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on April 22, 2011
OK, I saw this as a reader plus multimedia gadget but mainly I bought it for the reader aspect. I have a Kindle, and a Literati. The Literati is a color screen, just eReader that I use for night. This seemed like it would be nicer because of the size (more square screen) and the beauty of the colors. I wanted to give my night reader Literati to my husband and use this instead. It hasn't work out.

Problems --
-- No way to put you books in order other than add to favorites. Not good if you have a lot of books loaded like I do. Adding to favorites is a 3 step process and too time consuming. Then getting into favorites is a step and you are not returned there after reading a book.
-- Took a long, long time to charge then only lasted less than a day. I believe I may have got a bad battery. I've had it now 3 or 4 months and the battery is even worse.
-- The inverted night screen of white letter or a black background, for low light, is ruined by two bars at the top and bottom of the screen. A header and footer that doesn't invert colors. You can actually change to multiple colors for both the background or the letters but the header and footer remain bright white background.
-- The next page turn is only on the right side of the screen (or you can use the middle 4-pad.) Which for long reads can be annoying. If you flip accidently and want to flip back you have to shift hands.
-- Only supports ePub and PDF for reading. Does not reflow the pdf like its b/w 5" counterpart the Libre Pro

This has a beautiful screen but as a reader, I am very disappointed. I loved their Libre Pro. I bought one of those and used it a month before giving it to whom I bought it for. They are nothing alike. I will be sending this for warranty repair for the battery issues of taking forever to charge and the battery life of 2 hours max now. I'll edit afterward.

May 29---
My Libre stopped working altogether, froze. Looking at the Libre site this is a common occurrence and had a solution, a firmware update. So I did the firmware update. Not holding my breath. Big warning here, it is not intuitive, it didn't work the way they said it would, and it was complicated. I am very technical, very; I build my own computers, I take my friends and family's laptops and fix them. (mostly virus fixes), I suggest free software and help them through it. Technical. So should have been straight forward, especially since they have step by step from a frozen Libre, or just firmware update with a working one. I should have done this sooner. If you are having battery, shut down, charge issues, this helped. I had to try several connections, starting from different points in the instructions, etc... and finally got it to take the firmware update.

Since this firmware update, the Libre is working way better battery wise and doesn't turn off inadvertently while reading anymore. It might last 7-8 hours of continuous read time now. I still don't like the software and have covered the top and bottom of the screen with cardboard for night time reading, but it is working now. I would not re-buy this or suggest this to anyone. I have come to be satisfied with it as a $70 purchase on eBay. I now am reading this at night and my husband uses the Literati.
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on April 21, 2012
I've had a Kindle for about six months, but reading on it was getting tiresome, mostly because of the screen flashing to black between each page, the glare on the screen, and the ugliness of the device and the text. I found the black frame around the e-ink screen distracting, and the large progress at the bottom was bugging me too (I put a rubber band around it, but then kept getting distracted by the rubber band).

So I picked up this ereader off the Aluratek website for $50 (refurbished). It came with the firmware update already installed, and 100 books. The 100 books actually weren't bad, I kept quite a few... (to delete the books, go to My Computer and then look for your E: drive, click on it and you'll see the books to delete). One thing about the AC is that you can't put the books in a directory, so I'd recommend only uploading a few books that you want to read immediately and then upload the rest as you'd like to read them.

Here are some things I liked about the Aluratek Color:
*Glowing screen for reading in the dark. Would be great on a car trip (although the battery only lasts about 8 hours, but if you charge it right before it should be fine). The brightness is adjustable within a wide range. If you're like me and your house has ****tty lighting, then you'll love this feature because you can go from room to room without having to find a light enough spot to read. No noticeable glare on screen.
*Weight - I actually like the fact that it's heavier than the Kindle - it's the perfect size to hold on to and makes you feel like you're holding a book in your hands.
*Style - Damn, this thing is pretty. The white looks very futuristic, the screen is tall and graceful, there is no keyboard mucking up the front, and the FULL TITLES of the books are displayed! Great if you read a lot of Fantasy and you want to see what number a book is in a series and the name. The large white columns on either side give it an oddly classical look, and the continuous white doesn't distract the eye.
*Easy to upload to with Calibre.
*SD slot can expand the memory (not that you'll need much for books).
Automatic rotate depending on whether you're holding it portrait or landscape. Landscape is nice because it makes for very long lines.
*Fonts on the pages look really nice.
*PROGRESS METER IS VERY LIGHT!!! THANK YOU! You have to bring it close to see it, so it's not distracting at all.
*Menu and welcome screen are both very pretty and inviting. Allure-atek indeed. haha

*Doesn't do pdfs well. Can do them, but making the text larger is very slow to the point where reading is impossible.
*No annotation - although annotating on the Kindle was a pain in the ass, so I don't really miss it.
*Low-ish battery life. (8hrs).

The Aluratek Color did everything I expected (and was much prettier than I expected!). I don't think I'll be using my Kindle again anytime soon, the LCD screen is much easier to read off and the chassis seems solid enough I don't have to keep it in a case all the time. Love it!
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on April 17, 2011
this little thing fell into my lap at $90. no bells or whistles, but i like the multiple screen manipulations (color, brightness, size, rotate), and music and photo/movie options. haven't had a problem reading LCD screen outside - just change the screen brightness to what suits you. it doesn't have Wi-Fi or 3G, which is why i wasn't sold on it at first. But, seriously, you can't wait to upload a book until you get to a computer?!?!
no problems after 2.5 months.
great ereader for cheap folks like me...
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I purchased this eReader on a whim. I knew nothing about it, but when I found it at a perfect price I could not say no to I scooped it up. At first I was worried I may have been taken to the cleaners after paying $40 for mine. Admittedly, this company does not promote the product that well. I thought I heard of all the eReaders and saw almost all of them in my research for the perfect one. However, I went home and did a search on the eReader and found out I got it for a steal. This is a wonderful product. I am a very tech savvy person and pursuing a second degree in the tech field. I found this eReader easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to upload to. I know everyone wants speed, but this loads plenty fast. The fact that I can listen to music and read a book at the same time is a plus. I have uploaded pdf files and have found they are slower to load, but once they do they work fine. Some of the works I have uploaded are pdf files of books over 200 years old. They contain Greek and Hebrew fonts. The Libre handled it all just fine. I would highly recommend you purchase a Libre. Make sure you learn about it and check out how it functions. That will be a big plus in going far to working with this great eReader. Also, remember this does not use the e-ink display. It is like a small tablet in its display. At 20% brightness I can clearly read this day or night. Power on, and enjoy!
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on March 8, 2011
I purchased the Aluratek Libre last year, but wanted a back-lit model for reading at night. After much consideration, I decided to stick with Aluratek. The first one I got didn't work. Amazon replaced it with absolutely no hassle. The second one is great. The internal memory is four gb, plus it has a card reader, so you have virtually unlimited expansion potential. The screen is clear, and has ten settings for brightness. There's no annoying flash between page turns. Until you get used to how it reads the files, it can be tricky to find the book you are looking for, but once you get everything arranged, you should be fine. It will also switch from portrait to landscape automatically, although you will have to adjust your font size with each switch. I've only tested pdf and txt files so far, but have been quite pleased.

I haven't tried the mp3 function yet, but I have played avi files. The resolution is crisp and clean, and the volume is adequate for me. I expect that most people will need headphones, as the volume never gets very loud...which is fine with me.

For me, the addition of a lighted screen made this worth the money. The fact that there are no flashes between pages is a bonus that I really love. If you don't need wifi connectivity, you should be pleased with this reader. Be aware, however, that you will not be able to find accessories as easily as you would with a Sony or Kindle.
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on May 2, 2012
I was going to get a kindle or a nook, or a nook or a kindle... oh wait, there are good quality off-brand ereaders too? Enter the Libre.

I have owned the Libre for about 3 months now and I am very impressed with it. It looks great, and the controls and interface are great as well. As others have stated, there is no way to manually sort or organize your books. You can sort by title, author, format, etc. The Libre will not recognize folders when it is displaying your contents on the device. If you have a lot of books, I can see why this would be a problem. Myself, I am not reading more than a few books at a time, so there is no need to have a million books on the Libre at one time.

If you want extensive file format support, the Libre is great. It supports a bunch of book formats, text and PDF. The video playback is great, and supports many formats, as well as audio files. The auto screen rotation is slick and responsive. Sometimes I prefer to read in landscape mode, and the transition is seamless and looks just as good. The internal 2GB is probably enough for most folks just adding books, but the addition of an SD slot is great if you want to load movies or music that take up a lot more space. I have an 8GB card in mine for that purpose.

The normal backlit LCD screen looks great and is vibrant, especially if you turn the brightness up (mainly for video I would recommend). Personally, I can't stand the screen tearing on ereaders that use the "EInk" technology. Though having a normal LCD screen is going to drain more battery, it is worth it in my opinion and the Libre will hold a decent charge through extensive reading.

I have had no trouble with my Libre thus far. It will hold a charge approximately 7-9 hours if you are only reading (less for movies), and have the brightness set about 50%, which is plenty bright in most circumstances. I did install the firmware update, and I found it to be intuitive and not hard to do, I don't understand the problems others had. Being tech savvy might be a plus.
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on January 19, 2012
once I set it up (online) with my local library I don't even have to leave my home to check out books. People have no idea what you're reading. You can read it in bed with no light. The main drawback is being able to sread in strong sunlight- even with sunglasses. You can adjust the size of the font, view it landscape or portrait, bookmark favorite passages. This is much easier than a Kindle.
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on July 14, 2011

I'm an avid reader, and my house is full to the brim with books. Not only that, but my parent's basement is also full of my books. I have tons of ebooks on my computer, but I still buy paperbacks because I like the portability.

When my parents gave me some birthday money last month, I thought about getting an ebook reader, but was hesitant...I remembered reading on my old palm pilot and not caring for it very much.

I researched the various ebook readers in my price range (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Literati, etc.), along with some lower end tablets. I went to the stores and tried some of them out, and decided the Aluratek Libre 7 inch Color was perfect for me. I didn't want to be tied to a bookstore (and it's preferred format), and the Libre Color supports many ebook formats, including PDF.

I love crafting (crocheting and plastic canvas), and I can use the photo support to transfer some of my pattern books onto the extra benefit, IMO. Plus, I can share photos on a nice 7 inch screen.

The audio and video supports are nice extras. I mainly wanted this for an ereader, but I like the thought that I can download's ideal for bringing out to the cottage.

I know some people list the absence of wifi as a con, but I didn't want something with wifi. I already have more books and patterns than I'll have time to read and do in this lifetime, so this is perfect for me. I don't have the patience to text...I like a full keyboard, so I don't care about not being able to check my email. I already have a laptop and desk top for that. I know I'm dating myself by saying that, and my next statement will put me firmly in the "over the hill" category: I'm so glad it doesn't have touch screen. I hate dirty screens, and i like snacking while I read.

I've only had the Libre Color for a few days, but I can't seem to put it down. I love reading on it, and that's what I've been doing. I read two novels yesterday and one today. I love the screen size, and the fact that I can turn the device and the format will flip from vertical to landscape with me. I played around with the settings and prefer the brightness at 50% in the daytime, and 60% at night. The screen is LCD but it's matte, so there's no glare...not that I could notice, anyway. When I hold the device straight up and down, and look at it head on, it resembles a non glare computer screen, but when I let my hand relax and it tilts back a bit, the screen looks like a paper screen. The font is crisp and I had no eyestrain. I loved being able to increase the font size...perfect for these old eyes of mine, lol. I loved reading at night and not needing a lamp.

I used Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions to transfer my books to the device, and it was very easy, since my books were already in those two libraries on my computer. For Calibre, I just had to highlight the ones I wanted to transfer from my library and hit "send to device", and they went right in. For Adobe I just dragged the books I wanted out of the main library and dropped them into the Libre's folder. For photos, music, and a sample video, I just dragged from my computer's hard drive and dropped them into the Libre's folder. The computer recognizes the device as a storage device, so if you know how to use a storage device or an external drive, you'll be all set. If you don't already have an extensive e-library, then you may be happier with a device that has wifi or 3G so you can buy your books and have them go directly onto your device, but I already had the books and I just wanted to transfer them, so this is ideal for me. I can even read library books on this device, which is a great feature, I think.

The Libre Color comes with 2 GB of memory installed, and a normal sized SD card slot that will let you expand your memory up to 16 GB. It came with 100 classic ebooks in txt format installed on the hard drive, and I was concerned that they'd be taking up too much space, but they hardly put a dent in the 2 gigs. I've already read a lot of the classics (I was an English minor back in school), so I just created a "classics" file and dragged them in, to get them out of the way of the newer books I've added.

Anyway, I am very happy with my new Libre Color (in case you couldn't tell, lol).

Take care!
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on May 6, 2011
I got this ereader a few weeks ago and i love it. everything about it is great. its very easy to transfer ur ebooks, music, pictures and videos to it from ur pc. i picked this one over nook and kindle because i didnt want anything specifically attached to any store. with this ebook u can buy your books anywhere epub or pdf ebooks are sold. the recommend site by the manufacturer is and they have every book u can imagine on there..i mean its google lol
this is a nice color ereader, simple interface, easy to use.

PROS: sleek interface, music, video and picture enabled, lcd color screen, easy to use, download books from any site, already comes with 100 books

CONS: no wifi, not touchscreen, books not displayed by cover :( everything is listed.
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on January 16, 2012
I absolutely, positively LOVE this ereader. It has a back light to it so you can read in the dark.. unlike MOST ereaders.. it also DOES NOT flash the screen like a nook does so that is another plus. I haven't had any problems with it at all. Tho, I will admit that when you do buy this product, you MUST get the new firmware for it before you can actually use it. Watching movies on it is amazing quality. The sound isn't quite high enough without headphones but that is easily fixed by plugging in headphones. I have not tested out the music playback or the picture viewing yet. (not something i cared to really use on my ereading device). This is really the best ereader out there in my opinion.. Everyone that i have showed my Aluratek Libre Color too has been at awe at its amazingness.. & it prompted one of them to buy one themselves immediately & they are too in love with theirs as well. so i HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!
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