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on May 2, 2013
I purchased this to replace an older outdated tablet that i planned on giving to my 6 yr old. At first glance this tablet seemed amazing for the price, then i used it on a regular basis. I will start out with the good. The screen is responsive and works well, the battery life is ok if you set the WiFi as off when standby, and the apps that are downloadable work well. The internet and chrome seem to also work well for a tablet of this price. Now for the bad. I found that alot of the apps i like are not compatible with this model/tablet for some reason? There is no bluetooth, and the front only facing camera is horrible. Netflix does not work unless you ok with the audio and video being off by .25-.50 second. VuDu, Wikipedia, Netflix, Gamefly, and a few other apps are not even available from the play store due to "not compatible". I have had this for 1 week and decided to return it and spend the extra $50 for a Nexus 7 or a Samsung tablet.
Pros-good screen and touch response, works well for some apps/games and for minor internet use. I did not test this tablet with skype!
Cons-alot of apps are not compatible, streaming videos is not an option, camera sucks, no bluetooth.
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on June 28, 2013
I got this because I wanted a small, no-fancy-bells computer that can connect to the Internet in public spaces (no Wi-Fi at home) when I'm not home. I usually connect to the 'Net once or twice a day from home, and I feel that I miss a lot that way.

As for the tablet itself, the startup time is a little slow (at least ten seconds). And as someone else said, there's no knowing when it's fully charged, you have to turn it on to see that. But that's a minor issue. I've also tested the camera and I agree that a rear one would be better, but I'm okay with it. Unfortunately though, I've owned it for two days and it's already crashed once, but I expected that. (saw that in other reviews) And file backup is recommended just as with any other computer, so I'm not going to store important files on it because you may lose them, and any apps that you've installed may go back to their original settings, when the tablet is rebooted/restarted. Also, check the tablet's startup/standby settings because it may autolock when you turn it off then turn it back on again. That's all I can remember right now.

But so far the issues are minor because I'm going to use this tablet mainly to go on the 'Net and check emails. I don't foresee installing any apps or games, but I might add an SDHC card because I will download and then transfer files between this tablet and my old desktop computer (trying to get an Android simulator to do that).

Overall, this is good for what it can do, and for what I need.

Update 6/29: Took it to a public Wi-Fi spot. Worked great, ran smooth, no problems. Another reason to keep it.

Update 7/19: I shouldn't make predictions! Of COURSE I've added a few apps and games, and a few "live" wallpapers too. All with no problems. And the tablet has automatically downloaded some upgrades (oops, don't want them to be automatic), I don't know if that's why it hasn't crashed for a good long while now. I also got a USB 2.0 A to Micro B Female / Male Adaptor, so I can use USB "sticks" with it. And oh yeah, the battery's good for at least three hours while I'm, uh, WiFi-ing. Still going to keep it.

Update 7/23: PHEW...My bagstrap suddenly broke last night, the bag fell a few feet to tile floor...fortunately the bag was full of stuff so the tablet was ''padded''. And I'm using it now, so give it a point for toughness.

Update 8/16: I got a mini-memory card stuck in the slot. Yikes. Couldn't get it out. Didn't call customer service because that's not covered in the warranty and I wanted same-day service, I didn't want to mail it or take the long trip to the closest authorized repair place. Found a closer place that charged a reasonable price. And since I can use regular USB drives with the Memopad (via the adapter) I'm not sure if I want to get another mini-sdhc card.

Update Nov. 15: One of my worst fears: The screen got stratched. But not too badly. Very likely would have to pay for replacement so not going to bother right now.

Update Jan 22 2014: It rebooted instead of unmounting an external usb drive. Not good. Will use the new charging/data transfer cable I bought to get files to and from this and other computers. May have to reset it again, this would be the third time. Gah.

Update April 2014: It froze while transferring to a USB drive via the adapter. Maybe it doesn't like the drive or adapter, or maybe it was cranky, or...whatever. It's ok now. But looking into buying another tablet.
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on July 13, 2013
I bought these for my two daughters to replace their Nintendo DSi XLs. They sold their DS and games for $300 so we were on the hunt for 2 tablets we could buy with that money. We were looking for a 7" Android tablet made by a reputable manufacturer, that came with a current version of Android installed and had expandable storage via a micro SD card slot.

This tablet had all of those things. I read several reviews that complained about the graphics and processor speeds. I bought these tablets despite the negative reviews and I'm glad I did because honestly I personally haven't experienced anything they were talking about. I'm not having any of those issues. My kids get partially paid for chores in Google Play gift cards and download TV shows, books, music, games and apps from the Google Play/Android store. They use the tablets to watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime on their tablets and the media looks great. It's not grainy or choppy and these little things have some killer speakers on them. Also if this tablet is for your kids, the parental controls are easy to set up.

I looked at a lot of other tablets like the Google Nexus (made by Asus) but it was twice the price and didn't have a micro SD slot. Then I considered the Samsung Galaxy Tab which DID have a micro SD slot but was twice the price, had an older OS and had been on the market for 2 years.

Bottom line... for $89 these were a super buy! We have not had any issues with them whatsoever. If you are a college student or an adult I could understand how you would want/need a bigger, better, faster tablet. However if you're looking for something to give to your 10 to 17 year old, it's perfect! The biggest selling point for me was... at $89 my kids were able to buy them with their own money. That has made them feel a lot more responsible for the devices. Worst case scenario, if they lose it or destroy it, they won't lose any data because everything syncs to their Google account and they can afford to replace it themselves.
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on April 12, 2013
I've been using Kindle Fire 1st generation as my comic reader. I loved it very much except one which is that there is no external memory slot. It was a little inconvenient to copy files into Kindle fire because of the slow speed and limited size. Now, with this one, I can add 32GB micro SD card to the internal 16GB space. If you pick class 10 micro SD with good card reader, the file copy is much faster.
Adding to it, I can have a video chat via skype and camera, I can still read kindle magazines via Kindle app, and it's cheaper.
My only concern is that the battery lasts 7hours compare to 8hours for Kindle fire as a spec. I'll see how different in the actual usage...
So far, I'm very happy with the tablet.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 21, 2013
I used this tablet for few hours last week and for the price of $150 it is absolutely unbeatable. Obviously if you are into role playing games/fast car racing games, this will not cut.

If you are into most apps like I use, it works remarkably well. I loaded up my google account and synced some of my apps

Some of the apps I have tried on this tablet and which worked well are -
- Amazon Kindle, Battery Monitor Widget Pro (shows accurate measurements), Car Reminder Maintenance Pro, Chrome, Draw Something, Google Drive, eBay, facebook, Flashlight (very handy), Flipboard, Keep (though Samsung note app is great), LastPass, Merriam Webster dictionary, PAC-MAN, Pogoplug (gives me Terabytes on the go on wifi from my home private cloud), RealCalc (great calculator program), Nike Running+ (great visualization), Subsonic, Skype, Tweetcaster pro, Withings (weight watcher app), Youtube, Terminal Emulator. The video based apps are a bit choppy. When I used, it was grainy at first, and I suspected wifi. But wifi was good based on other tablet experiences. For this price, you cannot go wrong!
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on April 18, 2013
I bought this tablet because I wanted something smaller compared to my larger tablet. I didn't want a iPad because I have a iPhone and I didn't want to pay more than 150ish for the tablet. I considered getting the Nexus 7 but I couldn't justify spending 200 on something I will only probably use for a few months and then put away somewhere. After reading some of the reviews I decided to go with this tablet because A. Asus makes the Nexus 7 and B. It looked basic enough for me to get what I want out of it. I basically wanted a watered down Nexus 7.

When I first received it, I set it up right out of the box and noticed it was running really choppy and slow. I figured it was because it needed to be charged fully and restarted. After doing that a few times the performance did not improve. I was THIS close to just sending it back and getting the Nexus but I decided to reset it and try again; I'm glad I did. It works MUCH better! Most of the apps I use on my iPhone and other tablet I was able to get on it. It's fast and pretty responsive.

I do have a few complaints:
*Not all apps are compatibly with it (I downloaded the apps that weren't off the internet and they work just fine now)*
*Camera is "meh" (I'm not one of those that takes pictures with their tablets but the iPhone front camera is still the best by far!)
*No bluetooth (I did the research so I already knew before I bought it. Still lame though)
*Screen quality is a 6.8 out of 10. (I was expecting better quality but I'm not all that much of a graphics queen)
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on May 30, 2013
I got this on sale at Office Depot after Mother's day. I was looking for a tablet that I could use for my basic needs that don't really require my ASUS EeePC heating up my lap. I preferred to stick with the brand and not get an off brand at Big Lots. I like it so far. This is my first tablet. It seems perfect for a student that doesn't demand serious gaming, or a super crisp text. I read books just fine with it and prefer it. It doesn't have bluetooth, GPS, or a camera on the back, but I don't have that on my netbook either and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. The response is good. The ASUS pre-installed apps are nice, I wish I could get rid of some of the Google Apps that are pre-installed. Rooting instructions are not available on the internet yet, so I will have to wait for that. Anyhow, I would recommend this to anyone that likes to read, surf, play games that aren't resource hogs, and just wants to organize their electronic life on a handheld. I read a lot of reviews before getting this on different websites, and I think the people reviewing this was a bit bias. There is definitely a niche for this product. It is a quality product. If you don't need all the extras, but want a brand that will stand behind it's products, consider the ASUS MeMo Pad. If you want something high-falutin' look elsewhere. That's pretty much the bottom line.
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on September 2, 2013
This was a very economical price for a great performing Android tablet. We have had it running for several weeks and it has performed as we expected. It connects via wi-fi with no issues. The battery was running down very fast at one point but we contacted customer support and they had us run the tablet down to 0% then hold the power key down. Battery now gives us about 3-4 hours of run time. It will be fine when leaving on all night to use as an alarm clock..
The screen is very good for a 7" tablet, clear and easy to read. The Android system has worked as expected.
I am very happy with what I got for the price.
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on July 10, 2013
i recieved this 2 days ago and right out of the box i was very excited and nervous because some of the other reviews on here but i charged it up with no problems and i started importing all my purchased apps and other things to it and had no problem whatsoever i saw in other reviews ppl where having problems. I could not download the crackle app though and it does not have flash capability which suks but i can deal with it. also you cannot leave it plugged in because it does not have a smart charge capability and you can damage it that way by overcharging it. But overall performance is good 32gb sd card feature is awesome and the camera is good for skyping with the kids, very happy with the screen resolution and the speed no lagging or crashing and the movies look good. the brightness of the screen is good for me too. overall this is a good tablet i would recommend it and i will.
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on July 29, 2013
This isn't a bad product, just bad choices on the part of the manufacturer
I started having problems with the pre-loaded Kindle reader app.
it is an OLD outdated version on a NEW tablet.
Attempting to correct the problems,
I was finally driven to contact ASUS and was informed that the pre-loaded apps
can not be removed or updated by the user.
Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper.
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