dan, killed her father. Maddy's ex-husband has gone crazy and is determined to break them up and Maddy's teen-aged daughter is on her daddy's side.

The reader finally gets to find out who did what to whom but that's not the end. It should end there but then there's a long epilog. Once a story is done, finish it.

This book is probably ideal for someone who likes to make a book last over months and the writing is very good. But I prefer a faster pace.
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on May 25, 1998
For a modern romance, it was pretty good. Being in my forties also, I like the idea of a middle life romance instead of the main female character being in early twenties. It has a mature theme and identifies with today's society ( I'm not saying today's society is living right), but the book does reflect issues of today. It is the first Stockenberg novel I've read and I look forward to reading more. I have "Dream a Little Dream" and have heard good things about it. Hopefully, it will further intice me to read more of her novels.
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on March 5, 2005
I found this book to be very slow reading. Not that the story wasn't interesting, or that it dragged along, just that it was one of those books that needed to be read in small segments over the course of several days.

I really like the concept that although Maddie and Dan hadn't seen each other in over 20 years, they were still as much in love as they were in their college days, if not moreso. When they finally found each other again, they were determined not to let anything, not even past misunderstandings and family issues, separate them again. This notion of soul-mates who are destined to be together is very romantic and one I subscribe to.

The descriptions of coastal Cape Cod, and the seaside setting, restoring the lighthouse, were wonderfully vivid and made the story come alive. The conflict between Maddie and her tempermental rebellious teenaged daughter was very realistic (especially to a reader in a similar situation). The subplot of solving the murder of Maddie's father, and the mystery of what paranormal weirdness Maddie's ex-husband Michael was involved in, gave the story even further substance. The secondary characters were colorful and delightful!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 17, 2013
I loved this book. I love a book that once I start reading I cannot put it down because something else is getting ready to happen. AND, for days after I wonder what my characters are doing.

The heroine certainly had her share of stuff she was going thru. At times I felt she was really strong and had a great spine! Other times I thought she was being stupid. I didn't agree with her dealing with the teen daughter. I don't understand women that want to take all the responsibility for a failed marriage when the husband is screwing around. They want to save the image of the "wonderful father". So the teen makes their live miserable because Daddy dearest, totally without fault, wants to come back home! I don't get it. You can tell the kid in front of him esactly what happened without being ugly, it is what it is.

Then when the kid really goes overboard, alcohol, drugs and boys after sneaking out at night she grounds the kid. Then so that the little brat is not upset offers to take the same group to the movies, have them over, etc. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can see her doing it, just don't understand it. No wonder the kid walked all over her.

I loved the hero and I loved that she stood up to everyone regarding her feelings for him. Loved that connection. I thought it was a really good story and I enjoyed the whole book. I would highly recommend it.
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on July 22, 2013
This was probably the first time that I read a book where there were more characters that I disliked than liked but for me that gave
the story more of an emotional edge - Maddie's mother and brother should have been ashamed of themselves for their behavior - Tracey too
(but that's a typical teenager for you) - Making Maddie second guess her mothering skills at every turn.....I HATED Norah right from the
start - I think I still do : ) I felt that she was a loud, pushy, brazen, disloyal "friend" - I would have loved for Maddie to just smack
her mouth shut... Any woman who attempts to pursue a man who she KNOWS her friend still has feelings for is despicable - I'm not going to say
much about Michael - other than "creepy"....I loved that Dan and Maddie's romance sizzled early on and didn't stop - (even with Michael's many
failed attempts) Meddling family, meddling friends, a pair of star-crossed lovers, a perfect storm and OH! a little murder mystery - will have
you turning pages at breakneck speed! What a wonderful story!
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on May 24, 2014
I liked the seaside setting and the characters. Stockenberg created strong characters and then had them behave in ways that seemed out of character. I felt the author let Maddie down when she caved in to her crazy ex-husband, and I felt Dan, her "true love" became petty and sulky when his woman really needed him. Still, it was a good story, with interesting plot twists and secrets from the past that stirred up trouble. It was a great summer read, and I finished it one day. This was my first book by this author, but I plan to try out a few more.
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on July 29, 2013
I have had this book for over 3 weeks now... I am about half way through, and I just can't seem to finish the darn thing. The beginning was great, it really pulled me in... then all this junk about saving the lighthouse just drug on too long... i lost interest. Once the "fling" starts it sort of tumbled... and sneaking out of the house, really?.... just not enough romance for me! I do have to say if you have the patience for a 400 some page book, then you might like it. I personally like them a little shorter, and usually read through books in 2-3 days. This one puts me to sleep every night, instead of my normal {looking at the clock at 2 am thinking, "oh crap! I have to get up in 3 hours"!!)
Best of luck! The writing itself was good, the story just didn't pull me in. I might skip ahead to the end just to find out the murder plot- but that's the only reason!
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on July 30, 2013
I really couldn't put this book down. Thank goodness I read it over the weekend becasue I stayed up til about 4 am finishing it! I really loved the way the author showed the thought process of both the main characters Meg, Dan, and Michael. This story was about finding old loves that were true loves and it also solved a mystery at the same time, which I liked. There was a lot of different sub plots going on in between the main plot, so it really kept the reader engaged. It was a relationship story as much as a romance story. Meg is in her family's summer cottage when her college sweetheart rents out the lighhouse across from her. They reconect with each other, much to Meg's family's disapoitment. Meg has to also deal with an ex-husband who is slowly going crazy. He's obsessed with Meg and uses their daughter against Meg and her relationship with Dan. All the while Meg and her family are trying to solve and still deal with the murder of her father from the year before. There is tension between Meg and her family, including her daughter, and tention between Dan and Meg's family. I really enjoyed this story. I felt like I was right with the characters and I thought it was also somewhat realistic. Some parts made me wonder but over all I felt it was something that could happen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little mystery, romannce, and a complicated family.
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