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on September 3, 2013
This laptop is an ABSOLUTE ANIMAL!!!

I got it as a replacement after my MSI GT-60 Series Gaming Laptop was stolen after only 2 months use. I did a LOT of research before deciding to buy another $2,000 computer (not to mention doing up the secuity in my house), and found this to be the better Choice, Giving me more Bang for my Buck.

Here are a Few of the Pro's and Cons, especially in Comparison to the MSI GT Series Gaming Laptops (top rival)


1. Looks great! There are very few laptops that can match the design of ASUS ROG Series.

2. It's faster than almost anything out there. I'm not sure if it's ASUS's BIOS, or the Solid State Drive, or both, but I am still impressed at how this thing loads the Operative System and programs. It takes 2 seconds or less to boot from sleep mode, and 6-7 seconds from complete sutdown... It's mind Boggling!
I tried it VS an MSI GT-70 with a solid state drive and the same OS, and the difference in loading times was incredible.
I booted my machine, logged in, and opene Microsoft Excel and Word before his computer finished loading Windows! True, Excel and Word are not huge programs... But when loading them up, the word instant comes to mind.

3. Efficient, quiet ventilation system. I have played some very GPU-demanding games, for HOURS at a time, and the laptop never got past 'slightly warm'. I mean, Crysis 2 running at full specs, and it didn't even break a sweat. Also, the vents in the back look spectacular, like they were taken from an F-22 fighter plane. The MSI I had got pretty hot to very hot, and some people say this is down to the thermal paste it comes with. The ASUS ROG handles it's venting with no noise, no issues and straight out of the box.

4. Big, Comfy touchpad, nice multi-touch functions too. My MSI's touchpad was WAY too small, so the multi-touch functions were basically useless. This pad is VERY NICE to work with, and can be turned off to play with an external mouse for gaming.

5. Looks Well-Made, solidly built. When I was researching I found MSI Computers to have problems with the monitor hinges, a point proven later that week, when my friend told me the hinges on his MSI (9 months old) had broken and he had to use copious ammounts of epoxy-glue to fix it. Now his computer looks like Frankenstein. I didn't find any issues with this machine, no matter how hard I looked. Basically Bullet-proof. (I will update this as soon as something breaks :)

6. Ports for everything and anything. This thing comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports where one is also a fast-charger, an HDMI out, a Mini Display with Thunderbolt Technology (sounds fast), LAN port, Monitor connector, audio/microphone jacks. and a multi-card reader. I can't think of anything else I would Add (Save maybe FireWire, but that never really bothered me, since I have no peripherals for it)

7. Nice, simplistic, backlit keyboard. No excess buttons to accidentally push, and everything is where you expect it. Yes, the MSI has like 30 colors to chose from on their GT-60 and GT-70 series laptops, but it's a feature I don't really find myself missing.


1. Sound could be better. I'm not saying it sucks, mind you. The sound is actually not bad at all, especially if you take into account that the computer has no visible speakers (they are hidden on the underside of the screen and are VERY small, and the sub-wofer is underneath the machine). I do find that it starts to sound like something is rattling in there if I push the volume up a bit. In this sence it gets completely beaten by the MSI GT Series, which have absolutely SUPERB sound quality.

2. It's BIG. I mean I knew what I was getting into when I purchased another 17-inch gaming Laptop, but this thing won't fit into MOST Carry cases or Backpacks. I had to special order my backpack from China. Took about 2 1/2 weeks to get here.

3. It's Heavy. This is not a surprise if you are a Gamer, I mean, heavy means Robust, and Robust is good. If this is your first gaming Laptop, it weighs about one a a half times what a Dell Inspiron of the same size does. Not a real CON of this particular laptop, but of all Gaming Laptops in general.

4. It's Expensive. But again, this is True of ALL Gaming Laptops, and this one actually gave me the MOST bang for my buck.

So that's it, folks. I can't find anything else wrong with this machine. I'm completely thrilled with it, and would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying a gaming Laptop. I hope this helps any potential buyers out there. Also, please note that I'm not trash-talking MSI's. They are great machines in my opinion, but I think this one better suits my needs at this time.
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on August 20, 2013
So far I love this laptop. The biggest thing that kept me from buying it earlier is that it has Windows 8, but the SSD and the price was what kept bring me back to this product during my hunt.

I had purchased a 2010 G73 for my boyfriend three years ago, I was always jealous about how much more powerful his laptop was compared to my macbook pro 2010, and my 2005 XPS Desktop gaming system was way out of date. Now that I'm done with school, I figure it was time that I got a new gaming system.

It is definably fast (boots in 2-3 seconds), and it runs cool. About to hop back on FFXIV after two years and ran the benchmark test. Scored 13690 on standard settings and 6090 on maximum settings. Compared to the G73; 5940 standard, 2901 on max. My Macbook scored 2060 standard, couldn't handle max.

Windows 8 is pointless on this machine as there is no touch screen. If you prefer Windows 7 over 8, look up START 8. It can help you change the layout to resemble 7, been a life saver for me. The speakers isn't anything to brag about, they sound terrible. Buy a headset.

Some things I learn from the G73 to keep in mind for the G750. If your laptop starts to over heat, its most likely dirty. If you run it almost every day, clean the dust out of it once to twice a month (powerful fans suck up more dust).

Watch out for the power cord, the connection can get damaged really easily with a simple kick. I don't know why other companies having caught on to the quick disconnect like Apple's laptops.
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on July 7, 2013
Let me start out by stating that, this is my first true gaming laptop purchase. I was never much into PC games since I said goodbye to my teenage years and "Duke Nukem". Since then I have been faithful to my gaming consoles and never looked back... untill now.

The Asus G750JX is a powerful machine and one that fits me right. I recently installed " BioShock Infinite" and I must say, this game runs flawlessly on Ultra settings. This is only my first game played on this machine so only time will tell if it holds up to every other games I throw at it.

I was on the fence in purchasing this laptop due to its pricing, considering that, the competition (MSI GT Series, Clevo/Sager, Toshiba Qosmio, etc) offer configurations at the same price range but with a higher/premium GPU (780m). The reason I went with the Asus G750JX is first, due to the design, and second, the amazing "DUAL" fans. The built quality of this product is excellent. It looks great and feels less bulky than other competing offerings. Other manufactures offer extremly ugly looking and bulky laptops. My second point in favor for choosing the G750 is its dual fan cooling system.

One of my fears was having a powerful GPU with a single fan solution for cooling. I say this because the hotter your machine gets over a certain threshold, the more likely it is to malfunction or die on you early. This laptop keeps me comfortable in knowing that heat will never be a problem and my investment will last me for the long run. The NVIDIA 770m GPU is plenty fast and thanks to the dual fans, I have yet to feel any signs of overheating hiccups.

I am glad to say that the OS is installed in the SSD drive. I personally took out the standard mechanical hard-drive and installed a second 256GB SSD that I had purchased last year on Amazon. Although this setup is giving me less data space to work with (512gb vs1,256gb), it did wonders to my battery life. I am getting roughly 4.5 to 5 hours of battery life now when doing light tasks, such as surfing web and editing documents.

Sound quality is great, crystal clear and loud, although not very loudest I have experienced. Screen has excellent viewing angles and is anti-reflective. Keyboard is excellent. It does not fell cramped and provides good key feedback. Also the metal casing around it makes it even better (aesthetically).

Overall this is an amazing laptop that was worth the buy. The only con I can list is the lack of a " Bluray" player. At this price range a DVD player just doesn't cut it, especially when this laptop is meant for gaming and entertainment.
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on February 1, 2014
I have had the G750JX now for a couple of months and I just wanted to let you know about two defects, and how I was able to work around them.

Problem: Internal keyboard drops (loses) key presses/keystrokes when you type too fast.
Background: Strangely this is NOT a problem with the internal keyboard itself or even it's filter driver, the touchpad driver is actually the problem, and from Windows' perspective it is set up in the keyboard pipeline, and frankly it is just buggy.
Solution: First off you'll need an external mouse, touchpad, or similar. In order to fix this as we have to get rid of the touchpad driver (ETD.sys). There are three ways of doing this:
1. (NOT RECOMMENDED) Uninstall the touchpad driver. Go to Device Manager->ELAN PS/2 Port Smart-Pad->Uninstall. The downside of this is that if you need the touchpad back you have to acquire the touchpad driver off of the Asus site and reinstall it.
2. Go into the uEFI "BIOS" and disable the touchpad. This will cause Windows to un-mount the driver upon boot, and once you re-enable it in the uEFI Windows will just add it back without any hassle.
3. (Own risk -- Power Users only) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ETD alter the "Start" key to 4. Then restart. (4=disabled, 3=manual start, 2=auto start, (don't use 1 or 0 at all)). [...]

I disabled it in the registry (solution #3) and use *.reg files on my desktop to switch it on/off. It requires a restart, but getting into the uEFI is a bit of a hassle on these laptops as it boots too fast.

Problem: Games lag horribly when they're running them off of the 1 TB HGST mechanical hard drive (e.g. TF2, Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, et al).
Background: This is a firmware problem with either the drive or chipset. The drive has a feature called "Advanced Power Management" (APM), this is meant to improve battery life by shutting down the drive when it is idle. For some reason it is set up to shut the device down instantly (1 second) after the last IO request. The problem with this is that the spin up/down time of mechanical drives is decently long, and as a result this causes MOST games to stutter as they wait for assets/IO to load from the drive.
Solution: I don't have a "good" solution to this (aside from replacing the HDD with an SSD or install games on the SSD). But I do have a workaround. I use CrystalDiskinfo to disable APM on the HGST drive, however this must be done after every single boot AND every single sleep. It is a huge hassle. Make sure the HGST drive is selected in CrystalDiskinfo then Function (main menu)->Advanced Features->AAM/APM Control->Disable (under APM). Then just repeat as needed.

The laptop is otherwise fine with those two software issues resolved. The keyboard is massively improved.
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on November 1, 2013
I needed to replace my old gateway 17 inch gaming laptop. It was from 2007. I use it for college and for gaming. This ASUS more than fits my needs for many reasons:
-6 Hour battery life when taking notes in class. This is almost unheard of in a gaming laptop with a big display. Haswell processor is awesome. 0.7Ghz when doing light tasks, 3.4 when gaming.
-Big, bright, beautiful screen.
-Very nice keyboard
-Excellent gaming performance. Almost every game in existence can be set to Ultra or high settings with very smooth gameplay.
-Very quiet fan.
-Stays cool-even when gaming, the machine stays cool. Using speedfan, the GPU idles in the low to mid 40s.
-2 hard drives. I replaced the second HDD with a SSD and it is extremely fast
-Multitasking is smooth. It does not slow down.
-Keyboard lighting is nice. I don't care for multicolored lighting.
-Plenty of USB outputs.
-Best bang for your buck.
-Looks and feels like high quality.
-Boot time is about 7 seconds.
-The stealth jet look is awesome.
-Windows 8. I am not going to purchase a windows 7 license though. I am getting used to it. (Performance is awesome in gaming so I don't really care)
-I prefer Linux. No wireless driver for Linux Mint. I am currently stuck with windows 8. I want to use windows 8 for gaming only (Performance is awesome in gaming so I don't really care for now but I sure miss Linux)
-Heavy and bulky (Performance is awesome in gaming so I don't really care)
So even with those few cons, it still gets a 5. I would love to see it side by side with the G750JH to compare battery life, heat, and performance. As of right now, I think this is the best out there. I am very happy with my purchase.
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on December 3, 2013
This laptop is a fantastic piece of equipment for several reasons, and I am very happy with my choice. Here is why.

Originally when looking for a high end laptop I thought I was looking for an alienware, however I was not a huge fan of the price and the potential issues that I may run into (previous Alienware laptops had major issues, the newest line seems to have worked the kinks out). Unhappy with the price i began to look for other brands of gaming laptops and I was unimpressed with the specs until i looked at the Asus ROG series. with a direct comparison I quickly came to the conclusions that for the same price Asus had better specs in every single category.

Seeing that the Asus laptop was clearly a better specced machine I began to look at reviews from users of the ROG series, and found that there were minor complaints without any serious issues (notable exceptions from people who did not realise that there is a warranty with the laptop for manufacturer defects, and not only that but a free one year warranty against accidental damage)

Upon purchasing the laptop i immediately ran some code to see how well it would do handling some rather intensive matlab code. It performed wonderfully and for the price that I paid was playing the games that I had without a single note of lag. (Saints row IV, Need for Speed 2012 being the most recent)

The only downsides of this laptop that I have found are as follows:

The battery life is quite short when playing games, This was expected with any laptop, but I would like a battery life longer than 2 hours for car rides. looks like I'll have to shell out a bit more for a tablet

The design: While the laptop does look really good it doesn't have the eye popping tech candy look that the alienware does. While the Alien ware lost badly in specs, the asus does lose point for design looks.

Again, along with the design due to the color/material every single little smudge can be seen. it makes me want to obsessively clean my laptop.

The keypad/shortcut keys are in my opinion poorly placed. There is only one fn button so turning the volume up/down with one hand is out of the question. This again is a trivial design problem and doesn't really affect my opinion of the laptop other than i have to take my hand off of the mouse every once in awhile.


This laptop blows the Alienware comparable out of the water is terms and price vs specs. While it doesn't have the sexy vibe to it (yes, the sexy vibe) I personally wouldn't be willing to trade the much better specs just to have my friends say wow.

Trust me, I'm an engineer.
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on March 7, 2014
I've had this laptop a week and it is great. I can play Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 on Ultra. However, Asus does not provide a Windows dvd nor a cd key (its not on the bottom/inside the battery compartment). The factory install includes bloatware and a "recovery" partition that takes up 10-15% of the ssd. I want to re-install windows and remove all of that.
I asked Asus for a dvd/cd key and they said I could send my laptop in. I told them I can do it myself and they said no, they wouldn't send me anything.
Seeing as how Microsoft charges Asus for each copy of Windows they install on their computers and Asus passes that cost along to the consumer, I've already paid for a copy of Windows and I don't want to have to buy another. So, I went to Microsoft for recourse and they said no as well.
For a gaming laptop, this one is great for the price, but I'm not going to purchase another computer from Asus again as their technical support and policies are completely asinine. This also makes me hope Steam OS will become a viable gaming OS alternative to Windows.
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on July 23, 2013
I purchased this laptop for $1700 from - I would lower my rating at the default $1900 laptop price.

Every specification of this laptop is carefully balanced for an amazing performance. The main selling point is the 256gb solid state and Nvidia 770m at such an affordable price point. This is solidified by a YEAR of accidental damage protection from ASUS.

There really are no shining weakpoints to the laptop - if I could be critical of anything it would be screen brightness is ample, not overwhelming. Also the 770m is dramatically weaker than the 780m, however for most users (even gamers) it'll be just fine.

I'm happy to answer questions about the laptop, I love this thing- just leave a comment.
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on August 30, 2014
I can only echo what others have already said about the G750JX-DB71: bright, beautiful HD display, crazy fast, excellent keyboard, absolutely no noise whatsoever. The only pain in the butt has been upgrading it from Windows 8 to 8.1. Be prepared to spend several hours - longer than you anticipate - downloading all the Windows 8 updates from Microsoft before upgrading it to 8.1. You'll get a couple of error messages informing you that it wasn't able to configure all updates and is reverting changes, like I got, but be diligent. This isn't the computer's fault. It's just the normal rodeo you go thru installing 8.1 - took about six hours total. Once completed, sit back and enjoy the jaw-dropping resolution on the G750JX-DB71. It's stunning for anyone not used to such high quality on a 17.3" screen. The only downside is that it's so good, you'll also see every flaw in the image being viewed if it isn't in HD. I gotta think that's one reason some owners have complained about image-quality 'grani-ness' on this model? Like many things in life, it's all relative. Personally, I think the display on this model is among the best I have ever seen on any laptop of any size, bar none. Asus did it right when they used a matte screen to reduce reflection. I don't want to imagine what this thing would be like with a glossy display.

As for the machine itself, it is a high quality build that bears no resemblance to any other Asus laptop I have previously used. It looks and feels extremely durable and made for heavy use - one of the main reasons I chose the G750JX-DB71 as a desktop replacement. Yes, it's heavy: 10lbs. but, portability was never a consideration for me. I'll carry it from room to room but, you won't see me lugging this behemoth across country on a business trip.
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on July 10, 2014
Pros: Attractive stealth fighter design; Excellent keyboard; Solid graphics and performance; Runs cool and quiet while gaming; Above-average battery life
Cons: Not the best audio; Mediocre webcam
The Verdict: The ASUS G750JX is a powerful and striking Haswell gaming laptop that delivers impressive graphics performance for hundreds less than the competition. In the battle for gaming notebook supremacy, it all comes down to how much firepower you can pack in the most menacingly sleek package. ASUS' latest notebook, the $1,899 G750JX-DB71, makes its claim for top of the hill with an updated stealth fighter-inspired design, a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU. The end result is a powerful rig that can play the most graphically demanding games at a price that undercuts the Alienware 17In the battle for gaming notebook supremacy, it all comes down to how much firepower you can pack in the most menacingly sleek package. ASUS' latest notebook, the $1,899 G750JX-DB71, makes its claim for top of the hill with an updated stealth fighter-inspired design, a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU. The end result is a powerful rig that can play the most graphically demanding games at a price that undercuts the Alienware 17. Gaming and Graphics
Outfitted with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU with 3GB of VRAM, the ASUS G750JX-DB71 can run most of the currently popular games on higher settings. During the 3DMark11 benchmark, the G750JX notched 5,202, easily beating the 4,433 desktop replacement average. However, this notebook was no match for the Nvidia GeForce 780M GPU-equipped Alienware 17 and MSI GT70, which scored 5,903 and 7,352, respectively.

When we ran the "World of Warcraft" benchmark, the G750JX notched 102 fps at maximum settings, clearing the 100 fps average. Both the Alienware 17 and the GT70 edged it out, scoring 103 and 105 fps.

On the "BioShock Infinite" test, the G750JX delivered 91 fps on low at 1080p. This showing was enough to surpass the GT70's 70 fps, but the Alienware 17 came out on top with 106 fps. When we cranked the settings to maximum, the G750's frame rate dropped to a still-playable 37 fps. The ASUS maintained a small lead on the Alienware, which scored 35 fps. However, the GT70 managed to deliver 44 fps at the same settings.

The ASUS G750JX-DB71's 2.4-GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU with 16GB of RAM packs quite a punch. The laptop nimbly streamed "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" on Netflix while running a system scan with 13 open windows in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

On the PCMark 7 benchmark, the G750JX posted a score of 6,115, surpassing the 4,444 desktop replacement average. The MSI GT70, which has the same GPU as the ASUS, scored 6,025 while the Alienware 17's 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7-4800MQ processor only managed 5,492.

The G750JX's 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive and 256GB SSD booted Windows 8 in a speedy 11 seconds, two seconds faster than the GT70. The Alienware 17, which has Windows 7, booted in 35 seconds.

ASUS claims that the G750JX can resume from sleep in 2 seconds thanks to its Instant On power management technology. During our tests, the G750JX woke up a little after the 2-second mark.

On the File Transfer Test, the G750JX duplicated 4.97GB of mixed-media files in 30 seconds for a transfer rate of 169.6 MBps. That's enough to top the 120MBps average, but not the Alienware's 182 MBps or the GT70's blistering 463 MBps.

When ran the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro Test, which pairs 20,000 names with their corresponding addresses, the G750JX finished in 4 minutes and 5 seconds. That's 37 seconds faster than the 4:42 category average. However, both the Alienware and GT70 completed the task with faster times of 3:42 and 4:01, respectively.

The ASUS G750JX-DB71 lasted 4 hours and 57 minutes during the LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi). This runtime is longer than the 4:09 category average and was also enough to top the Alienware 17 and the MSI GT70, which clocked in at 4:09 and 4:18, respectively.
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