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on November 2, 2012
Pretty sweet board! Has built in boosts to utilize the intel HD 4000 graphice and Vram. Very intuitive bios configuration. Overclocking is a breeze.
You have to set the ram speed manually! My 1600 RAM was picked up as 1333 until I manually changed it. Does not come with an extra pin header for PLED, PSW, etc... Reading the fine print was difficult. Luckily the guide was nice and clear. Also, the PCIE 2.0 slot is rated x4 so if your graphics card needs PCIE 2.0 x16, it might run slow. I use the PCIE 3.0 x16 slot (only has 1 so if you want to crossfire get the P8z77-V pro or equivalent)
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on March 1, 2013
When did swapping motherboards become so easy? WHEN?! Back in my day, we had to look up the CPU and RAM tables in the manual, find the voltage frequencies, flip dip switches, verify that the world was round, pray before turning on the power and then brag if the thing booted.

I was a little nervous at first. When I first opened the P8Z77-V and looked through everything -it seemed a little basic: board, Cd, a couple of 6Gb STA cables, a manual and a backplate. I literally looked under all the compartments and flaps thinking I had missed something. They had to have forgotten something, right?

When I got ready to swap out my old Duo Core, Maximus Formula board for this one, I was anticipating a lot of work. Aside from swapping out the board itself I though for sure I would be doing a reformat for my SSDs that were in RAID config.This was not necessary. All I did was pay attention to the order I disco'd the SSDs, and reconnected them in order and my system booted up with no issues.

One thing that immediately surprised me was the GUI BIOS. Yes folks, you can move around and click with the mouse in this BIOS! Driver installation was easy - Windows seemed to take care of most of it;anything that had the yellow exclamation was resolved by telling Windows to get the driver from the disk. The final problem that could not be resolved by trying to tell Windows to the it from the disk was a "PCI Simple Communications Controller" fault. A quick search revealed that I had to manually run "Management Engine Interface" . (From Windows 7 64 bit) I simply went to Start > Computer > (D: or whatever letter your disk drive is) > MB Support Cd > Setup > Management Engine Interface.

This has been by far, the easiest motherboard installation that I have ever done. Asus never ceases to amaze me - I've tried Gigabyte, MSI and Intel...none of these guys can compete. I have built countless numbers of computers since 1999, and I al,most always have centered my builds around Asus. They're the undisputed champ, and their boards will remain at the heart of anything I put my hands on. Keep it coming Asus!
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on July 2, 2014
This product is currently not working with two RAM sticks in dual channel configuration. After the third call to Asus support, they agreed to RMA this board, but I need to take photos and jump through more hoops because I do not have the serial number, which appears to have only been on the box. To be clear, this board was a problem when first purchased in Nov 2013, but Amazon exchanged it without issue. Great customer service as usual. This issue now resides with Asus because I am six months past the purchase date. basically, I have invested enough time in this issue, so will purchase a motherboard from a competitor. I just want to share my experience so that anyone purchasing an Asus motherboard will save the serial number information from their box.

I have relied on the Asus brand for motherboards for many years without is, so was not concerned with saving the box. My mistake. It is unfortunate that this warranty experience has left a bad taste in my mouth for other Asus products. I did purchase an Asus router in 2014, but rushed right past all Asus monitors during my current monitor search. I hope marketing will see this review and weigh in because the technical folks may just cost Asus future customers.
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on September 6, 2012
It was my first build and i can't get over how easy it was putting it all together. I am very happy with this board, the intructions are easy to read...just don't forget to install all the extra software that comes on the cd..especially the lucid video is awesome, i am getting 185 fps on elder scrolls with the on board video and my gtx 570...sweet!
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on August 27, 2013
First and foremost I would like to say if you are going to make the mistake of purchasing this mobo, at least purchase it from a company like Amazon that has outstanding customer service and AVOID NEWEGG LIKE THE PLAGUE.I bought this motherboard for my new build I was doing earlier this year. It seemed to have a good reputation and a lot of bang for the buck. Well I installed all the hardware carefully and when it came time to power on, the damn thing wouldn't post BIOS. Well, come to find out 2 of my RAM slots were dead making my board DOA. I contacted Newegg and they said to go ahead and mail the product in and they would see if the product qualified for an RMA.As a side note I heard horror stories of people buying motherboards and the sellers would refuse RMA's saying that the end user (buyer) caused physical damage to the product after shipment, and therefore no RMA would be issued. So after reading about this I decided to take some detailed pictures (with time stamps) of my board as documentation.So I mailed the piece of crap back to them and they got back to me about a week later. They said that they had received my package and that it's going through processing and that I should be hearing back from them within the next few days. Well about three days later I got another email back from them stating this:

Dear Alex,

Thank you for requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) at

Your RMA (RMA Number: XXXXXXXX) return was received and sent to our Inspections Department for closer examination.

Unfortunately, the below item(s) was physically damaged and beyond the applicable warranty coverage as indicated in our Standard Warranty Policy.

Motherboard Damage
The motherboard was received with apparent end-user caused physical damage to CPU socket contact pins. Items received with physical damage cannot be processed by Newegg and voids our return policy. End-user would need to contact the product manufacture for direct support.

For further assistance, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they can offer repair or replacement of the item(s) under manufacturer warranty. Please use the following link to find the contact info for any manufacturer whose items we carry: Contact Manufacturer.

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your patience and understanding. The item(s) are currently being shipped back to you and should arrive in approximately 5 - 10 business days.

If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us Page.


Your Customer Service Team

WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No RMA, No replacement, and No functional board. As mad as I was, I waited till the package was back at my house before I responded to this Bull $#!T.Well the package came in about a week later and I just figured that I would get my board back in the same condition that it was as when I mailed it. WRONG! After opening the box I immediately noticed that about 3 of the pins in the CPU socket had been completely and deliberately bent. This immediately infuriated me. I wanted to drive to Newegg and set their corporate office on fire (not really). I could not believe that a company like Newegg, whom at the time received the majority of my business when it came to computer hardware, could do something so unprofessional and unethical. I immediately sent a nasty email back to the customer service rep that I had been dealing with. I stated how I had pictures proving what they had done and that if they refused my RMA I would be making a YOUTUBE video with all of my documentation stating what they had done (as if they would really care). Well guess what. The rep I had been dealing with refused to respond to me for a week. This keeps getting better and better. So I had to resubmit my RMA and deal with someone completely new at this point. SO I explained the situation to the new guy I had been dealing with who then forwarded the problem to his manager. He was finally able to help me (after having requested to see the pictures I had taken). I was issued a refund about a week later and have refused to buy from Newegg ever since. Funny side note: I went to MicroCenter for the purchase of my new board and the CMOS battery socket was dead. SAME ASUS BOARD! One lucky guy here!

Long story short ended up buying an AsRock Z77 extreme4 Mobo instead and couldn't be happier with it.

This, only being a $150.00 purchase at the time, turned out to be the worst buying experience of my life. I will never buy from Newegg again and I still to this day can't believe that they intentionally damaged my property and sent the broken remains back to me. GO AMAZON! Newegg you suck!

FYI the only reason I gave this product two stars instead of one is because its not Asus fault that newegg sucks even if they did supply me with 2 DOA boards.
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on April 19, 2013
always trusted ASUS. Maybe I am lucky but all Asus boards I've bought(too many to remember) (work or home) always work the first time and haven't had one that failed on me yet. Can't say the same thing about other brands (eg: gigabyte/msi)...
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on March 5, 2013
The BIOS takes some getting used to, but the board works perfectly fine without bottlenecking my i5 3570k @4.8GHz, or my GTX 670 4GB superclocked.
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on February 26, 2013
I didn't buy this at Amazon but I am stil an Amazon customer. Got this board paired with a i53570K CPU and 8GB kingston ram. Board installed well and booted right up and is working well. Running Win7 64bit OS, will dual boot with linux later on. I'm not a hardcore gamer and the onboard graphics work fine for me. The only issue I have is the bios flashing, compared to intel boards. I did finally figure out how, and if anyone out their is having problems with this just email me at, would be glad to help. I bought this board because of the pci slots for my TV card and my Sound card. Getting harder to find good boards with enough pci slots. Good board, I hope it lasts as long as my Intel PERL865 pentium 4, and it was still working. Thank You.
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on November 14, 2012
Asus P8Z77-V LX is a solid choice for 2nd or 3rd generation Intel CPU's. It has a midboard USB 3 header, plenty of expansion capability. I put it with a CoolerMaster Haf 912 case, and honestly it was such a good build, I did two of them with both the i-5 and i-7 cpu. The bios is simple to set up, the flash to the latest bios is simple to accomplish as well. One thing to warn you if you plan to use XP Pro. You will have to go into the cmos and set the SATA to ide or windows xp will not install. I also found the 120gb SSD hard drives to be so sweet and fast for the operating system on the boot drive. Put that with a big SATA for storage, and you have speed, dependability, great cooling. SIMPLY THE BEST.... BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!
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on October 11, 2013
The board works great and was very easy to install. My only problem with it is that it could stand to have more SATA 3 ports. It's not a deal breaker since most peripherals don't utilize a 6g/s transfer rate, but it would still be nice. In the future (when more things do take advantage of 6g/s or faster, I would probably go with a different board; but in the future, I also wouldn't have much use for a Z77 mobo anyway.
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