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on August 7, 2012
I was honestly a little suspicious of these headphones because they're so cheap. Only $30 for a pair of bluetooth headphones? Crazy!

However, I'm very glad I decided to take the chance. I use them for running, and they work really well. The volume control also lets me go above what my phone would normally go, and the track controls on the side make skipping songs SO much easier than using my iphone controls, as I had been doing previously.

-Low price
-Easily fold up to a compact size
-Sound quality is excellent; the bass comes through really well for such a small pair of headphones
-Controls on the side make controlling my music/accepting calls very easy

-They're a bit big for my head and ears, but I do have a small frame, so they would probably fit a normal person well
-When running, I can hear one of the components rattling. It's not noticeable during songs, just during the quiet between tracks. Since it's only on the right side, I wonder if it's normal, or simply a defect in my pair
-Tendency to cut out if you don't use an armband

The first pair I ordered was defective; the battery wouldn't charge, and it wouldn't turn on. However, Amazon shipped me a new pair quickly, and they work well. While I'm running, I do find that the support band that goes around the back of my head tends to jounce up and down; I started wearing my hair in a low bun while running and resting the band on top of it; that has solved that problem.

Overall, for $30, they're a great deal. I would buy these again.
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on January 19, 2012
I've had these headphones since September, so it's been about four months. I haven't really used the case much due to my own carelessness, but despite that, they are still holding together pretty well. They are like new, even though I just toss them into my backpack, kick them around my room and car, and really just abuse them.

They're fantastic for listening to music while working out. It's not the best quality but they're average for $30 headphones BUT above average for bluetooth sounds.

My only qualm is that they can SOMEtimes be annoying with glasses but very rarely. Definitely worth it to buy these.

1-year-update: Still as functional as the day I got them. Battery life is still very impressive. Only problem with that is that I always lose the charging cable, which isn't a huge problem as it's miniUSB.
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on November 17, 2012
I was worried about purchasing a behind the ear headset. I didn't think they would stay on the head and would slip off. However, these are the greatest headphones! Excellent sound quality. I don't listen to my music extremely loud but you could definitely do that with these. I have on occasion, put them around my neck, turned up the sound and still had no issues hearing the music. The battery lasts a very long time. I've worn them 4 hours at a time and haven't had to charge them for at least 3 days. If I could say anything negative about these, it would be that there is a sharp edge right near the ear. It's where the seam of the pieces come together. Use a utility knife to smooth it out and there are no issues. I love the case that it comes with and the fact that these fold up. I would buy them again for anyone who needs headphones. Receiving calls and talking is great. Like with any other headset, unless the mouthpiece is right next to your mouth, you have to speak a tad bit louder (no whispering). Great job Arctic! I've already recommended these to several people and I've owned them a couple of months.
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I received a review sample from the manufacturer and put it through its paces. Like every other bluetooth device I have used these need to be charged out of the box or they may not pair with your phone, PC or other BT source. The initial charging took less than two hours and this headset with paired and connected to my Samsung Galaxy Note II within seconds. I also tested it with an iPhone 4S and it paired perfectly with that as well.

Since all of the specs are in the product description on this page I will not repeat them here. I will affirm that the specs are accurate except that the playback time is not the 20 hours claimed. Mine ran out at the fifteen hour mark.

One size fits all - there are no adjustments for the behind the head band. I found the phones to fit perfectly, but folks with smaller heads may have problems with them staying on. My hat size is 6 7/8, and I would say that if your head is smaller than that you may want to pass these up.

Sound quality is excellent. While these are not noise-canceling, the ear pieces do attenuate a certain amount of ambient noise and when I play music it's like having a private surround sound system. If you like music extra loud know that the volume will not go that high. Personally I have the volume set three quarters and it's plenty loud, even when I am using these phones to play my drums to a practice track.

The controls are convenient once you remember their placement. I have uploaded a customer-supplied image that shows the layout.

Since this headphone set has a built-in microphone you can use it to receive calls hand's free from your phone, as well as redial, and to use your voice dialing function if your phone is configured for it. I had a friend call me to test those features and I was able to hear the caller clearly and she had no trouble hearing me. Once I ended the call the music to which I was listening resumed from where it was paused when the incoming call was answered.

My final test was to walk around my house with my smartphone stationary. Reception was perfect and the music I was playing streamed without interruption or degradation no matter how far away I was, including in my bathroom which has been problematic for some bluetooth receivers.

Bottom line: this is an excellent set of phones that work also as a hand's free solution for phone calls. The sound quality is superb to my ears. The only caveat is to measure your hat size before purchasing this - if it's less than 6 7/8, you may want to consider an over the head model such as the ARCTIC P402BT Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Integrated Mic.
review image review image
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on March 15, 2013
I just got these headphones yesterday, and I'm in love. They fit well (even with all of my massive amounts of hair), and have great sound quality. I can still hear what's going on around me, which is good for using them at work. They paired with my Samsung Galaxy SIII with no trouble at all. I haven't tried them with my computer yet, but that's the next step. I recommend these to anyone looking for a wireless set of headphones for music at work.

Product update...I have used them for a phone call. They work beautifully. I was out in the warehouse area of my office building with the conveyer belts and such going at top speeds and the person on the other end had no trouble hearing me and I had no trouble hearing them.

I've also paired them with my Samsung SII and my Bluetooth capable laptop. They connected immediately to both and had wonderful sound quality. The buttons on the earphones are a bit awkward to use, but, once you have them memorized, it's easy enough.

They still fit wonderfully...almost discretely under my hair. I've used them for my walking workout, and they don't flop around. Earbuds tend to fall out of my ears during brisk walks, but no such trouble here. Fully charged, listening time seems to be accurate. I got through my entire workday without any issues. I really do recommend them to everyone.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 20, 2013
I was provided a set of ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review, so this is what I found.

What You Should Know Before You Buy:
♦ Really great sound quality with nice treble and good bass, even at high volumes.
♦ These are over the ear and wrap around the back of your head style headphones.
♦ Has a rechargeable battery that charges with a standard Micro USB cable (included).
♦ Easily connected via Bluetooth and had good range of 20+ feet.
♦ Folds up pretty small for easy storage and transport.
♦ Not adjustable. Fit, but tugged a little on my ears when I moved my big head around.

Detailed Review:
♦ Look - The product came in a professional looking box with nice pictures and product information on it. Inside the box were the headphones, an instruction manual, a Micro USB charging cable and a nice zippered carrying case. Inside the carrying case were the headphones folded up really small. The ear cups are very soft and comfortable . The right side ear cup has a USB charging port, two volume buttons, FF and RW buttons, a multi-function/speakerphone button and a multi-color LED. The build quality looks pretty nice.

♦ Installation - I had no problem pairing the headphones to my computer and iPhone 5 on the first try after holding down the multi-function button to get them into pairing mode. Everything went perfectly and reconnecting was automatic. I plugged in the included Micro USB charging cable into the headphones and into my computer to give it an initial charge before testing it out.

♦ Use and Performance - Once the headphones were charged, a did a variety of tests to try them out using my PC and iPhone.

Test #1 (Sound Quality Test) - I tried out a variety of music from some Disney kids songs to some Pop music to Excision Bass Heavy Dubstep (the Destroid album), and everything sounded exceptional. The bass was pretty loud and the mids and highs sounded great. It handled the variable Bass sounds of the Dubstep with no problems and handled the highs and vocals of the Pop music really well. I was really surprised at how nice the headphones sounded overall.

Test #2 (Sound Performance Test) - After I got past the basic sound quality, I tried out a few more technical tests. I put on the headphones and started playing a Dolby HD Surround Sound test video. They sounded really great with some top-notch stereo and surround effects. I also played a frequency test file that started at 20Hz and found that the headphones started producing sound around the 28Hz range, which is really low. The sound continued with sound being audible all the way up to 17000Hz. Excellent range for a set of headphones.

Test #3 (Use Test) - When wearing the headphones, the ear cups are very soft and comfortable, but because they are not adjustable, they tugged on my ears when I moved around my big head. I had my Wife try them and she didn't have a problem. It had good Bluetooth range of 20+ feet around some walls. The headphones also have some additional microphone and speakerphone features as an added bonus.

Overall, the sound quality was really great and they fold up really small for storage and transport. They had a wide frequency range and sounded good at all volumes. The only negative is that they are not adjustable at all. If you are looking for a nice set of active headphones and you don't have a giant head, the ARCTIC P311's are worth consideration.
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on March 20, 2013
So I ordered these on Saturday night and received them on Tuesday with Prime shipping. Great delivery speed and condition as always. Headphones arrived almost fully charged and they work great as expected. Sound quality is good for the price/Bluetooth headphones. Range is good. The buttons are easily accessed, and the case is a nice little touch. Haven't had them long enough to speak on battery life. Only issue I have so far is the amount the headphones protrude from the ears/head. For a behind the neck design seemingly intended to be discrete, they are most definitely noticeable. A little bit ridiculous looking, even. I'll still wear them outside, but I just thought it was a point worth mentioning.

Overall for the price/performance ratio I highly recommend this product.
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on January 24, 2012
The sound is full and rich, but the mic isn't strong enough for calls. The people I spoke to said they couldn't hear me well.
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on February 11, 2014
So I think I can write a pretty valuable review as I purchased these, along with 3 other BT headphones to compare them all. The prices were so similar, the reviews were neck and neck and so were the specs (except for one pair). It was just impossible for me to tell which ones I'd like. The biggest reason is anatomical. You really have to try them on to know.

So these are the 4 total headsets I bought:

- Arctic P311 - ~ $28
- Kinivo BTH240 ~ $31
- SoundBot SB240 ~ $25
- Sony MDR-AS700BT ~ $95

I'll do a quick sum up of each and why I returned or kept it.

- SoundBot SB240 - These are probably, to me, the ugliest ones. The buttons are cheesy-looking and big. The sound was also the worst on these. Not BAD per se, but I could tell the others sounded better. Also, the rattling sound was hugely prevalent while jogging in place. So it made it a no-brainer that these would go back.

- Sony MDR-AS700BT - I kinda wanted these to blow the competition away to make my decision easier. They didn't, unfortunately. The first thing I want to address is that these are not particularly heavy at all. In some of the reviews people note they are heavy. I'm pretty sure I know why they would say that though. These headphones squeezed my head tighter than any wrap-around headphones I've ever had. I believe this was done to ensure they would stay on your head during exercise, but after about 15-20 minutes of use, my head actually started to hurt. Also, they didn't share room well with my glasses. Lastly, the sound. These things were definitely the most powerful-sounding of all 4, but as mentioned in another review, these were SUPER bass-y. To the point where it sounded muffled. And I like my bass as much as the next person, but it was too much. You could tell the songs you're listening to weren't meant to sound like that. I also did mess around with the EQ on my iPhone but it didn't really make it that much better. Considering all of those factors and being 3x the price of the other headphones, these had to go back. I also thought these were gonna look cooler than the others. It doesn't, the headphones flare forward almost like making monkey ears out of you. These possibly looked the dorkiest while wearing them.

- Arctic P311 - I wanted these ones to be the one. Simply because, it didn't rattle, had an all black finish and sounded pretty darn good. Also, the battery life is twice of what I ended up with. The reason I chose the Kinivo's over these was simple anatomy. The Arctic P311 was comfortable enough, but the Kinivo felt just right on my head. It even felt lighter. It also sounded slightly better. These went back.

- Kinivo BTH240 - Obviously the winner. If the Sonys were balanced better, I think those would have won outright in terms of sound quality. These sounded 2nd best, with the Arctic P311 right behind it. Again, the main reason I went with the Kinivo was simply the comfort. I kept going back and forth with these and the Arctic P311 because i really wanted the all-balck finish but the Kinivo's were so much more comfortable on me. I could probably talk anyone out of the SoundBot and Sonys, but the last two are neck and neck (no pun intended).
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on November 28, 2012
I really like these bluetooth headphones; despite my big thick hair they fit me quite snugly, which I would want them to be for the moving around I do. I tried them on my kids who like them as well; light, snug, comfy. No more fights over chewed wires, I expect.

Paired effortlessly with my Apple products. Partial pairing with my Windows 7 computer, looks like I need to get a dongle for it to work properly.

For those of you who don't get the whole dongle thing (I still don't completely), Amazon do offer a similar color headset from Arctic with a dongle for a bit more money. I've got it on order to use with the Windows machine. But what I'm seeing from the "suggested items" to buy with this, I can get a Class 2 dongle that will let me pair more than one headset (up to three), or a Class 1 dongle that will let me pair one set of headphones. You *probably* can use any brand that's up to the spec; it doesn't seem as if it is necessary for you to use the Arctic branded dongle.

The charger that comes with it is just a wire, standard USB to small usb (same as the Nook and many cell phones). There is no wall wart. Presumably you can plug it into any USB wart or port, I plugged mine into a pretty powerful one and knocked out a first charge (red ring while charging, no LED ring when done) rather quickly.

The instructions are full of pictures, with an ... interesting use of real estate. But simply:

To turn it on, depress and hold the button with the phone image for about three seconds. The light will go blue (and is blue periodically when in use). If you are wearing it, you will hear a noise to indicate it has booted up.

To turn it off, depress and hold the button with the phone image for about three seconds. The light will go red and shut down. If you are wearing it, you will hear a noise to indicate it is shutting down.

To put it in pairing mode, turn it off. Next, depress and hold the button with the phone image for seven to ten seconds until the light ring flashes blue, then red, then alternates.

Sound quality and ambient sound entrance is decent. Low level sounds are low, mid range recordings mid range volume, super loud shoot and blow things up movies are super loud.

Update 12/02/2012

Bought a Bluetooth 4.0 micro USB adapter to pair this properly with my Win 7 machine. Inserted the driver disk, updated drivers, paired the headphones without the USB adapter - so I'll try it on the XP machine next.

One limitation of this device is single-device pairing. I can only pair it to my phone or my computer at any given time, can't switch back and forth seamlessly.

Update 12/16/2012

Nope. One headphone per device. Windows limitation.
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