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VINE VOICEon September 11, 2008
I ordered this for my new computer, and we had a power flicker just a few hours after I set it up! It worked perfectly. There is software included that will let you check the status of the battery and tell the unit what to do if it loses power (such as turn off the computer). Very useful!

Two things to note:
1) Make sure you connect the battery! There's a note on it to do this, but just in case you get in an unwrapping frenzy, you have to turn it over and slide the cover off in order to do that.

2) Only 4 of the outlets are powered by the battery- the other 4 are JUST surge protection. So if you want more than 4 items plugged into the battery, you may want to upgrade to a different model! It works perfectly for me though!
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VINE VOICEon July 4, 2008
I purchased one of these items on May 10, 2008. Since I had a blackout on 6/27, I figured I could finally write a review.

First, this is my first APC, as well as my first battery backup, product. I've owned a number of surge protectors in the past, but since I had purchased a new computer, I wanted to try a backup device.

After a deal of research, I finally went with this one, after the value for the money, and the positive reviews APC had received.

This model offers 10 outlets, of which 5 can run off of the battery. This also offers a master, and three 'slave' outlets. This means that if the master is off, the three outlets can optionally be shut off as well (helpful for printers, monitors, speakers, ...) It's optional, so you can shut it off (which I did).

It also offers a USB connection, so you can monitor the status of the battery using APC PowerChute Personal Edition.

Along with charge percentage, it gives the number of volts being passed into it, and the watt load on the battery, which seems to translate into a battery estimate (how long equipment can run).

PowerChute offers a couple of options, for when the power goes off - preserve the battery, or keep the computer on for as long as possible.

Having had a blackout, albeit at night, I can suggest what I had happen. First, my computer appears to have been put to sleep. When it started back up, SpeedFan began running my two fans at 100%. In short, the battery handled the blackout perfectly.

If you're worried about alarms going off at night, there are settings to disable the alarm between particular hours, or disable it entirely.

Finally, while this comes with a battery, they do recommend you replace these every three years. You can run self-tests manually to verify the battery. I did have a bit of trouble when first hooking up the battery, but it was relatively minor.

(As a guy who's interested in statistics, I would also have liked to have been able to pull more information from PowerChute - for example, via a battery log of what's happening when I'm not at my computer. Granted, it'll tell you when the battery kicks in, but I'd like to know what voltage is being passed, and whether usage watts are spiking or moving throughout the day. What happens when I'm running tasks, or if I have my computer sit for a couple of hours with the monitor off?)

Overall, I'm *extremely* happy with this product, and will *definitely* be purchasing another one of these to hook up my Playstation 3 and Sony Bravia.
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on March 20, 2010
I've had an APC Back-UPS unit for several years now and have been very satisfied. When other people in my rural neighborhood have had blown hard drives or mother boards due to "dirty" power, I've not had a bit of trouble. Buying a UPS is a wise investment to protect your sensitive electronic equipment. However, when I went to upgrade trouble started to brew.

Recently, I purchased the BE750G directly from APC's website. I was uncertain about which UPS would work best with my computer, so I used the online wizards at the APC site to help determine the best UPS. The wizard asks questions about the type of computer you have (tower vs. mini desktop), monitor size, and what other type of peripherals you might have connected to your computer. The wizard will also ask you what type of processor you have. I entered all of this information into the wizard and was presented with the BE750G. Click... I made the purchase. Once the UPS arrived, I connected it to my computer following the directions and did a quick self-test of the unit. Within two seconds of clicking the self-test button in the provided Power Chute software, all power to my computer was dropped and it went off.

I called APC tech support and they asked me what type of computer I had. I explained that it was a Dell Studio XPS 435T with the new Core i7-920 processor. The tech support representative did a bit of research and found that the power supply in my computer is not compatible with the APC unit I had purchased. I was told that the BE750G provides power in or as a "stepped approximation to a sinewave" when on battery power and that the power supply in my computer required a UPS that provides a "pure sinewave" when on battery power. It all sounded like Greek to me, I just knew it didn't work.

Okay, so time to return this paper weight back to APC for a refund. But hold on, APC wants to charge me a 15% restocking fee even though it was their website that told me the unit would work with my computer! Aggravating! I'm still waiting to negotiate a peace agreement with APC over this, but have learned a valuable lesson. Do your research!

Although the BE750G doesn't work with my computer, I'm 100% certain that it would work with older computers. I'm so confident of this that I purchased a second APC unit (SMT750) for my home office. This one should work. APC products good. APC sales... not so good.
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on November 28, 2010
Product: APC Backup-UPS ES 8-Outlet 550VA
Rating: 3/5 (good)

I bought one of these units several years ago at my local computer/electronics stores ... not to protect a PC, but rather to protect my phone answering machine, cable box, and most importantly my new (and then quite expensive) Flatscreen TV. It's done a very admirable job, and I only recently re-gifted it to a family member, after replacing it with a newer model 1300.

* Easy to use, right out of the box.
* Multiple connection types and outlets.
* Low space-saving profile, easily fitting inside or under small cabinets and tables.

* Small battery offers very limited runtime (figure 7-10 mins).
* Lacks built-in digital display showing load and remaining runtime.
* Lacks manual bypass for loud audible power-outtage alarm.

Bottom line: this is a very decent no-frills unit if you're on a budget. However, an increasing array of newer units with status displays are becoming cost competitive. Lastly, if your power blinks frequently, the lack of an alarm bypass can become annoying.

TIP: Most UPSs have limited runtime. For example, the XS-1300 I replaced 550 with only holds 7AH of power (which will run my PC for just under 1 hour). To greatly extend this, I bought a big 55AH sealed marine gel battery, a trickle charger, and a 400W inverter. When the power goes out, that gives me the option of plugging either my UPS/PC or my UPS/TV setups into the 55AH battery for an additional 8+ hours of runtime.
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on September 12, 2014
I bought an APC UPS for my Tivo, on the advice of the Weaknees web site, and plugged the Tivo into the battery outlet of the APC UPS. I plugged other items (TV, cable box, remote charger) into other outlets. I came home after a planned power outage in my area to find that the Tivo was fried, completely not functional and with a blinking green light that indicates the motherboard was damaged (per Weaknees). The other connected items were fine. I know that there was a power surge because the line conditioner I have on my main A/V set up a floor above tripped and had to be reset.

I contacted APC and found that the process of filing for product replacement takes around two months and requires mailing the UPS unit to APC at the consumer's expense. APC does provide a free replacement unit. APC then does a number of tests to determine if their unit failed. In my case, they determined that it did not and therefore I am not entitled to any compensation. I am not an electrical engineer so cannot comment on the validity of the testing, but from the consumer viewpoint I bought the unit to protect sensitive equipment in the event of a power surge. There was a power surge after which my Tivo connected to the APC UPS was damaged. Since the Tivo had lifetime service, I'm out for a $300 unit plus a $400 service policy. If you are considering an APC UPS based in part on the stated Product Replacement Policy be aware that damage to your product may not lead to compensation.
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on July 23, 2014
The APC 650 Back-UPS has been working exactly as described. I purchased the 650 to ensure I have enough power to finish my work whenever a power-outage hits. I have my Lenovo desktop PC, a 2 TB external hard-drive and a cable modem all connected to the battery backup outlets. Additionally, a lamp and my speakers are plugged in to the surge-protected only outlets.

The unit connected without a hitch. The software is easy to setup and monitor. I have not experienced a power-outage with the unit yet, but I performed a test by unplugging the UPS when it was 100% charged. The switch to battery was seamless. After 4 minutes the software said I still had 22 minutes remaining on battery power. This was while powering the desktop PC, external hard-drive and cable modem.

See customer photos...
review image review image review image review image review image
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on September 23, 2008
So far I'm very pleased...I purchased this to safeguard my fiancee's Mac Mini. Setup was a breeze, just connect the battery, charge, plug in the AC and connect the data port to the Mac's USB port. The Mac instantly recognized the UPS in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences and provided me with several automated shutdown additional software or configuration was necessary.
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on July 1, 2012
I owned this product for just under three years. When a storm passed, we lost every piece of electronic equipment plugged into this device (and nothing else in the house).

I filed a claim against the device. It was denied. After testing, they found the device to be working within specifications.
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on September 6, 2009
You have to do your homework and read the fine print on these. For example, 750 sounds like a big number, but that's the volt/amps and not the wattage, which is the number quoted on power supplies. The real problem is the Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) power supplies which have been required since July 2007. You can read about this in the FAQs on the APC website. As I understand it, the Back-UPS and Smart-UPS SC, are not true, pure sine wave UPS, and are not suitable for any Active PFC computer power supply rated 500W or more. This would include many Core i7 and older serious gaming machines. These bigger modern power supplies require true, pure sine wave UPS's like the Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS XL and Smart-UPS RT, according to the informative but confusing (to me) PDF that I downloaded from APC, Application Note #147. Of course, you need to calculate the correct load of your equipment to determine which model is suitable for you.
I have several of these UPS's and they have served me well with my older smaller PCs, but they are not suitable for my new machines. They cut out and shut down my Dell XPS 435T with a 475W power supply. I should have done my homework and upgraded my UPS instead of using the one I already had.
I still rate it 5 stars, because it does what it is supposed to do very well, if you choose the correct model for your equipment.
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on October 24, 2012
I'm giving this one star to make a point. I own 3 of the 350 models and despised the incessant beeping whenever the power would have issues. I called APC and asked if this could be stopped, they said, absolutely...just buy a more expensive model. So finally after a couple of years instead of buying new batteries, I bought this model. After using the software and choosing NO ALARMS. It makes a CONSTANT beep when the AC goes out.

I especially enjoyed the ridiculous comments lecturing people how they should embrace the annoying alarms, I'm not a fan. I don't need any other indicators that my power is out, trust me.

As a battery backup, it's a decent deal otherwise. I'm physically removing the stupid speaker this weekend, it's not as if the warranty is worth anything any ways.

Overall very disappointed in the sales tactics and outright wrong information.
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