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on February 15, 2013
I think a fairly suspenseful story is hidden somewhere in this book - and a rewrite losing A) some of the 4 boys/men suddenly converging on our female lead, and B) 90 % of the sinister warnings would work wonders (regarding sinister warnings: don't declare something will turn out to be the biggest mistake EVER, if by the end of the book it seems to have had little significance)

Just as an editing fixing some of the glaring mistakes (president when you mean presidential candidate, the using of "I" when it should be "me"; the mixing of past and present tense, referring to "the day before" when there's been days of classes & dance practices in between) would be much appreciated.

Maybe the point of the book is just the sex scenes - and never mind the plot holes - but then be "warned" the sex scenes are few and far between.
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on February 28, 2013
This is one of those books you start not expecting to be sucked in, then BAM you cannot put it down. "Jess Mackey" is living a new life, a sheltered life of constant worry, after witnessing a horrific crime intimately associated with her life. Now thousands of miles away, and living under false pretenses she is trying to open up, make friends and take a leap of faith toward trusting people. From opening up to her new friend Carlie, letting herself follow her dreams of dancing/ballet, and stepping out of the shadows into the world of dating, "Jess" is beginnig to let her guard down. Enter Devin Castile "Cas"...a steaming hot alpha male who just appears randomly and captures JEss's eyes and libido! While Jess is lusting after "Cas" and his bad boy demeanor, she fighting the urge to play is safe with local college hottie, Mitch. As Jess's life plays out there is a constant sense of "danger" in the air. There is string of local girls gone missing, a constant sense of someone always watching, and the fact that no one is who they seem....who can be trusted, who is real, who is just playing a role? This book has it all, mystery, romance and suspense. I really enjoyed the banter between the characters, the hot sexy scenes, and of course the psycho past that comes barreling to the forefront by the book's end. This is one I would buy again, and of course recommend to all!
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on February 15, 2013
This book feels like it is missing something. I enjoyed that the book had a little bit of romance, and a little bit of suspense, however, some of it just didn't make sense. Another reviewer mentioned some plot holes and I couldn't agree more. The book moved a little fast, expanding on parts we didn't need to know about, and seemingly skimming over the other important parts. I liked the idea of the story, but it could use a little refining.
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on February 25, 2013
This is the second book written by this author I have read. Although at times the writing might be choppy/need of editing, the stories are well thought out and original. The story kept me engaged and I needed to finish it before putting it down. Others have mentioned 'need of editing'---that may need to be done, but let me just say that whatever errors are being referenced to in those reviews are MINOR compared to other books I have read. One of the gambles you take when reading the $0.99 and less books.

I am glad I took a chance on this book for $0.99. I believe the 'normal' Kindle price is $2.99 and I wouldn't recommend for that price. up to $1.99 yes :)

Storyline: The main female character, Jess, has a past that she is running away from. As with everything in life that one runs away from, it catches up with her, and not in a good way. Can't say much else without giving it away---but I did love Cas and the best friend. Even though it was a good story, I felt that many things someone who is on the run should've been aware of/not taken a chance on were ignored by Jess. However, I reminded myself that she is a young girl and thought, "Actually, being 18-20 years of age is not exactly the time of your life when one makes decisions based on logic. That is the time when, at least for me, your emotions seem to get the better of you and you take chances you would never take if you had been 10 years older."

Thanks for the great story---I hope my review helps :
Recommend: YES
Reread: I don't usually reread unless a sequel comes out.....and I definitely wouldn't mind more Cas :)
Recommended Purchase price: Up to $1.99 :)
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on February 26, 2013
{Spoiler Alert - kind of}

Can we just run Castile through one of those 3D printers? Cause daaaaaamn he's sexy. As blasphemous as it sounds, I think he puts my paranormal favorites to shame.

I loved the intrigue of this story line, but I have to admit, I was momentarily scared senseless when Castile brought up the word "vanilla". Given what we learn about him before that point, I saw that word and had this instant fear of the next few chapters degrading into a repetitive, albeit slightly kinky "50 Shades"- esque plot point. Luckily things got back on track and steered clear of that disaster, for which I was both extremely pleased and proud of M.E. for. (You don't need to lower yourself to 50's standards, you're in waaaaay higher ranks).

Aside from that, I pegged the (correct) bad guy after only a few of his appearances. I think that's more so due to the fact that I'm a behavioral analyst at heart, and not because it was easy to see at first. I also guessed that something was up with Castile but was caught off guard by the FBI angle. However, the Brock angle was way more of a shocker and I applaud M.E. for being so sneaky about it.

Over all, LOVED this book from cover to cover. Once I really had the time to give it proper attention, I stayed up until 6AM so I could finish reading it in one sitting. Another job very, very well done.
Now I'm even more curious to find out what else M.E. has written, anxiously awaiting the reveal.
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on August 13, 2013
(Originally posted on SnarkyMomReads)

Hey - does the title look familiar? Hmmmm.... maybe because I had Mom Brain & didn't realize that when I read "Brutal Tenderness" as the companion novel to "A Terrible Love", that I actually HAD a copy of "A Terrible Love" that was given to me to read in exchange for an HONEST review. Mom Brain. It's a real medical condition. I think. If I could remember what its name was, I'd be able to Google it. Anyway, yeah. I read the "companion novel" first. No wonder I was so damn confused! But really - since I HAD read the companion novel, "A Brutal Tenderness", THIS novel made a LOT more sense.

"A TERRIBLE LOVE" is a 272 page novel, written by Marata Eros and published by Simon & Schuster, with a digital price of $5.69. (Ouch!) This is the story of Jess Mackey, a college student with a hidden past - and she's trying to keep it that way. With a serial killer on the loose, Jess finds herself the center of attention - but is all the attention good?

This book would be considered "New Adult" genre and it is heavy on the introspection. This really gets to be a bit annoying, especially since the novel is written in the first person perspective (sorry - this is an "ick" for me, but that's just my personal preference). Like I said - I made the mistake of reading the companion novel, "A Brutal Tenderness" first - and I was absolutely CONFUSED. However, once I read "A Terrible Love" it was like sitting in the movie theater watching a movie... and then coming out, asking your pal, "What the hell was THAT all about?!!??" and them explaining it to you. The lightbulb clicked for me, and quite frankly - I found myself liking the story a whole lot more than I did originally.

I still had problems with the structure of the novel... grammar... etc... and that is a HUGE turn-off for me. (Don't make me get out my red pen!!) Would I read this book again? Probably not. That's not to say that it wouldn't become YOUR favorite read. It's just not mine.

Enjoy.... ????
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on February 27, 2013
What a great storyline. I had to laugh at one point where all 3 guys interested in her show up at the same place/time when she wants to just be with her girlfriends. Lots of suspense for sure to keep you on the edge. Some steamy scenes with Cas and he sounds so dreamy!! Really enjoyed this book...would read it it in one day pretty much, could n't put it down.
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When I first saw this book there was just something about it that was calling to me. The cover seemed to scream “READ ME”!!! So I decided to squeeze it in and see what it was about. HOLY COW am I glad I did. It was a surprisingly intense, dramatically heart stopping read. It gave me tingles, turned me on and freaked me out all at the same time. The prologue was freaky...seriously I felt my palms start to sweat a little. It definitely started the book out perfectly.

When I started reading I had no idea what the book was about. I was basically browsing Goodreads (my favorite thing to do) and saw my friend Jennifer's rating. She had given it 5 stars and I KNEW at that moment that I had to read it ASAP. I started it that night and finished it ridiculously fast. I found once I opened the book I could not put it down. Even though I was drawn in from the beginning the start of the first couple chapters were a little rough. I loved the prologue but felt that there were too many characters introduced too quickly and honestly there were a couple moments that I felt a little lost. I thought "HOLY $%#@" how many guys is this chick going to have in her life. We meet Mitch, Devin, Brad and Brock all within a very short period of time. It was most definitely hot boy overload. (which I guess in theory isn't really a problem...I mean are there ever enough hot book boys?!? NO, not really).

Once I got over the initial shock of all of the men and started reading it was like I couldn't read it fast enough. The authors writing was thoroughly addicting.

“The secret has been killing me. Taking small chunks out of who I am until I wasn't me anymore. I was nothing” - Jess

We meet Jess -(her real name is Jewell Macleod)- who is on the run and living life incognito under an alias. She’s the stepdaughter of a current presidential candidate. She lives her life trying to escape from her psychotic step brother Thad (Thaddeus McLeod.) Thad has done something extremely horrible to Jess’s best friend Faith and she’s doing everything in her power to not be found by him. She’s going to College at the University of Washington where her best friend signs her up for a ballet audition without her knowledge. You see Jess aka Jewell is a dancer. It’s in her blood and really it’s all she’s ever wanted to do. Well at this audition she meets Mitch who is gorgeous and sweet. She’s smitten with him from the beginning until she meets Devin Castile aka Cas. This starts a little love triangle that makes your head spin.

Cas is a sexy bad boy (yeah he has a motorcycle...let the swooning begin). He’s very dominant and tough, very alpha male! He’s a womanizing jerk and doesn’t settle down. Definitely the kind of man that us women dream about.

Castile is like an unmovable force. A hurricane on a course, destination known only to it. The trajectory likely to change at anytime. Taking anyone or anything in it’s path. As I look into those dark eyes, I know I am in the eye of the storm that is Devin Castile. - Jess

Mitch is the good boy. The safe choice. He’s also super sexy, very attentive and wants to win Jess’s heart. He wants to be the knight in shining armor for her. Mitch knows that she has secrets, things from her past that she keeps close and guarded. He doesn’t care though he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win her affection.

BUT this plot has twists and turns. Things are not what they seem!! Situations happen that leave your head spinning and your heart pulsating. You’ll scream at your kindle, pace your house, swoon and fan yourself. It’s a full blown awesome reading experience. This is definitely not your run of the mill bubblegum romance. It’s fun, fast paced, sexy and addictive.

Overall I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a fast read that packs a punch. I can’t wait to read other books by this author.
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on February 21, 2013
Jenny: So, this is another one we knew nothing about going into it and what an enjoyable, mysterious, suspenseful and hot read it turned out to be.

We meet Jewell Macleod aka Jess Mackey who is in hiding from her past, specifically her crazy step brother Thadeus who is hell bent on revenge over something that happened a couple of years back. Jess has many secrets and trying to keep them under wraps becomes harder and harder as she begins to let people in.

“the reality was the distraction of Devin Castile and what he brought to the table, or didn’t bring…..has changed my focus. It’s moved from survival and anonymity to wanting to be with him. On whatever pathetic terms he dictated. Jess.

Gitte: Yeah I really enjoyed this one as well Jenny. I thought it was different; it was sexy, dark and addictive. I couldn't really figure out at first whether I liked our heroine or not but I think it was because it took me a while to get used to the writing style of this Author. I did feel for Jess as she truly was a victim of circumstances outside her control and she lived with guilt and in fear. She was trying to live her life but too many obstacles prevented her from doing so. The minute she tries to, her past catches up with her in the form of Devin and Mitch.

Jenny: Devin Castile is our hot, gorgeous, mysterious, alpha womanizing hero. Yes, this guy oozes sex and is one sexy man! Loved him and I’m guessing you did too Gitte.

“you can and you will Jess”…….hmmm that line just about had me com busting!

It’s hard to say too much about this story because I don’t want to give anything away. A lot happens, a few mysteries are solved and there is suspense aplenty. It was a little far- fetched at times, especially towards the end but it was a nice escape and I did enjoy it.

I enjoyed the intensity between Jess and Devin. These two had chemistry by the truck load and I did find myself longing for the moments these two spent together because I enjoyed their interaction the most in the book.

“He moves like he is meant to be against my body, pressed up against me”….yep, the chemistry is h.o.t between these two characters.

Whilst I did find some scenes a little over the top and the writing a bit odd at times, it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the story and I did enjoy this book. I definitely couldn't put it down and had to know the end!

Gitte: Seriously I fell in love with Devin Jenny. He was rough, tough, mysterious and wow did he do the whole controlling dirty mouth thing well!! And yeah you are spot on, this is one easy to spoil story because the crux of it almost begins on page one. It is full of suspense, twists and heat and the chemistry was written really well. I agree, the writing took some time getting used to but it didn't spoil it for me either and I pretty much finished this book in one sitting because I needed to know how it would play out
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on February 22, 2013
In the beginning of the book we along with Jewell experience a terrible thing - the murder of her friend by her stepbrother, Thadeus. Jewell runs away and goes into hiding at the University of Washington in Seattle as Jess Mackey. She stays hidden for about 2 years. She does her best to not let anyone in because she cannot handle something happening to anyone else she cares about. But she makes a friend even though she didn't want to or try and this friend pushes her into trying out for the Seattle Battle Company - she tricks her into it. That is one thing that Jewell/Jess loves beyond a shadow of a doubt. From this experience she meets Mitch Maverick and Devin Castille. Mitch wants to have a relationship with her while Devin just wants to have a sexual relationship with no strings. She's interested in Mitch but Devin Castille or Cas is the one she wants. So she goes along with a sexual relationship with Cas and she's saturated and wants him so much. He has a tendency to disappear but wants her to only be with him. Jess has gone against everything she promised herself - that she wouldn't make friends, wouldn't date anyone, or wouldn't dance so she could stay hidden. She starts to "wake up" with her dancing and caring about Cas. The book was a great read and definitely worth it.
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