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on July 23, 2010
I loved this book! The message is simple, change your thought patterns, change your life. In the book the author goes over the ing formula, the formula that will help you to change your thought patterns. Through affirmations, meditation, visualization, physical activity and writing activities the author guides you towards breaking your negative thought patterns and creating new, healthy thoughts that attract more abundance and positive people. I made a mistake with this book in thinking you were supposed to read the entire book, do all of the exercises for 30 days. That task proved to be exhausting and impossible. However upon second reading I realized that the book is intended to be tackled in chapters. So for example if you are lacking balance in your life then you are to read the chapter on balance and practice the activities for balance only.

I discovered that the author has a podcast on itunes where you can download free lectures and guided meditations. The podcast is a nice compliment to the book and if you are committed to doing the work the guided meditations are a nice support.
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on March 23, 2010
To say the message and teachings in this book have changed my life would be the genuine TRUTH! After reading the book ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE and really committing to the work which is thoroughly described, my life changed drastically in many areas! Having the pleasure to learn from Gabrielle directly in her group sessions in which she fully implements her guide to adding more ING she has proven to be nothing less then a life changer! I feel I owe so much to Gabrielle especially as I look at the place I am in my life right now. This book taught me to regain my self-worth, my strength, and my love for ME! It took me from a dark, difficult, tragic event in my life, and showed me the inner ING..and I heard it loud and clear! If you take it seriously and have faith in this wonderful woman, who has proven her skill and knowledge by changing her own life and so many lives of others that I personally know, then this book is for you! Your life will undoubtedly change in one or more areas and you will generally be a happier person! DON'T WAIT...READ THIS BOOK...and if you need proof, feel free to ask me ;-)

Love and Light,
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on September 15, 2010
Apparently A.Lamb and others don't read Introductions, because on page 26, Bernstein gives a huge shout out to A Course in Miracles. Anyone familiar with the Course, or even Marianne Williamson, can see where she pulls most of her ideas and inspiration. I don't think Bernstein claims to be an expert in any way what so ever-- she is simply offering her interpretation of a text (A Course in Miracles) and how to apply it. If you have ever confronted A Course in Miracles you are aware that it is very dense and dizzying to be frank, though extremely transformational once you really grasp its concepts.

Bernstein does an excellent job of suggesting actual hands on solutions to coming to terms with potentially paralyzing fear and her tone reminds me of those perpetually positive happy people, so much so that within days I felt encouraged to aspire to approach my life and experiences through a brighter hue. This is a book for people who want concrete ideas for how to improve their lives. If you are looking for a theological explanation of her methods than you should check out A Return To Love or A Course in Miracles itself.
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on September 13, 2015
She's a few years older than me, so it's nice to see advice from my generation. That being said, the book itself merely repeats deep thoughts of other authors but manages to somehow take the actual meaning out. A Course In Miracles is what you should read; I believe Gabby meant well and her advice could help some, but it's clear she missed the larger thoughts in ACIM. It's unfortunate, but still doesn't kill the good intention of the book! This is a great intro if you're just starting to ask what you can do to change your life, but please don't stop here. Read the Course for yourself first without this lens to distort it. I was talking about my shock that a book like this could be published with some friends and they mentioned her friends attack negative comments on here, so that'll be interesting. Perhaps Gabby excels at marketing and branding herself more than true understanding, then, which definitely isn't a bad thing. She's created a great success through her understanding of manifesting, but the actual content of that glittery frame is scarily misguided. She's clearly read Wayne Dyer, ACIM, quantum stuff, etc, so perhaps just check those out for yourself instead!
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on March 30, 2013
If you are contemplating the purchase of this book, you should know that in one of the first chapters, the author states that it is her intention to bring inspirational work to HER GENERATION. In other words, if you are 30 or over, you are not in her target audience.

This being said, if you can weed through all the casual jargon and excessive talk about the dating world, there is a decent amount of inspiration to be gained in the text. Mostly, I'm finding the quotes of the "Course in Miracles" and her reference to OTHER authors to be a great starting point for getting back into some mindful living.

I think this is an awesome introductory book for someone who's exploring the idea of bringing more power into his/her life. Especially for someone who's in the late teen/twenty-something age bracket.

I also think that the focus on all these "ing" activities like climbing, jumping, etc is a bit of a gimmick. Does it help get you out of your head? yes. Is it NECESSARY for becoming inspired and more powerful in your life? I don't think so. I think if a person were to focus in on the meditating recommendations, that would probably be very powerful. I think the journaling can also be very effective too. I'm not saying that people should not engage in all that she recommends--if a person has time to do all that, more power to you! But as a mom of 2 little kids, my lifestyle is not very conducive to frequent meditative physical adventures. But I won't let that stop me, and I think Gabrielle would applaud that.

I really do think that nothing but good can come from anyone reading this book, even older generations. However, I am finding the book very repetitive and not very dense with inspiration. I have read other authors which were more mind-blowing with almost every page, so if you're looking for that, I don't think this is the book for you. Try Marianne Williamson instead, whom Gabrielle mentions herself.

I'm giving this 3 stars only because I really don't think this book is for EVERYONE. It's got a lot of great stuff, but for some potential buyers, there are other books that will serve better.
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on February 25, 2013
I think she's has done the work she writes about, but the writing was SO BAD that I just could not get through it. Given her background in PR work, she has definitely done a good job publicizing her work but she's not a strong writer and the conversational, trying too hard to be cool tone is a little annoying. She's not matured as a writer and the poor writing is a distraction from her message (which of course, is not really well articulated because the writing is just not very good). I think she's got great energy and is sincere, but has a ways to go as a serious writer.
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on October 16, 2011
There is a lot in this book to like especially if you are a Course in Miracles student. Unfortunately, it's buried in the author's desperate attempts at hip language that are incredibly annoying and contrived. How many times can the author use the words hip, vibe and dig in one book? With some serious rewriting and editing, there would be a very powerful book here. As it is, I'm finding it difficult to finish. I don't want to work this hard at liking a book, to be able to stomach the writing style I have to skip words, rewrite sentences as I'm reading them and distill the message from the really bad writing. I think I'll just go back and reread one of Marianne Williamson's books and shelve this one.
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on March 24, 2010
Gabrielle Bernstein's "Add More ~ing To Your Life" came into my life at the perfect time.
I have been going through a huge transitional period in my life, and I feel that that is a great time to read this particular book.
Gabrielle speaks in a way that you can relate and understand, and know that happiness and growth are all in your reach with some very simple changes.
I like that she is speaking as your equal. She is not trying to tell you what to do, but giving you advice from her own experience and her experience from helping others reach their own personal goals.
I must admit, I have not completely done the exercises she speaks of. Little by little I have, but not a straight 30 days as she says to do, but even so I have still gained benefits of her exercises in the small doses I have taken part in, and even in just reading the book.
Truthfully, as someone who has gained a lot from this book I must say I took it a little personally when I read a negative review of the book. Not because it was negative, as we all have our own opinions, however the certain things that were said in this particular review. Gabrielle made sure to explain she was a regular person, not an expert. She is someone who hit her personal rock bottom and had to build herself up into who she is today, which is an empowered woman who cares enough to want to help others do the same she has done to live up to their full potential and enjoy life. Also, an expert is created through time...from experience. An expert, in my book, is not always a person who has the diploma, the certifications, the this, the that.
This book kept my interest throughout, and as I took the metro into work and back home each day I was excited to continue reading during my 20 minute train rides. There are many books I have started that intend to help you and reach a higher place in life, but they rarely keep my interest to continue reading.
I definitely recommend this book to others, as I already have to my friends, acquaintances, and even my mom (who is reading it at this moment!).
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on July 14, 2011
This book helped shift my thought forms forever.

I thought I was ALREADY a very positive, humble, centered person. Self-help books were just... whatever. They couldn't tell me nothin' I didn't already know.

Oh my god, this book somehow proved me wrong. Even chapters I thought I could skip proved me wrong.

Edit 9-13-11
I gave this book 5 stars for the author's ability to shift my thinking, even though I thought I was already positively shifted. I dabbled in her ~ing exercises and they were incredibly moving for me. Then, I decided to be more dedicated to the ~ing exercises, and let me tell you -- you need to stick to them. Because you will uncover more and more crap that you may not have even realized was there! I did each ~ing for a week each or so this time around instead of "okay, I'll try that right now and never do it again" dabbling I did the first time. I have healed and rerouted so many old ways of thinking I accumulated in my childhood that I forgot were there!

I want you to buy this book because it is a great REFERENCE. I keep it and look to it during times I'm feeling down. I flip to the relevant chapter and do the meditation or read a certain paragraph.

After reading it, re-reading it, going back and referring to specific pages, highlighting, and tabbing this book, I finally released it to another girl friend who could use it. And I am now at such a beautiful, receptive place in my mind to further my "journey", whatever that may be (personal growth, spirituality, etc).
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on October 29, 2014
I was a bit of a skeptic going in but really love the way this book made me look at my issues. By combining writing & reflection with movement, the experience feels like genuine HEALING. I'm excited to order more of her books! My only complaint would be that the book references to guided meditations on her website... which you then have to pay more for. I do feel like those should be included when you buy the book, or not referenced at all. But that was my only real dislike.
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