Customer Reviews: ASUS MB168B HD Portable USB-Powered Monitor with USB 3.0
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Size: 15.6-Inch|Style Name: WXGA, USB 3.0|Change
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on November 9, 2013
As an external auditor, I travel from client to client. As such, I was looking for a lightweight portable monitor. Well, I can easily say I found it. This monitor does just what I need it to. It is very portable and easy to set up, no matter where I am working. I even set this monitor up while I am cuddled up on the couch studying for the CPA exam. This portable monitor easily enables me to increase productivity and comfort while working with multiple applications. To top it off, the monitor is Mac compatible (just install displayLink) driver and viola! All and all a great addition to my tech inventory.

Note: The USB connection at the monitor is not the best connection, minor jostling will cause the cable to become slightly disconnected. This is a minor irritation and not worth lowering my overall rating. I just want other buyers to be aware of this flaw. All you have to do is re secure the connection and things are right again.
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on November 18, 2013
I'm a current student of 3D arts and computer animation. I am currently using two monitors for my projects but I felt like I should get another one as a third monitor. I'm traveling around all the time and I also having some sort of portable external monitor like this would be a big plus. So I bought this Asus Mb168B as my birthday present. I have tested this device on both 3.0 USB and non 3.0 and I felt no difference at all. It's slim. It's light. It's really HD. I had NO PROBLEM WITH THE COVER AT ALL. By the way, I have made a video tutorial about how to use the case for this External monitor right here


I don't understand these many people giving bad reviews about this cover/stand. I think it's kind lame. Even if you read the manual, it's gonna show you how to use it. This for sure is the best External Portable Monitor EVER MADE ON EARTH (so far).

There's no lag. I have also tried playing my games on it. IT WORKS PERFECTLY. The brightness, color and overall display quality are excellent to work with photoshop. Maya. 3D Max. Adobe Suite in general. I highly recommend it for everyone working with Computer Animation and 3D arts.
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on October 17, 2015
Exactly what I was looking for.

I'm a software developer, and work both on and off-site. When working in the office or at home I have a dual-monitor setup to complement my work-supplied laptop. But when I'm really on the road, or working in conference rooms or team coding sessions, I really began to feel constrained by the single monitor. It's just nice to be able to spread code out across several screens while working on interconnected code. Or to be able to have API documentation open on one screen while vim is going on the other. So I began to seek a solution that would provide me with dual-monitor luxury even while away from the traditional desk.

My requirements were:
* Must work with Ubuntu (Linux).
* Must not require an external power source.
* Should require only a single cable.
* Must be close to the same screen dimensions as my laptop (15.6")
* Must be close to the same resolution as my laptop (1920x1080)
* Must be lightweight.
* Must fit into my laptop bag and backpack alongside my laptop.

This unit fit all of those needs perfectly.

There are several caveats that if understood ahead of time will help potential buyers make a good decision. First, it's designed for Windows 7 or newer, or Mac OS-X. But it also works with Ubuntu by downloading the DisplayLink driver from the DisplayLink website. Some Ubuntu systems (particularly those built on 14.04LTS) will require a kernel update too. And under Ubuntu the auto-rotate capability is not functional. In fact, with current drivers, it only works in landscape mode. I haven't tried overriding the basic settings with xrandr or xrotate. It's possible that a little more experimentation would enable portrait mode, which may come in handy for coders who like to do horizontal splits.

This is a USB 3 device. I tried it with USB 2 as well, but that required being connected through a powered hub. Similarly, even though my other monitors have USB 3 ports in them, they don't supply enough power on their own to power this unit. But driven directly by USB 3 ports on my laptop (AC or battery powered), or the docking station, it works great. If your USB 3 ports aren't capable of supplying sufficient power, though, you may need a powered hub.

The color is good, though not identical to my laptop. I haven't investigated calibration options because it's close enough, and good enough for what I need. The brightness setting works as designed, and the screen is plenty bright. My laptop's color doesn't match my full size monitors either (dual 27" Dell's at work, and dual 24" Asus's at home), and that really doesn't bother me.

The screen is crisp and sharp. And it renders 1920x1080 just as I had hoped. I expected to see some lag, but I don't detect any. The mouse moves across the screen smoothly.

The carrying case that comes with it is perfect for carrying the monitor and for protecting it. And reasonably good for serving the second purpose of monitor stand. But I ordered a tablet stand to use instead, and like that better.

The monitor's build quality is nice. it is slender, light, pretty, and sufficiently robust. It doesn't have a "cheap-o" feel.

Recently I plugged the monitor into my laptop at the same time that the laptop was docked, driving my dual 27 inch Dell monitors, and I was almost surprised to discover that it all worked fine. Including the laptop's own screen, I had four monitors going in all, working as a single extended desktop. Combined with Ubuntu's virtual desktops, the space was really liberating.

So if you need a 15.6" portable monitor at 1920x1080 to use alongside your laptop, this is great. Be prepared to use USB 3, and to use a compatible operating system. If you prefer dual-monitors, even on the go, this is hard to beat for the price.
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on December 7, 2015
This is one of those items that if it broke or was lost I would _instantly_ replace it. For me, it's that useful.

I've had a ASUS MB MB168B+ 15.6-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor for 16 months and used it nearly full time while I hauled it around the world (literally). It's been great so when the 169B+ came out I bought it immediately. I'm going to focus on comparing them since I suspect very few own both.

The 169B+ is not quite as bright at the 168B+. The 168B+ is not as bright as my rMBP's screen. So, doing the math the MB169B+ is noticably not as bright at the rMBP screen. It's not bright enough to use comfortably in bright outdoor light. It is more than bright enough to use indoors under normal office lighting.

The predecessor 168B+ being a TN panel had a lot of dimming and color shift at any viewing angle other than perfectly perpendicular, and a lot of color shift if your used it in portrait orientation. It's not that it couldn't be used in portrait for business applications and code, just you could tell it had a strange magenta cast.

The 169B+ looks dramatically better. At angle there is a little brightness fall off, but no where near it's predecessor. There is almost no color shift even at very step angles above and to the side. In portrait orientation it looks exactly as good as in landscape.

Unlike the 168B+ the brightness controls actually work on the 169B+ on my Mac. Which is awesome, except currently they're not sticky. Every time I attach the 169B+ it's at 3/4 brightness and I have to crank it up to maximum. It also seems to draw a lot more power over USB than the 168B+ did. Through a hub with a portable hard drive plugged in a got a warning from OSX that something was drawing too much power. That could be my mac, which currently has a USB problem with a different USB port (hoping getting fixed tomorrow), but I think it just draws a lot more power than the TN panel. Time will tell if that actually affects battery life (although most of the time I use it while plugged into wall power).

I don't have a sensitive enough scale at the moment, but I'll weigh them both later. Specs say they're identical at 0.8kg, but the 169B+ seems just a touch heavier to my hands.

Overall another 5 stars for this panel. I'll be writing a review with side by side photos soon on my travel blog:
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on February 17, 2016
Oh man... I love this display, but there are so many caveats. I'm using this with a MacBook Pro. Easy to install - just grab the drivers from DisplayLink. That said, the quality of the display is iffy. You can adjust brightness, but nothing else. Details: gamma is extraordinarily accurate. Everything else, not so much. If you're using this display for ordinary business purposes like Remote Desktop, Citrix, etc., I don't think you'll be disappointed, but if you're expecting an external display that's the equal of a real monitor, yeah, oh yeah, you'll cry.

Check out these photos of viewing angle (compared against a MacBook Pro) and white balance. Not so good...
review image review image review image review image
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on March 23, 2016
It's been an adventure trying to find a portable monitor to work with my Surface Pro 3. I've tried the GeChic 2501H, the AOC e1659Fwux- Pro, and the ASUS MB169B+ and MB169C+. The ASUS MB169B+ wins.

--It should come with a Y cable (the AOC does), but I had to buy one in order to get enough power to the ASUS due to the low power output of the SP3 USB port. (
--The case is supposed to double as a stand, but it's just weird and not as stable as I'd liek, soI bought a different style stnad which is working great. (

--The screen is GREAT. Very crisp and clear images and non-glare.
--The display colors are not as good as the SP3, but very close, and not really enough to be noticeable, unless you are doing photo editing. For the average school work/job, surfing or gaming this screen will be great. (Pictures included so you can see for yourself.)
--Easy to get up and running. Just plug in, download the driver and it worked.
--It's super light weight.
--Comes with protective case. I wish it was a hard case, but it's pretty sturdy as soft cases go and MUCH better than what you got with the AOC (a neoprene soft case that is VERY tight to get on and is likely to rip out after just a few uses), or the GeChic 2501H (nothing at all).
--It works with my Surface Pro 3. A BIG DEAL! Who knew the SP3 was such a pain to get a portable monitor for?!
--The Tech support was great. (The first MB169B+ I got was DOA, but just to be sure, I walked through some tests with the ASUS Tech Support and they were great! In the end, I had to return it and get a replacement, which went flawlessly.)

As for the ASUS MB169C+, I could never get it to power up with the SP3, so I'm not sure if it's a power issue, a DOA issue, or just that I was using a converter cable to go from the USB-C to USB 3.1 connection to the SP3. For more details on the GeChic 2501H, see my product review.
review image review image
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on March 4, 2014
I got the monitor on Saturday as a secondary display at home when I work with ESRI ArcMap. I have my main monitor running the program and use the usb monitor to display secondary information that I might need. Things like displaying pdf's, websites, the attribute tables for the layers so they don't block the display of ArcMap, etc. It works perfect for tasks and software that is better used with two displays. I wasn't expecting to use this as a main monitor and since it is usb, I just unplug it and put it away when it is not needed to save space on my desk.

People, don't expect this to be the high quality of a full fledged monitor with a power cord to the wall and all the fancy technology that comes with a dedicated display. This is designed to be a on the fly second display that can be carried around and reach a target price of $140. For what it is intended to be used as, it works and I'm very happy with my purchase.

About the display falling off the stand, I use an Amazon basics 10'' tablet holder that is like $7 bucks. It works great holding it in landscape and does the job for portrait. Just use care not to bump the display or table hard as I can see it easily tipping over in portrait mode.
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on April 15, 2014
I have owned this portable monitor for a few months carrying it in a briefcase to and from classes. During this time the monitor was always inside its case and I was always careful to avoid any unnecessary risk. Unfortunately since it is impossible for things not to move inside a briefcase while walking my screen, though inside its case, broke. With this product being marketed towards portability, I was expecting much more when its came to its durability. Before this the screen worked as intended except for having a loose cable port on the monitor itself. When I called ASUS about my dilemma I found out that the screen is not covered under the warranty, and would cost a flat $90 +80% of the original cost of the item. In this case that comes to $230 or about 25% more than the original cost of the item. While I have enjoyed this product I am very disappointed in its construction and durability, as that it does not meet the requirements of even gentle travel nevertheless being fully portable. I would not recommend this to a friend

Also note the monitors stand/case is not very sturdy, and after finding out how fragile the screen is I would be very cautious.
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on July 19, 2015
I have a Surface pro 3 and I have a couple of interesting observations.

First, the stand/case is absolutely awful. Not even worth carrying. The only way I got it to work with by leaving the leatherette flap open, and setting the edge of the monitor into one of those little tabs on the inside of the case.

Second, the monitor does with with the SP3. I needed to install the DisplayLink drivers for Windows 8.1. You might have Windows 10 by the time you read this, so I will spare you hyperlinks and just have you search.

Third, the "HD" monitor only does 1366x768 resolution. I know, the 'HD' refers to dots per inch, but still, sheesh. If you want 1920x1080 you need the MB168B+, which is about $50 more. I don't have it, so I am not certain it works with the SP3.

Fourth, the cable that comes with it doesn't work. I got a Y cable as recommended ( and it doesn't need the extra power - just the better cable is good enough.

Sounds like I hate it, but I don't. I am disappointed. I wanted something better for the money, but I guess I just caught the tech during a changeup. Don't make the same mistake!

review image
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on January 25, 2014
Installation instructions:
1) Download the latest version of DisplayLink for MacOS which is compatible with OSX Mavericks.
2) Restart your computer.
3) Plug in the monitor to your Macbook via the provided USB cable.
4) Enjoy having an external monitor on-the-go.

1) Much, much better resolution than I had anticipated for a USB-powered monitor. It is the perfect for placing chat windows, browser windows, file windows or anything else that you aren't actively working on but would like to retrieve or glance at occasionally.
2) You can view Youtube and other flash-based videos on it with little to no lag.
3) The monitor is very thin, light and portable. It has a very sleek design.
4) Comes with a case that doubles as a stand.

1) Cannot adjust the brightness when connected to a Mac but honestly that is not even an issue with this monitor. The brightness is perfect as-is.

Overall I am highly satisfied with this purchase. I will update in the future to comment on its durability.
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