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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 15, 2015
This is a decent power conditioner - actually excellent for the price - and suitable for home theater systems like mine: a bargain brand tv, nice sound bar, cable box, somewhat nice receiver, and pretty decent computer. It monitors your wiring and voltage in addition to filtering your power, and it has a power saving feature that puts outlets to sleep when you are not using them. It also has an LED display that tells you pretty much exactly what is up at any given time. I swapped it in to replace an older model I bought years ago back when there were a lot more brick and mortar electronics stores, and while I lost a couple of outlets, this is really pretty nice,

The power conditioner was easy to set up. The instructions are clear and written in plain English, and the display is easy to interpret. It's really really big for having 8 outlets, and it would have been nice to have a bit more room between those eight outlets, considering how much room the power conditioner consumes. However, at the current price, these are minor complaints. I am happy with my purchase, and I am planning to buy another of these for the upstairs.
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on December 7, 2015
This model has some serious surge protection for the AC line, but it has two major shortcomings I observed during hook up. First, for a high end suppressor for audio/video equipment, it has no RJ45 network protection, which is now required to protect hard wired smart TVs and maintain warranty against lightning damage. The two jacks on this unit referred to as data line protection are just simple single line telephone jacks. My second beef is with the amount of watts this draws. Depending on brightness settings of the LEDs, and whether or not the controlled plugs are activated, this uses between 4 and 6 watts of power constantly. Even knowing that surge suppressors use a little power, this uses over 5 times the power of the unit it is replacing which has nearly as much surge suppression. This was measured on my Watts UP Pro, as well as a second meter with low current measuring capabilities. In many applications, this will use as much power as you will save by having it turn off standby devices.

On the plus side, it has adaptable threshold for when it turns off the controlled plugs, and it works very well for that. Here is why that was important to me. My Tivo must have power 24/7, while other parts of my entertainment system can be shut down when the TV is off, like the sound bar, Roku, Chromecast, etc. With just the Tivo running, it sensed that current, which is about 25 watts and adjusted to where it will now sense when the added load of the TV is turned on and will trigger the controlled outlets. Most of these strips have a set threshold of just a few watts and wouldn't work for this application. I assume some of the extra wattage this uses is for the control circuitry for this feature and may be worthwhile if you need this capability.
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on September 26, 2015
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This is a great power conditioner for the price. It has a very simple look with a smooth front panel that should blend in nicely with most black home AV equipment. As for actual performance My notes:

* It is rather large at more than 17" wide and almost 6" deep but that means it'll match the width of most AV components and make for a neater look. * The swiveling outlets in the back are pretty useful and make it very easy to connect equipment and then move the cords out of the way
* There's surge protection for coax and phone and although I understand the coax I'm finding it harder to understand why there are phone jacks on modern equipment like this
* The front panel has an overload and building wiring fault indicators as well as a few other useful LEDs.
* The dimmer is great. I like my home theater dark and I hate equipment that doesn't give me some level of control over lighting.
* The master/slave configuration for some of the receptacles is very useful since it won't provide power to some of the outlets if the device on the master is not powered on. For example, unless the receiver is powered on (master) it won't provide power to a blu-ray player. If you don't want to use it then it can be disabled with a switch (next to the dimmer switch - it's the one with the leaf on it)
* There are high-current filter receptacles specifically designed for amplifiers and subwoofers
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2015
Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Surge protectors are the unsung hero of the electronics world - you don't notice they're there unless they fail to do their job, which is to protect expensive electronics against destruction from sudden power surges. Of course, once you hook one up, there's really no way to tell if your electronics are still standing because the surge protector protected you, or if there just weren't any major surges. Still, like accident insurance, it's worth adding the extra bit of protection even if you're never quite sure you need it. As surge protectors go, this one _feels_ like it's going to do a good job: it's big, heavy and sturdy. The LED lights on the back give you at least a sense that it's there doing something. The datasheet says that it saves power and improves the electrical connections to your components. I've got mine hooked up to my blu-ray and 4K TV and I can't really say that I notice much difference in the DVD picture quality and my electricity bill looks about the same as it looked last month. The coax converter, though, does seem to have cleared up the TV display a bit - although I may be the last person in America who actually plugs the coaxial cable directly into the TV without routing it through a digital converter box.
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Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the first power supply I feel is worth being seen among my audio system. very nice looking from the front angle. As far as function, it works perfectly. It includes ten outlets which are constantly on with the Master/Controlled option off. With the Master/Controlled option on, one of the outlets acts as a trigger to turn three other outlets on and off with the device. The power supply will sense that the master device is turned on and will the controlled outlets on and off accordingly. This is great for audio systems where turning on the receiver can automatically turn on other components like a blu-ray player or subwoofer. I love the fact that this is an optional setup and that outlets aren't sacrificed for the feature, if you choose not to use it.

The strip on the rear that contains eight of the outlets can rotate to accommodate and style of plug or mounting position. There are six LED status lights that are a bit bright out of the box, but can be dimmer via a dimmer button. Everything about this power supply is impressive and well thought out.

Easily the best power supply I've ever owned. That said, it's also the largest I've owned, being about the size of a small DVD player. Pricey, but highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2015
Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It’s big, it’s heavy but it’s capable. With a 5315 Joules protection rating and 330v clamping voltage, it definitely offers top notch protection. In addition to the surge/spike protection, it has digital filter outlets that EMI/RFI interference from certain home appliances like vacuums, microwaves, washers, or high draw filter current to provide additional protection for sensitive items like Televisions and other AV gear. It won’t improve the performance of your AV equipment under normal use but will make it less susceptible to interference from other power drawing items. I’m not a big fan of power regulating surge suppressors for computing equipment but feel they work well with AV equipment however. I have teens and they love leaving televisions, game consoles and other AV equipment on long after they’re done with it. This helps alleviate that issue. The number of outlets is just right for a typical home theater. Mine accommodates a 55” LED TV, Blu-Ray surround sound system, cable DVR, Apple TV, PS4, Wii-U. The remaining plugs are used for charging and accessories. Like I said, it’s heavy. So it’s not the type of protector that can be moved from room to room frequently, such as I do when I want to use several computer items in a different part of the house where there are no electronics and thus no protectors. The metal and gloss finish along with the LEDs do make it an attractive accessory when compared to the typical top outlet utilitarian looking protectors. It has a reset/power button and also offers coax and single-line two-wire phone/modem protection.

One of the most valuable yet overlooked features is wiring fault indicators, such as the one found on this APC C25B.
I love protectors with wiring fault indicators because they reveal problems that you may not otherwise know exist. I once had a surge protector wiring fault LED illuminate and subsequently discovered that the outlet was wired incorrectly with the neutral going to the hot side. I’ve had a few other faulty outlets trigger warning LED’s. One was caused by a loose wire and another was caused by a metal housing surrounding the outlet. That was a frightening light show when the “too cool to turn of the circuit power first” electrician tried to troubleshoot the outlet while it was still hot and found out about the metal housing via a very scary show of sparks and pops. My mother had a similar incident when she was vacuuming in her home in a faulty outlet. Her outlet sparked, burned, melted, fried her vacuum and ruined her carpet from the hot sparks landing and singing holes. Thankfully, she wasn’t injured. Wiring faults are more common than people think. Sometimes it takes a while for a long existing problem to finally reveal itself, as it did with my mother. Quality protectors with reliable fault indicators like the APC brand can help potentially save you money or even injury.
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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2015
Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It’s a little hard to say how well the APC Home Theater Power Filter works, since for comparison I’d need something like, say, an electrical storm that damaged electronics on another surge protector but not on this one, and even then there are so many variables that a side-by-side comparison wouldn’t be all that meaningful. The unit certainly makes me feel confident, though.

For starters, it’s heavy. Okay, “heavy” isn’t a feature, but it’s likely indicative of sturdy, heavy-duty construction. The equipment protection guarantee is valued at $350,000, and while even very low-end surge protectors that are really little more than extension cords often claim cash-value equipment protection, $350,000 is pretty substantial.

This unit is designed and arranged very thoughtfully. The glossy black exterior works well with all of the other components in my home theater system, and the plugs can be rotated to the most convenient orientation. I will admit I laughed a little at the box’s suggestion that it could be placed on top of other components, like it was so good looking that one wouldn’t even notice the spaghetti farm growing out of it, but still, it is attractive as these things go. It also uses master outlets that can stop the power flow when an outlet senses that a device is not in use, and claims to save up to $40 on your electricity bill with this feature; not sure how they arrive at that figure, but it is an eco-friendly option nevertheless.

I work at home and depend on my company’s tech support to keep my equipment working well, and the APC brand is suggested every time power protection is discussed. I’m not paid if I’m not working, so I sometimes push my luck a little during thunderstorms. I own two other APC surge protectors and an APC uninterruptable power supply, and they have worked flawlessly. I expect to be just as satisfied with the Home Theater Power Filter.
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VINE VOICEon September 17, 2015
Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a large, attractive power source that evens out the power supplied to devices that are plugged into it. It has 10 outlets. Two outlets are fixed on the side and the other 8 are on a bar that can pivot to point up or out (the outward position is shown in the picture). I have a laptop, a Tassimo coffee maker, several mobile devices, two monitors and a set of speakers plugged in and there are never cross-overs or surges when different devices kick in (an particular worry with the coffee maker).

The one quibble - the 8 pivoting outlets are grouped fairly tightly, so with some plugs outlets may be blocked. If possible, I would recommend using the side two outlets for plugs like this.
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VINE VOICEon September 7, 2015
Style: Type 10|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great product. I really like being able to change the position of the outlets, as I have it set on it's side, instead of flat on the ground. I live off the grid, so I rely on solar power on sunny days, with a backup generator. I know my power surges frequently with the generator. I decided to use this for my computer, modem, router, phone, etc., instead of my old TV, DISH receiver, and boombox sound system. They also are on a surge protector strip, but my computer is more valuable to me. And they aren't located by my phone and computer. I also like the power saving feature, as very bit counts when one lives off the grid. When I can update my TV and stereo system, I'll probably use this on them.
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on April 29, 2016
I purchased this device to use as a power filter for my tube amp as it was picking up noise through the receptacle. Power filters can easily cost several hundred dollars so I was happy to find this one at a reasonable price and it has definitely made a difference. I would recommend this device
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