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on December 29, 2012
Let me start this by saying that this router is doing what others could not. Some back ground... I had been using a "MOCA" (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance) based home networking for streaming my movie collection from a NAS system (Synology 1512+). After having an upgrade to our DVR the MOCA networking stopped. This was do to the fact the "Whole house" DVR used MOCA to communicate with the upstairs DVR unit. I needed to find a new way to stream my moves (DVD and Blue-rays). My Blue-ray movies are "ripped" in "TS" format with DTS or other 5.1 sound included. Now. I had a Netgear 3700 already setup, so I tried to us it. Well that didn't work out very well. The Wireless N in this unit could stream the DVDs fine, but blue-ray was out of the question.

So, I went to the store and picked up an ASUS RT-AC66U wireless router and two ASUS EA-N66 wireless Ethernet devices (I used a switch to connect to each EA-N66). This combination was able to achieve about 6 MBs (Megabytes per second) download (48 mps). My NAS is about 40 feet from the router and the PC (Revo 3700 running openELEC for XBMC) for streaming the movies is 45 feet or so from the router. This setup would work for some Blue-rays but not all and it was not consistent. That is. it would buffer sometimes or not be able to play some of the movies at all. This setup was a wireless "N" setup even though the ASUS was capable of "AC" speeds. I couldn't find any "AC" bridges at the time.

I saw an ad (somewhere not sure) about the WD My Net AC 1300 bridge. So I went out and got two of them (hoping that they would work with the ASUS). I replaced the ASUS EA-N66 with these devices. They seem to work but the speed was all over the place. Fluctuating from 2 or 3 (16 to 24 mbs) MBs to 10 or 12MBs (110-120 mbs) for a down-link. The up-link was great, over 40 MBs with some fluctuations but not as bad as the down-link performance.

I hated to do it, but I had to know if the WD My Net AC1300 would work better with these than the ASUS. They are all supposed to work on the same standards but I have never had good luck mixing vendors. I replaced my ASUS with the AC1300 and now have a very functional network. All of my Blue-ray rips stream without any issue (full DTS 5.1 sound). I'm archiving around 13MBs (100-120 mbs) down-link and 37-38 (300 mps) up-link performance with no drop outs. Now my testing has been limited but I will update this review if anything changes. But for now the WD My Net AC1300 is performing well.

As other reviews have said the setup is easy and one thing I really like about this router (and the bridges for that matter) is the firmware upgrading process is very easy. You can download the firmware directly to the router from the "admin" interface without having to "upload" it to the router. I upgraded the firmware to the latest (1.02) on all of the devices. This firmware seem to stabilize the wireless connections and get rid of a number of other issues I have seen in other reviews, so it is a good idea to update as soon as you get the devices.

I would like to see more network monitoring capabilities, as the ASUS has a great network monitor that allows you to see bandwidth being used on any interface of the router. I have not used any of the other features of this router (FasTrack (QOS), USB storage, etc.) so I can't comment on those.

Bottom line is: If you just need a wireless N router and are not planning on using the new "AC" wireless capabilities, there are better choices out there. But if you need or want to stream HD video over your wireless network then this is a good choice (the bridges are the key to connecting to an "AC" 5GZ network) as it is fully capable of doing just that.
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on December 8, 2013
I picked up one of these routers as a cheap way to upgrade my wireless network to AC speeds (I got a fantastic deal on it). It's got a lot of nice bells and whistles, the most useful of which is the walled-off guest network feature (comparable with other higher-end dual-band routers). Additionally, the router software is easy to use and configure. However, I found that the 2.4Ghz range of this router us about half that of my old Airlink101 $20 single-band router, which is quite a big disappointment. I attribute this to the MyNet's lack of external antennas (or connectors to hook up a third-party solution). The range at both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz is much, much lower than that of my Netgear R7000 (although it was admittedly much more expensive). Radio power is not selectable

Well made
Nice software

Poor range (likely due to lack of external antennas)
No control over radio output
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on October 8, 2013
Update after a few months of daily use: The WD My Net AC1300 has performed very well for us. We have noticed no outages that were caused by the router and I would say that the latest firmware is very stable. If you have problems with your router, make sure to check for a firmware update. (If you have never done this before: Enter IP address from the manual into the web browser and use the standard login, found on the bottom of the router itself. Navigate to "Settings" and find the button to check for firmware upgrade.)

Speed-wise, the router has not really been pushed to its limit. Our older laptops cannot take advantage of Wi-Fi ac and only one smartphone actually uses it. So the speed of file transfers is hindered by the hardware using the network, not the network itself. However, close to the router my laptop can reach almost the speed of our internet connection. For most users that is all they should really hope to be able to do.

Would I recommend the WD My Net AC1300? I guess it really depends on where you want to use it. If you live in a large house or you want to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal in the garden or your garage, there might certainly be better routers for you. Ones with directional antennas can usually cover large spaces better than routers with in-built antennas. Directional antennas can also be upgraded if necessary, which is often cheaper than setting up a Wi-Fi repeater or an access point. If you live in a small house or in an apartment and don't want the Wi-Fi signal to extend too far beyond, the WD My Net AC1300 is certainly a great solution. It is still one of the less expensive routers with Wi-Fi ac. It also comes with two USB ports, which allows you to connect a printer or a hard drive and share it through the network.

Original Review from September 2013:

This was the cheapest WiFi AC router with two USB ports that I could find. It works well in my setup, because it only has to cover an apartment. This router does not have the range of some other WiFi AC routers. Get the one from Asus if you have a big house or you want to cover a large area. I did not want my network to extend too much outside of our apartment, so this is ideal for me.

Setup was really easy. My laptop (running Vista) actually set up most things automatically when I connected it to the router. Afterwards, I used the browser to connect to the router and changed some settings.

I would recommend upgrading the firmware of the router right away. My unit shipped with older firmware and since upgrading I noticed slightly better performance. You can also set up a guest network, change channels etc.

A nice surprise was, how easy it was to connect the printer and an external hard drive. I connected the printer (brother all-in-one) through an ethernet connection and it was automatically recognized and I was able to print from my laptop right away. I did have all the brother software pre-installed on the laptop. I also got the brother app on my tablet and can easily print from my tablet over the network.

The hard drive just needs to be plugged into the USB port and the router lets you set up a password protection, in case you do not want everyone on the network to have access to the data saved on the hard drive. I connected a WD 500GB 2.5" hard drive and it worked without any problems. Connection speed seemed to be okay. Depending on the location, it took me usually about 1 minute to transfer a 1GB file from the hard drive to my laptop (my laptop is old and cannot take advantage of the WiFi's speed). Newer laptops, and especially ones with WiFi AC should see dramatically increased speeds.

I got a WiFi AC router to future proof our network. We do not actually have any WiFi AC devices yet, so I deactivated the WiFi AC through the router settings. Now it only transmits a WiFi g signal on the 5Ghz band.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 19, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Setup was simple. I plugged in the power, and then plugged my cable modem into the Internet port. Then, I browsed to the default address using Internet Explorer and was able to connect and immediately configure the unit.

This is the first wireless router that I was able to configure wirelessly. Previous ones required me to plug in a USB cable or reconfigure my Ethernet port and cable it to the router in order to manually enter the initial settings. Configuration was simple - it detected and entered all of the Internet settings correctly, leaving me only to change its address, administrator password, and add wireless security.

The router implements the new, faster "AC" wireless (a newer generation of wireless, replacing the current "N" version), which promises faster speeds, stronger signals with less interference and greater coverage areas. However, the "AC" standard is currently only a draft, so there could be some differences in the way it is implemented by different manufacturers. This is important because current equipment that supports the "N" standard will not take advantage of the enhancements of "AC". So, an "AC" adapter is needed to test that ability of the AC1300.

Unfortunately, the USB adapter from another vendor that I tested would not connect to this product, so I was unable to test it. Although this may change quickly, when I checked Western Digital it appears that currently they do not make any USB "AC" adapters. Because of the draft status, for the time being, both devices may need to originate from the same vendor - since that's the way it usually is with new standards, so although I wanted to, I couldn't test this aspect.

The router also works well as a dual band "N" device, and all of my current "N" equipment connected smoothly on both bands. The signal seemed stronger and more stable, even though the router has no external antennas. In fact, I was able to connect to this router from the street outside my residence when my other routers didn't even show up. So, the signal power is excellent, but it also represents a security risk, giving hackers a better shot at logging into the system. I intend to experiment with different locations and orientations to attempt to keep the signal from reaching the street. Failing that, I will have to make or purchase a screening mechanism to block the signal.

The AC1300 can also be plugged into a USB hard drive to provide shared storage for all of the devices on the wireless network. I tried the shared storage running Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it worked flawlessly in all these environments. This would be especially convenient for storing music and movies, which could then be played on any wireless device with the capacity to read network storage. Unfortunately, neither videos nor music played well from the attached storage on my wireless PC or set-top box. Both of them stopped frequently. Video and audio played smoothly from the AC1300 on my desktop computer, which is connected directly to the router through one of its four gigabit network ports.

This equipment is tailored for home entertainment use, including a "FasTrack QOS" feature that tries to give streaming files an enhanced Quality of Service by prioritizing over other types of traffic. This includes video services like Netflix and Hulu, audio services like Spotify and Pandora, voice and video calling like Skype, and "Gaming and Fun" traffic. I tested all of these services on different devices and they all do seem to perform better than they did with my previous router.

The router comes with My Net View and WD Print Share software. My Net View is a handy tool that surveys both wired and wireless networks and lists all of the attached devices along with their connection information. My Net View allows a printer to be connected to the router which can then be used from all of the connected devices. This might be useful for someone who has USB printer with no network connectivity if willing to install software on each device.

The AC1300 is a capable router with some deluxe features not found in standard routers. It costs more when compared to "N" Wi-Fi routers, but if you can use the advanced "AC" Wi-Fi with compatible devices, the value is there. As the newer Wi-Fi technology moves from draft to final status, firmware updates from the vendor will make this equipment more stable and compatible with other vendor's products.
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on December 2, 2013
I bought this to bring .ac support to my home network. Immediately, it had problems with routing: frequent lockups, slow speeds. I finally set it in access point mode and put my old router back, problems went away immediately. I was using it as an access point, which it did a serviceable job at, until I turned it off one day to change the plug it was plugged into.

When I turned it back on, the power light was steady flashing, and it never booted again. Simply awful.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although the WD My Net AC1300 HD Dual Band Router Wireless AC WiFi Router Accelerate HD came with a setup & resource CD, we opted to set it up without using the installation CD. Things moved right along, but at first we only were having a quirky problem and that was that one computer wasn't reading anything. That was quickly resolved when we realized it was an error with a cable connection. The WD Setup Wizard quickly took us through all the steps needed to be up and running within a reasonable amount of time.


~ HD Dual-Band router
~ Resource CD
~ Ethernet cable
~ Power adapter
~ Quick Install Guide (primarily visual)
~ Technical Support and Limited Warranty Guide

There are two sources of support, both online and by phone. If you need help or are experiencing any problems, I'd recommend using this 24/7 service within 30 day, especially if you want telephone support. Just in case you lose your directions the Username: admin, Password: password.


~ FasTrack technology that "recognizes and prioritizes entertainment traffic" (movies, chat, online games)

~ Dual-Band speeds up to 450 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz band

~ You have 802.11n on 2.4 GHz band and 802.11ac on a 5 GHz band
~ 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (extra high-speed)

~ 2 USB ports

~ You can easily add other units/devices to your network

~ The My Net Dashboard gives you easy access to "customize, monitor, or change" your network settings

~ The My NET has a diagnostics tool panel

~ If you have guests, they can access and use your network

~ Parental controls

~ Easy setup, with or without included resource CD

~ Easily expanded network

~ Advanced QoS (WMM)

~ IPv6-enabled

~ WPA/WPA2, SPI firewall

So far, so good without any problems. I'm satisfied with the performance and have had much less buffering to contend with. I don't have to clear my cache and cookies, change my resolution, I'm not having connectivity problems, etc. I do have the WD My Net AC Bridge, 4-Port Gigabit WiFi Media Speeds, Easy Setup AC Wireless Bridge and am pleased with my Western Digital products. If this router continues to perform as promised I'll be a happy camper, if not I'll be back to edit and change my star rating.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This router would not sustain its connection to the Internet, even after multiple runs through its setup routine. This is unacceptable in a situation where Internet connectivity is a must for the full performance of three wired and nine wireless devices I expected it to support.

The market is flush with wireless routers delivering the biggest features this router supposedly offers (dual band operation, multiple-802.11 standard compatibility and guest network access among them)...and at one-half to one-quarter of the cost of this device. For hardware priced well into the high end of home routers, this is a very disappointing showing.

Even if this router had maintained its connectivity, it possesses other qualities that would not have made it a welcome long term companion. These include:
(1) Wired port activity lights on the rear of the machine: This is an increasingly common design choice for consumer routers that makes little sense to me. I want those LEDs on the front of the machine, to show wired devices are connected and data is flowing.
(2) Oversized "wall wart" power adapter: like many users, I'm plugging into a power strip in a location with limited space. The adapter for this router is huge (about 2.75" x 1.75" x 1"). I can only wonder: is this girth necessary?
(3) Surprising default configurations: The default settings for this router force you into a secured environment (which you can later turn off). While I understand vendors wanting to save us from bad configuration choices, setup and troubleshooting are --in my opinion-- easier when I start with an open network and then add security features.
(4) Clunky MAC filtering interface: Because I live in an area where drive-by access to my network is unlikely, I prefer MAC filtering over encryption for access to my network. This router's configuration page for hardware-based is rather clunky compared to those offered by other vendors (especially Netgear)
(5) No obvious "Help" features on configuration pages: Even experienced home network administrators can benefit from the assistance of a smartly presented set of help features. These were simply absent on this router.

Any manufacturer can send a lemon out of its factory, and your experience may differ...but I'm looking elsewhere for my next router replacement.
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on March 6, 2014
I purchased this at the end of November 2013. My experience with this router has been excellent. My network is rock solid, highly reliable and functions very well. I had a dual band 802.11n network previously and I am very satisfied with this 802.11ac router upgrade. I have Cox Premier internet with a Motorola SB6120 cable modem. The advertised Cox internet speed is 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up. I consistently get 60 plus down, 20 up and 10-15ms ping rate. I have numerous devices on my network; two desktop computers (one wired and one wireless), three laptops (wireless), two scanners/printers (wireless), one Wii game console(wireless), one Vizio Co-Star (wireless), one HP chrome book (wireless), one Blu-ray player (wireless) and one smart TV (wireless) connected to this network. I did upgrade the one wireless desktop and three laptop wireless interfaces using the Edimax EW-7811UTC USB adapters. Short story, I have had excellent results with this network router. Netflix works great for example; as does the other "streaming services" such as Amazon or VuDu. The user interface to the router is excellent and setup was very easy. The guest network feature is a good added feature. I recommend this router to anyone desiring a reliable, fast home network. The only "con" comment I have is it appears Western Digital has quit making these routers.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 11, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had planned using the WD My Net 1300 HD to send locally stored content across the house to our LG G2 Google HDTV. I detest installation software and just went the 'plug-n-play' route. A few simple connections and it was up and running.

Build quality is fine, no better or worse than expected although the external power supply is gigantic and takes up two spaces on my power strip. Not that it matters, but the unit looks good and not cheesy in any way.

I specifically wanted to use the My Net for accessing the content stored on USB mini drives and then streaming it wirelessly to the other end of the house and for THAT application it works like a champ. I have not been booted off once, have no buffering issues or anything else that has interrupted the stream. We do not use multiple smart devices in the home and never have more than one data stream passing thru the My Net at any time so that MAY be why mine is working so well. I have tried streaming everything from Hi-Rez audio files to 1080p mkv and it all works the same.

I realize many users have a much more complex network set-up and more demanding applications and that may explain the wide variety of posted reviews and opinions about this device. Some, like myself, find it works well, while others hate it and have had nothing but problems. I can only relate MY experience with it and so far, so good. Pretty basic usage I guess, but it comes in very handy and as long as it keeps working I can't say much against the thing, other than the massive oversize power supply.

I took off One Star as I think it is a bit pricey compared to the competition.
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on April 3, 2015
I bought two of these routers. The first one stopped working 13 months after purchased and the second one about 15th month after purchase,
both of the routers had the same issue the power button goes on an endless loop, you continue to see it blink and the other lights never come on.

The router only comes with 1 year warranty. I will never buy a router again from WD.
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