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on January 19, 2005
This is an incredible soundtrack not to mention a great little independent film. Don't listen to the critics on this one because the majority of them are flat out wrong. There should be more movies like this with compelling stories, strong acting and sweet music. Much better than the blockbuster trash that's so prevalant today. Anyhow, check out the soundtrack if only for the great New Orleans singer/songwriter Grayson Capps -- who's a little known gem from that historic music town. The rest of the soundtrack is worthy too...with tracks by Thalia Zedek, Trespassers William (another little known band that is pretty incredible), Los Lobos, Nada Surf, lots of rare blues and two sweet little songs by John Travolta. I couldn't have made a better mix of music myself!
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I did not notice until I was looking over this soundtrack for "A Love Song for Bobby Long" that I figured out that Grayson Capps, who writes the songs attributed to the character of Lorraine, whose death sets the story into motion, is the son of Evertt Capps, who wrote the novel "Off Magazine Street" on which the 2005 film directed by Shainee Gabel was based. There are only three songs on the soundtrack that Capps wrote and sang for the film on the soundtrack, "Washboard Lisa," "Love Song for Bobby Long," and a lovely duet with Theresa Andersson on "Lorraine's Song (My Heart Was a Lonely Hunter)." But they are three of the most important songs since they are essentially the missing character speaking to the living from beyond the grave. All three of those and another nine songs are available on Capps album, "If You Knew My Mind" (which comes out in two days as I write this), so those of us who are disappointed there are only the three songs will have someplace to go to find what will hopefully be more of the same (there are definitely a couple of more tracks Capps does in the film on that album).

John Travolta, who plays the character of Bobby Long, sings a brief cover of "I Really Don't Want to Know" and a short version of the traditional song "Barbara Allen" to the simple accompaniment of a guitar, which underscores that most of the songs in this movie and on this soundtrack were sung in the film and not simply being played on the radio or layered under the dialogue or being substituted for same. There are a few that fit into this last category, "Bobby" and "Daughter Like Mother." But mostly there are some songs hauntingly sung, such as "Bone" by Thalia Zedek and "Different Stars" by Trespassers William. The common denominator is that these songs are integral parts of the film and help make it work despite some melodramatic elements. If it were not for "Barbara Allen" I would not have recognized a single song on this album, but I would have to go back to "Eddie and the Cruisers" to name a movie where I was pretty much totally unfamiliar with the

"Someday" by Los Lobos makes sense as the first track because it sets the mood for the story, although so does Lonnie Pitchford's "Lonesome Blues." But even when we talk the blues they are not all in the same key, as evidenced by "Early Every Morning" by Magic Slim and the Teardrops, "Rising Son" by Big Bill Morganfield, and "Praying Ground Blues" by Lightin' Hopkins. A lot of these are old school blues, which is what you should be expecting since the movie's story does not really lend itself to Dixieland Jazz. Then the soundtrack throws in "This Isn't It" by Giant Drag to make it clear there is still alternative rock out there and represent the world on which Scarlett Johansson's character is turning her back. But besides Nada Surf's poignant "Blonde on Blonde," you will keep coming back to those songs of Grayson Capps as being the heart and soul of this album. You wait pretty much the entire movie for the title song to show up, and when it does it is perfectly on point. Seeing the movie "Love Song for Bobby Long" will make you like this soundtrack even more, but that is even more true in reverse.
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on September 7, 2005
I bought this cd after watching the movie and noticed how perfectly cast the music was to the overall feeling of the movie thus enhancing the story (loved the movie, by the way). This is music that pulls you in...and, I just wish John Travolta would put out an entire project with his heart-rending and tender ballads - this musical style suits him very well - I was sure left wanting much more! The diverse artist contributors weave beautiful music together. My first exposure to Grayson Capps, bought his CD as him! I get asked A LOT what I'm listening to at work!
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on May 25, 2005
This is very nice compilation of thoughtful ballads, some of lesser known singers and writers. Travolta can carry a tune (it would appear). His singing meshes well with his character in this charming movie. All things considered, this is a rathr good, enjoyable film. I especially like the numerous literary references. I am commenting on both the soundtrack and film, as both are worry of listening and viewing.
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on June 16, 2005
The compilation of artists/bands in this soundtrack is simply amazing. Grayson Capps (son of author of the original book) has the voice of a crow and the music ability of some of the finest. His rough but melodic voice stands alone on this CD. Nathan Larson, Nada Surf, and Los Lobos also have excellent songs on here. Really there isn't a bad song on the entire CD. Each and every song captures the movie's setting and feel perfectly. It's been many years since a movie and its music has moved me as much as this has. You gotta listen to it and see the movie to understand and fully appreciate these raving reviews this soundtrack will continue to recieve.
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on October 13, 2012
I've seen many movies staring John Travolta and likewise Scarlett Johansson. This movie is hands-down the best performance for each, and the synergy of their interaction on screen takes off from there. Their characters are interesting, believable and develop as the story unfolds.

The evocative atmospherics of po'folk's New Orleans is powerful and nuanced, but not overplayed, and is enhanced immeasurably by the outstanding musical track, much of which is performed by local New Orleans artists. The music makes for compelling repeated listening as a stand alone CD, without regard to its soundtrack status.

There are no boobs, violence or overbearing star turns- just a first-rate yarn spun artfully and played-out by two dedicated actors at the very top of their game and enhanced by inspired music.

A Love Song for Bobby Long is well-up on the list of the 10 all-time best movies in my experience...
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on August 29, 2005
This soundtrack is great: both gritty and smooth, this blues/folk mixture is heart and soul of the story behind "A Love Song for Bobby Long". The movie was wonderful and this music pulled it all together. You will enjoy every song on it. Can't go wrong with Lightnin' Hopkins "Prayin' Ground Blues", Big Bill Morganfield's "Rising Son", and New Orleans bluesman Grayson Capps "Love Song for Bobby Long", "Washboard Lisa", and "Lorraine's Song". It's a little sun and rain combined; sorrow and joy.
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on June 1, 2005
I was blown away by the music and the lyrics.

What a classy film, wonderfully slow ,as sweet as molasses and has the dreamy quality of "The Piano".

It is such a lovely movie. I was amazed that John Travolta chose this role. He is really not bad at all. Scarlett Johansson was BRILLIANT. And the young actors are very promising.

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on January 16, 2014
My brother and I love the movie, but he was so frustrated that you don't get to hear the full songs in it. So of course I ordered it for him for Christmas. He has a CD Player in his car and told me he played it all the way back home to Virginia from our place in Central Florida. I have a CD Player as part of my home sound system but the stinker wouldn't let me play it! Anyway, he was thrilled that I was able to find an original from the movie. Said he'd play it for me when I visit him in April. What a pal.
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on June 27, 2008
I read the novel "Off Magazine Street", which was made into the movie "A Love Song For Bobby Long". I loved both, and the soundtrack is very good. If you like hardcore blues and alternative country, you'll like this. It is my favorite album this summer.
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