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on December 18, 2009
The monitor is cleverly packed in a box that looks too small to hold a 24" monitor inside.

Physical set up is straightforward and easy. You don't need tools to tighten a single screw holding the base. No height adjustment; tilt can be adjusted by bending the steel plate connecting the monitor to the base. No problem for most users, but if you like to adjust your monitor position a lot, don't choose this model.

Changing settings is not as easy as with most other monitors I've seen. The menu consists of icons (no words in English or any other language), so you may want to keep your instruction CD handy. Also, the menu is controlled by 3 buttons (up, down and menu), so pressing "menu" means "select" or "cancel" depending on the context. After playing with it for a while, I got the hang of it and was able to change settings with some confidence.

I like the quality of the picture. Also a nice surprise, when DVI signal is lost ("turn monitor off" setting for screen saver in Windows), it enters the power save mode, unlike some other monitors I have (they stay on with "HDMI no signal" message).

The bottom line: a very nice and solid full-HD monitor for the lowest price possible. Probably not for gamers and graphics artists, but definitely a good choice for regular users.
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on October 4, 2009
While I usually reserve judgment on any item I buy before I have used it for enough time to evaluate, I feel the need to share this with potential buyers. I have owned an AOC monitor before, had it for four years, and it was entirely satisfactory for my needs. To quantify a bit, I am not a 'gamer' in the adventure sense of the word, but range over board and cards games and internet videos etc. So that might make a difference in my evaluation. I have had this monitor for less than a week, and it has been very satisfactory. I do have one caution however. I am an 'older' user, and do not possess the current tech knowledge of the young and quick of mind. So when I unpacked this monitor, the only thing I had to set it up was one page of graphics. No text. Graphics, 1 through 8. The manual as is now the norm was on a CD. So having successfully found all the appropriate hookups, I was encouraged when I did get a full screen first time power up. However, in order to have it function correctly, one needed to install the driver. Given that adjustments needed to be made to obtain good visual here, one had to read the instructions on the CD. Drilling down, you did, if you could read the text, find how to install the driver, ignoring! by the way, the Microsoft warning that you did not possess the LOGO and could severely cause harm to your system! In addition, you needed to find what resolution was recommended. Once you had gotten beyond those hurdles, the monitor finally began to look like something you did not regret buying. With help from other sources, I was confident to ignore the Microsoft warning. You could find this same recommendation very far down on some of the setup pages, but again, it would be so nice to have been forewarned with these basics so as to begin the experience with a screen you could read well. I have yet to explore the full potential of this monitor. I did find that in looking at photos I had taken with my digital camera, the detail was greatly enhanced with this monitor. After more use, I hope to add to this review, and in no way diminish the quality of this item, only the basic getting started frustrations that, with a few words could have made it easier. AOC probably enjoys a market overseas to a greater extent, and perhaps their requirements deserve a different approach.
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on December 10, 2010
DO NOT BUY This Monitor if you have any intentions of viewing photos or video.

The worst off angle picture I have ever seen in any flat screen LCD (LED or other) ant any price. Must look directly straight at the screen at a 0 degree angle. Even a 5 degree angle will wash out the dark colors. If you stand up from your desk you will see mostly blue where there is supposed to be darkness. Obviously Contrast Ratio means nothing on this monitor. At 60,000:1 It doesn't come remotely close to my Envision or Dell at only 700:1 Contrast Ratio. I have Two monitors, so I was able to compare them side by side. That being said, comparing to others wasn't necessary, I could tell as soon as I turned it on.

Called Customer Service at AOC and told them of my problem, I also told them I tried every adjustment. I even sent him photos. This was his reply "Looks like you need to adjust the Brightness and Contrast. Thank you so much for the photos."

RETURNED. Staples is Great! Product is N/G.
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on June 15, 2011
AOC -- more than any other monitor brand -- buys the monitors from whatever (Chinese, Korean, whomever is cheapest) manufacturer they happen to love at the moment.

Any single monitor model number can come -- over the span if it's life -- from several suppliers. All with the AOC name and the same model number on it.

I've taken my AOC 2436 monitor back to the store and gotten another one (the same model) and the brightness, contrast, colors, viewing angle, everything was different.

I think this is a very difficult brand to buy from a recommendation. If one person gets a great monitor, if you buy that very same model you can't be guaranteed that the quality will be the same. These monitors just vary way too much between samples.

AOC is a go-to-the-store-and-buy-what-you-see monitor brand. That means buying the actual monitor that is on demo at the store, if you like it. That's what I did, and I like what I ended up with. Or be sure the seller has a really good return policy if you buy one in the box and can't see it until you get it home. (Ask before buying.)

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on March 22, 2011
im a big gamer, and bought this game for games like total war, Cod, BF3, etc. This monitor is amazing for the price. its got game mode, auto detects color/ brightness for games, everything that my old samsung did. i was very skeptical when buying this and saw the bad reviews but man im glad i did. i got this 24" for $140. I have had a monitor once with the colors all blocky and depixelated (someone in a review claimed this monitor suffered the same fate) they couldnt be more wrong. color is perfect, no depixelated images, its a great image.
Now lets talk about the brightness, IF U INSTALL THE DRIVERS!!!! THE BRIGHTNESS IS FINE!!! people need to learn how to manually install drivers (this monitor requires that) and if u cant do it, dont worry there are easy instructions. I have one complaint about the brightness, i dont think its bright enough but its fine. there is a DCR setting, it auto adjusts to the page and game u one, this is great for the color but i dont like it when on the web because on dark pages, it lowers brightness to make sure the darker images are clear and not bleached by the brightness, many ppl like this but if your like me ull turn on the web mode. monitor has many modes.

To address peoples complaints about the angle of view, people rly like to complain about every thing, the angle is fine, yes if you stand above it the color looks weird BUT ALL MONITORS DO THIS, but this monitor does have a stricter angle of view. if your sitting at a desk (Which most people do when they have monitors) you will be fine and not notice it.

look people like i said are complaining to complain,
This is a great monitor and the price you cant beat.
I now approve of AOC and will add them to my good list
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on October 20, 2011
I just had to add my review, since I'm very pleased with this purchase. Someone said that this isn't a monitor for gamers, but I beg to differ. I have been playing various games in 1920 x 1080 format and the graphics remain amazingly detailed and tight. There's no stretching or blurring. You have a better view of your gaming world, since the details stand out and the picture pulls you in.

Games I've played on this monitor: Rift, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, All the Assassin's Creed games and various other games.

It's pretty much plug and play. I don't remember installing drivers for this monitor. Usually you just need to keep your graphic card drivers up to date.

This isn't just a great gaming monitor, it also runs full screen streaming movies without any problems.

I've bought this monitor November 2010 and I would buy it again in a heartbeat! Plus, I doubt you can beat that price for a 24" HD Monitor!
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on June 22, 2011
This monitor was a major upgrade from the huge tube of a monitor I had before. This monitor is much larger (24'), brighter, and can do HD quality video. The major drawback is the awful angles. What i mean by that is, if viewing video or photos you MUST sit directly in front (not at an angle) and at direct eye level with the monitor. If you do not it will very quickly start looking like the black inverse "negative of a photo" look. I am not exaggerating, its ability to hold pleasant viewing angles are bad. Also the base on which it comes with is total crap. By that i mean, it doesn't stabilize the monitor, think "bobble head" and the monitor is the head part. I regret not returning it to bestbuy, but I'm a student so video and photo is not crucial, plus i bought it mostly with a gift card. My suggestion is don't be taken by the "HD Monitor or USB input feature", it's just not worth it, go for something same price but smaller size and get quality a monitor.
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on February 26, 2014
So this is really late but since I'm still using it and stumbled upon my old buy, I thought I may as well review it. Basically, they sent me some weird game looking monitor instead. I wanted something clean so I can have a dual screen, I got an AOC but it had some weird graphics design in the back and an ugly edge all around that made it look awful for a dual screen setup. I don't know if it was some random used monitor they threw my way it was a mix up but I didn't want to return it because I needed a monitor badly and after returning a few I didn't like in store, I decided to stick with it if it worked. It worked and then a few weeks in there was a glaring dead pixel. So I am still using it until I am rich and can afford to throw it away or keep it as a spare, but I strongly regret buying from this seller. Looking back, I sincerely wish I had replaced it then because I still want a clean looking dual setup but I've had this for half a year now and am stuck with it.
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on December 31, 2013
Currently using 3 screens on my desktop and the color and quality are pretty much the same. Have 2 monitors for 1 year now and so far so good. Added the third one just recently and loving it. Average run time for these monitors is about 4hrs a day.
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on June 1, 2012
Wow, this is a great monitor for the price. Installed a few days ago, so I'm just tweaking it now to get the best view. The 24-inch monitor is as it is described. It was easy to setup and worked fine with my dell laptop and windows 7 (plug and go).
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