Customer Reviews: 10" GOOGLE ANDROID 4.0 TABLET 4GB FLYTOUCH 10.1 VC882 EPAD LAPTOP WIFI CAMERA HDMI Support External 3G, Flash 10.1 Cortex A8,WIFI, HDMI, Skype Video Calling &Netflix Movies
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on July 23, 2012
I bought two right off the bat, been looking for weeks for a cheap but good tablet that has flash, camera, netflix and skype, product ad said it had it all, took a chance, came quick in the mail, opened them up and no problems so far, got on line quickly, went through all the apps they give you, and still downloading more, lots of room, little book that comes with it helps little, figured it out for myself of what it does, battery lasted long time, rotates completly around, good camera I think, skype works well, netflix works well, hooked up to pc no problem, youtube works great, games and facebook, working great so far, GPS was a plus, so far so good, for the money and a 10inch tablet, this is a good product here, in my opinion, giving these to my kids, want one for myself before they are all gone, I have two 8inch tablets now,( different brand), but, this flytouch tablet is a good one for what it does, to me, can't go wrong, the price was right.
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on September 11, 2012
I got this tablet not even a week ago, at first I LOVED it. NOW, GOOGLE anything doesn't work! Actually NOTHING internet supported works! I contacted Google because google play stopped working. The specialist told me this company DOES NOT HAVE A LICENSE and/or did NOT pass compatibility test required by Google. Basically he said that once the Google server realizes its not AUTHORIZED it shuts down connectivity. This will be going back tomorrow. BUYER BEWARE, DO NOT BE STUBBORN OR NAIVE LIKE I WAS, SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Here is the email from Google

Google Play Support Team
10:38 PM (27 minutes ago)

to me

Hi K*******,

Thanks for calling Google today to ask about your issue with accessing Google Play. I'm always happy when I get to hear directly from our customers. If for any reason you need to contact us again, please feel free to reply directly to this email or visit our help center at:

I reviewed your account and unfortunately right now, the Flytouch Tablet isn't supported for use with the Google Play Store app or with, which is why you're getting an error on the Google Play website.

I know this might be confusing, but not all devices running Android are licensed to use Google Play. This happens because manufacturers use the free Android software on their devices, but sometimes these devices don't pass Google's compatibility requirements to have the Google Play Store app installed. To help with this confusion, we've published a complete list of supported devices here:


To see if your device can become a supported device, to find out what your other options are for getting apps on your device, or if you have any questions or doubts, I recommend contacting the manufacturer of your device directly.

Thanks in advance for your understanding; it's very frustrating for us when our users have problems with unsupported devices since we can't help any further. If you have any follow-up questions about supported devices, please let me know. Have an excellent day.


The Google Play Support Team
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on July 30, 2012
I bought this tablet for a few reasons, A) Iv been wanting a tablet for awhile and B) because my kindle keyboard recently broke. Iv never heard of the Brand FlyTouch, its apparently some Chinese knock off company, thats not to say the tablet is bad, its OK, it does feel plastic and cheap, but I only spent 120 dollars on it. people are saying that you have to push hard to make the keys work are mistaken, its not the keys that are hard to push, its the processor that takes along time to complete the action, it is a slow tablet, but at the end of the day I like it. It has alot of ports that other tablets just dont have and i like the fact that you can customize it. if you are looking for a cheap tablet, buy this.
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on August 13, 2012
ok so let me start off by saying that if you want something that compares to and I-pad or Asus prime or any Top of the line tablet this is NOT the tablet for you. I mean come on people the price says it all. You want a top of the line tablet pay the price of a top of the line tablet which for now is over 350 dollars depending on the tablet. That said, It is everything it says it is. It did come with a 4.0 android operating system and it does have the USB ports and WiFI. It arrived on time. I bought this tablet for my 13 year old Godson. All he is going to do with this is to use Facebook, write Email, and play Plants vs Zombis and Angry birds and read books. I tested this tablet for those purposes and it worked fine. Now it that is all you want to do this tablet will work fine for you as well. It is a bit slow but not so slow that you can say why did I buy this for. I rated it a 5 star because it was exactly what it said it was. I have no complaints but I knew it was not an OMG tablet.
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on October 5, 2012
Like many I was skeptical. Let me give you honest feedback that you can count on. I actually give this product 3 1/2 stars but that wasn't an options.

Tons of apps
Nice speed
Fair Download time
2 USB ports (to connect keyboard and other items)
A modem jack (to plug in your phone line if you don't have wifi)
HDMI port (to connect to your tv so you can watch videos or netflix movies)
Comes with a stylus (which improves the touchscreen quality)
LOUD sound

The device is made of fragile material (get a case)
Touch sensitivity is mild (use the stylus which comes WITH the device)
Privacy screen (the screen appears blurred to someone who is standing a an angle trying to look over and see)

Now WI-FI is great but sometimes you have to reconnect it, it takes like 1 minute or less to do. TIP: Go to the google play store (the app) and reinstall youtube. This is because the youtube installed on the device is outdated. Just telling you to save time.

All in all, the good far outweighs the bad. This device is great, works well with tango, skype, etc. Most people are trying to compare this to an Ipad, you cannot compare apples and oranges. Plus, Ipads have huge drawbacks as well. Enjoy the product, it's a keeper.

If you have a question about the product, I will answer it for it. Quite possibly with a video if I need to show you something.
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on July 24, 2012
Nice product for the price. only bad thing is the user's guide not so helpfull. Very small book if you can even call it a book,and the print is very small. I found most info you need online.
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on August 3, 2012
After purchasing my Flytouch tablet I received it in about 3 days. Unpacked it and found that it was as described. It came with a screen protector, a stylus pen, a external gps, usb cable, earphones, and the tablet itself. I have charged it. Added some apps from the android market. Some I was able to add some not. Netflix works fine. Unlike my android phone you are not able to make the screen larger or smaller by touch. But for $120.00 not bad. I can surf the web. I can operate most of the apps I wanted. I love the input/output options and I think with a little tinkering I can get the other apps to download. This is not a Ipad. It is an inexpensive android tablet. If you want more than that, cough up the money.
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on September 12, 2012
The tablet is a cheap plastic toy, with a bootleg android platform installed that is incompatible with the app store. The tablet is useless, and doesn't work. Worst part is you cannot get a refund and send it back.

Don't be fooled by the reviews on here. If I could rate this product 0 stars I would.

1. The battery does not last for longer than 45 minutes of usage.

2. You cannot connect to a secured (password required) wifi network

3. SD card slot will break apart (don't attempt to use it)

4. You will have to push really hard on the screen to make the touch work

5. The screen is plastic
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on August 20, 2012
I have had another small inexpensive tablet, and they all seem to have the same or similiar technology. If someone at these companies would take the time to make a thorough, easy to understand instruction book, the ratings and sales would be much higher, and the consumer would appreciate the product. How about a tablet for "Dummies" book. The only real issue with these products seems to be the powering on and off, which can be erratic at times. The product quality and technology is decent, but I don't think the foreign countries that produce them can translate the instructions properly for the US market. They really have some great features, but the lack of instruction causes a lot of fustration. I have revised my review and have only given a one star reveiw because the Flytouch website does not respond to my emails. I sent two, and the first was sent over a week ago. HDMI to tv connection does not work, and the same problem is indicated on several other Amazon reviews. Also, the GPS device and function does not work.
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on July 30, 2012
I got it fairly quickly, although I paid extra for shipping. I loved it the first day I got it. I started downloading some apps and found that hardly any were compatible. Basically that it was too old of software to even have the newer facebook and twitter on there. That was very upsetting..
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