Customer Reviews: AOC 2236Vw Widescreen LCD Monitor
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on November 22, 2009
I purchased the AOC 2236VW to replace a 17" CRT. This is my first "wide screen" monitor.
The 2236VW comes packed in a compact box. Included is a two-piece tilt/swivel stand that assembles without tools,
a VGA cable, a USB A-B cable, CD-ROM, and fold-out instruction sheet. Though the monitor supports DVI, no DVI cable is included.

The fold-out sheet is all pictorial, and relatively clear. Assembling the stand and snapping it into the monitor's standard mounting bracket was quick and painless. Given its size, the monitor is surprisingly lightweight, and balances well on the stand. The monitor can tilt and swivel smoothly, and stays where placed. Unfortunately, there is no vertical height adjustment in the stand.

The monitor has connectors for analog (VGA), DVI, a standard IEC power cord, and USB in/out. The last is so that you don't have to reach down to your computer plug in a USB device. Only one USB port is provided. It's under the lower bezel, and AOC puts a big orange arrow sticker on the bezel to help you find it. Sadly, I haven't been able to remove that sticker... The supplied VGA cable is shorter than I would like.

Unlike some older flat panels I've used, AOC put the power supply in the monitor, so there's no additional "brick" to find a place for under your desk.

The display itself has a matte finish, which I personally prefer over the glossy monitors that seem all the rage.
The bezel has a high-gloss black "piano" finish, which seems to serve no other purpose than to reflect every light source in the room, and show fingerprints.

The major negative with this monitor is the ABYSMAL instruction/driver CD. It loads a Flash animation that runs full-screen, is slow, and has no actual text manual, just animated screen shots showing the On Screen Display (OSD) menus with cryptic behaviors. I ended up using Task Manager to kill it, as trying to find the exit/close was futile.

Windows was able to locate the display driver, and the appearance at the native 1920x1080 resolution is sharp using VGA
(I was unable to test at the full native resolution using DVI due to a limitation in my Nvidia knockoff video card).
When first powered up, the monitor is blindingly bright, which will send you to the OSD controls in a big hurry. I set mine for a setting of 10 out of 100.

The OSD controls consist of three touch-sensitive keys (Menu, Up, and Down) on the bezel of the monitor. There is no tactile response when keys are pressed. All menus consist of icons, with the exception of the menu for selecting display language (only used for a few status messages; quality control of monitor's firmware is lacking, as it displays "NO SINGAL" when my computer is off). The key icons on the bezel are printed in light gray, which makes them difficult to see. I locate them by my fingerprint smudges.

Selecting a feature is tiresome: press the Menu key to display the OSD, use arrows to find the category of the feature you want, press Menu to select the category, which appears as a horizontal menu. Use the up and down arrows to move left and right (you always get to guess which), press Menu to select the feature to modify, then use the arrows to adjust/select, then Menu to confirm. Fortunately, you can press Menu repeatedly to exit, which makes the Exit choice (which is present in every submenu) redundant. The monitor is highly adjustable, but it's not easy without a clear explanation of what all those adjustments do.

There is a slight brightening of the display at top, but this is only visible if you set your background to black.
My monitor appears to have no stuck/missing pixels. The monitor looks good at lower than native resolution, except for VGA/SVGA (640x480, 800x600) where it looks a bit fuzzy.

I'm very satisfied with the monitor's performance; the cosmetic design features, manual, and adjustments leave something to be desired.
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on January 10, 2010
Very detailed explanation this monitor's cryptic menu system and workarounds for the buggy installation CD included in this review.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A great looking/performing 22" widescreen monitor, near-Samsung image quality. More than adequate for all but the power user. A super bargain when selling in November 2009 for about Benjamin-and-a-quarter out-the-door from the Stapled and Buy websites. At full retail, the price isn't knocked off sufficiently from top-tier products to move, so expect another manufacturer-to-retailer subsidy soon enough. The major downsides are (1) weak, unfriendly documentation (2) a buggy CD and (3) an indecipherable, hieroglyphic-icons-only menu system that will initially give the user massive migraine headaches. Basically, this product persuades me that AOC (Admiral Overseas Corporation, historical roots tied to America's Admiral Corp.) is either a mock-brand venting of top-tier excess capacity/product/materials - or a truly up-and-coming independent manufacturer. Either way, keep an eye on 'em.

MONITOR BASICS: Classy, minimalistic look, front and back. Gloss black frame (that takes fingerprints easily), with raised chromed AOC logo at bottom center. Matte screen. No speakers or webcam. 1920 x 1080, 16:9, resolution. Four on-screen display (OSD) menu buttons: running vertical at bottom right front of frame, gray and barely visible, (overly) touch-sensitive, no tactile feedback. Vertical VGA female port. Vertical DVI-D female port. Standard USB female port, horizontal, at back of lower left screen (located such for your keyboard/mouse fob, not day-to-day access). Standard recessed vertical three-prong power socket. USB B-female port (to port data to/fro the standard/A USB female port). VESA 100mm (non-recessed) compliant. Supports DDC/CI (Display Data Channel/Command Interface). Auto-pivot (if enabled), but the OEM stand is too short and has no vertical adjustment (I'm using instead an excellent Ergotron Neoflex Monitor Stand). One LED, bottom right front of frame; blue when Power-On, orange when in Stand-by mode. Three years parts/labor, but it'll get shipped overseas for any work. Spec sheet refers to a 'seashell' finishing--whatever that's supposed to mean, you or I will never know. When the signal to the monitor drops, it briefly displays NO SINGAL. Lots of user reviews available at Stapled's website.

IN THE BOX: Monitor, two-piece monitor stand with mounting hardware, power cord (no inline 'power brick'), a flimsy VGA cable (no DVI cable/adapters), a USB A-Male to B-Male cable, a paper Quick Start Guide and a Manual/Drivers CD. Also several stickers on the glossy frame that are a pain to carefully remove.

QUICK START GUIDE: One page, front only, with a dozen pictures and no words. Totally useless. Plug the power in here, insert the monitor stand here, plug it into the wall here, etc. Some of the pictures don't even convey anything comprehensible. No other paper in the box whatsoever.

USER'S GUIDE/MANUAL: Only the CD content. Nothing available for PDF download at any of the various regional AOC websites throughout the world.

MANUAL/DRIVERS CD: A lot of posters complained of horrible experience with the CD and its documentation. Not surprising. The CD AutoRun delivers useless, Flash-based, memory-hog brag-screens that never even terminate into the Main Menu properly. And then you have to reboot your machine to escape that mess. To workaround, before the reboot, use MyComputer to copy all the CD files into a folder on your hard drive (except for the two root AutoRun files). Then proceed using that folder instead of the CD. Open the file auto.html in the root to access the Main Menu directly and bypass the FlashTrash.

DRIVERS: There's no automated driver install process - and, in this case, that's probably a good thing. The traditional Windows-based process applies. To install the drivers (in XP) follow the path: Control Panel / Appearance And Themes / Display / Settings / Advanced / Monitor / Properties / Drivers / Update Drivers / Install From A List Or Specific Location / Next / Don't Search / Have Disk / Browse. Then browse to where you copied the CD, choose the 'drivers' folder, click on Open and select the appropriate 2236Vw driver.

ON-SCREEN DISPLAY (OSD) MENU SYSTEM. The OSD, driven by the touch-sensitive buttons on-frame, is comprised of nothing but cryptic hieroglyphic icons, many of which will cause even the most seasoned techie to head-scratch. No hints, no titles, nothing. If you are successful in porting the CD contents to hard drive, then you can get some meager support from there. Not by any actual explanation of the OSD icons, mind you, but by installing software so the user can change monitor settings using his/her computer. (via the aforementioned DDC/CI capability). Open auto.html, choose English, choose the "Drivers" tab, then under that, the 'i-Menu' tab.

I did eventually install i-Menu software, but the only additional understanding it provided was the names of the menu choices. I enabled something called "show hints" - and nothing happened. The only additional functionality found was (1) accessibility to Text Eco-mode at the expense of power-saving Eco-mode (Eco-mode discussed further down) (2) access to monitor's pivoting/auto-pivoting feature, and (3) a screen reporting the model, serial number and week of manufacture. For this, you get a smiley-face icon running in the system tray consuming RAM and constantly refreshing data from the monitor. I de-installed it and then reverted to the restore point I created just before installing it. Then I STILL had to re-install the graphics card drivers.

Then I researched. Using (1) experimentation, (2) various other AOC monitor spec sheets, (3) PDF User's Guide content for OTHER AOC monitors (retrieved from the AOC Australia/New Zealand website) and (4) the menu names given by the i-Menu software, I was actually able to deduce what the uncommunicative and cryptic OSD menu icons were actually intended to convey to the user - and that's fully described below. If you buy this monitor, save/print it. Cause, believe me, you're going to need it !!

---<<< AOC 2236 Vw On-Screen Display Menu System >>>---

Top-level menu choices in all caps ....

Eco-mode consists of six pre-configured display settings--text, reduced-power, Internet, gaming, movies, sports--to deliver different viewing modalities.

Dcr--Dynamic Contrast Ratio On/Off
Dynamic Contrast Ratio auto-adjusts screen brightness, increasing the darkness of dark pixels and the brightness of bright pixels, creating a higher contrast ratio that allows users to see greater detail in the darker areas of the image. The actual DCR ratio varies according to the base-line contrast ratio of the specific LCD monitor. For THIS monitor (according to its published spec sheet), the DCR ratio is 60,000:1. DCR is recommended for movie/video content. NOTE: If you browse selections in this submenu, you are selecting one of them. Use the "sRGB" selection (under "Color Temperature") to reset any and all color choices made using the OSD menu.

CheckmarkInsideBox--Standard Eco-mode

LightningBolt--Power-saving Eco-mode

InternetExplorerLogo--Internet Eco-mode

GamePad--Gaming Eco-mode

Reel2ReelCameraOnTripod--Movie Eco-mode

DashingMan--Sports Eco-mode

PAINT BUCKET POURING RAINBOW--Dynamic Color Boost (or DCB, as noted on packaging)

Dynamic Color Boost (DCB) is an advanced color adjustment technology. Through its analyzing of RGB signals, DCB creates more vivid and natural images to suit various color environment needs. NOTE: When Dynamic Color Boost or Picture Boost features are in use, all other color settings, including Dynamic Contrast Ratio, are disabled or returned to their defaults.

TriSpokedArrow--"Full Enhance" mode (select "On" only)
When "Full Enhance" mode is turned on, the color saturation of the entire screen is fully enriched, making all colors more vibrant.

FemaleProfile--"Natural Skin" mode (select "On" only)
When "Natural Skin" mode is turned on, the red and yellow colors are enriched automatically, presenting human skin in more natural, truer colors.

Clouds--"Blue Sky" mode (select "On" only)
When "Sky Blue" mode is turned on, the color blue is fine-tuned so that the sky or ocean landscapes will look more vivid and in-depth.

SpikyBladesOfGrass--"Green Field" mode (select "On" only)
When "Green Field" mode is turned on, greens are enriched so that football fields and mountain landscapes will look more natural and fresh.

Auto--Automatic adjustment mode (select "On" only)

SplitBox--Split-Screen On/Off
For comparison of current image to setting changes. The left side of the screen "holds" the original image; the right side of the screen reflects the changed settings. Turning Split Screen off effects the changed settings for the entire screen.

Off--Turns off any chosen Color Boost mode

DoorAjarWithArrow--Exit this submenu


HalfWhite/HalfBlackCircle--Contrast Slider

EightTippedCircle--Brightness Slider

GreekGammaCharacter---Gamma Correction Slider (reviewers recommend Gamma 3)

DoorAjarWithArrow--Exit this submenu


NOTE: On my setup, I could not access this submenu with either the OSD or the provided software. YMMV.

HorizonalLines--Correct for horizontal line noise
Adjusts the phasing as set in the pixel clock. An incorrect phasing setting manifests itself as horizontal disturbances of the image.

LinesPlusOneVerticalLine--Correct for vertical line noise
Adjusts the horizontal sweeping frequency as set in the pixel clock. An incorrect frequency manifests itself as vertical striping of the image as well as incorrect image width.

Dcr--Dynamic Contrast Ratio On/Off (feature as discussed above)

BoxAboveBox--Adjust vertical position of image

BoxToRightOfBox--Adjust horizontal position of image


r--Red adjustment slider

g--Green adjustment slider

b--Blue adjustment slider

WavingCheckmarkFlag--Recall "Normal Color" skin

ShiningSun--Recall "Warm Color" skin

Snowflake--Recall "Cool Color" skin

sRGB--Reset Red/Green/Blue to factory defaults. Use this option to reset any and all color choices made using the OSD menu.

DoorAjarWithArrow--Exit this submenu

Users can change the color settings of a specific selected area of the screen. The size and position of that selected area, called the "Bright Frame," can also be adjusted. NOTE: When Dynamic Color Boost or Picture Boost features are in use, all other color settings, including Dynamic Contrast Ratio, are disabled or returned to their defaults.

BoxAboveBox--Adjust vertical position of Bright Frame

BoxToRightOfBox--Adjust horizontal position of Bright Frame

HalfWhite/HalfBlackCircle--Contrast Slider for Bright Frame

EightTippedCircle--Brightness Slider for Bright Frame

CrossedArrow--Enlarge/Reduce Bright Frame Size

BoxWithinBox--Bright Frame On/Off
NOTE: When Bright Frame is off, all other Picture Boost menu options are unavailable.

DoorAjarWithArrow--Exit this submenu


Earth--Select OSD menu language

TwoCirclingArrows--Reset OSD menu defaults

Ddc/Ci--Plug & Play VESA DDC-CI (Display Data Channel/Command Interface) Support On/Off
This monitor is equipped with VESA DDC2B capabilities according to the VESA DDC standard. DDC is a collection of digital communication protocols between a computer display and a graphics adapter which allows the display to communicate its supported display modes to the adapter and adjust monitor parameters such as brightness and contrast from the computer host. The DDC suite of standards aims to provide a "plug and play" experience for computer displays. DDC2B is a bi-directional data channel based on the I2C protocol. The host can request EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) over the DDC2B channel. Both DVI and HDMI connectors feature dedicated DDC2B wires. DDC/CI (DDC Command Interface) specifies a means for a computer to send commands to the monitor, as well as receive sensor data from the monitor, over a bidirectional link. Specific commands to control monitors are defined in a separate Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS) standard. DDC/CI monitors are sometimes supplied with an external color sensor to allow automatic calibration of the monitor's color balance. Some tilting DDC/CI monitors support an auto-pivot function, where a rotation sensor in the monitor enables the operating system to keep the display upright as the monitor is moved between its portrait and landscape positions. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

Stopwatch--Set OSD Menu inactivity timeout (in seconds)

TwoOverlappingBoxes--Set OSD Menu translucency level

BoxAboveBox--Adjust OSD Menu vertical position

BoxToRightOfBox--Adjust OSD Menu horizontal position

CircleWithVerticalLine--Active-Off mode (Power Standby mode, as indicated by monitor's orange light) inactivity timeout (in hours)

DoorAjarWithArrow--Exit this submenu

SWINGING DOOR--Fully exit the OSD Main Menu System

There is ALSO a SECOND, smaller MENU attached to the UP touch button ..............................


Auto--Automatically configure image to best ratio (select "On" only)

16:9-Force 16:9 image ratio (select "On" only)

MONITOR PLUG--Signal Source

Auto--Automatically detect signal source (select "On" only)

VGAFemalePlug--Force VGA input only (select "On" only)

DVIFemalePlug--Force DVI-D input only (select "On" only)

---<<< END >>>---

[UPDATE 01/24/2010]: I subsequently found that there WAS some explanation of the OSD menu on the CD. Do the workaround for the CD as described above. Open the auto.html file. Select "English" then select the "Adjusting" tab then select the "OSD Setting" subtab. It isn't as complete as what I've written above, but it's some additional help and it does verify what I deduced.

[UPDATE 02/18/2010]: I DID eventually find an driver auto-install process on the CD. Do the workaround for the CD as described above. Open the auto.html file. Select "English" then select the "Driver" tab. But given what trouble I encountered with the monitor's software, I wouldn't recommend installing the driver at all. My graphics card is handling the monitor just fine without it.
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on June 14, 2010
There is really nothing even close to this monitor in this price range. The 60000:1 contrast ratio and the 1080p HD resolution stand out the most amongst it's price range class. Overall, looks fantastic and has these really sweet touch sensors that have replaced buttons for the power button and menu & function buttons.

I played Avatar BluRay HD on it... Looks FABULOUS!
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on March 5, 2016
Bought this as a cheap second monitor. It's okay, it can seem a little dim, but that's comparing it side by side with a 27" iMac screen. What was extremely peculiar and prompted the review is that it came in a beat up box, packed with...clothes. All sorts of smelly dirty clothes. My bf actually received the monitor while I was at work and sent me pictures asking what the heck I ordered. We unpacked the monitor from the clothes and threw them out. We've joked that they are murder clothes, either from a victim or the attacker. I guess that's one way to get rid of evidence...ship it to someone else to toss away. The monitor works fine, no issues and I've had it for about a year so far.

So if you're looking to get a good monitor for the price and some free terrible possibly murder victim clothes, than this is the purchase for you.
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on June 24, 2013
If you want to use a display stand or a wall mount with this monitor, you are out of luck. It is an excellent monitor if you just want something that sits on your desk. I had hoped to have a couple of these on a dual display stand. However, they don't have any capability to be mounted. What is the point of a super slim display if the only way to use it is with a 8" diameter base? Even so, the picture is great.
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on October 31, 2011
I read a lot of the reviews and some were very negative. I had reservations but the price for the monitor was right so I decided to give it a chance. What a great monitor. Some of the issues from others seems to have been loading the drivers on the computer to get it going. Not for me, I just plugged it in and my computer automatically found the necessary drivers online and it installed itself. Didn't even have to take the driver CD out of the box. What could be easier?
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on February 20, 2010
I purchased the AOC 2236VW after replacing a Dell 20inch Widescreen HD monitor that went out in just over a year of use!! Dell products in general have seemed to take a big backslide in overall quality especially when it comes to monitors and Laptop problematic laptop screens. I did not want to break the bank on the monitor but wanted HD quality and something similar to what I had that came with my pc. After exhausting all of the competition I decided on the AOC after careful research as well as the features that monitor boasted which was well under other models for this size, capability, and price range. I had narrowed my choices down to Samsung (excellent monitors but pricey, HP, and Acer. I was more than pleasantly surprised at how well this monitor performs and looks.

The 2236VW comes packed in a compact box. Included is a two-piece tilt/swivel stand that assembles without tools,
A VGA cable, a USB A-B cable, CD-ROM, and fold-out instruction sheet. One disappointment was the monitor did not come with a DVI cable although the store claimed that it did, luckily I already had a DVI cable from my previous monitor. So if you buy this model you will want to also purchase the DVI cable while you are at the store. Upon taking the unit out of the box I noticed one huge item was missing, Instructions!!! No owner's manual at all just a one page fold out with some quirky diagrams although easy to follow it would be nice to have some words with the diagrams. The monitor has connectors for analog (VGA), DVI, a standard IEC power cord, and USB in/out there is no HDMI input that can be found on some other models in this price range.

Besides the missing owner's manual the installation CD is one of the worst I have ever used. The CD will load a Flash animation that runs full-screen, and only purpose is to try and entertain you with no actual installation menu, just pretty animation but no functionality to get your started. Clicking on the "Skip" button will bring up an Internet browser window that will also serve as your install menu items. However the Flash screen will still run and there is no Exit/Menu button so you will have to kill it using Windows Task Manager. Once the Cd starts to run and the menu items appear in the browser on how to set things up it goes rather quickly from that point on. Graphics and overall look are very nice. One big complaint that I have is the brightness of the overall display you will want to play with the I-Menu adjustments (you have to set this up during the setup process). At any rate if you are eyes are sensitive to light you will want to dim the display it is way too bright with the standard setup that is installed.

Overall I am very satisfied with the monitor's performance; appearance and overall design and ease of setup out of the box even with on instructions putting the monitor together is a snap. Based on price and value I highly recommend this model with the only complaint that I have is that you will have to manually adjust the screen because it is simply too bright with the manufacturer's settings. I found that if you go to the Luminance menu, you can simply adjust the brightness to a level of 48 or lower instead of 90 and then Selecting the DCR switch will have a much more pleasing effect to your eyes without having to touch any other settings. You can't go wrong with this purchase and the AOC monitor comes with a 3 year warranty that covers everything a lot of other models including Samsung (perhaps the industry leader regardless of price) only comes with a 1 year warranty, from my experience problems may arise but never show up until after at least 1 year of use having 2 more years give you confidence and peace of mind that this company will stand behind their product.
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on February 16, 2011
This is my first wide screen monitor. I've been watching this brand of monitors at my workplace for about a year, and I knew from talking to our techs that it was at least a reliable brand. I also knew from personal use at my desk, that it was a very nice display for text, excel, emails, etc. The one thing I was worried about for my home use, was gaming. I finally decided to give this monitor a try, and my only regret was that I did not buy 2 more for my other PC's here at home. This is a great little monitor! I have it connected to a GTX460 video card via a DVI cable. I could have used the included VGA, but I've been told that DVI is a better cable, so I bought one. This monitor does come with a VGA cable, but does not come with a DVI cable. I am running all new hardware, but still use Windows XP, so the monitor did fire right up on the first boot, but as a generic.

I decided to try the included CD, and was able to install the driver inf, so Winxp would recognize it properly. I also installed the little configuration tool from the disc, but I am not able to use it. If I run the program, it informs me I do not have a plug and play monitor, which apparently disables all the helpful features of this tool. I will mention that installation of the drivers and the OSD utility did not run on it's own, and I had to manually install everything after forcing close an annoying pop-up flash image that didn't run correctly. I will also mention there is no negative effects from just running the default windows driver, aside from possible invalid screen resolutions in the display options.

This monitor looks perfect right out of the box. I have not changed any color, brightness, etc in my display drivers. The picture is very sharp at 1920x1080 @ 60hz. Gaming looks great, despite the common misconception of 60hz not being a great gaming speed. The monitor can run at lower resolutions if a PC cannot pull the full 1080P, but it's hard to find a game from the last 5+ years that doesn't support several wide screen resolutions, so performance should not be a problem. I was also surprised at the extreme angles I can view the screen, without noticing any issues.

Some people have mentioned the big orange sticker on the front of the monitor. I had very little trouble peeling it off with just my fingernails, so I'm not sure why that's an issue for some. I also peeled off the "made for windows vista" sticker with little effort. There wasn't even any glue residue left behind. This monitor looks great! I'm not afraid to give this 5 stars, even with the installation CD issues, simply because a user doesn't even need the CD to use the monitor. I used the monitor for about 3 hours before I even reached for the installation CD.

It would be hard to beat the price and performance of this monitor. I'll be buying two more very soon!
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on October 3, 2014
Dropped it down a set of concrete stairs. And it still worked but the power button broke but in the on position so it was all good. Can't believe it still works. Used it for playing games and thought it gave pretty good graphics. But anyway unbreakable. Working for about 3 1/2 years and dropped it down concrete stairs.
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on June 6, 2010
I've been using AOC monitors ever since so I didn't make a second thought to get this.

I bought this in MicroCenter after reading the reviews posted here in Amazon. I have set this up after getting and it and I love it the first time I saw my login screen. It works perfectly on my HP Compaq 6910p. It brings out the maximum resolution of 1920x1080.

Buy this! You won't regret it!
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