Customer Reviews: ASUS P9X79 DELUXE LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
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on February 16, 2012
I purchased this Mainboard with Building a reasonable upper middle range computer in mind without busting out too much $$ for it.

This Mainboard is Awesome, More of a Mainboard than I expected for the money, it performs perfectly, overclocks and runs smooth with no system hang ups and has great bells and whistles like the WIFI and Bluetooth that at first I figured ya ya ok neat I'll never use em ..... well I now have it configured to update my Ipad,Itouch,Smart phone and Mac book Pro to auto transfer files to and from them and control my sound system in the house .... it is a private well behaved Cloud system.

Ok so I installed the Intel extreme - i7-3960X LGA2011 Processor along with 16 Gig of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory and running it on Windows 7 Ultimate all this went into a Cooler Master 932 HAF full tower case being powered by the Corsair HX1050 Power Supply and the Processor is being cooled with a Corsair H100 Liquid cooler.

Cons? becareful once you start a build like this it will be hard to stop.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 7, 2012
I built recently a system using this motherboard. I haven't had issues with the dimms like many other people do, but the issues I currently have are regarding the USB 3.0 ports. This board uses the Asmedia 1042 and VL810 chipsets for it's USB 3.0 ports, right now both chipsets have many problems, a good example is that when reading data through the USB 3.0 it works perfectly fine. The problem comes when you want to write data (transfering data to a External Hard Drive or HDD Dock using USB 3.0), basically after minutes the PC hangs and the USB 3.0 devices get undetected. After searching a lot it seems that it is a common problem with the Asmedia 1042.

If you plan on using your USB 3.0 ports to transfer data, then either search for a motherboard that doesn't have the asmedia chipset or consider going to lga 1155 with the Z77 that has usb 3.0 chipset done by intel.

I'm pretty disappointed that the USB 3.0 ports of my x58 motherboard work better than the ones on this x79 motherboard.

With luck Asus will release updates of the firmware of the chipset and drivers so the port get to actually work as intended. The board was released on November of 2011 and Asus hasn't released a fix yet...
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 5, 2012
I never thought I'd have to troubleshoot memory as much as I did with this board. I'm just a humanities professor trying to future proof a system with as much RAM as possible for editing and transcoding HD Videos from my 1080p/60 camera. Bought this with an Intel 3930K and Vengeance and Komputerbay memory modules, also other banks from working machines.

I googled extensively, and learned a lot more than I was willing to do to make 64GB, then 32GB work with this board. Basically some memory banks are faulty. You can't just follow the recommended banks to populate them.

In my case, the only way to use 32GB was to populate B1,B2 and D1,D2 banks. And then only boots at 800GHZ, not 1600. It overclocks easily to 4.1/3.9, you choose, but memory gets underclocked heavily, or it won't boot.

Also the memory banks A1 and A2 simply won't work for me. They worked at first, but even after resetting bios, clearing CMOS, they stopped doing that.

I googled too much and wasted too much time trying to make this work. First I got disappointed with my Transformer Prime, now this. Asus, please, get your act together. I spent hours on this, it's a lot of money, plus the hassle of returning this.

Note that 4, 8, even 16GB works fine (as long as you don't use a1 and a2...). Asus QVL list doesn't list a single bank vendor capable of filling all slots, so THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS. They test with 2 and 4GB banks mostly, you don't see QVL with fast 8GB banks each: you see only Corsair with 4GB modules qualified for 16GB max - WHY? Go ahead and see for yourself on the ASUS website/manual.

But why would you buy this board if that's all you really need/want?
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on November 27, 2013
My Bluetooth and WiFi module is not functioning as it is designed but realized that the ASUS Customer support is the worst thing you can have in this world. After opening the case, they should have sent me the forms for XShip (meaning they send me the replacement motherboard and I will send mine back when I received the replacement) but even though I waited a week it never happened. I then emailed to the support and then they emailed me the forms. I filled in the credit card information and faxed them back on the same day but no news for another week. I then sent another email and got the response with new revision 2.1 forms. Why in the world they sent me the wrong forms in first place and why this process is taking so long? Because I paid lot of my hard earned money behind a reputed brand motherboard and now when I am in trouble that reputed brand is just ignoring my problem and trying to get away?
Alright, I then faxed the revision 2.1 forms back and after a week I get the email from the same guy asking whether or not I have faxed the new forms back or not!

This was my first purchase of ASUS brand. I was about to buy Gigabyte MB but thought ASUS is better than Gigabyte but not anymore, both the product and customer support. Right now I talking to David from support over the phone, he took my RMA and went to check the status. What is the world is this? Is this really a tech company? To check the status of the RMA, he has to put me on hold to check the paper work or something? I don't get this all..

So beware, when you buy anything from ASUS and you have to use their customer support then be ready to face the delays. By the time they process your RMA your product will be out of warranty!
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on December 5, 2014
I just purchased 2x P9X79 Deluxe motherboards after having a perfect experience with the P9X79 board. As always I check the compatible hardware list from Asus and follow their recommendation stringently, therefore I’ve never had a bad experience until now. I’ve built dozens of computers over the years and have never had this much trouble with one product.

So I dropped an Intel Core I7 4820K 3.7Ghz LGA2011 CPU into both boards and set them up in a case ready to boot. On both machines I get nothing, no boot, no error codes, nothing and a red CPU LED. After researching Asus support site on how to use the Flash BIOS feature, a big reason I bought these boards, I do what I’ve done dozens of times before with my other board, download the latest BIOS file and use the Flash BIOS to install. Usually this fixes all problems and you up and going in minutes.

This time so such luck. What makes this a bad experience is that the support from Asus appears to be nonexistent. So I’ve turned to other resources like Tom’s Hardware and the HardForum, where I read post after post going back as far as 2011 of others who have had the same experience with this board. They can’t get a response from Asus and they are left with having to purchase a new BIOS chip, crack open the motherboard, which voids the warranty and replace the ROM to get a new BIOS installed. A customer should never have to do this on a new board.

I’m miffed in a serious way at the moment, so I apologize in advance if I’m coming across too harshly, but after spending $1200.00 for top of the line hardware, I expect top of line support and can’t get it.

To anyone thinking of buying a P9X79 Deluxe I say, save your money and get something else, in fact, if this is business as usual when it comes to support from Asus, you may want to consider another hardware maker altogether. And if you’re having problems now, return your product and get something else before the clock runs out on your ability to return the item.

For this board I wouldn’t even give Asus 1 star, but I had to so I could make this post.
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on December 29, 2014
After a couple of years of owning this motherboard, I am just now having issues with the onboard audio. The 3.5mm audio ports on motherboard and front of my case, stopped working. Headphones and headsets with USB work fine but the audio ports fail. Needless to say, I contact ASUS technical support and here is a summary of the issues I was having with the support specialist.

I am extremely disappointed in ASUS. I've been buying ASUS products for a number of years now. This is the first time I've ever had to contact ASUS about an issue with one of their products. During the chat with the technical support specialist, 2 items were brought up that caused great concern to me.

(1) I purchased this motherboard on January 1, 2012 as indicated by the invoice from Amazon. However, the specialist indicated the motherboard was registered on December 13, 2011. The specialist also stated "the warranty period starts from wen you registered your product online. Otherwise it will count with default warranty." I asked where in the original packaging is this stated. The specialist stated, " have to register [online] within 30 days from the purchase to get the valid warranty." No where in the user's guide or motherboard box does it tell the consumer to register the product online. I feel like I was setup for failure and greatly misled by ASUS.

(2) When I asked about the cost of repairs for the motherboard, I was quoted "$279.52". I asked if the replacement motherboard would have a new warranty?. The specialist stated "No, the warranty will not be validated for replacement motherboard." This does not make any sense. I am spending money to essentially purchase a new motherboard and the new motherboard will not be supported or backed by ASUS. That seems like a waste of money. Who's to say I won't have issues with this replacement motherboard in the future? Will I have spend another "$279.52" to get this repaired? As a company, ASUS really needs to re-evaluate this policy. As it stands, no one in their right mind would spend money for a replacement product without assurance the replacement product resolved the issue.
Overall, I am extremely dissatisfied with ASUS and the handling of this issue. As it stands right now, I will not be buying another ASUS product. I will also be spreading the news of this issue to friends, family and anyone looking to buy consumer products made by ASUS.

At the end of the day I'm stuck with a broken motherboard. Back to researching a replacement motherboard not made by ASUS.
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on May 28, 2012
It seems the X79 Chipset with a 3820 CPU will not have audio with Vista x64. Device Manager shows hardware but if you click on speaker icon/volume control it shows no audio device. Had the same exact problem with an AsRock X79 Extreme 6. I Upgraded to Windows 7 to resolve the issue because I couldn't find hotfix for Vista. Other than that this seems to Overclock very well and remain stable. Shows a very good UEFI bios. Very good WiFi ability with antenna mounted. Before you do anything flash bios. Extract latest bios to an unlabelled usb drive and follow instructions. You won't need to have cpu or ram installed - just power. If don't flash a new bios, most likely you'll have a dram problem led light (another interesting feature are the POST Leds)- after updating this board it will take just about any DDR3 Ram.
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on March 21, 2012
Having read a number of other reviews where the user had various problems with this MOBO I was a bit apprehensive in purchasing the board. I feared the worst. I expected many problems with the BIOS. My fears were unwarranted. The MOBO POSTed the very first attempt. Granted, I was not trying to install a raid array of any kind. If I had perhaps I would have had problems. My approach with this build was to install a single HDD and SSD and then in the future add additional HHDs with a raid array.

After installing the MOBO I had read from other reviews the first thing I needed to do was to update the BIOS. I knew this needed to be done using the white USB connector on the back of the MOBO, and then pressing and holding the flash BIOS switch on the MOBO for 3 seconds (until the blue light flashed). The one thing the ASUS instructions failed to mention is that you needed power to the MOBO to accomplish the BIOS update. Perhaps this is one of those obvious things that everyone is supposed to know. The initial attempt at flashing the BIOS did not work (nothing happened). Then when the power supply was connected and turned on it worked perfectly. After this one small hiccup everything worked fine.

I chose not to use the applications and drivers provided on the CD that shipped with the ASUS MOBO. Instead I had downloaded and saved to a flash drive all the latest applications and drivers from the ASUS web site. These all installed very easily. At the end of the day, everything worked fine.

It has only been a day since the build. There is a lot to learn and play with. I used the automatic over-clock function of the ASUS MOBO and it increased the CPU speed from 3.2 to 3.9. I populated the MOBO with 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz memory modules. The initial POST indicated that the memory was operating at a speed of 1333 Mhz. This bothered me somewhat but I think I was able to change this to 1600. I will need to check if it is still at 1600 or it reverted back to 1333 after powering down the system.
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on December 20, 2013
I have had memory peroblems for months.
I even swithced from Corsair to GSkill, and the same problems persist.
BIOS is totally updated, but the board will only recognize 3 SIMMS. Either brand, same problem.
Memory was bought to satisfy ASUS' QVL list.

Their web site service is A-W-F-U-L. Most screen fail to work. Confusing layout. Impossible to get through.
If you like headaches and you love bad service, this is a 10-star-deal !!!! Go for it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 15, 2013
I dont build alot of PC's and mostly rely on other peoples reviews and suggestions when picking boards. I picked this board because of the stellar review on Maximum PC's site, and it seemed like the latest and greatest, liked the bluetooth and wifi integration, and usb 3.0, as well as some of the overclocking features.

After installing and using the board a while, I had it set up to automatically overclock on the fly, and it was creating all kinds of problems with reboots and blue screens of death. Turned off overclocking, and everything is solid as a rock. Minus two stars for a poorly implemented overclock feature and confusing software that in my view severely crippled the clock speed at times then overclocked to the point of locking up.
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