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on August 29, 2013
Disclaimer: This review is on the similar Asus G750JW from Best Buy. The difference between this one on Amazon and the one from best buy is the warranty and memory.

-About me
I am a full time grad student. I use my system for course work and entertainment. The Asus G750 meets those needs. I have given this system five star and would have given it four in a half if I could. Most of my review will compare to Alienware given that I believe they are subjectively the set standard for gaming laptops and I returned one for this Asus.

The display has great viewing angles. If you check out Asus's website, they state it has a 140 degree viewing angle. The Alienware has an upgrade panel of 1080p with IPS technology. This is relevant because IPS is known for it's great viewing angles while the TN panels such as the one in the Asus aren't. However, TN panels have quicker response time and are better for gaming in my opinion. The Asus screen produces rich and Vibrant colors. Also, the TN panel in the Asus has great viewing angles countering the stereotype of poor viewing angles. While not an IPS, it will more than suffice for gaming. IPS panels are also prone to light bleed in which light from behind the panel can be seen above the screen on occasion. TN panel don't typically have this issue. My Alienware had light bleed and I could not tolerate it. Thank goodness I had this Asus as an alternative system.

The audio is ok. The Alieware I had sounded slightly better. The speakers in this system sound slightly hollow, but the subwoofer does help offset this. I have not played around with the audio settings yet, which may help out. Also worth mentioning is that this headphone jack in this system has a built in amplifier for those gamers with huge headphones that need some serious wattage.

-Fan Sound
One of my pet peeves when purchasing a laptop is the noise it may produce. I do not want to be distracted by the system, especially if I'm up late or stressed out working on a paper and find myself easily distracted. For example, I was temporarily using an HP laptop. The fan would continually spin up and idle down with no particular set speed. This was very annoying. Even while gaming, the fans remain relatively quiet. Compared to the Alienware 14 I had, this system is whisper quite given the Alienware had one fan for GPU/CPU while the Asus has two separate fans. For a powerhouse, this is one stealthily quite machine.

I prefer the island style keyboard on the Asus for gaming since they are well differentiated and spaced while I preferred typing on the Alienware. The Alienware has a more traditional keyboard. However, while gaming, I would miss keystrokes on the Alienware, especially holding down the space bar which is required for a first person shooter I often play. The keys on the Asus are just as comfortable and more responsive during game play over the Alienware. The spacing also helps me to be more accurate while gaming than on the Alienware which as all of the keys side by side. Also worth noting is that the keyboard does not exhibit any flex. It is sturdy, comfortable, back-lit (variable brightness with white light) and comfy.

Not much to say other than it works well. Given its large size, I do brush up on it occasionally while typing. This is rare though, but worth noting. Overall, I'm glad that two touch for right click is offered and that the touch pad is consistent and responsive. I've had poor experiences with Asus ultrabooks in the past and I'm glad to say that did not carry over to the Asus g750. The buttons are responsive and the touch-pad does feel slightly plastic. It's smooth and serves its purpose.

-Ports and CD-ROM
It has an arsenal of all USB 3.0 ports (four total) with Asus's charging technology for when the system is powered off. It also has an Ethernet jack, HDMI, VGA, SD, thunderbolt, Mini-display port out, and separate microphone and headset jacks.

If you are purchasing this system, it is likely because you are aware of the performance it offers. All I can do is confirm to you that this system does perform and I've had no issues regarding performance. The system has been able to handle every task I have been able to challenge it with.

This is one of the few laptops on the market to offer the new 802.11AC wifi card over the old 802.11N. It works great. However, at one point I did need to uninstall and re-install it because for some strange reason I was getting lag (ping spikes) while gaming on the 2.4ghz band. However, that didn't carry over to the 5ghz band. There was no interference with my wifi, I'm fairly confident it was a driver issue.

I can comfortably get five to six hours of battery life on optimized settings and working on papers and browsing the internet with the screen brightness up at just over 1/4th brightness. This is insane and likely the longest battery life of any full feature gaming system. While it does not offer Nvidia's Optimus tech like the Alienware, it still outlasts it in battery life. Also, it is very important to know that this system has a changeable battery, while Alienware's are sealed inside the unit and not serviceable. My 14" Alienware had about 3.5 hours of battery life which wasn't really practical when away from the outlet. Now I have a larger system with longer battery life.

-Build Quality
The system is very sturdy all around. However, went through five of these systems (yes five ! ! !) Before getting one in acceptable condition. The other system all had something wrong with the left hinge cover being broken and or detached. I went through hoops to get an acceptable unit. However, Best Buy staff was great in assisting me! ! ! I went to three different stores. The first BB I went to, I opened the computer at the desk after purchasing it so I could check it for imperfections such as DOA or dead pixels. However, I never even powered the system up. I called the BB employee over and he was surprised to see the broken hinge. He personally did the return for me. I then went to Tiger Direct and the same thing. I then went to a different Best Buy the following day since the other one I went to only had one in stock. I told the sales rep that I had already purchased two of these G750s and returned them because of broken hinges (hinge cover; one had a broken hinge that made popping sounds.) I made my purchase and opened it at the counter. Sure enough, the BB sales rep and I looked at each other and had a good laugh. He said instead of going through the return process and getting my ID flagged for excessive returns, he would just open the units and check them with me since there was something seriously wrong. He stated there must have been a bad batch of shipments. So we opened another unit/laptop and then another. Finally the third one was mint with no cosmetic defects. I powered it on, the screen looked good and I was ready to head home and game the night away. I highly recommend you have a BB associate check this computer before leaving the store so you don't end up not being able to return it because they think you broke it. Overall, the system does have a sturdy build and I like the rubbery all matte finish. One negative about the build though is that this lid does not stay shut well while in transport; very unfortunate given that the overall build looks great. I really like the beefy and sleek exhaust ports in the back.

-Side Note (out of box quirks). I spent too much time on these issues and I hope this helps you solve them if they surface with you.

What I like most about this system is that it can be used in clamshell configuration. This is when the lid is closed and an external monitor, keyboard and mouse are used. You can also wake the system over the USB with the keyboard or mouse while it is hibernating/sleeping. Unfortunately, I was irked to find out that the 14" and 17" Alienware laptops didn't work well in clamshell configuration. You have to fully power up the unit with the lid open and then you can close it up into clamshell config and use it. However, if you restart the computer or put it in standby, you have to open up the laptop again. The Asus can be left in clamshell mode at all times unless you completely power it off. The Alienware not working well in clamshell config was a deal breaker for me. Thank goodness that Asus mostly got it right. While I prefer the build of the Alienware over the Asus, Asus got the design and price points right.
Musts! ! !

1-Uninstall the splendid utility and re-install it. It causes horizontal lines to appear on dark backgrounds.
2-increase the refresh rate using the Nvidia control panel from 60hz to 85hz. My screen seemed to blink at 60hz, which almost cause me to return it until I found a ROG forum where it was confirmed by Asus it was ok to increase the refresh rate of the screen and how to do it. There is also a youtube video on this.
3-If you exhibit out of place game lag on the 2.4ghz band, un-install and re-install the wifi driver. Both the Asus and Alienware expressed this strange problem. Possibly because it's the new 802.11AC and needed updated drivers?

If you found my review helpful, please GIVE IT A THUMBS UP ! ! ! Thank you :-P

I would recommend this system to anyone who's a serious or moderate gamer. It also great for the college student or average person looking for a portable gaming rig that can easily replace a powerful desktop.
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on July 27, 2013
Considering how much there is to say about this laptop, I will simply get to the point. I haven't exactly pushed the limits on this beast yet but I can surely say to everyone I know or want to inform that this machine is the 2013 portable power house. Specs are constantly getting better and better by the day and technology is exponentially growing at a cool and "scary" rate. Regardless, I will talk about what improvements I did to the laptop rather than how cool it is.

The standard specs as given with the laptop are 1TB Seagate HD at 5400RPM (This means it is the slowest HD possible for an amazing machine)
12GB DDR3 Ram 1600mhz (This is fantastic! But I am hard core technician so I need 32GB!)

With the possibilities given, I took a stroll through Amazon and got these additional items:

1. 2 of Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Laptop Memory (CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10) (This allows for 32GB of Ram) = Amazon Warehouse Used Deal = $182 vs New price = $284. I got used to save $100 and no difference. It's used and returned. Big deal!

2. Samsung MZ-7TD250BW 840 Series Solid State Drive (SSD) 250 GB Sata 2.5-Inch (You will want SSD power for speed and joy!) = Amazon Warehouse Used Deal = $155 vs New price = $165. Saved $10.

So long story short, I managed to remove 21 screws from the bottom base of laptop (I would upload pictures I took since I had to do everything manually but Amazon disabled the option forever since July 15, 2013 because of some reason they claimed to me that "It didn't provide the community much use". Biggest bull I heard but regardless, took apart the base keyboard and hinges of screen, and had access to the "Hidden 2 RAM modules". Plugged in the new 8GB * 4 Modules, put everything back together and Boom! All set and ready to run! Installed the SSD last and I was on the way to victory!

From here I was then able to copy the entire 1TB HD using EaseUs ToDo backup and apply it to the SSD. After that, I formatted the 1TB HD to NTFS with MBR because MBR is still cool and friendly to much tech still out there where the new GPT is somewhat awesome but secretly "ugly".

I will now apply some useful data I acquired and compiled so please enjoy and make use of what I did! Yippie!

"Going Technician Mode... CMD://Hacker... [Insert] Command... Success!"

250GB SSD becomes = 232.89GB (Samsung SSD 840 Series) - 13.28GB (5 hidden partitions that come with windows 8 pre-installed "Recovery, Restore, System, Other System Reserved, and Unallocated" and only reduced size in "Restore" partition to save about 7GB) = 219.61GB remaining for the OS partition alone. 219.61GB (OS partition) - 56.87GB (Average size of the entire OS on an SSD drive with System Restore memory deleted/disabled, Virtual memory Disabled to "No Paging file size = 0MB", and CCleaner with Disk cleanup preformed) = 162.74GB Free Space for user to install programs, copy data to SSD, and simply free space alone.

Optionally the Free user space could be increased if useless programs are uninstalled like Asus software, or if the pre installed partitions are deleted like "Restore" partition which after being altered and reduced in size, still takes up 11.98GB. As far as I know, the restore partition is used to reset Windows 8 if the user is planning to sell the laptop or at least start back to factory settings as if the laptop was purchased brand new. It is a very useful function as the old methods of using a recovery disk are long gone but to some hardcore users, a restore is just pointless so this partition could be removed and nothing would be bricked or messed up. The only thing I experienced with removing it was when I select the format windows option through windows 8 OS, I would receive a "Unable to find recovery partition". Another method some can use is the ability to create a recovery usb with the "Restore" partition and then delete the partition after. The options are countless but depends on the users choice.

6 Total Partitions:

* = Hidden Partition (Appears to be invisible in Windows)
Name of partition = Size of partition

1. *Unallocated = 508.00 KB
2. *Other System Reserved = 128.00 MB
3. *Recovery = 900.00 MB
4. *Restore = 11.98 GB (Space after reducing partiton size. Original size = 20.01 GB)
5. *System = 300 MB
6. OS = 219.61 GB

"Going Human Mode... CMD://Civilian... [Insert] Command... Success!"

So with everything I have to say in a nutshell for those users reading and saying "W-T-F", I managed to take a machine like this and get a powerhouse with 32GB Ram at 1600Mhz, 250GB SSD with 162.74GB Free Space for whatever I want including OS installed, a 1TB HD with 931.51GB free space for any data, pictures, you name it, and the standard i7 processor which everyone has by default with this model machine and wola!

Price Paid Clean:

Machine: $1369.99
32GB: $182
250GB SSD: $155

= $1,542.99 Spent. Comparing to other model laptops out there, this is the best custom price possible as of now. (Of course building a desktop with this money would have been superior but I need portability and style. This will be my college laptop so I need the fluid movement.

If anything else I should mention, I also bought this.

1. Mobile Edge Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly 17.3-Inch Backpack (Fits perfectly for laptop! I still love Alienware products but I go with what the wallet wants and can afford to eat. Besides, this 2013 year model laptops for Alienware got me upset. They are looking more professional business like rather than *atmospheric galactic outer space feeling* like)

Rule of thumb, If you are looking for a decent laptop to do everything todays society asks in programming, editing, videos, ect, and want brand then get this laptop. You don't need my given upgrades but It helps for those total geek heads.

If you love Alienware or LED lights on laptops but need to conserve $ like me all the time, buy an Alienware used or buy this instead (MSI G Series GE70 2OE-017US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black/Red)

Save $100 off the Asus brand name and get better MSI sound quality, led color keyboard, 7200RPM HD, Bluray Disk Drive, and Somewhat Faster Wi-Fi Card.

I have said enough. Time is money so go and compare reviews, do your homework, and make a decision already for what laptop you want! Hurry! I done all I could to help recommend and make tips! Go Go GO!

*** UPDATE: *** 08-15-13

For all users with SSD's or any laptop in general! Helpful tips to save data! If you don't use Hibernation mode, Disable that! Saves you about 10-24GB off the bat! Depends on your pc or HD but to do this follow my words:
Simply run "CMD" as Admin and copy and paste this line in the black box "powercfg -h off".

In seconds you will have more data on the hard drive! Helpful for SSD users! Here is s a link with more info:

Tip #2: I recently noticed in the beginning that my laptop was acting strange with updates and super long restarts and even infinite restart loops! To fix this issue:

1. Click Start then type CMD into the search area to locate the command prompt (cmd.exe).
2. RIGHT CLICK the command prompt icon and choose "Run As Administrator" - you must have administrator rights.
3. In the command prompt type in "sfc /scannow"
4. Do something productive for about 15 Minutes or so and then return to laptop until it is complete.
5. Restart your computer.
6. Update restart issues should be no more.
(Tip #2 was copied and pasted from another Amazon Reviewer named "Lam Hoang". Credits to his type and work!)

*** UPDATE: *** 08-31-13

Laptop still runs like a pro and no issues what so ever. I want to continue to mention that I noticed that Nvidia had released a Video driver update for the laptop for Nvidia Driver 320.49. If you attempt to update this by simply downloading the driver through the Nvidia update procedure, you will get a failure message saying "Compatiable Hardware not found". To counter this issue, go to the official Asus website, Type in G750 J, look under downloads, and download the latest LAN driver. This will then fix the issue with the Nvidia software temporarily. According to multiple users, the Nivida update 320.49 has caused countless issues so until a fix is made, patience is required. Took a while to find out why this wasn't working but common sense brought me to explore and resolve :) Enjoy users!

*** UPDATE: *** 09-19-13

If you haven't already, maybe it's been fixed without this method, but Nvidia seems to have fixed the issue retaining to the strange unable to find hardware update "Compatiable Hardware not found". If you have't already, update your Nvidia GPU to the latest driver by first installing the latest LAN driver for the G750 on the Asus website and through that, updating the GPU to (327.23). Things are smooth as butter cake :)

*** UPDATE: *** 03-15-14

I haven't made a quick update since 177 days ago XD Anyways, been going through college with this laptop and not once has it failed me. Rest assured. All parts are functioning and as a matter a fact, I attempted to preform all sorts of additional experiments with it. I managed to run VMware program (A program where you can emulate operating systems inside operating systems) and thanks to the 32GB of ram, I can run nearly 5 different systems at one given time fluidly. Also, I spent some time looking into RamDisk software (Uses Ram as a virtual hard drive temporarily and gives speed results of data transfers and handling nearly = 84.5X faster than HDD and = 12.5X better than SSD). The results are extremely promising and can't stress enough how nicely this machine can still run. Finally, I finally had the chance to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and the procedure was fairly well. After complete however, I had to re configure about 10 different application settings and make sure everything was back on track. Hardly noticed anything different with the new update but I like to keep track with updates and performance. Gaming wise, I finally tested out one game Just Cause 2 on high settings and the machine handles everything without flaw. Using mods, I enjoy flying around the endless world of just cause pretending to be within virtual reality from time to time to get away from life. More on Just cause mods simply look on youtube and type in superman just cause 2 mods. That is really it. Hope to update more often as college stress gets reduced here and there ^.^
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on July 4, 2013
I've had this laptop for about a week now and have generally been happy with it, though with a couple of caveats. First impression on unboxing: this thing is HUGE! It's both large and heavy, neither of which particularly bothers me (and of course, I saw the 9.9lb weight going in). Next, ergonomics: with the weird games that other manufacturers are playing with laptop keyboards right now, it's refreshing to see one that touches smoothly and ergonomically. It's still not as comfortable as my desktop keyboard, but I can at least see myself coding away for days at a time (as is my wont) without developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The keyboard includes a separate set of arrow keys in the standard shape used on desktops, which makes me very happy, as I use these keys very often.

The external finish is kind of blocky, but when you open it up, it's gorgeous, with a very nice brushed aluminum look that unfortunately smudges very easily. As the other poster said, you're going to get fingerprints on it; it's inevitable. Heck, it even smudges on its own when it gets a little bit humid out. This laptop has a matte display, which I find does a much better job of reducing glare than my previous glossy laptop display, at the expense of gamut width (nevertheless, I was able to get a ~90% overlap with sRGB on mine, so it's not bad). There does seem to be a minor issue with the refresh rate of the display: it seems just a tad off of 60Hz, as refreshes are very slightly visible against solid colors (dark gray in particular). This seems to be accentuated when the backlight is dim and is much less noticeable when the laptop is plugged in and the backlight is at full brightness. This is something that I can live with; you might consider it more serious if you're particularly prone to eyestrain. Make sure to uninstall the bundled Splendid software if you have color issues, as it had a detrimental effect on color for me which was resolved by removing it.

Performance-wise, this thing is a beast, limited primarily by its 5400 RPM hard drive. Which brings me to one of the reasons why I purchased this particular laptop (incurring the weight and bulk): it has two 2.5" hard drive bays. I loaded an SSD (Crucial m500) into the 2nd bay and it found it without a problem. I haven't tried it yet, but copying the OS over to the SSD and using the old HD as a backup drive should result in a *substantial* performance improvement, as the hard drive was the primary bottleneck.

The graphics card isn't quite up to desktop levels either (but then, laptops seldom are), but it's quite capable of running most of today's games. It's also CUDA-enabled, so I can run Fast Fourier Transforms on it to my heart's content.

Power consumption is quite good considering the specs, an area where the Haswell processor clearly makes a difference. I can get about 4-5 hours of use from a full charge. I haven't noticed a substantial boost in raw computing power over Ivy Bridge just yet, but I haven't yet challenged the limits of this machine.

The DVD-ROM drive is nothing special, and I may simply replace it with the Blu-ray recorder from my previous laptop. This seems a larger trend right now - the last 5 years have seen a regression in optical drives, as USB flash memory is becoming more and more popular. Speaking of that, this laptop has a built in SD card reader.

If you want to get on the cutting edge of Wifi, this also has an 802.11ac network adapter, so you're all ready.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the laptop - the slow drive speed and minor display refresh problems being the primary drawbacks. I would recommend it.
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on July 15, 2013
I wanted a gaming laptop to step in for a desktop, because there was no way for me to run a gaming tower in my current living space.

Boy did I get one.

Pros - 1. Great performance (She wont max out Crysis 3 though, but I knew that going into it)
Tested games like Guild wars 2, Empire Total War, Need for Speed Most Wanted (The new one), Assassins Creed 3 and they all run great.

Haven't tried The Witcher 2 yet but im looking to soon.

Idle temperatures on this laptop are around 39-43 Celsius and the huge exhaust fans in the back keep the temps reasonable under gaming load. 60-70C on newer games at high settings.

2. CPU is brand new and benchmarks very well

3. 2 Hard-drive bays that you can put an SSD in for the future.

4. Back-lit keyboard since I game at night alot.

5. The design is great to look at and it doesn't feel cheap.

6. The cooling design is about as good as it will get without using water cooling or cutting holes lol.

7. Keyboard is great and responsive

8. 4 usb 3.0 ports for future proof usb speeds.


1. the 1 tb hard-drive that comes with this laptop is only 5400 rpm and bottlenecks your fantastic cpu.

I would sud-guest buying a 7400rpm hard-drive or an SSD (or both) if you plan on buying this laptop so you get the best speed possible.

2. Oil marks from your hands show easily on the surface around the keyboard keys (not really the keys themselves)

Not really a huge con you just have to make sure you actually wipe it down more often.

3. Personal con and doesn't affect the laptop - I'm not a fan of Windows 8 but that's just me and doesn't reflect my love for this laptop.
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on February 7, 2014
As of right now, early 2014, this laptop has great specs for its price. It's a high end laptop that's built really well. It came with no defects, other than Windows 8 and a very slow harddrive (5400rpm). The first thing I did after pulling it out of the box was swap in the Samsung MZ-7PD128BW 840 Pro Series 128GB solid state drive. That drive is about $100 right now, and since this laptop has two easily available harddrive slots, I just kept the 1TB that came with the computer as a spare space for pictures and videos. I'm pretty sure they just expect everyone to do this swap, because the 5400rpm harddrive stands in stark contrast to all the rest of the specs.

I bought this laptop primarily for its spectacular CPU and large 1080p matte screen, and it's great on both fronts. I was attracted to the heat dissipation going out the back rather than downward into my lap... but as it turns out, this thing runs quite cool most of the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the battery lasts quite long when doing mundane internet / word processing tasks (approx 5 hours). It's pretty sleek looking and with the SSD drive I installed, it's blazing fast. My one complaint at this moment is that the mouse pad is so large and close to the keyboard that I periodically hit it accidentally, but I'll learn to avoid it.

I'll write back if there are any issues or major changes in my conclusion about this being a great buy.

[EDIT March 3, 2014]

There is currently a sound card or sound card driver issue with this laptop which you can find pretty easily with a google search on this model. It causes "low impedance headphones" (read: regular headphones) to have a slight "buzz" when the sound card is 'active' (that is, in use by some application) and it's currently silent. An example would be listening to speech, since there are often silent delays during speech audio. This issue has not made me regret the purchase, the laptop has been great... but this is definitely something people should know about if audio through headphones is one of their primary activities. I often use this laptop to listen to lectures, and I don't find it particular bothersome. With music, I'm sure it's completely unnoticeable.

The other thing is about the SSD drive I mentioned above. Combining that drive with this laptop is just mind-blowing. The computer boots up and gets on the internet about as fast as I can click.. I can open all MS Office applications at once as fast as I can click. I can bring the computer out of hibernation as fast as bringing it out of sleep (instantaneously). For those who intend on using this computer without upgrading the 5400rpm to a SSD - you really should reconsider. The convenience of having zero delay response from this computer is great - with the only downside that I'm now impatient with just about any other computer I use.

[EDIT Dec 13, 2014]

Overall still very pleased with this purchase. One important thing to note however is using 3D with this laptop... I thought it was an option but it in fact is pretty hard to do. I recommend going to the Nvidia website and identifying an HDTV or computer monitor that is Nvidia 3D compatible, because this laptop's monitor IS NOT. You can use the laptop to do 3D, but not with this screen. The compatibility list for Nvidia 3D is pretty sparse, which is disappointing.
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on July 18, 2013
I bought this laptop when my old hp DV7 wouldn't even run iTunes and eclipse simultaneously without it spazzing out. Now I understand that this is a gaming laptop, with pretty decent graphics card, but what really won me over were the specs for the price. Having a 4th Gen i7 processor, 12gb of RAM, and it's excellent cooling system for about 1,300 is a great steal. I'm comparing this to my DV7, and my DV7 sounded like a lawnmower and got hotter then summer in North Carolina within a few minutes. This laptop keeps QUITE, even with its big processor, and it keeps real cool absolutely no heating so far. For those of you who buy it for the gaming aspect,I cannot help you for I do not play games whatsoever, but having this I might start or just dabble in some games.

Great Price, great specs, great graphics card, 1080p screen; 1 year accidental drop warranty comes standard through ASUS

Cons: Fingerprints are EVERYWHERE, a little to wide in the back where the cooling system is, my old laptop was also 17.3" but it wasn't as wide

Overall, VERY Satisfied, would recommend if you are looking to get new laptop that will last a good while
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on January 15, 2014
This laptop meets all of his needs as a digital designer and gamer..he loved it I would purchase it again
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on June 30, 2013
He guys, thought I'd write a review on my pc!
So I get this laptop about a week ago, and I'm loving it's performance!
It is very well built, very appealing to the eye. The lit keyboard is a really cool extra feature, and it even helps in the dark sometimes!
The GTX 765m in this thing is no 780m, but is still quite the beast, plays Minecraft (V-Sync turned off) between 100 to 300+ fps. With VSync on, it runs a constant, solid 60 frames a second.
One thing that bugs me (but the pros defintley overweigh the cons) is the pick up of fingerprints and just the oil from the skin. The armrest (where my hand/forearm is) is covered with skin oil on the aluminum finish (If anyone knows how to clean it please tell me!). But, it overall is an amazing pc! Once I can afford Skyrim Legendary Edition, I'll test it on this pc, but I'm sure it will to good! The PC is thick, but after all I heard about the previous model (G75vx) being so heavy, I expected it to be a monster, but it's quite easy if you carry it like a normal person! Overall performance (+amazing look) 10/5!
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on February 8, 2014
I got this laptop to replace my Asus G71G that died after many years of exemplary gaming service.

This laptop is fantastic. It plays all the games I like at max resolution, though lately I've only been playing Star Trek Online. However whereas my previous laptop couldn't keep up with the game's graphics, this one allows me to crank all settings to the maximum while also running other apps in the background that I can alt-tab to.

A lot of reviewers ding this product for having a slow HDD. I was a little worried about that too before I purchased it. But honestly I don't notice any game-loading lag or problems opening files or whatnot.

One of the things that surprised me, and that I hadn't seen in a review, is the great speaker system. My previous laptop pretty much required the use of headphones to get quality sound. Not so with this one. That was a pleasant surprise and gives my ears a nice break.

Another plus...I use Rosetta Stone a lot and the built-in mic is good enough that I don't have to use my headphone/mic. It's a little feature, I suppose, but another pleasant surprise.

The only thing I would ding it on...and this is really, really the '0' key on the numeric keypad. It's the same size as the other numerals' keys whereas I'm used to a slightly larger key. Again, that is really nitpicking.

I'm very happy with my purchase and feel like I got a great bargain.
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on December 31, 2013
So I bought this laptop primarily for gaming - it was between this and the Lenovo Y510p, (They were both about the same price as I bought it during a sale) and decided on the G750JW because of the fact that it has only one graphics card, and I could add another hard drive to it.

When I first received the product from amazon, the battery was bricked and graphics switching didn't work. However, I called ASUS support and after a bunch of troubleshooting, agreed to do a repair. The paid for shipping but not the box which was only ~30 dollars, and the repair was done in about 3 days, they even fixed a couple problems I wasn't aware of (namely the CD drive was broken or something) and now the laptop works like a charm. So onto pros and cons.

- The GTX 765M is a great card, I have yet to throw super intensive games at it (since I don't own many) but it runs CS:GO at a constant 200 fps, TF2 with 150, and runs Deus Ex Human Revolution smoothly (I haven't checked FPS in it, but it's definitely above 60)
- Battery holds charge for a good amount of time, all things considered - about 3.5 hours.
- Keyboard is great for regular typing, unfortunately (and I find this for all laptop keyboards) I personally don't like playing FPS on it because it's not quite as responsive as a separate keyboard, but it'll do in a pinch.
- 2 hard drive bays, very easy to access. I put in a 128GB SSD and it boots in like 4 seconds from hard shutdown. If you do more video editing and need lots of space, you could always pop in a second HDD if that suits you better.
- 4 USB ports is nice, the ultra-charge or whatever they call it is sweet because it can charge even when the laptop is in sleep mode
- Has a separate mic port, so if the laptop mic isn't good enough for you, you can use a non-usb mic (so headsets will work)
- Good temps - after like 3 hours Deus Ex:HR the GPU is at 50°C, CPUs at 26° avg
- Backlighting is nice

- A lot of cords go on the right side so can get in the way of a wired mouse
- Is kind of big, I mostly keep it in my dorm though so not a big deal for me, however if you plan to do a LOT of travel it's not a great thing to keep sitting on your lap, usually is good to have a surface
- Sometimes after a sound plays a little bit of constant static keeps going after the sound stops, may just be a driver issue though.

That's about it, overall it's a great gaming laptop, and runs everything I've thrown at it just fine. Would recommend.
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