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2,067 of 2,098 people found the following review helpful
on January 12, 2013
Swapped out my Comcast rental modem, was up and running in just a few minutes, and now I don't have to pay the $7 modem rental fee to Comcast. I'm provisioned for the 105/20 Mbps package and typically get 120/20.5 Mbps.

This modem can utilize up to 8 channels of downstream for a theoretical max speed of 343 Mbps whereas the Motorola SB6121 and other earlier/cheaper DOCSIS 3 modems can only utilize 4 channels maxing your download speeds out at 172 Mbps. Just something to think about if you plan on using this modem for a few years as speeds offered will inevitably increase.

Also, it *does* support IPv6 even though Comcast's page doesn't list it as certified yet. Motorola's data sheet specifically lists the SB6141 as IPv6 ready and tests with an Apple AirPort Extreme (v7.6.4) and MacBook Pro running 10.9 confirm this.

Update 2/4/13: Still working great without issue.
Update 3/25/13: Still not even a single reboot required.
Update 8/28/13: Still working great...
Update 7/8/14: First issue... had an outage for 15 min. Reset the modem and it didn't resolve the issue. Called Comcast, they reset something on their end and I was up and running again. First issue since I bought it.
Update 4/5/2015: Comcast recently upgraded my speed tier and I'm consistently getting speeds up to 180/25 Mbps.
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1,309 of 1,345 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2013
I purchased this SB6141 to replace my VERY old Linksys DOCSIS 1.0 modem. I recently upgraded to 75mb download from RCN (Chicago) and DOCSIS 1.0 was going to bottleneck my speed.

The modem (as are all modems) was extremely easy to install. Plug in, call ISP and you are good. The speeds are fantastically fast and this modem was well worth the price.

****I purchased this white SB6141 over the black SB6141 for one main reason. If you do your research you will notice that the Black SB6141 are only issued to ISP's from Motorola. Meaning, if you purchase a black model from Amazon (or any store), you are purchasing a used or refurbished product (they also ship in ordinary brown cardboard boxes). The only consumer model of the SB6141 is the white model which ships in traditional packaging. The white model is THE ONLY model that comes with a warranty from Motorola. I know this because I called Motorola twice and spoke to two (2) different reps who said the same thing; "Black boxes are for ISP's and do not have a warranty while the white boxes are for consumers and come with a warranty". Further complicating matters is that the black SB6141's usually have old firmware on them because they were generally made a few years ago. White SB6141 have newer or the newest firmware because they are shipping directly from the manufacturer. Your ISP may or may not flash customer owned modems to the newest firmware. If you purchase the Black model, you might be purchasing a 3 year old modem with no chance of upgrading it (also remember that you cannot flash your own modem's firmware).

Do yourself a favor and research this white consumer model over the black ISP model before you pull the trigger. I spent 20 bucks more for the white SB6141 so I could have peace of mind and I would strongly encourage you to do the same.*****

The only "con" I have about this modem is that the blue lights on the modem ARE BRIGHT AS @#%&$. Seriously, at night, my living room is glowing blue from the lights. I really cannot express enough how bright the lights are. You were warned.
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729 of 760 people found the following review helpful
on May 27, 2013
Tired of paying my ISP to rent one of their modems.

Lots of research and this one just kept coming up on top for me; reliable manufacturer, good reviews by others, ease of setup, built for the future with 8-up 4-down bonding. Works just like promised with never a hitch. My only complaint is, as others have mentioned, the lights are irritatingly bright; this I solved by mounting under my desk where it is out of sight.

TIP 1: Make sure you purchase this "Retail Packaging - White". Don't try to save the few bucks buying the black version; all my research shows they are refurbished rentals from ISP providers and the common complaint is that they stop working about the time the warranty expires.
TIP 2: Make sure your ISP supports the firmware. My cable company does not specifically show this model but it supports the same model two generations back - close enough. All I did was a Google search " modems supported by mediacom des moines" (my ISP, my city). Take the time to do your research. I did and I'm VERY happy (except for the irritating lights).
TIP 3: One mis-notion: Just because this modem is "state-of-the-art" for home use, don't expect speed increases just by swapping modems. (Though my wife and I swear our pages load faster even though speed tests show the same up/down rates as before.) You have to up your internet package (dollars) to do this.

One month update - as pleased today as the day I set it up. Never a bump or a glitch.

Eight months and I'm as happy as the day I set it up!

A year and a half - I'm still as happy as the day I set it up!
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810 of 877 people found the following review helpful
on January 12, 2013
after I tried and failed attempt to buy this modem from amazon (its ok amazon made up for it) I ended up buying it from another website. it works great. movie streaming is great.

1 important thing I have figured out is that if you use TWC they will try to sneak you. they will peg your speed at 10mb until you notice it and contact them then they will say everything looks normal on their end and you test your speed again and its fine or they blame your modem. when they fix the issue they will leave it for a day or 2 and limit your speed again. they do this because you used your own modem and not theirs. they will try to blame the modem but it magically starts working right when you call them out on it. they do this for 2 reasons. 1) so you don't notice they lowered your cap and when streaming movies or games are not working right they try to blame your modem and talk you into renting theirs. 2) so they can talk you into upgrading service with the new rented modem that they try to stick you with because your modem is "bad". I am not the only 1 that this has happened to in my area and suspect it is happening in other TWC areas too since the service itself isn't "area" controlled. if you have had this happen to you called them out on it and tell them you know what they are doing and will contact the BBB and FTC if it happens again. if this has happened to you please post a response to my review with at least "I" or "me too" I want to get a count of how many have had this happen by TWC.

like I said the modem itself is awesome. best modem I have ever had period.
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192 of 211 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2014
I bought this modem after researching product recommendations. Like many of the other 1-star reviews, I had spotty, very slow downstream performance (<5 MBPS on a 50 MBPS connection) which could not be resolved. After having a Comcast technician come out and check virtually every wire junction in my apartment building and briefly swapping in one of his modems, we found that the SurfBoard was the problem.

As the instructions for the modem requested, I called Arris tech support. After an incredibly irritating time on hold, where the music was interrupted every 30 seconds or so with a recording reminding me I was on hold and that click was not, in fact, an operator taking my call, I got through to tech support. After explaining the situation, the support person kindly explained that what was happening was not possible, and there was no physical way the modem could be causing slow performance. It would either work totally, or fail totally, so what I was seeing must be Comcast's problem.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I called Comcast twice more and had them double-check the MAC address and serial number on the modem and had them reprovision it with no effect. I finally came back to Amazon, and given the amount of 5-star reviews, decided to try exchanging it for another Surfboard, rather than just taking my money back and buying a totally different model.

The replacement arrived promptly, and once I connected it, it automatically registered and activated itself with Comcast (the first one I tried errored out at that point, and I had to activate it over the phone). The new one has been perfectly reliable, and has delivered exactly the speed I signed up for. I'm very happy with it.

However, I'm still leaving this review as one-star, not because of the first, defective modem, but because of Arris tech support's response that their modem could not malfunction this way. There are dozens of reviews right here reporting the exactly the same problem, so it's hardly an unknown or freak issue. Whether the cause being the modem itself or some chronic misconfiguration on the part of the various service providers, Arris should at the very least know about it, and not act as though this is some never-before-scene problem and deny that it could be happening. Ideally, they should diagnose it and find out if it's some manufacturing flaw and issue a recall or replacement program, or, if it is a problem with the service providers, have explicit instructions ready so I can call Comcast or whomever and tell them what to reset on their end to get the modem working.
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133 of 145 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2013
hey, amazonians! i got this because i read the other reviews that it works with comcast. unfortunately, comcast doesn't know that it works with comcast - are you surprised? i called and was on the phone for more than an hour while the tech tried to enter in all the information over the phone. they said i needed to bring it into a comcast location to get it manually entered - shut the front door. i asked for a supervisor who also knew nothing. i heard munching on popcorn in the background. whatevs.

i disconnected my old modem and plugged this one in. i waited until i saw all the pretty lights and then went back to my computer and tried to open a website. the browser automatically directs you to the comcast activation page. log in and follow all the simple instructions. the page will auto-detect your modem and then activate it. you just press the easy button and wait a few minutes. you never have to talk to a meatbag attached to a phone line. set it and forget it. in a few minutes it's done and you're connected.

sorry i had to learn this the difficult way. hopefully this process will be easy for you.
nice shiny modem with flashy lights. nice internet connection.

sb6141 - 5 stars for ease of use and sweet lights.
comcast - 0 starts because you always get 0 stars.
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90 of 98 people found the following review helpful
on July 31, 2013
I just received this modem today to replace an aging ubee d3 modem from Comcast and to my surprise unlike the 6121 the 6141 is rock solid!

steps to activate:

Step 1: unplug all routers, modems, and EMTA's(if applicable).
Step 2: Get your new 6141 and do a direct connection to the wall and a direct connection to your computer(Very important!!!) and start it up.
Step 3: Let your computer sit for up to 3 minutes then launch firefox or IE(internet Explorer) to get to the Comcast activation page
Step 4: Once the activation window is up enter your account number and phone number at the service address, click next
Step 5: Once at the replace your current modem with your 6141 click next.
Step 6: Once at the ready to activate screen you should only have your 6141 with a ready to activate(if not choose to not activate anything else except the modem).
Step 7: Click next and let the modem sit for around 10-15 minutes as it gets updated and the config file is pushed to the 6141
Step 8: after 10-15 minutes click next and your all set and activated!
Step 9; reconnect everything back and enjoy super high speeds!

For 10 hours now this modem has been rock solid on my Comcast HSI setup.

I would highly recommend this modem for super speeds, I once got a peak speed on speed test of 85 mbps with this thing on blast service!

Edit 8/4/2013: This modem still rock solid and I have no complaints! With our new double play from Comcast we got a service protection plan for internet so if a tech comes it would be no charge, well I had a tech over to make sure that the modem signals were correct. Turns out the tech said that the signals were way out of specification and so he changed up our wiring outside of the house and now the modem is seeing excellent signal in specification to the network, I would highly recommend you do this to so you can make sure your signal levels are just right. Overall: Still a great buy and would still recommend it!

Edit 11/2/2013: Modem is still pumping rock solid power out! I had a couple of disconnects but it turns out it was Comcast fixing an outage in my area. Still recommend it and so far has been the most reliable modem we have had so far! I did some changing of splitter out side: I now have 2 2-way 1ghz splitters, the first one is connected to the line from the street and has the modem on one dedicated port and the second port is connected to my second splitter with 2 cable boxes. Why did I do this? Well Comcast does recommend my setup as now the modem is receiving a higher signal as Docsis 3.0 modems are sensitive to signal fluctuations and also digital cable boxes can be on the second splitter getting lower signal as they are not affected as much by lower signal.
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48 of 50 people found the following review helpful
on June 22, 2014
I bought this a year ago. It has been working flawlessly. I have Comcast Cable. It connects easily to the high speed internet. I have all the blue LED lights showing on this meaning it is getting the high speeds. I have it connected to an Apple Airport Extreme router. The two of them together work great. If my power goes out or I have to unplug everything for some reason it boots up fast and I am back in business again within a minute or less. No complaints. The LED lighting is bright though. I had to put some dimmer tape across the front panel. I can still see all the lights but they aren't blindingly bright anymore with the dim tape on it. Solid modem.

9/20/15 update - still running perfectly for over 2 years with no problems encountered.
review image
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60 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2013
I purchased this MOTOROLA SB6141 SURFboard modem after receiving a notice from Comcast that I should upgrade my modem to DOCSIS 3.0. I purchased this more expensive white color one instead of the less expensive black color one (of the same model number) after hearing that some black ones were not really new, but had been used by carriers.

Anyway, this modem works for Comcast. Activation took about ten minutes with a call to 877-266-2678 (Comcast tech support). With my five-year-old DOCSIS 2.0 RCA modem, test reported 16.4 Mbps download speed, 0.21 Mbps upload. With this new DOCSIS 3.0 modem, the download speed has been doubled to 38.77 Mbps (but the upload speed is the same).

Update (one week later): the modem still works well, never stopping or flipping. The download speed tested via and via a wired connection is still pretty good, ranging between 30 (5-10-2013) to 40 Mbps (5-9-2013). The upload speed, though, remains 0.21 Mbps on each testing.

One user asks if he can use this modem with Comcast phone service. I think not. I believe that will require a different modem with telephony. Check Comcast site for the devices with phone feature: [...]. Personally, I use Ooma gadget (Amazon also carries it) to work along with this modem. Other modems will also work with Ooma. As long as you have the Internet working, Ooma will get you all the phone features you want at a much lower rate (basic rate is less than $10). I have been using Ooma for five years now, and it works well.

2nd Update (after speaking to Comcast tech): As my low upload speed (0.21 Mbps) caused my outgoing email with attachment to halt a long time, I gave Comcast support a call. They manually entered my MAC ID into their system, and had me reboot the modem AND the router. That really made a big difference, I am getting a download speed of close to 50 Mpbs, and an upload speed of 11 Mbps (vs 0.21 Mbps). Big help from the Comcast tech! (My Comcast Internet service is "Blast" or "Performance", with "Powerboost".) So all is really good now.

3rd update (one month): the modem still works without any issues. tests reported download speeds around 60 (Mbps), but upload speeds ranged from 11 (5-12-2013) to 0.97 (6-1-2013), even after powering off and on both the modem and the router. I assume that it was the carrier (Comcast) who is to blame, not the SB6141 modem.

4th update (almost two years after the purchase): For about five months now, I am enjoying a super fast download speed of over 120 Mbps and an upload speed of over 12 Mpbs. With the same modem, same carrier (Comcast). Comcast has upgraded their speed in certain areas, and I received a notice to that affect. I only needed to reboot my modem once, and instantly saw my download speed jumped from 50 Mbps to over 120 Mbps.
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130 of 151 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2013
I bought this to replace the Arris 760 that Comcast provided for $7/mo. I ran Speedtest twice on the Arris, with d/l speeds of 13.05 and 18.62 Mbps. When I hooked up the SB6141 it gave me the self-install page, but I could not find my account number and wound up calling 877-761-5015 ext 2 anyway. They answered immediately and had me going in about 15 minutes, mostly spent waiting for Comcast and the modem to get in sync with each other.

I ran Speedtest a few more times, and got consistent speeds in the 25.5 Mbps range. Upload speeds were about the same (4.5 Mbps) on both modems, but it appears for now that I am getting noticeably better speeds and avoiding Comcast rental charges as well.
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